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[Album of tintypes of the Walter S. Poor family, Ridgefield, Connecticut], [1860-1869], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 1, Volume: 1 (Material Type: album)

Scope and Contents

Small red album measuring 2 x 1 3/4 inched, with gold embossed designs on cover, and filled with gem tintypes of unidentified members of the Walter S. Poor family of Ridgefield, Connecticut

[Album of gem tintypes belonging to J.S. Warwick], [1865], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 1, Volume: 2 (Material Type: album)

Scope and Contents

From the Library of G. Creighton Webb (1853-1948) gift of his niece Mrs. Jorge André; inscribed to J.S. Warwick, Christmas 1865, from his "Auntie Maggie"; 15 unidentified gem tintype portraits of men, women and children


15 unidentified gem tintype portraits of men, women and children.

[Album of gem tintypes owned by Marian Ward Canton], 1866, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 1, Volume: 3 (Material Type: album)


Gem tintypes of men women and children; one image of young woman reading; three African-American or Afro-Caribbean women, wearing scarves, earrings and necklaces.

[Album of unidentified tintypes of men and women], [1880-1889], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 1, Volume: 4 (Material Type: album)


Tintypes of men and women, including group portraits of men.

Portraits of the Presidents of the United States from Washington to Grant, 1873, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 1, Volume: 5 (Material Type: album)


Published by Edward Fitzki, Washington, D.C.; each president shown with birth and death dates, and terms of office; portraits are round, and attached and folded accordian fashion to a small case, title on one side, embossed image of the White House on the other.

[Album of gem tintypes], [186--187-], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 1, Volume: 6 (Material Type: album)


Small album with two gem tintypes on each page; images include men, women and children, one full length view of man wearing long smock; most are unidentified.

[Album of photographs from a trip by Ed Machurek and Irvin Geier up the Hudson River, to Lake George and Mt. Marcy], [1922], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 1, Volume: 7 (Material Type: album)

[Album of photographs of Florence N. Levy], 1871-1912, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 1, Volume: 8 (Material Type: album)


Six photographs depicting Florence N. Levy as a baby in 1871, in 1873, 1877, 1884, 1898, and 1912; album can be folded out and all photos viewed at once

[Vache-Cox family album], [188--189-], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 1, Volume: 9 (Material Type: album)


Cabinet cards and cartes-de-visite of men, women and children, including a photograph of a painting of Alexander Vache, M.D.; Lorena Hoffman Gillman; Mayer Lewin; Elias Philips Hoges; Emilie Caroline Henry; a boy with a cricket bat; Clinton Levi Bogg; Rachel Wilson, Florence Monk; Hope Monk; Henry Pilcher; John W. Bernhardt; the ship SS City of Rome. See also Albums 38-40, 100.

[Album of cartes-de-visite of Union army and navy officers, and] Pres. Johnson and members of the cabinet, [1865], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 1, Volume: 10 (Material Type: album)

[Churches and chapels of Bronx borough by E. Bramhall Child], [1900], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 1, Volume: 11 (Material Type: album)


Most images are labeled with name of church and location.

[Album of photographs of John Rogers and his sculpture groups], [1870-1879], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 1, Volume: 12 (Material Type: album)


Cartes-de-visite; groups include Sharp Shooters, Country Post Office; Slave Auction; The Village Schoolmaster; Union Refugees; The Picket Guard; The Card Players; Checker Players; The Camp fire; Mail Day. See also Album #85, 315.

[Album of snapshots in Vermont, New Jersey, Georgia and New York, possibly by Pauline Robinson], 1900-1901, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 1, Volume: 13 (Material Type: album)


Views of Francis Boyer, "Aunt Nathalie"; a house called Brendon; dogs and cats; gardens; Florham, Madison, New Jersey; Flossie Twombly in wagon; Shelbourne Farms, Vermont: house, training stables, Lake Champlain, Flossie Twombly, Fredenia Webb with tennis rackets; Seward Webb, Watson Webb, including view of Watson Webb on horseback; views on Jekyl Island, Georgia, March 1901, group portraits; Josephine Atterburn; 37th Street (West), The Brick Church; Lucy Gumer [?]; 42 W. 37th Street; Otter Creek; other views.

Souvenir, Irma Tugini[?], 1901-1912, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 1, Volume: 14 (Material Type: album)


Snapshots of child in Cairo, 1901, and 1911; views in Nice, including couple and wedding scenes.

