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Series IX: Archived Websites


10 websites in 10 archived websites.

Scope and Content Note

This series contains the website for the Transport Workers Union of America. The earliest crawls of this website date back to 2007. The website focused on news from the union, advocacy and messaging campaigns, issues on their newspaer, the TWU Express, membership pledge, steward forms and facts sheets, and political action campaigns. In 2008, the website went through a redesign and has sections documenting their divisions (Gaming; Transit, Utility, University and Service; Railroad; and Air Transport); Organizing, Political, Committee on Political Education, Communication, Civiland Human Rights, Health and Safety, Education and Research and Legal departments; member information; President's messages, and news and events.

In 2010, it went under another redesign, highlighting the Air, Transit, Rail and Gamining divisions; the disaster relief fund; legislative and politcal affairs; healthcare newsletter; members resources and pubications; news; events; organizing campaigns at Virgin, SkyWest, and jetBlue; election notices; American Airlines/American Eagle bankruptcy information; petitions; and two blogs, one written by leadership. Starting in 2012, the website went through a slight redesign, focused on Delta flight attendants; independent auditor's reports; Air Transport division restructuring; the Hill Column by president James C. Little; agency fee policy; Ebola safety; Quill scholarship fund; organizing materials; conventions and conferences; and other news.

The website was redesigned in 2017. The website includes a blog, blogs related to different industries within the union, Janus decision resources, toxic fume exposure, their political action committee, Committee On Political Education (COPE), their publications, TWU Express and ATD Insider, reports, American Airlines safety litigation, conference materials, and images. Also includes the Workers' Rights are Human Rights Transport Workers Union blog and Transport Workers Union Veterans Committee website. The committee focuses on assisting union members with anything related to military duty. The Gaming Division disaffiliated with the union in circa 2019. The series also includes the podcast feed for the TWU Airlines Division and Transport Workers Union of America's Future Leaders Organizing Committee, which was established to empower and educate young workers of TWU. In 2020, the website focused on the union's response to the COVID-19 pandemic and stimulus bill and national protests in response to the George Floyd murder.

In 2021, the website shifted focus to organizing campaigns related to the COVID-19 pandemic, Amtrak reforms, fleet electrification, cabin air safety, assault protects for transit workers, foreign aircraft maintenance, and transport worker misclassification, as well as the revival of the Civl Rights and Human Rights committee.

This series also includes the YouTube channel for the Transport Workers of America. Includes videos on updates related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the future leaders organizing committee, veterans committee, organizing with American Airlines, American Eagle, and Frontier, lobbying, conferences and conventions, get out the vote campaigns, 75th anniversary and other union history, congressional testimonies, local spotlights, community service, political action organizing in Ohio and Wisconsin, I Support American Jobs pledge, national transit campaign, and other rallies.

Assault Won't Fly is a campaign by the Transport Workers of America to support the passage of the Protection from Abusive Passengers Act, introduced in the US House of Representatives in April 2022. The act calls on politicians to enact a Flight Attendants Bill of Rights and ban abusive airline passengers from flying. The website contains petitions, news from the campaign, and stories by airline workers.

Taking on AMFA is an organizing campaign to prevent the Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association (AMFA) from raiding American Airlines and Southwest Airlines mechanics from the union.


New site crawls are accrued semiannually. In 2020, the website was accrued monthly.


Crawl was limited to domains and subdomains of,,, and in order to remain within the collection scope and data constraints. Robots.txt (a piece of code designed to limit crawler activity within a website) was ignored.

Physical Characteristics and Technical Requirements

Due to technical or privacy issues, archived websites may not be exact copies of the original website at the time of the web crawl. Certain file types will not be captured dependent on how they are embedded in the site. Other parts of websites that the crawler has difficulty capturing includes Javascript, streaming content, database-driven content, and highly interactive content. Full-Text searches of archived websites are available at

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