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Mobilization for Survival Records

Call Number



circa 1940s-1992, inclusive
; 1977-1992, bulk


Mobilization for Survival (Organization)
Drucker, Peter (Role: Donor)
Cagan, Leslie (Role: Donor)
Argiroff, Philip


65.5 Linear Feet in 64 record cartons, 1 manuscript box, and 1 oversize flat box.

Language of Materials

Materials are in English


Mobilization for Survival (MFS) is a national organization of local disarmament, anti-intervention, safe energy, religious and community organizations working for four goals: abolish nuclear weapons and power, stop military intervention, meet human needs, and reverse the arms race. This unprocessed collection documents the formation of the organization starting in 1977 and captures the activities of past campaigns and the work of local affiliates. The materials from this collection are from both the national office and the New York City Chapter.

Historical/Biographical Note

Mobilization for Survival (MFS) is a national organization of local disarmament, anti-intervention, safe energy, religious and community organizations working for four goals: abolish nuclear weapons and power, stop military intervention, meet human needs, and reverse the arms race. Activities of the organization include arranging educational programs, large teach-ins, development of resource materials, production of a newsletter, planning massive non-violent demonstrations and organizing local MFS chapters. As a multi-issue coalition MFS highlights the connections among nuclear weapons, military spending, and social and economic justice.


This collection has not been arranged by an archivist. Materials appear in the order in which they were received.

Scope and Contents

This unprocessed collection contains newspaper clippings, minutes, publications, flyers, correspondence, newsletters, staff reports and memos, and financial journals. These materials document the formation of the organization starting in 1977 and captures the activities of past campaigns and the work of local affiliates. The materials from this collection are from both the national office and the New York City Chapter.

Conditions Governing Access

Materials open without restrictions.

Conditions Governing Use

Copyright (and related rights to publicity and privacy) to materials in this collection created by Mobilization for Survival was not transferred to New York University. Permission to use materials must be secured from the copyright holder.

Preferred Citation

Identification of item, date; Mobilization for Survival Records; TAM 127; box number; folder number; Tamiment Library/Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives, New York University.

Location of Materials

Materials stored offsite and advance notice is required for use. Please contact at least two business days prior to research visit.

Immediate Source of Acquisition

Materials were donated by Mobilization for Survival (U.S.) and the New York City chapter of Mobilization for Survival in 1984 through the early 1990s. The accession numbers associated with these gifts are 1985.022, 1989.016 and NPA.2002.040.

Separated Materials

Posters were transferred to the the Tamiment Library Poster and Broadside Collection (GRAPHICS 002).

Collection processed by

Michael V. D'Ambrosio and Daniel Michelson, June 2011; edited by Bonnie Gordon to reflect the incorporation of nonprint materials (Jan 2014)

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Processing Information

Photographs were separated from this collection during initial processing and were established as a separate collection, the Mobilization for Survival Photographs (PHOTOS 125). In 2014, the photograph collection was reincorporated into the Mobilization for Survival Records. In 2015, a record of material was reincorporated into the collection as Box 66.


Tamiment Library and Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives


Newsletters, Publications, and Correspondence: Armistice, Black Hills & Paha Sapa, CALC - Clergy & Laity, Coalition for Publicly Owned and Democratically Controlled Utility, Seabrook Occupation, A-Bomb Survivors / Victims, American Friends Service Committee, Citizens' Energy, Citizens' Hearing, Keyston Alliance, Catholic Peace Fellowship, Electoral Campaigns--For Political Rights, Keystone Alliance, Community Mailing Services, (Another) Mother's For Peace, Campaign for UN Reform, Conference Proposals '84, National Conference, Tour, Rally Committee, 1979-1984, inclusive

Box: 1 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Correspondence, Mailing Lists, Publications and Leaflets, Art Work, Anti-Nuclear War Demonstration Files, Continuations Committee, Conference Evaluations, Leaflets, Endorsement Letters, Financing Files, Demonstration Files, 1977-1982, inclusive

