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NYHS-RG 7. Press clippings (1843-2013)

Scope and Contents Note

The New-York Historical Society press clippings record group includes material compiled regularly by N-YHS into scrapbooks and subject files from published sources from about 1870 to 1995, with some clippings as early as 1843. There are a relatively small number of post-1995 articles, principally print-outs of pages from Internet-based sources. Subjects include exhibitions, lectures, publications, and other programs; acquisitions of new collections or objects; building construction, management controversies, and other institutional matters; and leadership changes, obituaries, and other matters connected to individuals. The record group provides insight from over a century into the extent of press coverage of N-YHS and press perceptions of the organization and its programs, and a broad overview of events in N-YHS's history as presented in the press.

Click here to link to the Guide to the New-York Historical Society Press Clippings.

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