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Elinor S. Miller Papers

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1977-2004, inclusive


Butor, Michel
Miller, Elinor S.


1 Linear Feet (2 boxes)

Language of Materials

Materials are in English.


The Elinor Miller Papers consist largely of letters to Miller from Michel Butor, a prominent French author, and of Miller's collection of published material by or about Butor. Some of Miller's own letters to Butor are included, and some of her correspondence on the subject of Butor. Also included are various mixed media focusing on several artists with whom Butor often collaborated, and whom Miller also studied in their relation to the author.

Biographical Note

Elinor Miller was an English professor at Embry Riddle University and a renowned scholar of the work of Michel Butor. After their first meeting in 1977, Miller and Butor became friends and close colleagues, collaborating on translations, catalogues, and lectures. Miller's long study of Butor's work resulted in the publication of several essays and translations, and culminated with the publication of her book, Prisms and Rainbows: Michel Butor's Collaborations with Jacques Monory, Jiri Kolar, and Pierre Alechinsky, in 2002.

Michel Butor was one of the pioneers of the Nouveau roman in France. The New Novel surfaced in France in the early 1950s (though some works predate this estimate by several years), and remained the dominant form of avant-garde literature throughout the 1950s and early 1960s. Michel Butor, whose novel La Modificationwon the Prix Renaudot in 1957, helped this bold new écriture gain wider acclaim both in France and abroad. He later branched out to work on critical essays, poetry, non- fiction, non-non-fiction, translations, artistic and musical collaborations, and much more.


Series I and II are arranged chronologically. Slides and photos in Series III have been kept in their original groupings, and Series IV is arranged alphabetically within each subseries.

Missing Title

  1. Series I: Correspondence, Butor to Miller
  2. Series II: Correspondence, Miller to Butor and Others
  3. Series III: Mixed Media/Collaborations
  4. Series IV: Printed Material
  5. OVERSIZE Series IV: Printed Material

Scope and Content Note

From the moment Elinor Miller and Michel Butor met in 1977 at the University of Louisville, they had a natural interest in each other's work: Butor's artistic, literary, and critical production was prolific, and Miller was a well-known scholar of his work. As a translator, she was responsible for the dissemination of much of his writing to the English-speaking world, and her essays appeared in numerous journals. Their initially professional relationship quickly turned into a friendship that would last nearly thirty years, until her death in 2004.

The most important aspect of the collection is the correspondence of Butor to Miller spanning the duration of their friendship, as well as several manuscripts, photocopies, and carbon copies of Miller's letters to Butor. Also included are various mixed media that focus on the works of artists with whom Butor collaborated, and those whom Miller studied in relation to Butor. Finally, the collection includes an array of publications by or about Michel Butor. Miller's own essays figure prominently, but there are also numerous primary and secondary publications, collaborations, volumes of literary journals consecrated to the author, and catalogues. The collection also includes some extremely rare limited edition publications either purchased by Miller or presented to her as gifts by Butor.

SERIES I: Correspondence - Butor to Miller

This series contains the meat of the collection: the collection of Michel Butor's letters to Elinor Miller from 1977 to 2004. The letters are all collages with moving pieces, images, and text. Some include family photos, invitations to exhibition openings, conference programs, collaborative postcards, and more.

SERIES II: Correspondence - Miller to Butor

This series is far less comprehensive, as Butor donated his letters from Miller to the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, and Miller did not keep copies of all of her letters to Butor. The ones that she did keep offer an insight into the nature of her relationship with Butor, as well as into her character. It is unclear why she kept these letters in particular. This series also includes clippings and photos that Miller had intended to send along to Butor, and correspondence between Miller and various other people who have some connection to Butor.

SERIES III: Mixed Media/ Collaborations

This series is comprised of mixed media depicting the work of several artists with whom Butor collaborated. Miller wrote on these artists and their collaborations with Butor, and taught them as well. There are slides, photos, photo CDs, and audiocassettes. There is also a VHS of a Butor interview.