J.P. Marquand, Jr. [Album of cartes-de-visite], [186--187-], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 1, Volume: 15 (Material Type: album)


"Cartes-de-visite, including sentimental views, celebrities, including Siamese twins, Tom Thumb and wife; a caricature; group portrait of African Americans; portrait of Lincoln and family; State Reform School, Westboro, Mass.

[Album: cartes-de-visite and tintypes; family photographs and celebrities], [1865], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 1, Volume: 16 (Material Type: album)


Celebrities include Lincoln, Grant, Tom Thumb and wife; also includes sentimental prints; see also #112, 155.

Photographs of the construction of the Croton Aqueduct, 1909, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 1, Volume: 17.1 (Material Type: album)


Views of construction sites, including connecting channel and the dam at Croton Reservoir; the contractor's railroad, cement mixing equipment, steam shovel; men digging; engineers and surveyors with their tools including McCartney, Lowery, O'Meara, Miller, Hopey, Kehoe, McSpedon, Lenehan, Keane, Ruge, Butler, Langley, including view of men in a sleigh; "Lowery's egg factory at Diverting Dam Engr's Office"; scenery in the vicinity including snowy scenes, the Croton Rivers.

Consists of a main volume, and another volume containing loose photographs.

Photographs of the construction of the Croton Aqueduct, 1909, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 1, Volume: 17.2 (Material Type: album)


Loose prints, some duplicates of the album 17.1.

[Album from the Estate of Ina Love Thursby], [1867--187-], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 1, Volume: 18 (Material Type: album)


Cartes-de-visite and tintypes of men, women and children, some celebrities, such as Mrs. Tom Thumb; others may be celebrities, or family and friends. See also album #19, 211.

[Ina Love Thursby album], [1870-1879], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 1, Volume: 19 (Material Type: album)


From Estate of Ina Love Thursby; some sitters identified, including Ina Love Thursby; some pages inscribed by sitter. See also album #18, 211.

[Family Album; cartes-de-visite], undated, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 1, Volume: 20 (Material Type: album)


Identified persons include: R. Parish; Mary Jeanette McCurdy Parish; Mrs. Woodhull; C.L. Woodhull; Mr. Thomas Richards, father of Hattie Trumbull; E. Williams; Hattie Roosevelt Trumbull; Parkinson. See also album #138.

Generals of the Civil War, 1861-1865, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 1, Volume: 21 (Material Type: album)


Cartes-de-visite of Civil War generals, with identification on the pages below each image.

City College of New York Class of 1870, 1870, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 2, Volume: 22 (Material Type: album)


Cartes-de visite, tintypes; arranged alphabetically, with statistics compiled by George E. Clay, with place and date of birth, politics, religion, height, weight, intended pursuit and death dates for some of the class; each image signed by the sitter.

[Joseph Ganoug Cole Family album], 1898-1900, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 2, Volume: 23 (Material Type: album)


Cole family images, including interiors, and picnic scenes; scenery around Peekskill, at Allaire and Avon, N.J.; Dewey Naval parade and arch; sheep in Prospect Park, Brooklyn; views on President Street, Brooklyn.

A. Augustus Low, 1867, 1867, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 2, Volume: 24 (Material Type: album)


Views of houses in Brooklyn Heights (and other areas?) and shipping in Brooklyn, including clipper ships. See also album #317.

Bohn's Pictures of Washington or the Capital illustrated with views of all the public buildings, monuments, and statuary, consisting of thirty national oil paintings. / published by C. Bohn, 103 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D. C., 1874, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 2, Volume: 25 (Material Type: album)


Capital, including interiors; White House including interior; sculpture of Washington; Washington Monument, the Treasury, Post Office, National Observatory, U.S. Arsenal, U.S. Navy Yard, Smithsonian Institute, City Hall, Military Asylum, Lunatic Asylum, general views of Washington, and Georgetown; Mount Vernon, Washington's Tomb; National Cemetery; canal at Georgetown; lithographs by R. Sachse, Baltimore.

[MacLaren Family Album], [1860-1869], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 2, Volume: 26 (Material Type: album)


Cartes-de-visite; some sitters identified including Hattie MacLaren, Mary Arnold, Malcolm MacMartin, Harriet MacMartin.

[MacMartin/MacLaren Family album; cartes-de-visite], [1860-1869], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 2, Volume: 27 (Material Type: album)


Cartes-de-visite, family tree of MacMartin and MacLaren and Richards laid in; drawing of family around dinner table laid in.

