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Series II: Addendum, 1947-1996, inclusive

Scope and Content Note

This series is made up of materials, the bulk of which dates from the 1960s to the 1990s, generated by the League for Industrial Democracy. It contains articles; pamphlets; administrative, financial, and fundraising records; correspondence; research files; board of directors and executive committee minutes; membership files, files documenting their activities; and photographs. There is a significant amount of material documenting their annual conferences and institutes, including material related to their United States-wide Student-Labor Institutes. Some material relate to their solidarity campaigns with various unions on strike, including the American Federation of Teachers.


This series has not been arranged by an archivist.

Box 38, 1969-1971, inclusive

Box: 38 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Scope and Content Note

This box contains materials from the Citizens Committee to Support General Electric (GE) Strikers including National Committee Members listings; newspaper ads, fundraising newspaper advertisement response cards, reports, budgets, and finances; correspondence, including correspondence with sponsors; post settlement reports; publicity; and other planning materials. The box also includes League for Industrial Democracy Detroit chapter correspondence; plannning materials and correspondence and a budget for the March for a Million School Children, sponsored by the Emergency City-Wide Committee for the Public Schools. There are grant proposals, planning materials, and grant rejection letters for a planned conference, entitled "Working for Democratic Change in the Americas" with the United States Youth Council. LID held another conference called "Campus Crisis, held at the Arden House. Materials on the conference include planning materials, correspondence, notes, and conference literature. There is also correspondence related to the Academic Committee of Correspodence, materials related to the Black Builders Work/Joint Apprenticeship program, planning materials on the New School for Social Research Labor Relations Luncheon Lectures in Spring 1971; and LID's "State of the Student Movement-1970" report with related correspondence.

Box 39, 1960-1979, inclusive

Box: 39 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Scope and Content Note

This box contains fundraising appeal correspondence, general correspondence, articles and other materials related to the League for Industrial Democracy in the 1960s and 1970s. Most notably, there is material from the Looking Forward article series. The issues in the series include, "From Protest to Politics: The Future of the Civil Rights Movement (Bayard Rustin), "The Failure of Urban Renewal" (Herbert J. Gans), "The Roots of the Dominican Crisis" (Theodore Draper), and "The Watts Manifesto and the McCone Report (Rustin). Michael Harrington's "Politics of Poverty pamphlet" and related correspondence are contained in this box, which also includes New York City LID Chapter Forum series materials, US delegation materials related to the 1973 Europe-America Conference; Citizens Committee for Justice for Farah Workers correspondence, pamphlets, planning materials; "The Ghetto" forum planning materials; LID reorganization materials; 69th Annual conference materials (1974); the Conference on National Economic Planning planning materials (1965-1966), the Poor People's Campaign: National Mobilization on June 19th, 1968; an annual report from 1973; the Black Power Debate forum in 1968; "Labor and International Affairs in the 70s" forum planning materials in 1972; and their work with the Frontlash Issues Workshop.

Box 40, 1960-1976, inclusive

Box: 40 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Scope and Content Note

This box contains pamphlets, LID's Journal, and LID News and Views. This box also contains loose meeting minutes, circulars, reports, and bulletins by the LID and other organizations.

Box 41, 1963-1978, 1989-1999, inclusive

Box: 41 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Scope and Content Note

This box contains loose materials, including board meeting and executive committee minutes, annual reports, circulars, luncheon materials, pamphlets, financial records, and other materials. The box also contains materials from the 1990s, including materials on the Bayard Rustin Fund; materials related to the Albanian Socialdemocratic Party deputy, Gaqo Apostoli; AFL-CIO donation to LID; International Participation Project materials; The Foreign Relations Bureau of the National Committee of the Independent Student Association (NZS) materials; materials documenting activities of LID from 1989-1990; Frontlash materials; Sandor Szilagyi fellowship; Daily News fundraiser; program summaries; campaign endorsements including to Yugoslavia demonstrations in 1992 and the arrest of Chakufwa Chihana; materials on the Child Labor Coalition; Romania training program; German Marshall Fund grant; United Mine Workers of America strike; Rustin Circle project; funding inquiries; circulars; and correspondence.

