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Series III: Business Records

Scope and Contents note

This series is composed of numerous distinct groups of files apparently organized and accumulated at different times over three or four decades. The contents of each group are similar as records relating to personal and family finances are mixed in with materials relating to various works and productions. Among the personal materials are significant amounts of receipts, expenditure records, checking account and other bank statements, records relating to home maintenance, automobiles, mortgages, and income taxes. There is a significant body of records relating to the separate trusts Kopit established for each of his children and the investment records and taxes on them over the last two decades.

Among the work-related records are significant amounts of correspondence and contracts recording the legal details and royalty payments of foreign and regional productions of his stage plays and publications of them in numerous countries. There are records relating Kopit's work in the television and film industry as well as some records relating the development of specific works. In particular, in this series is the only significant material relating to a small one-act play entitled "Elegy for the House that Ruth Built" that Kopit wrote to include in "Hitting for the Cycle" a production of numerous short plays about baseball, ca. 1996.

Business Files Box 1, ca. 1960s

Box: 94 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Scope and Contents note

Two series of hanging files labeled A-Z, many with labeled Manila folders inside and all appartently from the later 1960s. Archival folders indicate most specific label present. Materials include notes and correspondence on various minor projects and proposals, personal material including correspondence, real estate materials, records relating to the birth of at least Kopit's first child; business correspondence concerning royalties and publications, drafts, notes, reviews and other material in various works ("Fresh Game", "Indians", "Sensuous Woman", "The Fox", "The Frog").

Business Files Box 2, 1996-1997

Box: 95 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Scope and Contents note

A series of labeled hanging files (in alphabetical order by label) with multiple Manila folders in each. The Manila folders have been retained until their labels can be fully transcribed or photocopied, the hanging files' labels are transcribed on the archival folders. Materials, all apparently from the later 1990s, include financial records of credit cards, banks, attorneys, memberships, receipts, health insurance, and other material.

Business Files Box 3, ca. 1997

Box: 96 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Scope and Contents note

A continuation of the previous box including records of investments, home insurance, home maintenance, and document's relating to family medical treatment. Following the folders labeled "Automobiles" and "Automobiles Insurance" a new group of files begin. These are mostly composed of folded pages removed from large financial ledgers used to record checks as well as bank statements for the checking accounts, cancelled checks and other receipts from 1997. Also included are large groups of unsorted receipts of all types, computer disks of tax and financial records.
Computer Media
3" diskettes:
"Taxes '92", "Taxes- '93", "Easy Boot"
"Quicken 92-97" 6 disks in plastic case.

Business Files Box 4, 1995-1997

Box: 97 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Scope and Contents note

Continues ledger and checking records from previous box.The ledgers begin in January of 1997 in the last box and continue until August or September here. A group of files are labeled as "Income 1997" and contain royalty receipts from miscellaneous plays, and from specific plays including "Wings", "Nirvana", "Phantom" and others. This box also contains a gigantic mass of unsorted receipts, statements, invoices and other documents; they have been foldered in the order found.

Note: Box includes heavily annotated wall calendar from 1997 moved to Flat Box 14.

Business Files Box 5, ca. early 1990s

Box: 98 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Scope and Contents note

Series of hanging files, many with numerous Manila folders as above. These files all pertain to specific works and productions. Records include contracts, correspondence, reviews, permissions, information on regional and international productions, including proposals for musicals based on "Wings". Productions documented include "Phantom", "Wings", "Success" (a one act play), "Legacy of a Mother's Murder" ("In a Child's Name"), "Dreamhouse", "Norman in Wonderland", "Hands of a Stranger", "The Poet", and "Roswell".
Audio Cassettes
"Wings" tape of musical adaptation by Jeffrey Lunden.
"Andrew Rudin: Excerpts from..."

Note: Oversized material, "Phantom" contracts moved to Flat Box 14

Business Files Box 6, 1976-ca. later 1990s

Box: 99 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Scope and Contents note

Royalty checks and statements, investment statements, mostly of investments on behalf of Kopit's children, income tax forms for Kopit and members of his family. A second group of files were removed from labeled hanging files. The files are mostly assorted project material such as reviews, research, correspondence, etc., in no apparent order but also include materials on computers, office supplies and the like. Projects include "Blue Angel", "Wings", and an untitled project with Audrey Cooper.

Note: One large folder of material on home appraisal and mortgage, one folder of trust agreements, two award plaques moved to Flat Box 14.

Business Files Box 7, ca. 1970s-1980s

Box: 100 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Scope and Contents note

Continues files from previous box. Projects documented include Kopit's work at Austin Peay State University, "End of the World", "Wings" and "Dreamhouse." A separate set of files begins in this box apparently all from 1997 and 1998. These files begin with heaps of receipts for items such as travel, entertainment, and supplies; and family tax returns. Also included are records of "Elegy for the House that Ruth Built" a short one act play Kopit wrote to include in "Hitting for the Cycle" a production of numerous short plays about baseball, ca. 1996.Other files document publications and productions (mostly foreign and regional) of "Nine", "Sweet Smell of Success", "Phantom", "Road to Nirvana ", "Oh Dad, Poor Dad...", and "Indians". There are also records dealing with both the Writers' Guild and the Dramatist Guild.

