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Fashion Moda Archive

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1978-1993, inclusive


Fashion Moda (Group)


30 Linear Feet
in 13 record cartons, 1 card box, 9 box binders, 5 oversize flat boxes, and 5 flat-file folders

Language of Materials

Materials are in English.


Founded in 1978 by Stefan Eins, Fashion Moda became an important voice in the art world up until the mid-1980's. Defining itself as a 'concept,' Fashion Moda crossed postmodern boundaries and endeavored to redefine the function of art. Featuring such artists as Keith Haring, David Wojnarowicz, Jenny Holzer, Mark Kostabi, Joe Lewis, John Ahearn, and Kenny Scharf, and graffiti artists like Richard Hambleton, Koor, Crash, Daze, Spank and many others, Fashion Moda provided a venue for young artists of the period. The collection includes photographs, color slides, posters, flyers, announcements, press releases, magazine articles, reviews, grant proposals, video tapes, business files, artworks, and one audiotape.

Historical Note

Founded in 1978 by Stefan Eins, Fashion Moda quickly became an important voice in the art world during the late 70's to mid-80's. Defining itself as a 'concept' and its South Bronx location as 'Museum of Science, Art, Invention, Technology, and Fantasy,' Fashion Moda crossed boundaries and mixed metaphors, which helped to redefine the function of art. Featuring such artists as Keith Haring, David Wojnarowicz, Jenny Holzer, Mark Kostabi, Joe Lewis, John Ahearn, Kenny Scharf and graffiti artists like Richard Hambleton, Koor, Crash, Daze, Spank and many others, Fashion Moda was a major force in establishing new venues. Its South Bronx location allowed Fashion Moda the freedom to explore the question "What is art?" and "Who defines it?" Mostly funded by grants from the NEA, NYSCA and other, outside money, the space encouraged the production of art that was not dictated by the contemporary art market or academic art training. As such, it was a center where many downtown and local South Bronx artists, writers, and performance artists first displayed their works and workshopped their ideas. It was closely tied to the global emergence of Hip Hop. Fashion Moda closed its South Bronx location in 1993. However it continues in concept. Artforum: "Fashion Moda has been around forever."

For a selected bibliography on Fashion Moda, see series I, box 1, folder 5. This bibliography was prepared by Sally Webster in 1995 in conjunction with the planning of an exhibition at the Lehman College Art Gallery. Please note that the bibliography is incomplete and may contain errors. (Note: not all of the articles listed are available in the Fashion Moda Archive at Fales.)


