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Scope and Content Note

The National Writers Union (NWU) represents freelance writers throughout the United States. It was formed in 1981 during the Writers' Congress held in New York City. In 1981, the NWU affiliated with the United Auto Workers (UAW) as Local 1981. Capture of the website began in 2009. In the early period of the website (2009-2012), the NWU highlighted their work to protect copyright for writers in digital publications, freedom of expression for writers, economic rights, protect against media consolidation, health and safety for writers, and solidarity with other unions. They also have information on their divisions, committees, and caucuses, specifically the Community Action Program Committee, Poetry/Fiction Caucus, Civil Rights Committee, Book Division, Journalism Division, Grievance and Contract Division, and BizTech Division. In 2013, captures of the website improved. In 2015, the website redesigned. The new website had a focus on NWU chapters, writers issues related to copyright, writers' pay, freedom of expression, health and safety, the Shield Bill, and diversity. The website also includes information on internationl press passes, tour promotion, talent database, contract help, and news. Additional Divisions established include the Spanish Language Division, National Writers United Service Organization, and the Freelance Solidarity Project.

The Freelance Solidarity Project is a division in the National Writers Union, established in 2018. They work to organize digital media workers and works with freelance employers (such as magazines and other publications) to outline baseline terms for freelance media labor, such as writing, photography, illustration, audio, design, video, or other freelance digital media work. The website contains their action campaigns related to rate sharing, the PRO Act, COVID-19 graduated payment schedules, Medicare for all, the New Yorker Union, and the Freelance Isn't Free Act. It also includes a guide to support media worker who are freelancing for the first time.


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