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Series II: Scrapbooks

Scope and Contents note

Series II. holds sixteen compilation books of engravings, proofs, drawings, and invoices which were glued randomly in commercial books. One of these books was removed from the Album File, where it had been listed separately as an album (formerly PR-002-238). The material is not arranged in either client or chronological order. The work is largely unsigned. The engravings found inside date from 1838-1913. The bound volume in Box 4 includes an engraving marked "first engraving, 25th June 1838." The notebooks into which most of the proofs have been pasted were produced by Whitlock's Bookstore in New Haven; they are student workbooks for reading course, and are copyrighted in 1924, so that somewhat dates their creation. Frederick Sanford or another family member must have pasted in these engravings sometime after 1924.

Bound volume, vignettes and animal scenes, many signed "L.S.", undated

Box: 3, Folder: 48 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Bound volume, seals for societies, companies, notaries, undated

Box: 3, Folder: 49 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Bound volume, vignettes (with prices), landscapes, advertising, scientific diagrams, 1838-ca. 1866

Box: 4, Folder: unknown container (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Notebook, screws, corsets, matches, rifles, seed packets, invoices, envelopes addressed to Sanford laid in, 1882-1891

Box: 5, Folder: 50 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Notebook, strike plates, carriages, door hardware, hooks and eyes, match boxes, labels, hairpins, invoices, 1872-1908

Box: 5, Folder: 51 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Notebook, clocks, clock faces, nursery stock, hairpins, pharmacy products, pipe coil, 1882-1898

Box: 5, Folder: 52 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Notebook, fasteners, clock faces, machinery, tools, medical illustrations, invoices, 1868-1903

Box: 5, Folder: 53 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Notebook, tobacco, pins, maps, scientific drawings, pharmacy products, fasteners, 1879-1904

Box: 5, Folder: 54 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Notebook, pins, fasteners, tools, shoes, 1880-1906

Box: 6, Folder: 55 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Notebook, machines, nails, maps, lamps, invoices, 1882-1895

Box: 6, Folder: 56 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Notebook, tools, metal products, hardware, signatures, trademarks and logos, animals, 1877-1914

Box: 6, Folder: 57 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Notebook, machines, vignettes, corsets, knives, 1880-1894

Box: 6, Folder: 58 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Notebook, machinery, tools, chairs, furniture, shears, calling cards, maps, 1877-1897

Box: 6, Folder: 59 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Notebook, clocks, shears, dress forms, metal products, ammunition, tools, invoices, 1872-1900

Box: 6, Folder: 60 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Notebook, hairpins, sewing machine parts, carriages, fishing reels, 1873-1913

Box: 6, Folder: 61 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Notebook, flatware, rifles, machines, tools, scientific illustrations, 1880-1897

Box: 6, Folder: 62 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)
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