[MacMartin family (and others) Family album], undated, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 2, Volume: 28 (Material Type: album)


Some sitters identified including Harriet MacMartin, Archibald MacMartin, Elizabeth MacMartin, Mary Arnold and others.

[Reynolds Family album], [1884-1887], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 2, Volume: 29 (Material Type: album)


Cabinet cards, identified persons include Mrs. George Richards and Marjorie and Harriet Richards as babies and young girls; photographers include Pach Bros., L. Alman, J. Ludovici, A.D. Benedict.

[Album of photographs of a trip to California], [1905], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 2, Volume: 30 (Material Type: album)


Views along the railroad in California; homes and friends, beaches, cabins, early automobile, Muir Woods, 17 Mile drive and other locales.

Graduates of Rutgers Institute, 1863, 1863, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 2, Volume: 31 (Material Type: album)


From the Bella C. Landauer Collection. Two portraits of men [faculty of Rutgers?], 14 portraits of women (graduates of Rutgers); 7 portraits of children; cartes-de-visite and tintypes.

Album; cartes-de visite and tintypes, undated, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 2, Volume: 32 (Material Type: album)


Unidentified persons, photographers from Tarrytown, NYC, Philadelphia and Munich.

[De Groot Family album], [186-]-1886, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 2, Volume: 33 (Material Type: album)


Family cartes-de-visite; tintypes; cartes showing sculpture and paintings, probably from the U.S. Capital. See also #323.

[Ham and West family album], [1860-187-], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 2, Volume: 34 (Material Type: album)


Cartes-de-visite and tin types; photographers include M. Brady, Mrs. Moore, Charles D. Fredricks & Co., Grotecloss, and R. A. Lewis; men, including man in uniform, women and children, including child with dog.

[Album of cartes-de-visite and tintypes], [186--187-], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 2, Volume: 35 (Material Type: album)


Unidentified album, with images of men, women and children by Brady, Bogardus and others.

[Album of cartes-de-visite and tintypes of the Allen and Constant Families], 186- [1890-1899], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 3, Volume: 36 (Material Type: album)


Cartes-de-visite of men, women and children, including Civil War soldiers and officers, and a couple at the window of a prop made to look like a train; copies of prints and paintings; engravings.

[Album of cartes-de-visite and tintypes with painting mounted on cover], [1867-187-], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 3, Volume: 37 (Material Type: album)


Painting of peasant woman on cover; "Lena Co[r?]e, Vienna, Apr 2/67" inscribed on fly leaf; a castle, man with boat in foreground; men, women and children, including man with dog, men posing on toboggan; copy of a print showing a skating rink; building perched on a hillside [Italy?]; tintype of Stephen H. Branch; photographers from Montreal, Boston, Gibraltar, Dieppe, San Francisco and other locations.

[Cox family album], [1890-1899], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 3, Volume: 38 (Material Type: album)


Cabinet cards and a tintype in a small leather wallet style album; theatrical portrait, group portrait. See also Albums 100, 134, 160, 162.

[Empty carte-de-visite album], undated, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 3, Volume: 39 (Material Type: album)


See also Albums 100, 134, 161, 162.

[Cox Family album; cartes-de-visite and tintypes], [1860-1869], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 3, Volume: 40 (Material Type: album)


Includes views of the Cox family, the Lindsay family, the Pilcher family and others; includes hand-colored portraits. See also Albums 134, 160, 161, 162.

Civil War Officers Photographs, [1860-1869], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 3, Volume: 41 (Material Type: album)


Officers all identified and most also have the unit to which they belong indicated, including the 3rd Artillery, 12th Infantry and others.

[McWhorter Family album], undated, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 3, Volume: 42 (Material Type: album)


Cartes-de-visite portraits.

[Family album: cartes-de-visite and tintypes], [186--187-], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 3, Volume: 43 (Material Type: album)


Ornate bindings, raised and embossed areas, with white bosses in the corners and on the clasps; some sitters identified, includes Irish and NY photographers.

[Album of photographs of babies and children], [1869-188-], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 3, Volume: 44 (Material Type: album)


Primarily cartes-de-visite, also tintypes; some images identified and dated; also includes a portrait of a small dog.

[Album of cartes-de-visite and clippings], [186--187-], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 3, Volume: 45 (Material Type: album)


Cartes-de-visite, primarily copies of sentimental pictures, including children, landscape scenes, and clippings of engraved portraits; also includes portraits of man, woman and child.

