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Series VI: Scripts and Works by Other Authors

Scope and Contents note

These materials were found in two or three discrete groups among Kopit's papers. Many are pieces by authors Kopit had worked with or was expecting to work with. Some appear to be unsolicited and some may be by current or former students of Kopit. While most of the works are plays or books for musicals, there are a handful of manuscripts of novels and nonfiction works as well.

Scripts Box 1

Box: 123 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Scope and Contents note

"Comfortable Shoes" by Clint Holmes, 1998
"Wellwishers" by Katherine Lynn Louis, 1995
"Sabina" by Willy Holtzman, 1993
"The Death of Baldur: A Study of Idealization" by Nancy L. Neiman-Hoffman, 1986
C.V. of Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt, 1997
Various pieces by Lauren Rosenberg, ca. 1997
untitled work by William Beruh, 1995
"The Crash Victims" by Ole Bornedal, 1996
"The Hour" by John Sisk, 1996
"The Produce King of Hub City" by Richard Molson, 1996
"A Fair Country" by John Robin Baitz, 1995
"The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" by David Edgar, 1991
"Half Past Love" by Marilyn A. Hatch, with criticisms and annotations by Kopit
"Script 82/83", annual publication of NYU student work
"Liberal and Other Arts" by Howard Junker, 1984
Work by or about "Helen Whitten". possibly titled "The Journey", ca. 1986
"The Smile of Smiles" by Sidney Hart, undated
"Leo and Ellie" by Gil Perlroth, 1993
"Dancing With You" by Gil Perlroth, 1993
"A Chambers Play" by jack Gelber, undated
"Cancer in Laboratory Animals" by Louise Williams, 1987
"These are the Jokes" by Max Wilk, 1988
"Mandy" by Joan Sorkin and Gene P. Bissell, 1988
"Goodman Brown" by Stephen Sheppard, , undated
"This Winter's Hobby" by Jack Finney, undated

Scripts Box 2

Box: 124 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Scope and Contents note

Information on the Collaborative Theater Project, 1988
"Czar of the Movies" by Tony Macaulay and Larry Shue, 1984, treatment, book and correspondence
"The White Crow: Eichmann in Jerusalem" by Donald Freed, 1985
"Jekyll and Hyde" by Frank Wildhorn and Steven Cuden, 1986
"Place Your Bets" by Gianni Bozzacchi et al., undated
"Common Men" by Jeffrey Gallagher, 1985
"Dusky sally" by Granville Burgess, 1982
"The End of the Trail" by Francine Sterey, undated
"Inner Logic" by Keith Reddin, 1978
"Grant" by Edward Grinnan, undated
"One Man's Ceiling is Another Man's Floor" by Keith Reddin, undated
"Cabaret Piece" by Keith Reddin, undated
"Funnies?" by Keith Reddin, undated
"Exhibition(ists)" by Keith Reddin, undated, also other fragments posssibly by Reddin
"A New World's Record" by John Gehm, undated
Various course materials or records
"Keepsakes" by Nancy Beardsley, undated
"Rush Act" by Harry Kondoleon, undated
"Back to Normal" by Harry Kondoleon, 1978
Unknown fragment.
"Lorenzo in the New World" by Gerald Walker, undated
Xerox of "The Dream Lover" by Lawrence Sanders, 1987
"Helltown" by Jon Freeman, 1992
"La Verite sur Maman" by Giles Laurent, 1992
"The Cork in Heaven" by Simeon Hellerman, 1993
"Cross my Heart and Hope to Live" by Claire Sylvia and Robert Bosnak, 1992
"The Lady Who Swings the Band" by Eric Overmyer, 1990

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