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Series IV: Other Sources

Scope and Contents Note

This series is made up of the small amount of Bracklow material acquired from other sources.

1949 Gift, Undated

Box: 33, Folder: 119 (Material Type: Graphic Materials)

Scope and Contents Note

Mrs. Hopper Striker Mott donated one "Glimpses Through the Camera" mounted photo.

1983 Gift, 1900

Box: 34, Folder: 120 (Material Type: Graphic Materials)

Scope and Contents Note

Alfred Lowenherz gave the N-YHS a photograph of a Camera Club party ca. 1900. Bracklow is pictured at the far right. Lowenherz made the print from an original photograph either for, or because of, the 1983 Bracklow exhibit.

1984 Purchase, 1888 Apr.-1892 Oct.

Box: 34, Folder: 121 (Material Type: Graphic Materials)

Scope and Contents Note

N-YHS purchased 8 "Glimpses Through the Camera" mounted photographs. These images show New York scenes: Washington Bridge, Rose Street, Brighton Beach Hotel, two children in front of the first City Hall site in New York, the Herald Building, the Pedestal for the Columbus Statue in Columbus Circle, Park Row with newspaper buildings, and Murray Street. Bracklow's interest in the changing cityscape can be scene in his captions for these photos. He notes that the Herald Building is "now torn down," and the buildings shown on Murray Street are about to be torn down.

1992 Gift, 1890-91, undated

Box: 34, Folder: 122 (Material Type: Graphic Materials)

Scope and Contents Note

Dealer Charles Schwartz donated 14 of the "Glimpses Through the Camera" mounted photographs. At the time of the donation N-YHS chose images which were not otherwise represented in the Collection. Most of these views lack either Bracklow's stamp on the back, captions for the photographs, or both. Two identified photographs depict Fourth Avenue Presbyterian Church and Bloomingdale Reformed Church. Unidentified images show men with cattle, the First Methodist Church on John Street, churches, country houses or hotels, a pier, and rocks along the ocean.

2002 Gift, 1892, undated

Box: 34, Folder: 123 (Material Type: Graphic Materials)

Scope and Contents Note

Charles Schwartz gave two more "Glimpses Through the Camera" photographs in 2002. One of these shows St. Paul's Chapel at Broadway and Fulton Streets. The other image is of the corner of Broadway and Murray Street in March 1892.

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