The Fashion Moda exhibition history was compiled by the archival processor to aid in the processing and arrangement of the archive. It is not intended as a definitive record of the events/programming that Fashion Moda presented or participated in. 1978Inaugural show: "Science, Invention, Technology, Art and Fantasy", fall. Cooney, Robert "Por Exxon, for Kill", window installation. 1979Ross, Ray: "The Face of Jazz" July 1979 (traveling exhibition) Holzer, Jenny: Window Installation of Trusisms, May/June. Wells, David: "Inventions", July 15 - 22. City Wildlife Project, group exhibition October 7 - November 4. Ahearn, John: "South Bronx Hall of Fame", Exhibition of face castings. (n. d.) Urban Animal, group exhibition curated by Christy Rupp (n. d.) Hardinger, Ruth "Moving Tent", (n. d.) Satanic Sisters, February, ongoing work in progress and installation, until about 1982 1980Polly Ester Nation: "Jesus Comes to the Bronx", March. Science/Math Projects, in conjunction with Community School District #9, Spring Mother Earth Tea Party, presented by the Institute for Appropriate Technology featuring Jamal Mecklai and Jaz Dziewanowski, May 24. Reed, David: Research on reconstructing the brain, May 24. Fourth Dimensional, collabortion by Wally Edwards and David Wells incorporating puppets. Dixon, Jane: Installation, May 24. Time Square Show, group exhibition in abandon massage parlor, June 1. Steinbach, Haim: Exhibition, Summer. Edward, Marianne: "The Family Wash", Summer. Clark, Elizabeth: "Reconstruction" , Summer. Granet, Ilona "Rape, Ravage & Roll", a performance, June 7. Lady Wrestling a performance featuring the Lady's Auxiliary Wrestling Team, June 14. Stephens, Bill "The Uganda Tapes", June 28. Schechter, Jill "Billy's Girls" a performance, June 28, also exhibition 1980 or 81. Edwards, Wally "Jet Paintings", June 29 - July 8. California Billboards, featuring Neon Park, Paul Whitehead, Jack Frost, and Sri Chinmoy and others, September. Nenner, Paulette "Road Kills", site specific piece, August - September Jane Dickson: "The City Maze", September 6 - October 4. Graffitti Art Success for America, group show featuring Crash, Disco 107, 5, Fab Five Freddie, Futura, John Fekner, Kel 139th, Lady Pink, Lee, Mitch 77, Nac 143, Noc 167, Stan 153, Tom McCutcheon, Zephyr, and others, October 18. Group exhibition: featuring Didier Bay, Sophie Calland Carlos Ginzburg, November 25. Kenigsberg, Paul: "South Bronx Photographs", November 25. Hill-Montgomery, Candace: Installation. (n. d.) Events, Fashion Moda exhibition at the New Museum, December 13, 1980 - January 8, 1981 1981Haring, Keith: January Weadick, Pamela: "Mixed Emotions", January 16 - February 17. Wachtel, Julie, "Relations of Absence", Jauary 31 - February 21. Yohai Andors, Rhoda: "Skeleton Paintings", February 6 - 28. Optima Studio, New Orleans. : Group exhibition, featuring Luis Colmenares, Helen Block, Richard Bosman, Mark Brasz, Jane Dickson, Ehry, Keith Haring, Joe Lewis, Mario, Candace H. Montgomery, Mat Mullican, Lady Pink, Jill Schechter, Jennifer Stein, Elaine Wander, Gerry White and others, May. Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans: Group exhibition featuring John Fekner, Joe Lewis, Lady Pink, Mario, Louis Colmenares, and Crash, May. Howland, Rebecca: "Brainwash", workshop and exhibition, March - April. Culkin, Jody: Cardboard constructions, May, Wells, David: "Cranach Cutouts", May. Revisions '81: photographs in collaboration with "En Foco", participants include Nydza Bajandas, Ani Gonzales Rivera, Marco Kalish, Julio Nazario, and Jose Antonio Vasquez, June. Lubar, Cindy: "119 Comments", performance, June 27 Wall/Paper installation in burnt-out building by Brad Melaned, Andrea Evans, and Brian Buczak, June 27 - Summer. Ladda, Justen (Houston): "The Thing", July 12, 1981 South Bronx Art, Project, Others: group exhibition, participates include Mary Blane, Nyzda Bajandas, Marshall Collins, Scott Farrington, Don Leight, John Ahern, Brian Piersol, Timothy Rollins, Angel Sepulveda, Sisc., Jehnifer Stein, Michael Transue, Robert Torres, Sahara Belbeaux. Performances on opening day by:Lewis, Eastman Lewis, Bon Ton, Charles "Cookie" Cook, Tannis Hugill, "Invisible, Performance", and Noel Martin Camacho, July - August. Crash: Paints Fashion Moda's facade, August. Evans, John: Performance, Fall. Barron, Richard "Corporate Headquarters and other New York Landmarks", September 19. Larkin, Sara "Scapes of Outer Space", September 19, opening performances by: Donnell Moore, Noel Martin Camacho, Valerie Naranzo, Joan Evans, and Josephine Pizzino. Holzer, Jenny "Sentence Philosophy" at Dumaine Picture Framing, New Orleans, October - November. Headley, Wendell "Recent Works", New Orleans, October 17 - November 30. Pou, Alyson "Measured Fantasy", a video installation, October - November. Martin, Marilyn "The Caprice Paintings", October - November. Ewing, Nancy: Photographs of Louisiana "Yards", October - November. Wells, David: "Caza-Hunting," a sculptural set inside and on lots in the surrounding areas of Fashion Moda, October. Thomas, Kathleen: Installation, in conjunction with Barbara Gladstone Gallery, November. Galeria de la Raza/Studio 24, "SF-NY-South Bronx-LA-Oakland", San Francisco, CA, November 21- December 5. Eins, Stefan "Billiards/Pool for Random Objects", November - December. Xer/art group exhibition of xerox art, featuring Bill Briski, Dallison Darrow, Jeff Errick, Richard Feeney, Carl Heyward,Eleanor Kent, Mark Allen, Lawrence Rippee, and Rena (n. d.) Stein, Jehnifer (sic) "Cardboard Guns", n. d. 1982Gutzeit, Fred "Strange Fixation" January 16 - February 17 Ideas in Science and Technology group exhibition curated by Stefan Eins, February. If U Cn Rd Ths U Cn Gt A Gd Jb W Hi Pa: group painting show, February. Carnival Store at Dumaine Picture Framing, New Orleans, LA featuring Mario, Luis Colmenares, Gary Naylor, Keith Haring, Stefan Eins, Marc Brasz, Jenny Holzer, Jenny, Hiroko Momii, Becky Howland, Shelley Barberot, Babatunji Ahmed, and Sisel Simon, (n. d.) McAdams, Dona "Black and White Australia", Feb. 27-March 28. Headley, Wendell: Drawings of the body, March. Easter Art Hunt: Karen Hatch, Cathy Thomson, and Robin Gaynes, March. Spring Fever, painting exhibition, April 24 - May 20. Piersol, Virginia: Storefront installation in lower Manhattan, April - May. Sullivan, Kaylynn: "1112- Pink Paw and Penny Knives", performance, April 1-3, 6-9 Galeria de la Raza/Studio Invitational, March 27-April 21, San Francisco, CA Wells, David "Hunting at the Brooklyn Bridge", site specific installation, April 4. Folk Art, Monterey Community Center, Bronx, NY featuring Sisco Kid, Phase 2, Freedom, Jem, Buddy Esquire, Eincs. Sullivan, Kaylynn: Performance with Tone Blevins and Uwe Mengel, April. Lewis, Joe: Paintings, April 15 - May 15. Warren, Tom "Portrait Studio and Exhibition", April 16-May 7 Pettas, Dennis "The Monitor: A Lizard's Lament" performance, April 23. Fashion Moda Store at Documenta 7 in Kassel, Germany, May. - October Brasz, Mark: Paintings, May 15 - June 15. Berman, Doris Boris "Fotoaktion South Bronx/NY", June. South Bronx Show, featuring: Toxic, John Ahearn, Marc Brasz, A-One, Daze, Pod, Koor, Wendell Headley, Lisa Kahane, Don Leicht, Crash, Futura, Willie Neal, Freedom, Caress, Richard Sisco, and Rigoberto Torres. June 26 - August 7 Matos, Johnny "Crash": Paintings, September. Ellis, Chris "Daze": Paintings, September. Corn, Thom: Installation, September. Wedding Show, featuring: Cathy Thomson, Trin Tierney Frost, Bob Frost, Rebecca Dahl, Karen Hatch, and Robin Gaynes. October 2 - 28 No Show: and Election show in collaboration with San Francisco Artists. From the Monkey to the Monitor, featuring: Don Leicht, John Fekner, Fred Baca, and Phoebe Legere. November 13 - December 4. 1983Poppitz, James "Defeated Meaning", performance, January. "Camouflaged Panzerism Part 1", featuring: A-One, Koor, and Toxic. December 11 - January 8. Ciancabilla, Francesco: Painting, February. Dragan Illic (artist-in-residence) "Man with the Red Pencils", February. Tag Action Performance Group: Three Performance Pieces, February. Seeno, Anson: "Watching" installation, phosphorescent mural, March - April. Glantzman, Judith: Paintings, March - April. Mengel, Uwe "Woman in the Window" performance, March 10 - 13. Artist Radio Project, organized by Isaac Jackson and Uri Katzenstein, including live broadcasts at WBAI in New York. Participants include: Avant, Arsenal, Cococello Club, Catherine Hazard, Lynne Tillman, Marisa Volino, Jenneth Webster, Charles Allcroft, New Wilderness, Bon Ton, David Serra, Fast Forward Bob Davis, Mary Webster, I. E. M. A. , John Oswald, Fred Skellenger, Erika Sudenberg, Mike Bidlo, Carlo Pittore, Isaac Jackson, Dermont Foley, Gene Cort, Martin Kornberg, Gail Vachon, Klaus Fisher, Shelly Silver, Anomy, Big Dog, Roger Lorenz, John Celona, Chass Gazz, Bardley Struble, Charlie & Brooks, Hoe Lewis, Jupiter-Larson, Over the Edge, Werner Pieper, INKEY$, Glorious Strangers, The Sleep Chamber, Peter Shafer, Yves Lubin, Hattie Gossett, Bradley Eros, Tron von Hollywood, Paul McMahon, Fred Szymanski, Keith Haring, and others, April 9 - May 7 Pou, Alyson "Story of Buildings and Bombs" performance, May 14. Pilot Gallery in Denver, Colorado. Participants include Isaac Jackson, Anson Seeno, Anita Steckel, Jane Dickson, Marshall Collins, and