Box 42, 1965-1983, inclusive

Box: 42 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Scope and Content Note

This box contains subject files on civil disobedience, voter registration, miners, Mobilization for the Youth campaign, Metropolitan Urban Service Training (MUST), National Committee for an Effective Congress, National Committee Against Discrimination in Housing, National Conference on Human Rights, National Council on Crime and Delinquency, National Conference on Citizenship, National Project on Ethnic America, Newark Community Union Project, Newark Defense Committee, Negro Poverty, negro and politics, negro education, nonviolence, Northern Student Movement, nuclear disarmament, Ohio Steering Committee for Adequate Welfare, Open Society, Organization of Organizations, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Painters Union Project, Partners in Housing, Master Pax, Committee for Public education and Religious Liberty (PEARL), Pension Funds, planned communities, Planners for Equal Opportunity, political realignment, poltics and civil rights, polls and surveys, peace, poverty, poverty in cities, preferential treatment, progressive labor movement, race relations, radical right, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Southern Regional Council, Citizens Coalition for an Adequate Education Budget, bombings, Block Development Project, the 20th Anniversary of the March on Washington, the Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change, poor people campaigns in Mississippi, and the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party. The box also includes Harry Laider obituaries and eulogy and articles mentioning LID.

Box 43, 1964-1987, inclusive

Box: 43 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Scope and Content Note

This box contains subject files on the Southern Student Organizing Committee, spring mobilization, student politics, teamsters rank and file, Syracuse poverty program, Teachers Freedom Party, Norman Thomas, Triple Revolution, United Farm Workers, US Commission on Civil Rights, United Student Alliance, Urban School Crisis, Vienna Residents Labor Union, Voter Education Project, Watts (California) Riot, William Winpisinger, West Germany, Harvey Wheeler, the Workers Defense League, Civil Rights Bill, Community Development Agency, the Draft, DuBois clubs, Eldridge Cleaver Defense Committee, Emergency City-wide Committee for the Public Schools, the Fund for Peace, "Causes and Cures of Stagflation: A Tract for the 1980s" by Robert J. Alexander, Bermuda Conference, Jules Bernstein, Black Panther Party, Black Power, and Citizens Crusade Against Poverty. The box also has materials related to the Harrington, Rustin, Kemble speaking tour in 1964, their voter registration project, general correspondence, an unpublished draft of A Defense of Radical Liberalism by Arnold S. Kaufman, annual award meeting materials from 1965, luncheons and other speaking tour materials, public works debate, other debates and events.

Box 44, 1964-1970, inclusive

Box: 44 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Scope and Content Note

This box contains materials generated by the League of Industrial Democracy (LID). It includes Freedom Budget poverty campaign correspondence; Civil Rights Institute bills and materials; LID fund appeal bulletins; Board of Directors and Executive Committee meetings from 1968-1969; 1967 Annual Conference journal, speakers, and other materials; "American Power in the 20th Century" pamphlet by Michael Harrington and related materials; Dissent subscription materials; Student Institute on the Democratic Left; "Who Speaks for the Consumer" pamphlet by Ralph Nader and related materials; School Crisis Meeting; LID and United Federation of Teachers (UFT) meetings; "Background Paper on the National Economy" for the Looking Forward series; New York City Youth Neighborhood Corps materials; LID Task Force on School Decentralization; 1969 Annual Conference journal and speakers; Public Employees Unionism conference proposals and other materials; and 1968 Annual Conference journal, speakers and other materials.

Box 45, 1965-1976, inclusive

Box: 45 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Scope and Content Note

This box contains files generated by the League of Industrial Democracy, including materials on the Frontlash training institute, including discussion materials, Washington trip; New York chapter minutes; "Accidental Century" insert in the New American; Dissent promotional materials; funding appeals; UC Berkeley meeting with LID; 1973-1976 annual conferences; Abraham D. Beame speech; New School urban problems lectures; Italian Student Labor Project proposal; administrative committee notes, integration lectures; clippings; youth vote conference; youth project materials, including finances, fundraising; Harry W. Laidler fellowship; land use, corporate power and public policy prospectus; Harrington v. Chafee complaint; United Federation of Teachers "Another Oceanhill-Brownsville?" article; "Urban School Crisis pamphlet draft; pamphlet promotional materials; UAW strike; magazines; Push Comes to Shove, by Steven Kelman materials; materials on Victor Alba and John Roche; and New York City crisis pamphlet materials.

Box 46, 1964-1972, inclusive

Box: 46 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Scope and Content Note

This box contains materials generated by LID, it includes materials on the conference on the Campus Crisis, including proposals, the continuation committee and steering committee materials; 1969, 1972 annual conference; LID's publication committee; Academic Committee of Correspondence; Lane Kirkland pamphlet and speech; discount book service; Student-Labor Institute Fund Appeal materials; University of Virginia Institute on Labor publicity, lectures, and press releases; publications committee materials; Ben Seligman and Aaron Levenstein materials on automation; and Steve Max reports; the Lenaghan report on on the Inter-American Organizing Conference; Dissent Conference; Brotherhood-In-Action conference; League of Industrial Democracy Manifesto; Congress of Racial Equality materials; Johnson-Humphrey-Kennedy Campaign Committee materials; Christman Youth Conference, "Issues for the Seventies: A Conference for Democratic Youth" materials; board meeting documentation; and membership drive materials.