[German cartes-de-visite], [1860-1869], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 3, Volume: 46 (Material Type: album)


Portraits of Germans and German-Americans, many made in Germany, some in Philadelphia; many pages have identifications, some of the cards are missing; portrait dated 1863 mounted on fly leaf; clipping of wood engraving showing men conversing mounted on back fly leaf.

[Album of postcards of Delhi, New York], [1906-1913], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 3, Volume: 47 (Material Type: album)


50 postcards showing the county seat of Delaware County on the Delaware River: churches, band stand in courthouse park, views along Main Street, School buildings, hotels, waterfall and a covered bridge.

[A. J. Baker cartes-de-visite album], [186--187-], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 3, Volume: 48 (Material Type: album)


Views by English photographers, including a castle (possibly Windsor) and photographers in Illinois, Iowa and Ohio.

[Carte-de-visite album with sentimental pictures and views of Switzerland], [1860-1869], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 4, Volume: 49 (Material Type: album)


No Subnote Content

[Acker Album], [1870-1879], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 4, Volume: 50 (Material Type: album)


Cartes-de visite, including portraits of men and women, a copy of a portrait of Robert Burns; "Grip," the raven of Barnaby Rudge; copy of a print showing a Church in England; a dancer; S.M. Acker, London.

[Cartes-de-visite album of celebrities], [1860-1869], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 4, Volume: 51 (Material Type: album)


Inscribed on fly leaf: "Mrs. Howard Townsend"; primarily views of celebrities including copies of photographs of Andrew Jackson, Edgar Allen Poe, Daniel Webster, and J.C. Calhoun, photographs of Bancroft, Agassiz, Morse, Lincoln, Civil War generals and others; also includes what appear to be family or friends of album owner. See also Albums #136, 137, 268, 272, 273.

[Cartes-de-visite album], [1867-187-], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 4, Volume: 52 (Material Type: album)


Cartes-de-visite made in many different locations, including Rome, Paris, New York, London, Naples and others; primarily portraits of women, also includes children, group portraits and men, including Mohammed Achemed[?], Alexandria, Egypt, 1873. See also Album #151, 392.

[Family album: Ledlie], [1860-1869], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 4, Volume: 53 (Material Type: album)


Family portraits, each sitter identified, several families (related) represented including Ledlie, Herr, Sheffield, Brown and others, photos by Brady and others.

Julia A. Harper, [1860-1879], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 4, Volume: 54 (Material Type: album)


"Julia A. Harper" embossed in gold on leather binding; signed by Julia Harper and James Harper on front fly leaf; family portraits, cartes-de-visite, tintypes; some sitters identified: Browne family. See also #197, 198; related to Harper Family Mss. Collection.

[Albums of photographs of American and British celebrities and others], [1860-1879], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 4, Volume: 55.1 (Material Type: album)

[Albums of photographs of American and British celebrities and others], [1860-1879], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 4, Volume: 55.2 (Material Type: album)


From the Library of G. Creighton Webb (1853-1948). Gen. Scott and other Civil War officers, Washington Irving, Lord and Lady Russell, Lady Ellismere, Lord and Lady Clarendon, members of Parliaments, clergy, and others, some identified, many not; includes photographers from Europe and South America as well as the U.S. See four other Webb Family albums.

[Album: cartes-de-visite; Steward family, others and Civil War Officers], [1860-1869], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 5, Volume: 56 (Material Type: album)


Includes Campbell Steward in the uniform of the Knickerbocker Grays; John Steward Jr. in uniform, other children including girl with hoop, girl with flag and boy with drum and large hat.

[Unidentified family album with many images of bicycling and sailing], [1900], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 5, Volume: 57 (Material Type: album)


Family pictures including group portraits; people, including children, with dogs and puppies; men and women bicycling; sailing pictures showing yachts under sail, and group portraits of people on board a sailboat; people on horseback, cattle; an large ornamental gate (Mt. Auburn Cemetery in Boston?) a lighthouse; some of the pictures have had the woman pictured scratched out; possibly related to Album #76, 77.

[Album of photographs of ceremonies for the unveiling of a monument marking the site of Fort Washington], 1901, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 5, Volume: 58 (Material Type: album)


Program of the event; views of Holyrood Church, including interior; Bennett estate: Lodge and gate, house, garden; "Minutemen" in Continental Army uniforms and others, including marching band; ceremonies, including Borough President Guggenheimer responding on behalf of the city; the saluting battery, "Regulars"; speakers tent; views of the fort showing earthworks and bastion.

