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Holzborn, Damon


17 websites in 17 archived websites.

Scope and Contents

The website contains a biography of the artist, a discography of his works, examples of his compositions in the form of embedded audio files, information about his projects in the realm of art, and two pieces of music writing and manipulating code that Holzborn has written. The pieces featured on the site are primarily computer music, featuring electronic instruments and improvisation. Capture of the site began in May 2014. The crawls related to Holzborn also include Rustle Works, a software studio formed as a partnership between musician/developer Holzborn and writer/filmmaker Betsy Nagler. The studio combines technology, music, and storytelling to create tools, games, and art projects. The website contains information and links to their projects. Project include twitter bots and art projects little words, Tap Hear, Disting mk4 Quick Guide, and with w/. With George Lewis, also created Personal Bayou and Personal Shout, two digital art installations. It also includes the Exquisite Coasts, Quaxtrip, and Coast Express, which were projects created by Holzborn for musicians to play together remotely in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Tentacle, created by Holzborn and Amir Hariri, is an algorithmic drawing project that creates gestural abstractions using contour drawing techniques.


New site crawls are accrued semiannually. Art projects were captured as a one-time as a sample.


Robots.txt (a piece of code designed to limit crawler activity within a website) was ignored. Crawl was limited to domains and subdomains of and in order to remain within the collection scope and data constraints.

Embedded Soundcloud audio files on the site were captured, but do not render in the archived copy. Future changes to the Wayback Machine may allow the files to be played.

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