Box: 2 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Correspondence, Newspapers, Mobilizer Articles, Leaflets, Solidarity Day & Petitions, Senate Subcommittee on Terrorism, U.S. Department of Transportation, American Friends Service Committee, Live Without Trident/Trident to Life Campaigns, Nuclear Weapons Facilities Task Force, People's Salt III, Plutonium, Wind Energy, Hiroshima--Japan, Human Rights International, Iran-Afghanistan Crisis: Emergency Response, Women and the Peace Movement, Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), Nuclear Legislation, Nukes -- Economy & Jobs, 1977-1981, inclusive

Box: 3 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Correspondence, Newsletters, Articles, Accounts Received: Central America activity, Nuclear Demonstrations,National Conference '82, Hiroshima/Nagasaki, "The Day After", 1980-1984, inclusive

Box: 4 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Correspondence, Newsletter, Demonstration Materials: Nukes, Policy, Military, 1978-1982, inclusive

Box: 5 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

New York Metropolitan SSD Campaign Meeting Minutes (Jan 7), Reports and Newsletters: Nuclear Energy General Information, MFS Staff Review, MFS Correspondence, Press Releases, 1977-1981, inclusive

Box: 6 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Newsletters, Newspaper Clippings, Correspondence: Nuclear Victims, Nuclear Transport, Nuclear Waste and Reprocessing, Disarmament, 1978-1982, inclusive

Box: 7 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

National Conference, Newspaper Clippings, Bills, Affiliated Organizations & NGOs, 1978-1982, inclusive

Box: 8 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Minutes (May 27 Task Force), Correspondence, Notes, Campaigns, Memorandum, Newspaper Clippings, Bills, Anti-Nuclear Demonstrations, Solar Energy,, 1979-1980, inclusive

Box: 9 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Disarmament, World Peace Organizations, Assemblies, War Resisters: Organizational Materials, Correspondence, Newsletters, Anti-Nuclear Proliferation, Petty Cash, 1977-1981, inclusive

Box: 10 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Linda Rodolitz Homeport Files: Correspondence, Newsletters, Safety Study ('88), Newspaper Clippings, Lawsuits and Testimony, Government Reports (Kaku Nuclear Accident), 1980s, inclusive

Box: 11 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Correspondence, Reports, Newspaper Clippings: Homeport and Shipping, GAO--Nuclear Weapons and Energy, Navy Ships and Plans, Harbor Publications, Emergency Control Board, 1985-1991, inclusive

Box: 12 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Newsletters, Organizational Summaries, Legal Briefs, Newspaper Clippings, City Projects, Event Planning, Congressional Hearings, GAO and Department of the Navy, 1985-1991, inclusive

Box: 13 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Department of the Navy Reports: Homeporting, Newspaper Clippings, Correspondence, Leaflets, Legal Material, Press Packets, Press Releases and Editorial Materials, City Council Resolutions, 1986-1991, inclusive

Box: 14 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

MFS Bills and Check Stubs & Petty Cash, Jul 1977-Aug 1978, inclusive

Box: 15 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Newspaper Clippings: Shipping Union/Strike, National Maritime Union,, 1940s, inclusive

Box: 16 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Newsletters, Correspondence, MSF Local and Regional, MSF Conference Material: Nuclear Disarmament, Leaflets, Publicity, 1977-1984, inclusive

Box: 17 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Conference Notes from 1977, Conference Follow-ups, Local Newsletter, Democratic Agenda, Mailing Lists, Notes, and Reports + Job Reports 1983, 1977-1979, inclusive

Box: 18 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Coalition For a Nuclear Free Harbor, West Side Tenants and Urban Renewal, World Trade Center, and Yorkville: Newspaper Clippings, Correspondence, and Reports,, 1960-1984, inclusive

Box: 19 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Minutes of the M.F.S. Draft Resistance Task Force ('82), Coordinating Committee, Task Force, and Campus Outreach, Newspaper Clippings, Mailing and Media Lists, 1979-1982, inclusive

Box: 20 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Mobilizer Past Agendas, Letters, and Articles, Demonstration Material, Records, Notes, Personnel Files, Endorsement Requests, Job Reports and Proposals, 1979-1982, inclusive