Box 47, 1962-1969, inclusive

Box: 47 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Scope and Content Note

This box contains materials generated by the LID, including a new Left bibliography; LID work with United Federation of Teachers, including materials on the 1968 teachers strike; Labor Journalism Intern Project; Southern Student Organizing Committee; Upton Sinclair fundraising efforts; Institute on the Democratic Left materials; Urban Training Center with the Harlem Neighborhood Association; New Politics accusation of LID of receiving funds from the CIA; Youth Committee Against Poverty materials; ; University of Virginia Institute on Labor fundraising, student applications; Housing for the Poor project; "Teacher Power" pamphlet; publications committee correspondence; "Urban School Crisis" pamphlet publication materials; 1966 annual conference; finance committee fundraising activities; board and executive committee notes and minutes; LID's Leadership Training Institute planning and publicity materials; Civil Rights Institute publicity and report; and an Arthur McDowell memo accusing the LID to providing cover to a Communist front group (Students for a Democratic Society) and ensuing controversy.

Box 48, 1947-1974, inclusive

Box: 48 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Scope and Content Note

This box contains material generated by LID, including correspondence to gain support to right a protest letter against Staughton Lynd; post office permits; material on Irving Howe's paper, "On the Nature of Communism and Relations with Communists" from the Looking Forward series; 1967 annual conference; Attitudes Toward Communism, Anti-Communism, Anti-anti-Communism Forum; Civil Rights Training Institute faculty correspondence, curriculum; "Automation and the Future Society" by Ben Seligman drafts; Table of Contents for Poverty and Human Resources Abstracts by Joyce Kornbluh and Alan Haber; materials on potential merger of Dissent and LID; national high school debate on nuclear arms control; board of directors and executive committee notes and minutes; 1972-1974 annual conferences planning materials; March for a Million School Children; New Politics Conference; Student-Labor Institute program fundraising appeal; Recruitment and Training Program seminar series; Conference on Youth and Democratic Values; Congress of Racial Equality; International Affairs Conference packet; Tom Milstein generated materials; and their More Effective Schools campaign.

Box 49, 1970-1976, inclusive

Box: 49 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Scope and Content Note

This box contains 1972, 1974 annual conference planning materials; board of directors and executive committee notes and minutes; Farah Manufacturing Company Strike solidarity and boycott materials; Oneita Knitting Mills strike solidarity materials; "Black Builders" job program pamphlet; Meany award sponsors; Student Institute on the Trade Union (in West Virginia) movement planning materials; youth recruitment; CUNY for Hugh Carey campaign; Gary Student-Labor Institute planning materials; Topeka Student-Labor Institute planning materials; Boston Student-Labor Institute; South Carolina Student-Labor Institute; Youth Coalition; Osh-Kosh Student Labor Institute; Frontlash high school Voter Registration campaign planning materials; Youth Vote Project Art Poster Contest; and 1974 Frontlash conference.

Box 50, 1960s-1987, inclusive

Box: 50 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Scope and Content Note

Neighborhood Youth Corps. programs; Frontlash fundraising materials, Frontlash 1975 conference; Citizens Committee youth activities; Farah strike support; 1976 annual conference planning materials; Board of Directors and Executive committee minutes and other notes; League of Industrial Democracy History file; Clippings file on Black Unemployment; New Left articles; "Will Labor come in from the Cold War" article by David Woberg; Eastern European Democracy program; Ed Koch Meeting notes; Heritage Foundation correspondence; Social Democrats materials; Tamiment Library bulletins; Bayard Rustin birthday dinner; funder correspondence; and collective bargaining agreements.

Box 51, 1967-1992, inclusive

Box: 51 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Scope and Content Note

This box contains a proposal to the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation and Smith-Richardson on the study of communist systems; board and executive meeting minutes and notes; international affairs travel grants; bequests to the League of Industrial Democracy; lists; Ansonia Club materials; Theodore Roberts claim against LID; Looking Forward Issues 2, 4-11, 16-18; Correspondence files A-Z (missing L); campaign issues clippings; Henry M. Jackson presidential campaign materials and New York primary; Labor for Carey Committee materials; Washington DC forum series notices; opposition campaign clippings; Lincoln Square Community Council issues and action; support materials and fundraising for Bella Abzug, Samets cocktail party planning; correspondence with Institute for Democracy in Eastern Europe;

Box 52, 1971-1992, inclusive

Box: 52 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Scope and Content Note

This box includes materials including "Study on the Relationship between Social Democratic Political Parties and ICFTU [International Confederation of Free Trade Unions]-Affiliated Trade Unions: The Impact on Policy" Middle East, Caribbean, Africa, Asia, South Pacific, and Europe reports; campaign publications and research papers; and LID member and contributor card files (organized alphabetically and by state).

