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Series V: Artifacts and Objects

Scope and Contents note

This series includes material artifacts collected by Jaime Davidovich. Subseries A: Fluxus contains a number of artifacts designed by Fluxus artists including boxes, wall paper, and stationery. Subseries B: Television Collection includes television shaped or themed artifacts including clothing, children's toys, and novelty items. Subseries C: ATN and The Live! Show includes objects connected to the production or administration of these media projects including Dr. Videovich's lab coat, an ATN seal paper embosser.

Subseries A: Fluxus

Partitioned box made of clear plastic containing, matches, rope, an electrical plug, a fishing hook, a glass shard, a pin, an x-acto blade, a bullet, and a ball bearing. Label fetaures an anatomically designed head, reads "a flux suicide kit by ben." Made by Ben Vautier., undated

Box: 4, Folder: 155.2.0005 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Flux Stationery, Hand in Glove. Shirk wrapped package of stationery, paper features a hand, palm up. Envelope features a black glove. Designed by George Maciunas., undated

Box: Shared Fales 041, Folder: 6, Item: 155.2.0007 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Flux Stationery, Hand in Glove. Shirk wrapped package of stationery, paper features a hand, palm up. Envelope features a black glove. Designed by George Maciunas., undated

Box: Shared Fales 041, Folder: 7, Item: 155.2.0008 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Flux Stationery, Foot in Shoe. Plastic shrink wrap enclosed stationery featuring a photograph of a foot. Envelope shows a shoe. Designed by George Maciunas., undated

Box: Shared Fales 041, Folder: 8, Item: 155.2.0009 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Flux Stationery, Torso in Fur Coat. Stationery set in skrink wrap plastic packaging. Photograph of a nude woman's body on paper, fur coat on envelope. Designed by George Maciunas., undated

Box: Shared Fales 041, Folder: 9, Item: 155.2.0010 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Flux Music Box. Plastic box containing two music box mechanisms. Two metal keys outside the box. Gear design label with object title on outside. Made by Joe Jones., undated

Box: 4, Folder: 155.2.0011 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Picnic Garbage Placemat. Placemat with black and white image of picnic remnants including banana peel, plate, crumpled napkin, watermelon rinds etc. Designed by Geoffrey Hendricks., undated

Box: Shared Fales 086, Folder: 9, Item: 155.2.0012 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Stomach Anatomy Apron. Designed by George Maciunas., undated

Box: Shared Fales 086, Folder: 9, Item: 155.2.0013 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Venus de Milo Apron. Designed by George Maciunas., undated

Flat-File-Folder: 5 Left, Item: 155.2.0014 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Flux Text, Revealing Fact. Flat plastic box with label reading "Revealing fact….hold finger on nipple one minute** then open box and read, a Flux-Test by Jock Reinolds". Thermometer affixed to inside lid, label reads "good person" and "bad person", undated

Box: 4, Folder: 155.2.0015 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Smoke Fluxkit. Clear platic box with partitions containing purple, pink, and yellow incense cones, two sticks of incense, leather, burlap, rope, dried orange peel, wood, cork, flexible plastic. Label features a black and white photographic image of a smelling machine used by a woman and a man. Designed by Yoshimasa Wada., undated

Box: 4, Folder: 155.2.0016 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Fluxgame Deck. White plastic box labeled "Deck by George Brecht a fluxgame" 64 cards, each with a different black and white design, hair photograph on reverse., undated

Box: 4, Folder: 155.2.0017 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Face Anatomy Mask. Square paper mask with eyeholes. Anatomy drawing with part of the face numbered and lettered. Designed by George Maciunas., undated

Box: Shared Fales 041, Folder: 10, Item: 155.2.0046 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Grotesque Face Mask. Square paper mask with eyeholes. Photograph of person's face with hands pulling the lips away from teeth to reveal very swollen gums. The Fluxus Codex indicates that the image comes from a book on dentistry and nutritional disorders. Designed by George Maciunas., undated

Box: Shared Fales 041, Folder: 11, Item: 155.2.0047 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Photograph of model in Stomach Anatomy Apron. Black and white photograph on cardstock. Image of Pamela Kraft modeling the long version of George Maciunas' Stomach Anatomy Apron. [Identified Pamela Kraft using the Fluxus Codex although this photogrpah is not in the book.], undated