Box: 21 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Jobs With Peace Receipts, Petitions, Mailing Lists, Newspaper Clippings, Newsletters, and Disarmament Times`, 1982-1983, inclusive

Box: 22 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Legal Briefs and Lawsuits: Department of the Navy, 1986-1989, inclusive

Box: 23 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Program Files, Newsletters, Publications, Leaflets, Response Surveys, 1991-1992, inclusive

Box: 24 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Bluerdige, Groundzero, Land / Leaf, Sane-Puget Sound, Peace Projects, 1984 National Conference, Correspondence, Staff Meetings (1980s), Emergency Response Network, Facilitator Meetings, Arms Build Up at Sea, Abia -- America Peace Tour, 1980s, inclusive

Box: 25 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Correspondence, Reports, Newspaper Clippings, Homeport, Board Estimates, Individual Files, Nuclear Safety Study Notes, 1985-1990, inclusive

Box: 26 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

International Correspondence and Files & Postage Receipts & Employee Taxes, 1979-1982, inclusive

Box: 27 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Congressional Record & Files Re: Base Closing and Hearing, Committee Reports, and Legal Files, 1988-1991, inclusive

Box: 28 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Campaign Materials, Disarmament, International Trip, Weapons Facility Listings, IPCC Meeting (Dec 1989) -- pt. I, 1988-1990, inclusive

Box: 29 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Past Campaigns: Leaflets, Newspaper Clippings, Flyers, Correspondence, Publicity Material, Conference Files, International Communication, 1987, inclusive

Box: 30 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Community Action Materials and Committee Files: Nuclear and Atomic Responsibility, Citizens Committee and Alliance, AESC, CDAS, Taskforce for Sexism, Middle East, Foreign and Military Policy, 1979-1982, inclusive

Box: 31 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Affiliate Mailings, Coordinating Committee Elections, Staff Mailings, Interim Committee, Key Contacts, Staff Reports, FEC Complaints, 1987-1988, inclusive

Box: 32 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Action Committees: Prescott Peace, Peace Makers, Ecology Center of Southern California, Nuclear Freeze Committee, Alliance for Survival, San Jose Peace Center, Florida Coalition for Peace and Justice, Hawaii Education for Social Resources, Feminist Women's Health, Peace Action, Disarm Now, etc., 1984-1985, inclusive

Box: 33 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Past Campaigns, Speaking Tours, Southeast -- Mid East -- Hibakusha, Japan, Speak Out and Breaking the Silence Campaigns, and 40th Anniversary Event, 1985, inclusive

Box: 34 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

MFS Resource List, Local Events, Bibliography, Mailing Lists, Outreach, Public Education, Fliers, Newspaper Articles, Publications and Publicity, Grant Proposal, 1980-1982, inclusive

Box: 35 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Newspapers, Publications, Correspondence, Circulation Material re: MFS US Organizations, Nuclear Regulation and Action Coalitions, Campaign Files, 1979-1982, inclusive

Box: 36 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Newspapers, Newsletters, Correspondence, Strategy Papers, Logistical Information, Children's Guides, Brochures, 1979-1982, inclusive

Box: 37 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Northern Sun Alliance Papers, Fliers, Newsletters, Committees of Concern (Montana, Minnesota, North Carolina, New York, New Jersey, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island), 1988-1990, inclusive

Box: 38 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Newsletters and Publications on Anti-War Action, Leaflets, Fliers,, Buttons, Stickers, Safety Reports and Guidelines re: Nuclear Facilities, Finances, Bills, Bank Expenses, Ledger Books, 1977-1981, inclusive

Box: 39 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

October 22 Planning Committee Meeting Minutes and Agenda, Economic Notes, Environmental Action, and Feminist Newsletters, International News, Reports, and Fliers, and JWP Conference Literature, 1979-1988, inclusive

Box: 40 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Past Campaigns for Peace: US-Soviet, Marches, April Actions: Jobs & Justice, Euromissiles Working Group, Summit Organizing, DIS & DEU Conference, Deadly Connections, D.C. Agenda, C.A. Organizing Guide, A.A. Mailing Lists, 1982-1987, inclusive

