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González, Alfred

14 black-and-white prints on 100% Rag Entrada [3 folders], 1978, 1983-1984, inclusive

Box: 5 (Material Type: Graphic Materials)

Scope and Contents

"A Ride on the 6," March 1983. [On the 6 train in the Bronx, near Castle Hill Avenue.]

"Volkswagen Shrine," 1984. [East side of Lexington Avenue between 110th & 111th Streets.]

"Niño en Botanica," March 1983. [East side of Lexington Avenue between 111th & 112th Streets.]

"People," April 1983. [6 train Northbound near 86th Street.]

"Shoot and Run," April 1983. [108th or 109th Street between 3rd and Lexington Avenues.]

"2nd Ammendment [sic]," April 1983. [Park Avenue at about 83rd Street, west side of street.]

"Es Tremendo," April 1983. [West side of 3rd Avenue between 115th & 116th Street.]

"Back of the Bus," February 1983. [101 Bus, Third Avenue, near 86th Street.]

"Lake, Boys, Volkie," April 1983. [Central Park, Conservatory Water Lake, east side near 75th Street.]

"Fire Boat," February 1983. [South Ferry Fire House on the Battery, NY.]

"Convenience Banking," February 1983. [Promenade of World Trade Center.]

"Odd Couple," May 1978. [South East, Central Park Lake, The Pond, near 61st Street.]

"Reading the Script," May 1983. [South side of 86th Street, between Lexington and Park Avenue.]

"Fire Escape Shadows," March 1983. [East side of Lexington Avenue, between 111th and 112th Streets.]

Purchase, Alfred González, 2019 (accession no. PPAC-2019-021).

New-York Historical Society
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New York, NY 10024