Business Files Box 8, ca. 1980-1998

Box: 101 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Scope and Contents note

Various business files in no apparent order including files on the family pets, the Writers' Guild health insurance and pension information, utility bills, documentation of the trusts for Kopit's children. Another group of records begins here with numerous files devoted to various productions including "Wings" (ca. 1978 and 1979), The files include personal and business correspondence, royalty documents, reviews and programs and other materials.
Audio Cassettes
"All Things Considered"
"Jeffrey Nance..." 1 tape in envelope.

Business Files Box 9, ca. early 1970s-mid 1990s

Box: 102 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Scope and Contents note

A continuation of files from the previous box. Files on various projects including "Lewis and Clark", Starstruck" and "Wings". Other materials include original playbill and publicity photos of "Oh Dad, Poor Dad", notes on other works, teleplays of "Sparrow" by Domenico Sabatini, and a treatment for a screenplay by Kopit entitled "The Winner", undated. After the folders on Wings, a new set of records begins dated ca. 1976.These include some personal materials but also records of "Lewis and Clark" (significant correspondence) and "Discovery of America", and "Secrets of the Rich" (handwritten and typescript drafts). These project records are followed by travel expense records, personal bills, and other materials from ca. 1994-95.
Audio Cassettes
Audio Recordings
"'Oh Dad, Poor Dad' Lyrics and Music by Elsa Whyte" 45 phonograph.

Note: Folder of "Oh Dad" at front of box contains original publicity photos, playbill and phonograph.

Business Files Box 10, ca. 1975-1990

Box: 103 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Scope and Contents note

First folders continue assorted personal bills and records from previous box, ca. 1994-95. Following those two folders is a new set of records found in an unlabeled series (original series III) and dated ca. 1975-85. These files comprise assorted personal material such as club memberships, recipes, property information, etc. These are followed by project materials including a large amount of original correspondence between Ken, Everett and Jean Taylor, figures in legal case upon which "In a Child's Name" (aka "Legacy of a Mother's Murder") was based; a manuscript of the story written by Al Benigno, a detective (or attorney), index cards for "Discovery of America", and assorted material for "Good Help is Hard to Find"

Business Files Box 11, 1969-1992

Box: 104 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Scope and Contents note

Miscellaneous business materials found in different locations. The files include monthly datebooks from 19990, checkbook registers from mid to late 1980s, canceled checks from 1988, miscellaneous news clippings, materials on "Animal Hospital", and some materials relating to Kopit's work at CCNY. There is a set of materials related to "Theater Perspectives" by Audrey Cooper, a documentary project for public television, ca. 1988. Also included are various home records from ca. 1990; receipts and a datebook from 1969-1971, computer printouts of checking account debits and credits, ca. 1992. Finally, there is a small amount of records concerning Kopit's participation (1988?) in the Collaborative Play Project, apparently an annual workshop in California and a significant collection of articles, research, audio tapes, and drafts of a piece Kopit wrote on producer Roger L. Stevens for a Kennedy Center Honors program in 1988.
Audio Cassettes
micro cassettes in envelope
"Bob Whitehead"
"Conversations with Roger Stevens" 2 tapes
"Leonard Bernstein"
"Arthur Schlessinger Jr."

Business Files Box 12, ca. 1993-1996

Box: 105 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Scope and Contents note

Miscellaneous material found elsewhere in the collection. Includes memos and documents from CCNY, an Italian translation of "Wings", synopsis and full script of "Salvage" by Mary Beth Becker, and materials sent to Kopit for possible film adaptation.
Nancy Taylor Rosenberg, Interest of Justice (Dutton: New York, 1993)
Video Cassettes
Published information package and VHS tape by Communications Control Systems, a surveillance manufacturer.

Business Files Box 12, 1965-1969

Box: 106 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Scope and Contents note

Early business materials found among personal papers and correspondence. Material includes cancelled checks from 1965; cancelled checks belonging to his parents 1965-1968; bills for 1965 and 1967 including mailed monthly tabs from Elaine's, Sardi's, the Harvard club, credit card statements, etc.; a large volume of news clippings, ca. 1969.

Note: One legal folder of material, all royalty statements from 1969 moved to Flat Box 14.

Business Files Box 13, ca. 1980-1995

Box: 107 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Scope and Contents note

Business files found elsewhere in the collection and moved. These materials are from hanging files, all apparently from the 1980s, and consist of home improvement records, personal and business correspondence, some personal financial materials and other materials. A second set of records deal largely with the Dramatists' Guild, all materials from the 1990s, and includes a large amount of correspondence regarding various productions and Guild business, newsletters and Guild publications and materials regarding the Tony Awards, playbills and other miscellaneous materials from the period.

Note: One oversized legal folder of Tony Award material moved to Flat Box 15.

Business Files Box 14

Box: 108 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Scope and Contents note

These materials have been left in their original hanging files. The materials largely deal with specific projects, including Jekyll and Hyde, "End of the World", "Ropongo" and "Discovery of America" and include scripts and script revisions . There is also material on other topics and some correspondence.

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