others, April 1983 Finn, David "Animal", outdoors installation, April 1983. Jepsen, Anne: paintings, April 16 - May 7 Crawford, Cair "White Columns", April 16 - May 7 Neal, William "Woodsway is Up?", April 16 - May 7 Golubovic, Vesna: Drawings, April 16 Paintings by Arrangements, exhibition with Julie Harrison and Robert Kleyn, April 1983. . Locus Communications presents: "Artists' Video II" April 29 - May 7 Ratti, Annie "Endgame", installation in abandon building, April 29 - September. Shiflett, Drew "Paper Constructions", May 14 - June 4 Lewis, Joe "Recent Drawings", May 14 - June 5 Women in a Window, performance directed by Une Mengel, June. de Mille, Arnette "Transitory Terrains" performance, June 18 & 25 4th Annual South Bronx Show, participants include Toxic, Crash, A1, Koor, Marc Brasz, Siscokid, Arnette de Mille, Joe Lewis, Anita Steckel, and others. June-July. Open House: an afternoon of performances. Featuring Kim Jones, Donna Death, Carlo Magno, Baloi, Taylor Mead, Tom Warren, Joe Lowry, Simon Pettet, Michael Poindexter, Roy Anthony Morrison, and Ame Polle, July 23. South Bronx Art, Projects, Others (see flyer) July 18 "Science Projects 83", featuring Stefan Eins, Lou Forgione, E. V. Grave, Elihu McMahon, Paul Ning, Richard Sands & Christine Breuker, Bradley Schaefer and others, throughout August. Pier 34, group exhibition, Fall. Installations and Music, Raffael Rheinsberg and Julius, throughout September Roloff, Stefan "Paper Murals", September 25. Walker, Joy "Endles Pieces", October. Food for Soup Kitchens an Art/Rock Benefit Exhibition, featuring Jean Michel Basquiat, Mike Bildo, RichardHambleton, Keith Haring, Isaac Jackson, Joe Lewis, Kiki Smith, Kathleen Thomas and others, October 1 - 15. Fluorescent art show in basement gallery, organized by Carlo McCormick. Liz * Val's Timeless Pictures, Elizabeth Clark and Val Goroshko at "Leonardo" Oct. 15-29. Group Show at 81 Murray St. , Tribecca, featuring Nan Goldin, Michael Transue, Tom Warren, Melvin "Noc" Samuels, Sonia Balassanian, Louis Stand, and Anson Seeno. October 15 - November 5. Art from the Jungle, organized by Doug Lindsey, October 22 - November 12. Lady Pink / Lady Hart: Installation, November 1983 Iradical Erotica curated by Butch Demure & Emotional Terrorists featuring the Non Manifestos, November 1. Chaiklin, Amy "Site Wall Paintings & Installation", November 19. Collin, Marshall "World of Dinosaurs", November 26 & December 3. Ellis, Darrel "Drawings from My Father's Photographs", December 17 - January 7 1984Spank : Workshop in fashion design of jackets and Jeans, January. May 2 - June 1 Fashion Moda Transcontinental Tour. , "Of the Streets", (see press release for details) Graupe-Pill, Grace: Installation, (n. d.) Chaiklin, Amy "Wall paintings", (n. d.) Wahl, Anita "paintings", Jan. 10-18 Edwards, Marianne "A Time for Love", February. Stout, Nancy "Exhibition of Photographs", March 1 - April 2 Pain and Pleasure, group show, March 10 - April 2, featuring Bradley Eros, Dave Street, Robert Mapplethorpe, Susan Crowe, Nelson Olsundi, Arline Mare, Semantha Fox, Richard Admirale, Richard Hofmann, Carolee Schneemann, and others. Making Coincidences, weekly TV series produced by Stefan Eins on Channel J, Manhattan Cable, March 23 - May Spaces, 1216 W. 6th St, Cleveland, OH, selected works from New York are exhibited with works from Cleveland artists. (100 participants) Buggiani, Paul: installation, April 7 - 17. Grafffiti Artists from the Early 70's, featuring: Bama, Bear 167/Toxic, Cat 2233, Co. Co 144,Dice 198, FDT 56, Iz the Wiz, Mico, Mitch 77, Noc 167, Phase 2 Riff 170, Snake I, Stan 153, Stitch I, T-Kid, Tan 144, Tracy 168, Wasp I, Wicked Gary and Kitu. April 28 - May 19. Cyphers, Peggy "Modern Fossils", installation mural, April 28. Niedzialek, Terry: Installation, July South Bronx Show, annual group exhibition, August. Samuels, Melvin (NOC 167): "Masterworks One Man Show", September. Rothschild, Gail "3 Arches", site specific installation, October 6. Real Politk , featuring: Mark Kostabi, Lillian Mulero, Kim Keever, Walter Robinson Peter Chamberlain, Luis Forgioni, Roman Kujawa, Rimma Gerlovin, Mitch Corber, Bob Buckeye, Patrice Lorenz, Daze, Janet Cooling, Susan Edgar, Eva Kokroft, Janet Stein, Susan Starr, Tim Rollins, John Fekner, Valery Gerlovin, Brad Melamid, John Townsend, Crash, Mary McFerran, Celia Shapiro and Leigh Johnson. October 29 - November 6. R. V. 84 installation, November 10 - December 3. Baxter, Anne "Dressing Room" outdoors site installation, Dec. 8 "Of the Streets" group show at University of Colorado, Aspen, featuring Jenny Holzer, Tom Warren, Richard Hambleton, Lady Pink, John Fekner, CRASH, Daze, Keith