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NYHS-RG 17. Publication editorial records (1939-2000, 2009)

Scope and Contents Note

The New-York Historical Society publication editorial records include material related to publications produced by N-YHS from the 1940s to the early 1990s, with some later documents. Much of the record group includes the files of N-YHS's Editorial Department, which existed from about 1942 to 1980, and relates to the editorial work for articles proposed and written for the organization's journal, the Quarterly. The files also include editorial records for some of the books published by N-YHS, especially George C. Groce and David H. Wallace's Dictionary of Artists in America (1957), for which there is extensive correspondence and research notes. The record group also includes the papers presented at a series of six conferences on historical themes sponsored by N-YHS and organized by historian William Pencak from 1983 to 1988, along with the editorial files for the four volumes co-edited by Pencak based on the conference proceedings. Other principal correspondents include editors Charles E. Baker and Kathleen Luhrs, designer Klaus Gemming, members of N-YHS's Publications Committee, and authors William Sawitzky, Susan Clay Sawitzky, Mary Bartlett Cowdrey, Paul H. Downing, Irwin Cortelyou, Rita Gottesman, and others.

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