Box: 41 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Committee Correspondence, Financial Information, Fieldtrip Reports, Mailings, Task Forces, Event Materials, Newspapers, Publications, Informational Material, Regional Conference Reports, 1979-1988, inclusive

Box: 42 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

U.S. Affiliate Materials and Memos, Reports, Publications, Correspondence, Newsletters, National Student Action Center, Journals, Coalitional Information, 1985-1986, inclusive

Box: 43 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Administrative Materials, MFS Affiliates and Mailing Lists, Regional Offices, Interim Committee Organization, Literature and Briefs, 1983-1988, inclusive

Box: 44 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Past Campaigns and Affiliate Files, Conference and Agenda material, Disarmament, Endorsements, Programs, Sustainable Energy, Stop the Restart, Women for Peace, and Background Materials, 1987-1991, inclusive

Box: 45 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

National Conference Minutes (1989) Affiliate Mailings, Budget, Field Organization, Committee Meetings, Dues Reports, Direct Mail Files, Mobilizer Contracts, Interim Committee, Key Contact Mailings, International Correspondence, and Convention Materials, Notes, and Phone Banking, 1989-1991, inclusive

Box: 46 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Affiliates to 1986 -- NY-Z, Nuclear Free Zones, Organization Activity: Civil Defense, First Strike Conferences, Calendars, Newsletters, and Event Material, Multistate Committees and Action Groups, Material from Spanish Committees, 1981-1985, inclusive

Box: 47 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

State Organizational Materials and Peace Networks, Peace Coalitions, Fliers, Newsletters, Newspapers and Administrative, 1990-1991, inclusive

Box: 48 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Nuclear Reports, Newspaper Clippings, Peace Coalition News, Homeport Bibliography, Correspondence, Resolutions and Legal Correspondence, No Safe Harbor Field Reports, Extensive Newspaper Clippings on Homeport, 1985-1989, inclusive

Box: 49 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Correspondence, Notes, Leaflets, Newspaper Clippings: Monthly Action Calls and Endorsements, International Activity and Coordination, Disarmament, Hiroshima/Nagasaki, Lesbian & Gay Network, and Study Packets, 1985-1986, inclusive

Box: 50 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Newsletters and Publications, Newspapers, Handwritten notes, Action Memorandum, Organizing Parties and Papers, Educational and Coalitional Materials,, 1977-1991, inclusive

Box: 51 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Articles, Handouts, Posters, Newsletters, and Handwritten Correspondence, Seminar Material, Special Commissions, Artwork and Design, Student Coalitions, Peace Councils, Task Force, Unity Files, Conferences and Workshops, 1982-1983, inclusive

Box: 52 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Leaflets and Anti-Nuclear Activity/Demonstration Material, Reports on Central American Politics, Mailing Materials, Disarmament and Military Literature, Handwritten Notes, Articles, Financial Figures, Lesbian and Gay Network, Correspondence and Memorandum, Coalitional Calendar and Agenda, Referendum, Fliers for Action, Postal Materials and Letters, Merchandise distribution, Pamphlets,, 1979-1984, inclusive

Box: 53 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Correspondence, Newsletters, Fliers, and Pamphlets: Mailing Lists, National Network Action Files, Peace Coalition in Central America and the Caribbean Basin, Christie Institute, Freeze Voters, American Friends Service Committee, 1983-1987, inclusive

Box: 54 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Deadly Connection Slides, International Conferences, Leaflets: Japan, Okinawa, Greece, Lebanon, WRL News, Visual Information Project Slideshow, Euromissile Campaigns, Ban the Bomb Makers, Campaign Against 1st Strike, Euromissile program, 1982-1985, inclusive

Box: 55 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

MFS Middle East Program, Task Force Material, Slide Show Scripts, Weapon Network Response: Forms and Coordination Material, Correspondences, Handwritten Notes, Conference Registration Forms, Containment Conference, International Peace Conference, Facsimile, and Print-Outs, 1985-1987, inclusive