Haring, David Wojnarowicz, Marc Brasz, Spank, Candace Hill-Montgomery, and John Ahearn, 1984/1985 1985Forgione, Crash, Daze, Poppitz : February 2. P. S. 25 Exhibition, curated by Marc Brasz, March. Van II, wall painting by Brasz, Rivera, and Agent, March. Chaiklin, Amy "New Paintings", March 9 - April 10 Weks, Lionel "Agent", new paintings, April 20 - May 15 Social Studies, Marc Brasz and James Rivera, April 20 - May 16 South Bronx Studio, Inc. , featuring Monserrate Bonilla, Christina Bracero, Monique Crespo, Eddie Hill, Beatrice Moreigla, Lovie A. Peruycro, Philip Pope, Mike Ramos, Irma Rivera, Angelo Traverso, and Michelle Traverso, May 17. "Democracy at Work", curated by Thom Corn, 22 Wooster St. , NY, May 31 - June 22. "South Bronx Show" group exhibition, June 15 - July 17 Group Exhibition at Fiorucci, July 19 - August 1. "1985 Fashion Moda Benefit Portfolio", at John Nichols Printmakers, featuring Leon Golub, Ronnie Cutrone, Rick Prol, Crash, Daze, James Poppitz, and Mark Kostabi. Expressions Afrikan, group exhibition, September. Eins, Stefan: Paintings, November. Fashion Moda Benefit Sale at Ronald Feldman Gallery, November. Lady Pink & Lady Heart, installation, November 19 - December 10 Graham, Robert and Susan Springfield: Paintings and Drawings, November 30 - December 20. A-One, Toxic, Koor: Painting exhibition, (n. d.) 1986Amerika. Absalom, Absalom! The Autobiography of Malcolm X. The Wild Boys Tim Rollins & K. O. S, 1983-1985, January 25 - February 26. Santos, Juma "Journeys: 1970-1985", Jan. 25 - February 26 POD, paints the facade of Fashion Moda, March. Sacchetto, Bruce: Paintings, March 1 - April 2. Stout, Nancy: Photographs, March 1 - April 2. Lowingner, Leslie: Paintings and Drawings, April 5 - May 7. "Images in Cloth and Fiber", group exhibition featuring Jo Ann Wyke, Barbara Ward, Diana N'Diaye, Michael D. Harris, Joyce E. Scott, Margot Stills, Sahara Briscoe, Michael A. Cummings, and Napoleon Jones-Henderson, April 5 - May 7. Brown, Marion: New Drawings & Paintings, May 9 - June 13. Moet & Deita: Installation on the facade of Fashion Moda, June - July. "La Libertad Logico", group exhibition including Juan Sanchez, Manuel Macurrulla, Elizabeth Nazario, Snooky Tate, Felix Cordero, Lux, Giza, Catalina Parra, Antonio Fransconi, Papo Colo, Rafael Colon-Morales, Vilma Maldonado-Reyes, Judith Dos Santos, and Renny Molenaar, May 17 - June 21. 7th Annual South Bronx Show, June 21- August 1. "The Salon", featuring Bill Beirne, Wally Edwards, Ron English, Joey Krebs, Mary Larsen, Lizanne Merrill, Luca Pizzorno, Karl Pichler, Soli Pierce, Steve Slam, Sandy Straus, Irene Wheeler, and others. September 13 - October 13 Underground Meetings: the International Night of Telecopy, curated by Sue Lowenberg, October 11, 2-6 pm. East Village Ladies Salute the South Bronx, group exhibition curated by Baird Jones, featuring Peggy Cyphers, Rebecca Howland, Bonnie Lucas, Greer Lankton, Judy Rifka, Ena Swanson, Betty Tompkins, Maguerite Van Cook, and Rhonda Zwillinger, October 24. 6 Giants featuring Daze, Crash, Cutrone, Prol, Poppitz, and Kostabi. November 8 - December 10. Art for Money Benefit, at Art et Industrie Gallery, featuring Jasper Johns, Roy Lichtenstein, Josef Beuys, Andy Warhol, Jenny Holzer, John Ahearn, Futura 2000, Stephen Lack, and others. December 4 -20. 1986-871986-87 Moda Holiday International featuring Jeremy Nadel, Sam, Felix, and Tom Hardy, December 13 - January 21. 1987Expression Afrikan '87 group exhibition featuring Armando Alleyne, Candida Alvarez, Benny Andrews, Tomie Arai, Onaje Asheber, Olivia Beens, Bob Blackburn, Carol Lyard, Marion Brown, Josely Carvalho, Thom Corn, Daze, Leon Golub, Koor, Phase 2, Juma Santos, and others, February 7 - March 18. Misera, Lisi "New Works", also Marion Brown in Gallery II, and Frank Maby Jr. in the basement, May 9 - June. African American Classical Music: series of weekly performances, featuring Leroy Jenkins, Jerome Cooper, Harriet Bluiett, Brian Smith Duo, and the Gene Astion Cooper-Moore Trio, May 9 - June 6. Snouffer, Karen "Totems in Transit", performance, June 18 8th Annual South Bronx Show, Summer. The Best of the East Village at Fashion Moda, curated by Baird Jones, featuring Keith Haring, Kenny Scharf, Mike Bidlo, Jean Michel Basquiat, Mark Kostabi, and others at Stanford Museum, CT September 11 - October 12. Duignan, Fred, "Death Paintings" September 12 - October 17. "Beyond Words" curated by Phase II, featuring Vulcan, Daze, A-One, Koor, Delta and Phase II, November 7 - December 3. At Milk Bar, 22 Seventh Ave, NYC featuring Andy Warhol, Jean Michel Basquiat, Hoop, Judy Rifka, Stefan Eins, Charlie Morrow, Connlith Keogh, and Frank