Membership and Contributor Cards, 1949-1993, inclusive

Box: 52 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)
Box: 53 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)
Box: 54 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Box 55, 1951-1997, inclusive

Box: 55 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Scope and Content Note

This box contains materials generated by the League for Industrial Democracy, including "Labor in the 90's" packet; International Labor Organization materials and correspondence; Malawi protest in response to the arrest of Frederick Chiluba; Coca Cola boycott; United Nations materials; German Marshall Fund correspondence; general correspondence files; Concerned Citizens of the Delaware Valley circular; Child Labor Coalition conference materials; "Women and Work" draft; Leadership Seminar correspondence; fundraising appeals and contributions; member lists; Jewish Labor Committee background materials, correspondence with the Attorney General's office; The Federationist subscriptions and other materials; LID Training Conference in May 1967 in New York City materials; "The Economics of Equality" preparation and promotional materials; 1962-1963 conference materials; poverty program; fundraising appeals, including a letter from Bayard Rustin; LID Institute for Civil Rights Activists; Northern Student Movement-Harlem Action Group Institute; South Jamaica Congress of Racial Equality Institute; League for Industrial Democracy-Workers Defense League Joint Finances; Bayard Rustin writings; Harrington Reception planning materials; and Harry W. Laidler 80th Birthday and 1964 conference materials.

Box 55, 1962-1976, inclusive

Box: 56 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Scope and Content Note

This box contains materials generated by LID, including 1962, 1965 annual conference; Bayard Rustin meeting and speaking materials; LID National Program materials; "Racism in Southern Labor Relations" study and correspondence; Urban Democracy committee materials; check requisitions; Labor Summer Schools correspondence; Frontlash Training Institute participant profiles; proposals and brochures; Washington Student Labor Institute student applications; Goddard Labor Institute student applications and correspondence; youth groups fliers and other materials; sample letters; thank you letters; Student-Labor Institute Program; labor union fundraising; conference time schedules; conference costs and housing arrangements; Leadership Training Institute in Front Royale, Virginia; Kentucky Youth-Labor Institute; and San Francisco Youth-Labor Institute; Gary, Indiana Youth-Labor Institute; Philadelphia Youth-Labor Institute; Columbus, and Ohio Youth-Labor Institute.

Box 57, 1954-1976, inclusive

Box: 57 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Scope and Content Note

Little Rock Youth-Labor Institute; Florida Institute; West Virginia Training Institute; Los Angeles Youth-Labor Institute; Council of Jewish Federation and Welfare Funds correspondence; Student-Labor Institute evaluations; mailings to Institute participants; Student Labor Institute Committee reports; press releases; San Francisco Frontlash materials; fundraising letters and sources; press coverage; six folders of loose materials including meeting minutes, Student League for Industrial Democracy newsletters, circulars, news bulletins, and other materials; pamphlets; "Youth and Democratic Change in the Americas" pamphlet and drafts; Youth Project on Democratic Change materials, correspondence, AFL-CIO mailings, and California Office/David Jessup records.

Box 58, 1966-1975, inclusive

Box: 58 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Scope and Content Note

This box contains materials on the Youth Project on Democratic Change survey materials, mailings, New York and Vermont conference materials, and expenses; Academic Committee of Correspondence materials; United Federation of Teachers 1968 strike literature, statement, and correspondence; Task Force on School Decentralization materials; meeting minutes; fund appeals; New School lecture series promotional materials; Housing for the Poor conference and project; LID institute on "The Trade Union Movement and the New South" at the University of Virginia follow-up materials; Youth Committee/Citizens' Committee to Support the G.E. Workers publicity; Poor People's campaign; 1975 annual conference tickets, journal, housing, speeches; and LID Booklet on Soviet Dissident Writings planning materials.

Box 59, 1967-1975, inclusive

Box: 59 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Scope and Content Note

This box contains materials from the 1972, 1975 annual conference; board and executive committee meeting minutes; LID Booklet on Soviet Dissident Writings proposal; Academic Committee of Correspondence materials; WEVD program "Can Anyone Run a City?" planning materials; Farah Workers contact list and correspondence; Student Campaign in Support of Open Enrollment with Maintenance of Standards at the City University proposal and other materials; Labor-Social issues Luncheon planning materials; Leon Keyserling speech; Christmas Youth Conference; Educational Seminars for Prospective Local School Board Candidates; AFL-CIO Intern program; New Jersey Student Labor Committee evaluations and other materials; Youth Vote Project; luncheons for the South Vietnamese, New School for trade unionists, labor relations, group legal services; Black Builders program; Board of Education hearings; publications committee; and the Herbert Hill and Donald Slaiman debate.