Box: 56 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

MSF International Organizations and Task Force: Central America, Middle East, Program Reports and Evaluations, Discussion Materials, Memorandum, Correspondence, and Newsletters from Old Affiliates, Affiliate Mailings, Office Procedure Files, Handwritten Notes, Convention Files, Recruitment Material, Action Response Forms, Surveys, and Staff Correspondence, 1977-1987, inclusive

Box: 57 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

International and NYC Mobilization for Survival Correspondence and Newsletters, Summer Programs, Mailing and Receiving, Fliers, Newspapers, Handwritten Notes, Poster, 1978-1981, inclusive

Box: 58 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Newsletters, Newspapers, Organizing Material, US Sub-Organizations, Campaigns, Unions, Catholic Workers, Letters and Handwritten Notes, Press Release Material and Samples, 1984-1985, inclusive

Box: 59 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Correspondence, Newsletters, Pamphlets, Financial Statements, Reports, Mailing Lists, Letters, Newspapers, Ending the Targeting Campaign Material, Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament, SEA Alliance, New Mexico, New Jersey, Brooklyn, New York City, Pennsylvania, Dallas, Texas, Tennessee, Dutchess County, Peace Centers, Resource Coalition Files, 1983-1985, inclusive

Box: 60 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Packets, Newsletters, Correspondence, Fliers, Press Clippings, Literature, Handwritten Notes, Event Organization, MFS National Convention Material, Disarmament Action Local Literature and Responses, Newspapers and Mailings, 1983-1985, inclusive

Box: 61 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Mailings, Fliers, Handwritten Notes, Publicity, Updates, Correspondence, Newspaper Articles, Campaign Forms, National Conference Materials, Convention and Demonstration Updates, 1980-1984, inclusive

Box: 62 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Notices and Correspondences, Public Statements, Regional Forms, Bank Statements, NYMFS Media and Media Materials, Newspaper Clippings, Newsletters, Information Centers, North Star Fund, National Committee Correspondence and Organizing Materials, Peace Fellowships and Community Organization, National Lawyers Guild, MFS Office Files, 1979-1981, inclusive

Box: 63 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Fliers, Correspondence, Newsletter, Event Materials, Program Coordination, Pamphlets, Reports and Updates from MFS, 1981-1985, inclusive

Box: 64 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Photographs, Negatives, Contact Sheets, and Slides, circa 1979-1992, inclusive

Box: 65 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Peace--Not War: Local Responses, Coupon Returns, National Groups, Media, Speakers Response; Peace with Justice Week; Road Show; April 16th-Tax Day; Tax Day Resistance; Pledge of Resistance: analysis of political situation, clearinghouse, actions, correspondence, executive committee, local campaigns, finances, legal information, local feedback and suggestions, media coverage, MFS involvement, multi-issue coalition, newsletter, nonviolent guidelines, personnel committee, program plans, regional coordinators group, religious nature, national retreat, signal group, Stop the Lies packet, strategy, surveys; Solid Shield Military Maneuvers; Pledge: National Literature, "Incrementals Escalations" piece, structure, prominent signers, local's resources; Pledge of Resistance: National Network, address lists of contacts; New York Misc.; Rural Southern Voice for Peace; SANE; North Carolina Peace Network; Jackson County Citizens for a Nuclear Arm Freeze; Ohio Misc.; Wilington College Peace Resource Center; Tulsa Peace Fellowship; Writers for Peace; Green Revolution; Physicians for Social Responsibility; Philadelphia War Tax Resistance; Penn. Freeze; PANE; Environmental Coalition on Nuclear Power; Del-Aware Unlimited; Pennsylvania Misc,; Rhode Island Misc.; South Carolina Misc.; The National Guard; Highlander Center; Texas Misc.; Austin Peace and Justice Coalition; American Friends Service Committee; Hard Times News; Dallas Advocate; MX Information Center; The Desert Sun; Volunteers for Peace; Citizens Party; Vermont, Misc., 1982-1987, inclusive

Box: 66 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Oversize Drawings, undated

Box: 67 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)
Tamiment Library and Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives
Elmer Holmes Bobst Library
70 Washington Square South
2nd Floor
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