Mann. (n. d.) Salon des Artistes, 53 Mercer St. , NYC featuring Salvadore Dali, Robert Rauschenberg, Pablo Picasso, Helen Frankenthaler, Keith Haring, Henry Moore, and Kenny Scharf. English, Ron: Installations, paintings. (n. d.) di Francesco, Leslie: paintings (n. d.) Photographs of Mark Antropus' Mudd People, Mark Sink and Others (n. d.) Sciancino, Andrew: photographs (n. d.) NIC ONE: photographs of Graff in Metropolitan area of NYC (n. d.) South Bronx Fantasies, curated by Baird Jones, featuring Winston Robinson, Rick Prol, Charlie Morrow, Mitch Corber, Rebecca Howland, Skip Snow, Elliot Barowitz, and others. November 7 - December 12. Mann, Frank "South Bronx Intensity", December 12 - January 13 Funky NEO GEO in the South Bronx featuring Jimmy DeSana, Tim Rollins & K. O. S. , Mike Bidlo, Edwin Schlossberg, Peter Halley and Jenny Holzer. January 23 - February 24. *Note: The following artists presented work at or in conjuction with Fashion Moda, fall of 1987. Kaos, Moet, Joan Walemade, Keith Haring, Ron English, Stefan Eins, Suzanne Wegener, Daze, Nomad, Richie Risk, Aristides Duval, Marilyn, Kathleen Vach, Kennon Raines, Dharma Bums, Secretic, Death & Taxes, Kongress, Alvin Only, Susan English, Nina Zivancevic, George Moore, and Steve Taylor. 1988The Bazaar, featuring Victor Holness, Risa B. Young, Vee, Packy La Belle, Francisco Alvarado and others, January 23 - February 6. 2042: Art at the Speed of Life at Limelight, featuring Bill Daniels, Daze, Shawn Eichman, Stefan Eins, Ron English, Susan English, Jack Forsell, Anne Greenwell, Art Guerra, Melanie Hickerson, Hoop, Chris Huestis, Julie Jigsaw, Bill Klaila, Louis Lopes, Frank Mann, Matt Miller, Lee Quinones, Jeff Robinson, Juma Santos, Steve Schwartz, Barbara Slikin, Red Spot, Johnny Swing, Charles Tunstall, and Martin Wong. February 2. The Bazaar, featuring Barbara Foster, Larry Mizrahi, Bonnie Garcia, Sheila Devine, Donna Cameron, Ana Klingman, Angelo Jannuzzi, Lorna Bieber, Maija Beeton, and Patrick Mills and others, February 13 - 27. Teichert, Sabine "Pantimento", March 2-15. Wewer, Savine "Paintings and Collages", March 2-15 3rd Annual Expressions Afrikan, group exhibition, March 16 - 29. Corn, Thom, "The Real Black Action", installation, March 16 - 29. Schlesinger, Christina, "The Madonna Rising Amid Graffiti", mural, March 19 - April 25. . Wibmer, Margret, "Paintings and Sculptures", March 29 - April 5. Nebeska, Eva, "Paintings", April 2 - 30 Spring Mysteries: The Lesser & Greater Transformateur des Refuser, by Maggie Ens and Charlie Morrow, April 9 - 16 Close group exhibition featuring Amir Bey, Aliz du Serech, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Clarissa Sligh, and Chrysanne Stathacos. April 23 - May 7 Ros, Moses "The Cutting Edge", May 7 - May 28 Waxberg, Richard "Recent Paintings", May 14 - June 4 Lens, Jessica "The Sun, the Moon and the Connected Stars. . . ", installation, June 15 - 28. Smith, Barbara "Pageant of the Holy Squash", December. 1989-1990Roan, Bart: exibition, January. Misera, Lisi: installation on facade of Fashion Moda, June - October. Toral, Tabo: Installation, ongoing since June 1989 English, Ron: Installation, October 1989 - June 90 Exhibition/Fundraiser, featuring Rigoberto Torres, Chuck Hardgrove, MarkKostabi, Ronnie Cutrone, Ricky Prol, Crash, Daze, Ariel Jordan, Wendy Hoffmann, Tabo Toral, Ron English, and others. December 1989 - January 1990 1991Toral, Tabo: Installation, ongoing. Eins, Stefan: Performance, March 1991 Exhibition/Fundraiser at Brooke Alexander Gallery, featuring Donald Baechler, Joseph Kosuth, Claes Oldenburg, Tom Otterness, May Ray, Kenny Scharf, and Kiki Smith, March 1991. The South Bronx Show, featuring Agent, Tony Buczko, Amy Chailkin, Andre Charles, Marshall Collins, Carlos Cruz, Stefan Eins, Maggie Ens, Melissa Gibbs, Rebecca Howland, Rick Prol, Miguelangel Ruiz, William Scott, and others, August 24-October 5. Liz-n-Val " Resurrection: an Installation", October 26 - November 23. Herman, Ed "From the Street to the Sky", October 26 - November 23. 1992Coad, Wendy: Paintings, January 1 - February 28. Ruiz, Miguelangel: Installation on the facade of Fashion Moda, January 10 - February 28. One: Recent Paintings and other Works, exhibition of paintings by Stefan Eins, March -April. VanArsdol, Robin: Paintings, May 11 - 25. G. J. W. "Vulva", October 16 - November 7. Paddock, Laura: Installation of the Facade, October 17 - Mid-November. Ward, Seward: Sculpture, (n. d.) Yarra, Melanie Claire: Paintings, (n. d.) 1993Brunner, Norbert "Object/Space", May 15 - 29. Schr, Beate Maria "Bodysuits", May 15 -29. Exhibitions with year unknown: Henriquez, Renny Molenaar "Eyes of Liberty", May 14 - June 4.