[Album containing tintypes and cartes-de-visite], [1860-1889], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 5, Volume: 58.1 (Material Type: album)


Album with tintypes and cartes-de-visite of mostly unidentified people, including a group portrait of men in top hats, and a carte-de-visite that appears to have been copied from a daguerreotype; photographers include Sarony and others; one view inscribed from C.P. Bergen.

[Album of photographs of a tour of Civil War Battlefields and other historic sites], 1923, 1928, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 5, Volume: 59 (Material Type: album)


"School friends" on trip: Wm. Chatfield, Wm. Grady, Louis W. Marks, Eugene Nifenecker, Claude Leland, and Hazen Chatfield, many of whom are educators; group at Ft. McHenry, Baltimore, 1923; group starting out; with Col. Proctor at Fredericksburg; Lawrence Washington Farm; Chancellorsville; Germania Ford; Spotteswood Farm; Spottsylvania; Jefferson's home, Monticello; Cedar Mt. Battlefield; Aldie; Point of Rocks bridge; B&O canal and R.R.; site of Washington's Crossing of the Delaware; Valley Forge; Brandywine; views include monuments.

[Photographs by Capt. [Edwin Willard] Deming at Standing Rock Reservation and other western locations], [1895], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 5, Volume: 60.1 (Material Type: album)

[Photographs by Capt. [Edwin Willard] Deming at Standing Rock Reservation and other western locations], [1895], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 5, Volume: 60.2 (Material Type: album)


Images at Standing Rock reservations, some posed, possibly for use as sources for illustrations by Deming; views, possibly of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show; views in the S.W. showing adobe buildings and ceremonial dancing.

[Carte-de-visite photographs of twelve non-commissioned officers and privates of the 6th Company, Seventh Regiment, National Guard, State of New York Called into service of the United States and mustered in at Baltimore, May 25, 1862], 1862, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 5, Volume: 61 (Material Type: album)


Civil War portraits.

[Carte-de-visite portraits of literary, scientific, entertainment and political figures], [1860-1899], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 5, Volume: 62 (Material Type: album)

[Hill Family album], [1865], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 5, Volume: 63 (Material Type: album)


Cartes-de-visite of family members.

Carrie H. Park, [1860-1889], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 5, Volume: 64 (Material Type: album)


Portraits of Carrie Park and other Park family members, friends or relatives of the Parks; one item signed and date 1884, most views earlier. See also #65.

Caro[lyn] Doremus Park's photos of Foreign Monarchs, undated, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 6, Volume: 65 (Material Type: album)


Foreign royalty and political figures. See also #64.

[Album of photographs of unidentified family, ca. 1920s-1930s], [1920-1939], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 6, Volume: 66 (Material Type: album)


Snapshots of people on board a ship, at the beach, including woman holding up fish on a line; man laying stone and brick patio in back of a brownstone, and views with dogs.

[Schermerhorn family album], undated, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 6, Volume: 67 (Material Type: album)


Cartes-de-visite, tintypes; also includes view of Lincoln's bier in a funeral procession.

Portraits of relatives, notables and professional associates of Tom Thumb, the Stratton, Bumpus and Warren families from the collection of his widow, the Countess Magri (M. Lavinia Magri, 1841-1919), undated, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 6, Volume: 68 (Material Type: album)

Portraits of relatives, notables and professional associates of Tom Thumb ... from the collection of his widow, the Countess Magri, [1869-1872], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 6, Volume: 69 (Material Type: album)


Includes World Tour, 1869-1872.

Portraits of relatives, notables and professional associates of Tom Thumb ... from the collection of his widow, the Countess Magri, undated, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 6, Volume: 70 (Material Type: album)

Portraits of relatives, notables and professional associates of Tom Thumb ... from the collection of his widow, the Countess Magri, [1869-1872], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 6, Volume: 71 (Material Type: album)


Includes World Tour, 1869-1872.

Portraits of relatives, notables and professional associates of Tom Thumb ... from the collection of his widow, the Countess Magri, undated, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 6, Volume: 72 (Material Type: album)

Portraits of relatives, notables and professional associates of Tom Thumb ... from the collection of his widow, the Countess Magri, undated, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 6, Volume: 73 (Material Type: album)

[Album of photographs of the voyage of an Australian troop ship from Sydney to Alexandria during World War I], [1916], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 6, Volume: 74 (Material Type: album)


Images of ships in harbors, on board the transport including the guns, exercising horses, church services, recreation on board, nurses, Commander Cayley; the Suez Canal, Port Said, and disembarking at Alexandria.

