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Silva, Pedro Henriques da


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Silva, Pedro Henriques da

Scope and Contents

Pedro Henriques da Silva is a composer and classical guitar professor. His composition style includes contemporary classical, world, film, rock, jazz and electronica. He performs and works with his partner Lucía Caruso. His website contains information on his film compositions, videos and audio, a catalogue of orchestral, chamber, vocal, and solo works, his project Tritonenking, and event listings.

Manhattan Camerata is a chamber music ensemble that composes western classical chamber orchestra with world instruments (Portuguese guitar, bandoneón, sitar, darbuka, and others). The group members are Lucía Caruso and Pedro H. da Silva. The website contains information on their weekly live streams, transclassical music definition, albums, film scores, videos, events and the Tango Fado Project.

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