Folders are arranged both alphabetically by subject/author heading and chronologically depending on the nature of the materials. See scope content note for details.

The files are grouped into 3 series and further subdivided into subseries.

  1. Series I: Fashion Moda Overview
  2. Series II: Fashion Moda as a Business
  3. Series III: Artists, Exhibitions and Related Material
  4. Oversize - Series I: Fashion Moda Overview
  5. Oversize - Series II: Fashion Moda as a Business
  6. Oversize - Series III: Artists, Exhibition and Related Materials
  7. Over-Oversize - Series I: Fashion Moda Overview
  8. Over-Oversize - Series III: Artists, Exhibition and Related Materials

Scope and Content Note

The Fashion Moda Archive includes photographs, color slides, posters, flyers, announcements, press releases, magazine articles, reviews, grant proposals, video tapes, business files, artworks, and one audio tape. The archive was built and preserved by Stefan Eins and others at Fashion Moda. Oversized archival materials from the various series are located in three oversize boxes at the end of the archive and in the mapcase.

The Fashion Moda archive is comprised of business files, nearly 400 photographs of exhibitions and artists, approximately 3,200 35mm slides documenting exhibitions and other events, newspaper articles, reviews, grant proposals, artist resumes, correspondence, video tapes of the cable TV series "Making Coincidences", production materials relating to Fashion Moda's contribution to Documenta 7 in 1982, posters, flyers, and art work by Kenny Scharf, Jenny Holzer, Keith Haring, Charles Andre, Paulette Nenner, and Wendell Headley. A portfolio of artists prints produced by Fashion Moda is included in Series IIID. It consists of works by Ronnie Curtone, Crash, Daze, Leon Golub, and James Poppitz. The scope of the archive is comprehensive in that it contains all records and files kept by Stefan Eins. As much as possible, his original organization of the material was preserved. Please note that you may need to look at more than one series - as listed below. Materials were grouped by format. Slides, press releases, flyers and other information about the same exhibition, event or artist may be in more than one series. Some cross referencing has been done, but it is not comprehensive.