[Album of photographs by William and Silvanus Webber], 1898 Mar.-1899 Oct., inclusive

Offsite-Box: 7, Volume: 75 (Material Type: album)


Mt. Morris Park, including band stand in the snow; Fifth Avenue from Mt. Morris park; Grant's Tomb; waterfront views including the Battery, Brooklyn Bridge, Park Avenue Bridge, Belden Point on City Island, Fort Wendel in the Harlem River, Sailors' Home (or Shipbuilder's home) Sedgewick Ave. from the river, tugboat in Spuyten Duyvil Creek; Polo Grounds from 155th St. Viaduct; High Bridge; Streets, including Mt. Morris Ave., 7th Ave., Jerome Ave.; Durandoes; elevated train at 110th; man getting out of paddy wagon, near waiting ferry or steamboat, titled "Ten Days"; street views in Sing Sing (Ossining), including train station; Bronx Park; train siding in Fort Lee; Sawyer Memorial church, East 127th street; Skating at Lake Crotona; man in buggy, 7th Ave.; street in Mt. Vernon; looking out from Portree, Isle of Skye, with sailboats in the distance.

[Family album, unidentified], 1907-1910, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 7, Volume: 76 (Material Type: album)


View in Boston and vicinity, including beaches, lighthouses, the Public Gardens; many images labeled "N.S." [Nova Scotia?]; also includes pictures of a small dog, and of children and other family members, and African American woman named Liza; Boston dentist in his office. See also #57, 77.

[Family album: Maine and Massachusetts], [1905-1909], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 7, Volume: 77 (Material Type: album)


Beach scenes, seascapes; houses; cows in pasture; Boston dentist in office and with his dog; sports scenes, including hockey and baseball. See also #57, 76.

Amherst College Real Estate, 1911 Nov., inclusive

Offsite-Box: 7, Volume: 78 (Material Type: album)


Images include college buildings, houses and farmland.

[E.B. Child albums Vol. 1], [1890-1900], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 7, Volume: 79.1 (Material Type: album)


Snapshots, ca. 1890s-1900; girl, man with bicycles, including view pretending to be hurt, same man, performing in front of sheet hanging up on wall, man in park, women in park.

[E.B. Child albums Vol. 2], [1890-1900], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 7, Volume: 79.2 (Material Type: album)


Patterned buckram cover: same man as in other small volume performing various roles.

[E.B. Child albums Vol. 3], [1890-1900], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 7, Volume: 79.3 (Material Type: album)


Homes and street views, women, including elderly lady with cats, and women in front of ice cream parlor with dog, children, Christmas tree with doll on chair; man in cluttered workspace measuring chemicals, camera on the shelf; man posing behind frame. See also album #80, 81,101, 154.

[Album of 5x7 photographs], 1905, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 7, Volume: 80 (Material Type: album)


Photographs of men with boilers, and with surveying tools; European-American man and woman in kimonos, having tea, posing with fan; Japanese woman in traditional dress; two elderly women and a boy; one of the men with the boiler is identified as F.T. Howe. See also album #79, 81, 101, 154, 274.

Bi-centennial celebration of the building of Manor Hall, Yonkers, October 18, 1882 / photographed by H.S. Wyer, 1882, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 7, Volume: 81 (Material Type: album)


Copy of the painting of Mary Philipse; Manor Hall; room occupied by Washington during visit; loan exhibition of portraits and relics, including coverlet, long gun, spinning wheel, Chilkat blanket and other items; military procession on S. Broadway; trades parade on Main Street; mass meeting at Manor Hall; U.S.S. Kearsarge on the Hudson River off Yonkers, including deck view of crew; U.S. Monitor Nantucket, including deck view; view of Yonkers from the Nantucket; Old St. John's Church. See also album #79, 80,101, 154, 274.

[Livingston Family album], undated, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 7, Volume: 82 (Material Type: album)


Inscribed "Cornelia Livingston, 1861" and "Mrs. Carroll Livingston, the compliments of the original."

Lt. E. S. Northrup [Civil War portraits], [1860-1869], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 7, Volume: 83 (Material Type: album)


Portraits of soldiers and officers, a camp scene, a battlefield, other sites; portraits of celebrities; sentimental pictures.

