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Series VIII: Archived Websites, February 2009-ongoing


17 websites in 17 archived websites.

Scope and Content Note

The Newspaper Guild of New York, launched in 1934, is an labor union for people in the news and media business, including print, photo, video, and digital journalists, as well as employees in advertising, circulation and other related areas. They represent about 3,000 employees at New York area-based media organizations and their respective bureaus around the nation. Crawling of the website began in 2009 and presented unit officers, bargaining, negotiations, union elections, layoffs, and contract updates from Guild units, including the Amsterdam News, Consumers Union of United States, Inc., Daily News, El Diario, Foreign Policy, Hudson News Company, Jewish Forward, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, The Nation Enterprises, Newsweek, Norwalk Hour, Reuters, Scholastic, Scientific American, Standard & Poor's, Time Warner Inc., WPIX-TV, WQXR-WQEW, and the Writers Guild of America, East. Unit news dates back as early as 2000. The website also promoted the Employee Free Choice Act.

In 2010, the website underwent a redesign and focused on bad faith bargaining with Thomson Reuters, events, retirees' chapter, training sessions, scholarships, awards, local and unit news, as well as industry news. In 2011, the website highlighted a petition campaign about New York City budget cuts. In 2012, the website focused on contract dispute with the New York Times. 2013 news focused on negotiations with Kaplan International Centers and in 2014 negotiations with the Daily Beast. In spring 2015, the Guild voted to change its name from the Newspaper Guild of New York to the NewsGuild of New York to better represent digital-based news organizations and the website was updated to reflect that change and shifted focus on the website to digital newsroom organizing efforts and campaigns.

In 2017, the website underwent its most recent redesign as of this writing (November 2021). In addition to the unit and industry news, the website contains resources related to awards, competitions for journalists, safety and security, combatting sexual harassment in the workplace, just cause, digital security, membership organizations, blogs and newsletters, journalism ethics, freelancers, scholarship and grants, trainings and tutorials, insurance, diversity, press freedom, preserving work, sources, experts, fixers, and image and information verification. Other organizations later represented by union are Jacobin, Law360, the Roosevelt Institute, Ars Technica, AskMen, BuzzFeed News, Consumer Reports, DailyMailTV, Fortune Magazine., La Opinion, Mashable, Money Magazine, New York Magazine, PC Mag, Pitchfork, People Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Stage 29, The New Republic, The New Yorker, TIME Magazine, Quartz, Insider, Meredith (Shape Magazine, Martha Stewart Living, Entertainment Weekly, PeopleTV), The Markup, Wired, NBC Digital, and the Wirecutter. In 2020-2021, the website contained news coverage, membership updates, vaccine mandates, and other resources related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Series also includes websites for the NewsGuild units that formed unions from 2018-2021, mostly at publications owned by the New York Times, Gannett, and Condé Nast in New York and New Jersey. These websites include testimonials from union members, bargaining reports, articles about the unionization from the press, mission statements, strike and action alerts, and other information about unionization with the NewsGuild of New York.


Website was initially accrued semiannually. In 2020, crawls were increased to monthly. Unit websites are crawled semiannually.


Crawl was limited to domains and subdomains of,, and in order to remain within the collection scope and data constraints.

Physical Characteristics and Technical Requirements

Due to technical or privacy issues, archived websites may not be exact copies of the original website at the time of the web crawl. Certain file types will not be captured dependent on how they are embedded in the site. Other parts of websites that the crawler has difficulty capturing includes Javascript, streaming content, database-driven content, and highly interactive content. Full-Text searches of archived websites are available at

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