Series I: Fashion Moda Overview

Series I contains documents which were arranged by Fashion Moda's director Stefan Eins. The original intent of this grouping was for a proposal made to the Andy Warhol Foundation, with the intent that this history would be placed online. Therefore it has been left separated from the rest of the collection. This series contains slides, photographs, posters, magazine articles, and a selected bibliography. The files are kept in the original order as received by the Fales Library.

Series II: Fashion Moda as a business.

Series II is divided into two subseries and contains three boxes of documents. The files are arranged alphabetically and chronologically.

Series II subseries A, Administrative Files, contains Fashion Moda's office records including: banking statements, mail lists, budgets, building leases, correspondence, financial reports, bills, renovation details, receipts, and taxes.

Series II subseries B, Grants and Fundraising, contains documentation of grant proposals and fundraising projects.

Series III: Artists, Exhibitions, and Related Materials.

Series III is divided into seven subseries and contains 18 boxes of documents. The files are arranged alphabetically and chronologically.

Series III subseries A, Artists Files, contains files Fashion Moda kept on their artists and exhibitions including: resumes, exhibition proposals, plans for exhibitions, consignment forms, program reports, and production materials for exhibitions. Please note that not all of the artists included here actually showed at Fashion Moda.

Series III subseries B, Articles, Press Releases, Flyers, and Announcements, contains articles, press releases, flyers and announcements for exhibitions at Fashion Moda.

Series III subseries C, Photographs, contains photographs covering exhibition openings, artworks, artists, Fashion Moda's neighborhood, and performances.

Series III subseries D, Artworks, contains artworks by Keith Haring, Andre Charles, Daze, Crash, Kenny Scharf, Koor, and others. Included here is the Fashion Moda Portfolio with works by Ronnie Cutrone, Crash, Daze, Leon Golub, and James Poppitz.

Series III subseries E, Printed Materials, contains magazines, journals, and catalogs on artists such as Mark Kostabi, Ron English, Nancy Stout, and Amy Chaiklin. These items were found in the collection and do not necessary pertain solely to Fashion Moda.

Series III subseries F, Slides, contains 13 boxes of slides covering Fashion Moda's exhibitions, artists, and slide presentations. Note the exhibition slides are arranged chronologically and the individual artist slides are alphabetical. Not all individual artists presented in the slide files have actually exhibited at Fashion Moda.

Series III subseries G, Video - Access Copies, contains VHS and DVD researcher access copies for Stephan Eins' "Making Coincidences" and other cable TV programs. Materials are arranged chronologically.

Series III subseries H, Video - Originals, contains original source tapes for Stephan Eins' "Making Coincidences", other cable TV programs, and various programs presented by Fashion Moda. Materials are arranged chronologically.

Oversize: Two flat oversize boxes and one over-oversize box at the end of collection contains oversize materials from Series I, II , and III.

Access Restrictions

Materials are open without restrictions.

Conditions Governing Use

This collection is protected by copyright and/or related rights. You are free to use materials in the collection in any way that is permitted by the copyright and related rights legislation that applies to your use. For other uses you need to obtain permission from the rights-holder(s).

Preferred Citation

Identification of item, date; Fashion Moda Archive; MSS 91; box number; folder number, or electronic record identifier; The Fales Library and Special Collections, New York University.

Location of Materials

Some materials are stored offsite and advance notice is required for use. Please request materials at least two business days prior to your research visit to coordinate access.


The archive was built and preserved by Stefan Eins and others at Fashion Moda and acquired via purchase from Stefan Eins in March of 1999.

Audiovisual Access Policies and Procedures

Some audiovisual materials have not been preserved and may not be available to researchers. Materials not yet digitized will need to have access copies made before they can be used. To request an access copy, or if you are unsure if an item has been digitized, please contact with the collection name, collection number, and a description of the item(s) requested. A staff member will respond to you with further information.

Collection processed by

Amber Creger, March - November 1999 and reviewed by Stefan Eins, April - September 2000. Additional media processing by Brent Phillips, 2005-2006 and Luke Martin and Brent Phillips, 2008. Edits made by Cassandra Brewer, 2011.

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VHS access copies for videos 091.0001 - 091.0008, 091.0010 - 0091-0013, 091.0015 - 091.0017, 091.0019, and 091.0021 - 091.0023 were discarded after original U-matics were digitized in 2022.

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