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Series VII: Other Artists

Scope and Contents note

This series contains works, exhibition information, and press pertaining to other artists. Series A: Mail Art Album includes items including postcards removed from a binder. Items are organized to reflect the binder's organization. Subseries B: Announcements and Works includes materials organized by artist name.

Subseries A: Mail Art Album

Inserts in Postcards binder, undated

Box: 15, Folder: 708 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Page 1, four items. John Taylor, Beach Blacket Bingo; Dieter Rot; Leonhard Frank Duch; Joan Crawford Mother's Day Celebration., undated

Box: 15, Folder: 709 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Page 2, six items. Marcel Just, Shigeko, Alan Platt x 3, [illegible], undated

Box: 15, Folder: 710 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Page 3, five items. Martha Wilson, Raul, Nam June Paik, Jill Kroesen, unknown., undated

Box: 15, Folder: 711 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Page 4, four tiems. Mel, Committee for Visual Arts, Robert Kushner, Paul McMahon., undated

Box: 15, Folder: 712 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Page 5, four items. R.M. Fischer, Richard Prince, Susan King, Marja Samsom., undated

Box: 15, Folder: 713 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Page 6, seven items. Guglielmo Achille Cavellini postcard and stickers, Kit Fitzgerald and John Sanbormn, Peter Downsbrough, undated

Box: 15, Folder: 714 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Page 7, four items. Peter Grass, Carla Davidovich, Pierre Ducordeau, Jonathan Willilams, undated

Box: 15, Folder: 715 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Page 9, five items. Marroquin-Verhoeven, Investigation department card, Ilene Segalove x 2, Dieter, undated

Box: 15, Folder: 716 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Page 10, four items. Bill Indigo, Stuart Sherman, Michael Morris, Centre de Documentacio d'art actual, Barcelona., 1979

Box: 15, Folder: 717 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Page 11, four items. J. Davidovich, Liliana Porter, Doug Smith and Tom Bagg, "The Answer Wasn't Here", undated

Box: 15, Folder: 718 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Page 12, four items.Shigeko, Tom Baggs, Mitchell Kriegman, Ken Graves, 1980

Box: 15, Folder: 719 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Page 13, twelve items. Raul Marroquin, Nikolaus Urban, Myrel Chernick, Reudi Schill., undated

Box: 15, Folder: 720 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Page 14, four items. Yves de Smet, Nikolaus Urban, Johan, Jac and Marion., 1976-1980

Box: 15, Folder: 721 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Page 15, ten items. Raul Marroquin, Ruedi Schill x6, Tony Morgan, Kazuo Katase., undated

Box: 15, Folder: 722 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Page 16, four items. Linda Blumberg, SoHo TV at The Kitchen, Anthony McCall, Beth Anderson with Paul Cotton., undated

Box: 15, Folder: 723 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Page 174 items. Shigeko Kubota, Stefan Eins, Raul Marroquin, Muntadas/Serran-Pagan., undated

Box: 15, Folder: 724 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Page 18, five items. Brian Lane [two little books], Kitasono Katue, Helena Kontova, John Gordon., undated

Box: 15, Folder: 725 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Page 19, six items. Live from San Francisco, Ken Feingold, unknown sender of Wooster Inc. Envelope card, Donald, R.m. Fischer, Beyond Novelty and Boredom., undated

Box: 15, Folder: 726 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Page 20, six items. Bonnie and Clyde Stuff, Invite to reception with Dr. Carlos Menem, Barbara Kruger matchbooks, Jeanette, You connect the dots., undated

Box: 15, Folder: 727 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Page 21, five items. Steve Lawrence and Sergei Miroshnichenko, Guillermo Kuitra, Bound and Unbound Wooster Enterprises, Jeanette, Stuart., 1989, 1991

Box: 15, Folder: 728 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Page 22, twenty items. Points of view stereograph postcards x6, Joe Brainard's "Twelve Postcards", Donald Baechler, Kesa., undated

Box: 15, Folder: 729 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Page 23, four items. Ben Mark Holzberg, Pierre Ducordeau, Susan Hilton, Willyum Rowe., undated

Box: 15, Folder: 730 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Page 24, six items. Raul Morroquin, Hans Eykelboom, Marroquin and Young Tchong, Kazuo Katase x3, undated

Box: 15, Folder: 731 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Page 25, four items. Carroll Dunham, Ger Van Dijck, Raul Marroquin, Tom Rubnitz., undated

Box: 15, Folder: 732 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Page 26, four items. Nam June Paik, Eva and Juan Peron cards., undated

Box: 15, Folder: 733 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Page 27, nine items. Nam June Paik x2, Pieter L. Mol, Matlin and McConnell, Architecture Sequences exhibit, Reudi Schill series "landschaftsgeschichte", undated

Box: 15, Folder: 734 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Page 28, six items. Silvia Kolbowski, Eileen Hickey, Anthology of Film Archives Series Courthouse Building x5, Univeristy Community Video., undated

Box: 15, Folder: 735 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Page 29, four items. Justine of Colette is Dead Co.; Camillo, Mel Andrainga and John Herbert; Dieter Frosse x2., undated

Box: 15, Folder: 736 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Page 30, five items. E.F. Higgins III x2, Dieter Froese x2, Art TV., undated

Box: 15, Folder: 737 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Page 31, 4 items. Fernando de Filippi, Eric Bogosian, Nicole Gravier, Dieter Froese., 1979

Box: 15, Folder: 738 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Subseries B: Announcements and Works

Cal Arts, "8 Faces", undated

Box: 15, Folder: 739 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Filomia, Carlos., undated

Box: 15, Folder: 740 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Fontana, TV Manifesto., undated

Box: 15, Folder: 741 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Goldman, Ilene. Book proposal: Wandering the Nation., 1996

Box: 15, Folder: 742 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Group Ojo, "el ojo en NY" color negatives and photographs of street art., undated

Box: 15, Folder: 743 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Howell, Sue. Black and white photographs of Sue Howell with TV, photographs by Otway Chalkley., 1981

Box: 15, Folder: 745 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Ingberg, Pablo., undated

Box: 15, Folder: 746 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

"Mighty Mogul"

Box: 15, Folder: 747 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Paksa, Margarita., undated

Box: 15, Folder: 748 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Puzzovio, Dalila., undated

Box: 15, Folder: 749 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Wentscher, Herbert. Cartoons of TVs, undated

Box: 15, Folder: 750 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Yahlovith, Nina, undated

Box: 15, Folder: 751 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)
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