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NYHS-RG 20. Museum Department records (1765, 1830-2018)

Scope and Contents Note

The New-York Historical Society Museum Department records include curatorial, collections management, exhibitions, outgoing loans, administrative, and object files created by museum staff. The bulk of the records range from the 1970s into the early twenty-first century, though there is important earlier material, including acquisition and other documents concerning the John J. Audubon watercolors and the Henry Abbott Egyptian collection. The most extensive portions of the record group relate to exhibitions and loans, and those files are rich with checklists, images, loan documentation, publicity material, research files, comment books, wall texts and labels, design elements, budgets and funding requests, and other like matter. The curatorial and collection management files include documents concerning proposed exhibitions, general exhibition scheduling, research inquiries, offers of objects for accession, object surveys, recommendations to the Board Museum Collection Committee, conservation, and other museum matters. There are also many object images, especially for paintings and drawings.

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