SERIES IV: Printed Material

This series contains both scholarly publications on Butor (subseries A) and catalogs of various museum exhibitions featuring his artwork (subseries B).

Subseries A: Secondary Publications

Subseries B: Museum Catalogs

Access Restrictions

Materials are open to researchers. Please contact the Fales Library and Special Collections,, 212-998-2596.

Use Restrictions

Copyright (or related rights to publicity and privacy) for materials in this collection was not transferred to New York University. Permission to use materials must be secured from the copyright holder. Please contact the Fales Library and Special Collections,, 212-998-2596.

Preferred Citation

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Identification of item, date (if known); Elinor Miller Papers; MSS 178; [box number]; [folder number]; Fales Library and Special Collections, New York University Libraries.


The collection was donated by the family of Elinor Miller in 2004.

Separated Material

The following materials have been separated and moved to the Fales Library's book collection. These items have been cataloged at the item level in Bobcat, NYU's online catalog. Records for these items can be retrieved through a "related name" search. The separated materials are arranged in two categories: Primary Works by Michel Butor, and Collaborations between Butor and others.

Primary works by Michel Butor.

Butor, Michel. 6810000 litres d'eau par seconde.Gallimard, 1965

Butor, Michel. L'aède en exil par Hölderlin.Cognac: Fata Morgana, 2000.

Butor, Michel. Á la frontière.Paris: ELA La Différence, 1996.

Butor, Michel. Appel: suite pour un violoncello en détresse.Péronne: Dumerchez, 2000.

Butor, Michel. "Apres le Roman." New Novel Review.3:1 1995)

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Butor, Michel. Avant-Goût III: L'Appel du large.Rennes: UBACS, 1989.

Butor, Michel. Avant-Goût IV: En Mémoire.Rennes: UBACS, 1989

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Butor, Michel. Frontiers.Trans. Elinor and Warren Miller. Birmingham, Alabama:Summa,1989.

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Butor, Michel. Illustrations III.Gallimard, 1973.

Butor, Michel. Illustrations IV.Gallimard, 1976.

Butor, Michel. Improvisations on Butor: transformation of writing.Oppenheimer, Louis, Ed. Trans. Elinor Miller. Gainesville: Florida, 1996.

Butor, Michel. Improvisations sur Balzac I: Le Marchand et le genie.Paris: Éditions de la Difference, 1998.

Butor, Michel. Improvisations sur Balzac II: Paris à vol de l'archange.Paris: Éditions de la Difference, 1998.

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Collaborations between Michel Butor and others.

Aver, Michèle; Butor, Michel. Butor Photographie.Paris: Photogalerie, 2002.

Badin, Georges; Butor, Michel. À Perte de vue.Carte Blanche, 2001.

Bosseur, Jean-Yves; Butor, Michel. Chants du labyrinthe.Le Coudray: Chauveau, 1999.

Butor, Marie-Jo; Butor, Michel. La Besace à poèmes.Cannes-la-Bocca: Plein chant, 2001.

Butor, Marie-Jo: Butor, Michel. Dialogue avec Arthur Rimbaud.L'amourier, 2001.

Cassel, Axel; Butor, Michel. Regards entre les branches.Spuren, 2001.

Caujolle, Christian, Ed. Photographier la guerre? Bosnie, Croatie, Kosovo.Texte de Michel Butor. 2000.

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Longuet, Patrick. Quarante-trois artistes avec Michel Butor.Éditions Comp'Act, 2001.

Lounbert, Thierry; Butor, Michel. Dragons du soir.1999. [pamphlet]

Maccheroni, Henri; Butor, Michel. Paris ville-ténèbres.Editions Léo Scheer, 2001.

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Minkoff, Gérald; Olesen, Muriel; Butor, Michel. Dégel Parfum.1990.

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Villers, André; Butor, Michel. Picasso-Labyrinthe.Tübingen: Rive-Gauche.

Villers, André; Butor, Michel. Musique de Chambre Noire.Mougins, 1980.

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