Box 60, 1961-1971, inclusive

Box: 60 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Scope and Content Note

This box contains board of directors and executive committee meeting minutes; Herbert Hill New School speech; "Labor Breakthrough in the Southern Classroom: University of Virginia" pamphlet; Working for Democratic Change in the Americas program; 1968-1969 annual conference materials; Washington DC chapter correspondence; Inter-American Youth Conference publications; Young People's Socialist League materials; Youth Project on Democratic Change materials; LID's 1963 national program; university workshops; "The State of the Student Movement-1970" report; Youth Committee/Citizens' Committee to Support the G.E. Workers correspondence; "Democratic Change" newsletters; report on the "Consultation on Youth and Democratic Change;" and the "Youth and the New York State Elections" project.

Box 61, 1968-1976, inclusive

Box: 61 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Scope and Content Note

This box contains materials from New Jersey, Tennessee Democratic Change conferences; Youth Committee/Citizens' Committee to Support the G.E. Workers clippings; Latin America file; Working for Democratic Change in the Americas Conference planning materials; Latin America pamphlet draft materials; Board and Executive Committee meeting minutes; 1970-1971 annual conference materials; Apprenticeship program and course materials; Workmen's Circle and Circle Lodge lecture series; "A Study Program for the Elderly and Friends of the Elderly: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Help Make Democracy Work for Old People" packet by Hope Sabin Bagger; Voter registration project from the 1976 election; and the Europe-America Conference materials.

Box 62, 1963-1984, inclusive

Box: 62 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Scope and Content Note

This box contains three reports, "Humanizing the Research Interview: A Posthumous Analysis of LeRoy Bowman's Approach to the Interview Process" by Barbara Bowman, Garda Bowman, and Ruth Resch, "Conference on the Campus Crisis," and "Consultation on Youth and Democratic Change;" Norman Thomas by Robert J. Alexander manuscript; "Harry W. Laidler and the Intercollegiate Socialist Society" by Carmela Ascolese Karnoutsos dissertation; California, West Virginia, North Carolina, and Amherst Student Labor Institutes; Democratic Change newsletters from 1970-1975; Norman Thomas 80th Birthday Committee; 1966 annual conference materials; discussion and debate in regards to the Thomas Brooks pamphlet, "To Build a New World;" Organizing the Poor: The Alinsky model vs. the New Careers model debate between Jay Schulman and Frank Reissman; Dissent discussion group materials; Shanker Forum; "The Problem of the New Left" by Tom Kahn from the Looking Forward series; Conference on Economic planning; board of directors and executive committee meeting minutes; Student Labor conference; "The Second Southern Revolution" by Vera Rony; Pat Sexton pamphlet on schools; Ad-Hoc Committee to Defend the Right to Teach; and G.E. Strikers literature.

Box 63, 1967-1996, inclusive

Box: 63 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Scope and Content Note

This box contains correspondence on the United Federation of Teachers 1968 strike and Freedom to Teach Act; board of directors and executive committee meeting minutes; "Automation and Future Society" pamphlet by Seligman; Trade Unionists Luncheons; photographs; expenses from Student Labor Institutes; materials from the Eastern European Youth Exchange Study tour; European Union Youth Exchange Phase II, German Marshall Fund expenses; materials on Romania and the Student League from the Politechnical Institute of Bucharest and Affiliates; American Federation of Teachers promotional materials; "Romanian Campaign and Election Monitoring Training and Pre-Election Assessment Delegation" report; board and executive committee minutes; Youth Democracy Conference; and administrative, financial and membership files from the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Box 64, 1989-1992, inclusive

Box: 64 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Scope and Content Note

This box contains materials on the Eastern European Youth Exchange program proposals, agendas, finances; Student League of Romania trainings and team files; Education for Democracy project of the american Federation of Teachers, Educational Excellence Network, and Freedom House; photographs; Romania campaign; German Marshall Fund grant to the League for Industrial Democracy for Romania; Lane Kirkland trip to Poland; LID Young Socialist Democrats conferences, contributors; Eastern Europe Trip report and related files, photos, speakers, and conferences; and Romanian Election Monitoring.

Box 65, undated

Box: 65 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Scope and Content Note

Oversize clippings and cuttings on unemployment.

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