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Series IV: Publicity and Correspondence

Scope and Contents note

Series IV. is divided into three subseries: Articles by Hoffmann and Heidrich, Articles about Hoffmann and Heidrich, and Other Publicity and Correspondence. Some of these articles are enlarged and laminated on 18 x 11 inch boards, possibly for display.

Articles by Hoffman and Heidrich include several series of advice articles written by the pair for design trade magazines. The subseries also includes a few articles written solely by Kim Hoffmann.

Articles about Hoffman and Heidrich hail from trade publications, newspapers, and foreign periodicals. Articles which refer to individual commissions have been filed with other material relating to that commission. Those here are either general articles about the firm's design ideas, or discuss commissions not represented in the client files in the preceding series.

Other Publicity and Correspondence includes postcards sent to Hoffmann, flyers for Hoffmann's interior decorating classes at the New School, as well as several letters of reference written by psychoanalysts in support of Hoffmann's educational venture. "Your course should help your students to avoid unnecessary anxieties and compulsions which so frequently occur in the act of planning one's home," wrote Dr. Edith Jacobsen. It is likely that Hoffmann used these letters to assure students of the benefits of studying interior design with him.

Articles by Hoffman and Heidrich

Articles by Hoffman, 1952-1963, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 10, Folder: 186 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Articles by Hoffman and Heidrich in Display World, Dec. 1949-Oct. 1952

Offsite-Box: 10, Folder: 187 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Articles by Hoffman and Heidrich in Playthings, Sep. 1955

Offsite-Box: 10, Folder: 188 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Articles by Hoffman and Heidrich in Sales Talk: A Digest of the Best in Selling, Apr. 1950-Mar. 1951

Offsite-Box: 8, Folder: 145 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Articles by Hoffman and Heidrich - Miscellaneous, 1951-1953

Offsite-Box: 10, Folder: 189 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Articles About Hoffmann and Heidrich

In Interiors & Industrial Design, Feb. 1946

Offsite-Box: 10, Folder: 190 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

In Vogue, Oct. 1947

Offsite-Box: 10, Folder: 191 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Miscellaneous, 1947-1970

Offsite-Box: 10, Folder: 192-193 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Other Publicity and Correspondence

New School of Social Research class bulletins, 1965-1971

Offsite-Box: 8, Folder: 146 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Letters from psychoanalysts, re: Hoffmann's classes at NSSR, 1973

Offsite-Box: 8, Folder: 147 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Postcards sent to Hoffmann, 1961, undated

Offsite-Box: 8, Folder: 148 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Unused letterhead, 1940s and later

Offsite-Box: 8, Folder: 149 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)
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