[Album of photographs of military encampments and parades and family photographs], 1911, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 7, Volume: 84 (Material Type: album)


Views of parade and encampment in Van Cortland Park, May 13, 1911, including Capt. O'Ryan and the 1st Battery; Col. Dyer and 12th Regiment; Governor Dix on horseback reviewing troops; views from May 30th, [Memorial Day?] including Cpt. Appleton and 7th Regiment; Col. Conley, 69th Regiment; group of sailors and navy officers; John A. Dix Post; Duryea's Zouaves; 71st Regiment; men in kilts; 17th Battery on march from State Camp, July 15, 1911, Ossining; in camp, Philips Manor; Brewester cottage, Hartsdale, including views of house, and butterflies on marigolds, chickens, cow and calf, unidentified people; Rye Beach, 1911; International Motor Boat Races, Huntington, Long Island, including views of racers, spectator's boats; Catskill Aqueduct near Briarcliff; couple in garden; man changing tire on his car.

[Album of photographs of Rogers and Derby family members], undated, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 8, Volume: 85 (Material Type: album)


Cabinet cards and photographs of paintings and miniatures of the Derby, Rogers and Coffin family. See also album #12, 315.

Artists' Aid Society Annual Outings, [1892-1900], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 8, Volume: 86 (Material Type: album)

[Album of photographs of M. Asarow, family and associates], [1930-1959], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 8, Volume: 87 (Material Type: album)


Snapshots of Asarow and others including views in a garden, at the beach, in Italy and Switzerland; theatrical views, commercial portraits; man with movie camera.

[Gilford family album], [1899], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 8, Volume: 88 (Material Type: album)


E. Gilford family of White Plains, including view of home, horses, chickens, oxen; family members; blizzard in Philadelphia, 1899, Bartram Park, Philadelphia Peace Jubilee; views at Rye Beach, on Broadway, on W. 75th Street; views on the East River and the North (Hudson) River.

[Fowler [?] Family Album], [1920-1929], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 8, Volume: 89 (Material Type: album)


Note laid in: Robert Ludlow Fowler; Katherine Angela Seargeant Fowler, Katonah, N.Y., Fishers Island.; snapshots of children, portraits and group portraits, with pets, on tricycle, playing games; also includes view of house and garden. See also Albums 303-307.

[Family album: Estes Family (?)], [1914], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 8, Volume: 90 (Material Type: album)


Primarily views of upstate NY, including the Au Sable River and Lakes and vicinity, including cabin; Alice Estes and brother; a small chapel named All Souls, including interiors; early automobiles; St. Hubert Family; horses; a balloon; children wrapped in American flag; war bulletins outside Herald building, New York City. See also #91.

[Family album: Estes Family (?)], [1920-1929], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 8, Volume: 91 (Material Type: album)


Travel photos: early automobiles; upstate NY?; the steamer Kingston; beach and boating scenes, ferries; child in airplane hanger, early seaplane; portraits and interiors. See also #90.

[Snapshot album of the home of Capt. Charles Hawley and Alice McConkie Brantingham at Larchmont], undated, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 8, Volume: 92 (Material Type: album)


House and garden of the Charles Hawley Brantingham home in Larchmont, including views on the porch and in the garden, some with pet dog and cat; looking out at Long Island Sound at ships and boats.

[Snapshots of parks, rivers, celebrations], [1899], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 8, Volume: 93 (Material Type: album)


Bronx Park, [Prospect?] Park, including bridges and sheep on the long meadow, boats and ships on the Hudson River, on deck on a battleship, Revolutionary War monuments, interior view, portrait of a little girl , boy fishing, High Bridge, mill building, Civil War monument in a cemetery; Tom Paine Monument, house on 142nd decorated with bunting and stars, fountain, Dewey arch from grandstand, photographers in the foreground, Cooper Union, man with bicycle, waterfalls.

[Kane Family album], [1900], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 8, Volume: 94 (Material Type: album)


U.S. Battleships: Texas, New York, Machias, including view on deck; views in Bermuda: Hamilton Hotel, homes, St. George's Church, Victoria park, harbor, dry-dock, landscapes including roads, palm trees, etc.; quarry, Hawkins Island, P.O.W camp, April 1902; "Miss Prune" painting; a little girl, Betty Howland.