Box: Shared Fales 041, Folder: 12, Item: 155.2.0048 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Cluttered Desk Table Top. Square black and white photographic image of laminated photographic table top on cardstock. Table depicts a messy desk: telephone, notebook stapler, newspaper fragments, papers. Designed by Robert Watts and Peter Moore., undated

Box: Shared Fales 041, Folder: 13, Item: 155.2.0049 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Crossed nude legs tabletop. Square black and white photographic image of laminated photographic table top on cardstock. Photographed by Robert Watts., undated

Box: Shared Fales 041, Folder: 14, Item: 155.2.0050 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Giant Stamp Imprint Envelope. 9 paper envelopes with New York, NY postal meter mark on reverse. Designed by Robert Watts., undated

Box: Shared Fales 041, Folder: 15, Item: 155.2.0051 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Meal Variation no. 7, eaten by Ferro. Black and white promotional photocard of laminated photographic table top. Image features an empty plate, two spoons, two forks, three knives, three glasses, cigarettes, matches, stamps, newspaper clippings, a photographs, and other odds and ends. Designed by Daniel Spoerri., undated

Box: Shared Fales 041, Folder: 16, Item: 155.2.0052 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Assholes Wallpaper. Black and white phtoographs of [Yoko Ono's] butt. Same image printed twice. Designed by Ben Vautier., undated

Box: Shared Fales 086, Folder: 8, Item: 155.2.0053 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Subseries B: Television Collection

Green ceramic television container. Top lifts off, screen displays multicolored flowers and hearts. Made by Jaime Davidovich., 1978

Box: 26, Folder: 155.2.0006 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Green plastic television with clear screen on black pedestal. Pedestal turns, rotating the two plastic figures inside the object. One is a girl wearing a red skirt, one is a man in a ablue suit. Price tag on the bottom indicates $1.50., undated

Box: 25, Folder: 155.2.0018 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Sweatshirt with television design. Red, short-sleeved sweatshirt with multi-colored telvision designs. Size small, $15.00. Designned by Good Vibrations Inc., undated

Box: 25, Folder: 155.2.0019 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Television set shaped alarm clock radio. Cat, bird and bomb design around digital clock face. Made by Tratron., undated

Box: 25, Folder: 155.2.0020 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Television shaped snow-globe with soap opera theme. Clear plastic cube designed to look like a TV. Inside, male and female figures with thought bubbles. Hers, "Oh, John, I can Never be yours!" His: "I thought you were mine…Forever!" Pink, heart-shaped snow. Made by Enesco., undated

Box: 25, Folder: 155.2.0021 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Musical Pocket TV. Red plastic TV with movign paper under the screen. Made by Sankyo Seiki Mfg Ltd., 1980

Box: 25, Folder: 155.2.0022 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

TV fun-glasses. Plastic sunglasses shaped like televisions with green lenses. Made by Cathay., undated

Box: 25, Folder: 155.2.0023 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Blue T-shirt. Reverse reads, "Don't Bother me…while I'm watching the game.", undated

Box: 25, Folder: 155.2.0024 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Ceramic television shaped clock. Made by Axis., undated

Box: 25, Folder: 155.2.0025 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

T.V. Star. Detachable plastic microphone attached to a TV shaped radio with strap. Made by Crown., undated

Box: 26, Folder: 155.2.0026 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Metal television shaped savings bank with removable lid. Made by Wagner's TV and Appliance., undated

Box: 25, Folder: 155.2.0027 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Walking wind-up TV. Plastic TV-shaped figure with smiling face, arms, yellow shoes and mobile antenna. Walks when wound up., undated

Box: 25, Folder: 155.2.0028 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Family in front of the television snow globe., undated

Box: 25, Folder: 155.2.0029 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Smurf Musicale color TV. Television shaped toy with wind-up music mechanism. Images move as the song plays. Made by Ohio Art Company, 1982

Box: 26, Folder: 155.2.0030 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Television sunglasses with green lenses. In original packaging with Urban Outfitters pricetag, $3.00. Made by Accoutrements., undated

Box: 27, Folder: 155.2.0031 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Clear, plastic clip on tie swen with blue thread. The tie contains paper pictures of televisions and plastic miniatures of a coke bottle and a hungry-man TV dinner., undated

