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Hough, Matthew


2 websites in 2 archived websites.

Scope and Contents

This is the professional website of Matthew Hough, a composer and guitarist based in the San Francisco Bay area. Hough composes music for chamber ensemble, vocal ensemble, and solo instrumentalists, as well as ensembles with variable instrumentation, and rearranges others' compositions for guitar. This site features a biography of the artist, news about upcoming releases and performances, a selection of the artist's work available for streaming with score, a full discography and catalogue of compositions, and links to some of Hough's writings on music. This site was first captured in February of 2014. This description is based on the November 2019 crawl of the site. The site has not changed significantly except to reflect performances, compositions, and recordings of Hough's since 2014. Also includes the website for composer and guitarist Matthew Hough's music publishing company, Hough House, through which he publishes and sells the scores for his compositions. The site features audio and video recordings of performances of the pieces, as well as links to the composer's professional site, which features the artist's biography, news and upcoming performances, a discography with streaming links, links to press coverage of Hough's works, and links to the composer's prose writings.


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