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Series XVII: Maurice Bishop, 1984-1988, inclusive

Scope and Content Note

The 25-minute documentary Maurice Bishop (1984) reconstructs the events leading up to Maurice Bishop's assassination and the United States invasion of Grenada. The film won an Honorable Mention, Black Filmmakers Paul Robeson Award, at the 1985 Newark Film Festival.

Maurice Bishop, 1984, inclusive

Box: 65, Cassette: ref1312 (Material Type: video)

Scope and Content Note

This is a full-length version of the film Maurice Bishop.

Maurice, 1984, inclusive

reel: ref2159_01 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)
reel: ref2159_02 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Maurice, 1984, inclusive

reel: ref2170 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

"Maurice Master Spanish", 1984 October 18, inclusive

Box: 58, Cassette: ref1330 (Material Type: video)

"Maurice Bishop Grenada", 1984, inclusive

Box: 11, Cassette: ref249 (Material Type: video)
Box: 77, DVD: ref249 (Material Type: Moving Images)
Box: Electronic Records (Material Type: electronic records)


"Maurice Bishop Grenada"

Maurice Bishop premiere: Footage from premiere of the film in Matanzas, 1984, inclusive

Box: 75, DVD: ref6 (Material Type: Moving Images)

Scope and Content Note

This tape contains brief clips from Maurice film premiere. Estela Bravo makes comments, answers questions, and speaks to some individuals. All of the dialog is in Spanish with the exception of conversation with Grenadians. About midway through the footage, there is a shift to Alexander Haig appearing on a program called "Freeman Reports." He is making comments following a 1984 presidential debate between Ronald Reagan and Walter Mondale. He responds to one question before the end of the tape.

Physical Characteristics and Technical Requirements

Original Format: Umatic. Duration: 00:10:00.

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