Box: not specified, Folder: 155.2.0032 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

White, short slevved T-shirt with design of televisions, pink trashcans, downward pointing arrows, and a black bar-shaped graphic., undated

Box: 27, Folder: 155.2.0033 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Pink ceramic TV coin bank. Mirror screen, blue flower design over screen.Made by Vandor., 1981

Box: 27, Folder: 155.2.0035 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Plastic TV salt and pepper shaker. Shakers slide out of the television-shaped holder. The "on" dial elevates the shakers., undated

Box: 27, Folder: 155.2.0036 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Brown ceramic television shaped salt and pepper shakers. Top monitor is salt, base is pepper., undated

Box: 27, Folder: 155.2.0037 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Dollhouse furniture: Lounge Suite. Original packaging. 5 pieces, miniature sofa, two chairs, coffee table and a television., undated

Box: 27, Folder: 155.2.0038 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

TV Time play puzzle. Plastic television shaped puzzle. Screen comes apart in six pieces. Depicts a bear driving a car. TV has moveable antenna, a button that beeps, and a dial that clicks. Still in original box and plastic fillm., undated

Box: 28, Folder: 155.2.0039 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Television Christmas tree ornament multiple. Three paper ornaments. TV screen shows a burning yule log behind a plastic screen. Designed by Jaime Davidovich., undated

Box: 28, Folder: 155.2.0040 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Dukes of hazzard TV tray. Child's size blue TV tray with photo of the Duke sof Hazzard and Daisy with a guitar. "Carla" etched into th epaint on the bottom edge of the tray. Made by Warner Bros. Inc., 1981

Box: 31, Folder: 155.2.0041 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Watch Highclass. Two watches mounted on a cardboard display that is printed to look like a televisioin showing a baseball game., undated

Box: 31, Folder: 155.2.0042 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

"Don't Watch TV at the table!" placemat. Laminated placemat displaying images of historical televisions. Made by Paper Tales, Ltd., 1991

Box: 31, Folder: 155.2.0043 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Winky Dink and You. Winky Dink set, still sealed in original packaging. Made by Standard ToyKraft Products., undated

Box: 31, Folder: 155.2.0045 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Subseries C: ATN and the Live! Show

TeeVee rubber stamp. Red, wooden handle., undated.

Box: 24, Folder: 155.2.0001 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Foam TV costume, undated

Box: 33, object: 155.2.0001a (Material Type: Mixed Materials)
Box: 33, object: 155.2.0001b (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

"The Live! Show" rubber stamp, red wooden base, black wooden handle., undated.

Box: 24, Folder: 155.2.0002 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Hand held paper emobosser with Artists' Television Network Inc. Corporate Seal., ca 1976

Box: 24, Folder: 155.2.0003 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Kaleidoscope. Two parts. Black box with paper label. Square hole in the bottom of the box secured with tape. Inside, a black cardboard cylinder with a black label, round hole in the top. Inside the cylinder is white with mirror at back. Made by Stefan Eins., 1976

Box: 24, Folder: 155.2.0004 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

"The Live! Show" t-shirt. Blue short sleeved t-shirt with silk screened image of television shaped object with a "Live! Show" button on its screen. The TV object is part of the collection, object I.D. 155.2.0035., undated.

Box: 24, Folder: 155.2.0034 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Dr. Videovich lab coat. Long sleeved, white lab coat with three pockets. Multicolored "The Live! Show" buttons pepper the front of the costume. "Dr Videovich" in black paint on the reverse. TV sunglasses in one of the pockets. Made by Jaime Davidovich., undated.

Box: 32, Folder: 155.2.0044 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

The Live! Show backdrop, Undated, inclusive

Item: MSS.155.2.0058, Item: 155.2.0058 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)


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Subseries D: Portapak

Sony AV-3400 Video Camera.

Box: 29, Folder: 155.2.0054 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Sony AC-1000 power/Battery Charger

Box: 30, Folder: 155.2.0055 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Sony Av-8400S Color Portable Video System. Second generation 1/2 inc EIAJ portapak

Box: 29, Folder: 155.2.0056 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Operating Instructions, Sony AV-8400S

Box: 29, Folder: 155.2.0057 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)
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