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Series VIII - Real Estate Records, circa 1869-1964

Scope and Contents

Series VIII consists of 1 box and 1 oversize box of documents relating to CAS real estate, arranged chronologically 1873-1964, and 3 volumes [circa 1869]-1961. The documents in the boxes include deeds, leases, contracts, a small amount of correspondence, and architectural drawings.

The first box (box 38) consists of folders arranged chronologically 1873-1964, including 3 folders related to work for the CAS by the architectural firm of Calvert Vaux & George Radford interfiled with the other real estate material. Some of the folders in this box include groups of leases, contracts or other documents related to a single property over a span of years, and these are arranged chronologically according to the first document in the folder.

The second box (OS1) is an oversize box of 4 architectural drawings on drafting linen (3 exteriors, 1 cutaway) of the Rhinelander School by the firm of Vaux & Radford circa 1890. The drawings, numbered 7, 8, 9 and 12, appear to be part of a series of drawings, but the location of the remaining drawings is unknown.

Series VIII also includes three volumes regarding real estate owned by the CAS. The volumes appear in the container list at the end of the series, after the boxes.

See also Edwin Merrill Correspondence, Series IV.3.D, for more material relating to real estate. See also Series IX - Facilities - for material about specific properties, including oversize property surveys, arranged according to facility.

Deed granting land in Virginia to CAS, 1873 March 28

Offsite-Box: 38, Folder: 1 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Notice of property on Rivington Street sold for the collection of 1868 taxes, 1874 March 18

Offsite-Box: 38, Folder: 2 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Summons for non-payment of rent on 68th Street, 1874 October 12

Offsite-Box: 38, Folder: 3 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Contract re: transfer of 43rd Street property to CAS, 1881 January 26

Offsite-Box: 38, Folder: 4 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Lease for a room in church building on East 19th Street, 1882 May 1

Offsite-Box: 38, Folder: 5 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Lease for a ferry landing at Bath Beach, Coney Island, 1882 May 18

Offsite-Box: 38, Folder: 6 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Agreement to allow Brooklyn to build a well on CAS property at Bath Beach Coney Island, and agreement for use of well, 1882 July 10 and 1887 September 23

Offsite-Box: 38, Folder: 7 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Correspondence and leases re: 208 Bleecker Street property, 1882, 1887-1891

Offsite-Box: 38, Folder: 8 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Leases for 24 Sullivan Street property, 1882, 1887, 1908

Offsite-Box: 38, Folder: 9 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Leases of rooms for 53rd Street School, 1883, 1888

Offsite-Box: 38, Folder: 10 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Contracts between CAS and Vaux & Radford, 1883-1889, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 38, Folder: 11 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Correspondence between CAS and Vaux & Radford and subcontractors, 1885-1889 and undated

Offsite-Box: 38, Folder: 12 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Leases for 68th Street property, 1885 April, 1888 July

Offsite-Box: 38, Folder: 13 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Contracts re: purchase and sale of property in Gravesend (Brooklyn), 1885 May, 1920 February

Offsite-Box: 38, Folder: 14 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Agreement to build two Health Home cottages, 1886 March 8

Offsite-Box: 38, Folder: 15 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Lease for 93 Crosby Street property, 1886 March 18

Offsite-Box: 38, Folder: 16 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Agreements and correspondence re: an opposed plan to extend 18th Ave. in Brooklyn, affecting Bath Beach property, 1886 July-1887 November and related documents 1869,1878

Offsite-Box: 38, Folder: 17 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Leases for Charles Loring Brace's residence in Dobb's Ferry NY, 1887-1890, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 38, Folder: 18 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Lease for 206-208 E. 40th Street property, 1888 May 1

Offsite-Box: 38, Folder: 19 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Agreement to lease East 35th Street property, 1889 March 5

Offsite-Box: 38, Folder: 20 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Agreement to renovate Bath Beach property, 1889 May 2

Offsite-Box: 38, Folder: 21 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Agreement to re-build unsafe wall on East 6th Street property, 1889 August 19

Offsite-Box: 38, Folder: 22 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Architectural drawings by Vaux & Radford: Jones Memorial School (photocopies), 1890 October 4

Offsite-Box: 38, Folder: 23 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Lease for 207 W. 64th Street property, 1892 February 15

Offsite-Box: 38, Folder: 24 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Supreme Court order conveying Rhinelander to the Children's Aid society (photocopy only), 1892 April 28

Offsite-Box: 38, Folder: 25 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Lease for CAS office in United charities building (photocopy), 1893 April 8

Offsite-Box: 38, Folder: 26 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Lease for 24 St. Marks Place, 1894 February

Offsite-Box: 38, Folder: 27 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Contract and first invoice for building farm school, 1894 April and June

Offsite-Box: 38, Folder: 28 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Lease for Brace Memorial Newsboys Lodging House, 1898 February 1

Offsite-Box: 38, Folder: 29 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Contracts granting property in New Castle to CAS, 1909 March, May

Offsite-Box: 38, Folder: 30 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Contracts re: New Jersey property transferred to CAS, 1909 December

Offsite-Box: 38, Folder: 31 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Cemetery deeds and undertaker's vouchers, Linden Hill Cemetery, 1915 April 6-1931 April 27

Offsite-Box: 38, Folder: 32 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Cemetery deeds and receipts, Lutheran Cemetery, 1917-1929, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 38, Folder: 33 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Contract to renovate 44th Street Boys' Home and related correspondence, 1919 June 19-1920 March 16

Offsite-Box: 38, Folder: 34 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Deeds to Bowdoin Farm, 1928, 1941, 1959, 1960, 1962

Offsite-Box: 38, Folder: 35 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Deed for 207 Sullivan Street (1937) and insurance policy for 209-211 Sullivan Street (1931), 1931-1937, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 38, Folder: 36 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Correspondence from Helen Cole, Foster Home Dept., to Kenneth Yeaton, re: cemetery real estate 1937 and a memo re: funeral costs 1940, 1937 April 12 and 1940 July 2

Offsite-Box: 38, Folder: 37 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Memos: Property Assessments 44th Street (44th St. Lodging House, then Kips Bay Boys' Club), 1938, 1944, 1947

Offsite-Box: 38, Folder: 38 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Proposal to install power lines at Bowdoin Farm property, 1964, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 38, Folder: 39 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

4 architectural drawings on drafting linen of the Rhinelander School by the firm of Vaux & Radford, circa 1890

Offsite-Box: OS 1 (Material Type: Graphic Materials)

Real Estate Information Volume, with a list of other documents, circa 1869-1873

Offsite-Box: 1046, Volume: 263 (Material Type: Books)

Real Estate Children's Aid Society, 1870-1958, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 1046, Volume: 264 (Material Type: Books)

Record Real and Personal Property of the Children's Aid Society, 1870-1961, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 1046, Volume: 265 (Material Type: Books)
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