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NYHS-RG 2. General correspondence (1805-2023, bulk 1805-1982)

Scope and Contents Note

The New-York Historical Society general correspondence record group contains chronologically arranged communications directed to and from the institution and its officers. The bulk of correspondence through the early twentieth century is incoming only, though some notes, responses, and letterpress copybooks (1876-1911) of outgoing correspondence appear. Carbon copies of outgoing correspondence commonly appear after the early twentieth century. The files are predominated by requests for reference assistance; research reports; inquiries pertaining to membership and library operations; proposals of materials for donation, sale, or transfer; arrangements for lectures, events, and publications; acceptances of election to member or officer positions; financial transactions; requests for material exchanges; and invitations, circulars, and other printed matter generated by N-YHS and outside institutions. Correspondents include N-YHS officers, prominent historians, politicians, writers and lecturers, scientists, genealogists, artists, printers and booksellers, and colleagues from libraries, societies, government agencies, and other organizations.

Click here to link to the Guide to the New-York Historical Society General Correspondence.

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