[Album of family photographs], [1901], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 9, Volume: 95 (Material Type: album)


Construction of the Williamsburg Bridge; snow scenes (Brooklyn?) in streets and backyards, including boy with snow shovel; views on the [Hudson], including an Iron Steamboat co. ship, and views on board the ship; group aboard at sailboat; interior views of a parlor, and soda fountain, and an office, showing wrapped packages piled on the floor and on shelves; men at roll-top desks, possibly at Frank Tousey, Publishers, which is shown in an exterior view; a desk in the corner of a room, with drafting instruments, small plaster sculpts and other items, including one view with man sitting at desk; man with large camera; Park Row from City Hall Park; Herald Square; a beach scene.

William Sulzer. [Alaska and Washington views], 1924, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 9, Volume: 96 (Material Type: album)


Clippings documenting Sulzer's 1924 trip to Alaska interspersed with views (by Guy Llewellyn) of mountaineering on Mount Rainier in Washington State, including interior views of ice caves, glaciers, and men on a rock cairn; men and a biplane; postcards from along the route of the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railroad; views from the Copper River area of Alaska. See also Albums #117, 118, 162.

[Martin Family Album], [1901], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 9, Volume: 97 (Material Type: album)


Views of a trip to Buffalo to the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, including views along the way at Niagara Falls, interior and night views at the expo, a lion cub on the midway; views on Lake Titus, Adirondacks, including boating, hiking and swimming scenes, cottages, including interiors, and porches; hotels; man with ox team and wagon of hay; early automobile with sign: Syracuse to White Mountains; log school house including interior; Paul C. Martin and his camera.

[Horace B. Clark Album], 1899-1901, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 9, Volume: 98 (Material Type: album)


Views of New York, including the Dewey Naval Parade up the Hudson and parade on Fifth Avenue; views of New York City including street scenes, views from roof tops, Battery Park; Bowling Green; City Hall; Union Square; Central Park; Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn; Brooklyn Bridge and the east River; ships on the North River; Bronx Park and Zoo; elevated railroads; Williamsburg Bridge; Blackwell's Island; Governor's Island; Riverdale.

Album presented to Major M.S. Euen by Co. C., P.P., [1860-1869], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 9, Volume: 99 (Material Type: album)


[156th Regiment, N.Y.S.V.], portraits of officers and soldiers including an African American man, and including several portraits of women, including African American woman.

[John Quincy Adams Ward albums], [1888-1889], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 10, Volume: 100.1 (Material Type: album)


Inscribed to Ward from [A?] W.D.,[Anthony W. Dimock?], 1889.

[John Quincy Adams Ward albums], [1888-1889], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 10, Volume: 100.2 (Material Type: album)


Has literary quotes and song lyrics as captions for the photographs.

[John Quincy Adams Ward albums], [1888-1889], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 10, Volume: 100.3 (Material Type: album)


Inscribed in the same hand as 100.1 from "the perpetrator." Related album at the Albany Institute of History and Art. Views of camping, boating and fishing in Peekamoose, N.Y., Pennsylvania, New Brunswick and Florida; includes images of Ward, and of persons named Dudley, Mulford, Oscar Yale, Whiton, and Mrs. Lewis; includes shark and tarpon fishing; includes swimming scenes, a dog jumping out of a boat, men poling boats up river.

[Family album from Portland, Maine], [1890], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 10, Volume: 101 (Material Type: album)


Family groups and individuals, many times with a dog or a cat, sometimes with a horse; man with hoe; street scene; baseball team; industrial buildings and waterfall; boy with banjo; chickens, ducks; waterfront; men working on house; Longfellow statue, with flags overhead; building decorated with bunting; railroad locomotive; man with horse, and wagon painted on the side: "W.H. Frank. Deering."; man with wheelbarrow, and men with boy in wheelbarrow; a church. See also album #79-81, 149, 154, 274.

[European views: Cannes, Dijon, Paris, Hamburg, Saint Moritz, Val Bregoglia, Lake Como, Lake Lugano, Lecco], 1905 April - October, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 10, Volume: 102 (Material Type: album)


One of at least 12 albums (this one labeled "XII"). Views of royalty, others on yachts, at hotels, etc., and of scenery in France, Switzerland and Italy. See also album # 103, 104.

[Travel photographs in Egypt], 1893, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 10, Volume: 103 (Material Type: album)


One of at least 12 albums (this one labeled "VIII"); travel photographs: Egypt: Cairo, up the Nile to the second Cataract and down to Karnak; laid in: Francis Edward Brantingham, photographs made during travels with his mother and Emmeline Smith Hawley his aunt." See also album #102, 104.

[Travel photographs in Egypt], 1893-1905, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 11, Volume: 104 (Material Type: album)


Brantingham, Francis Edward. One of at least 12 albums (this one labeled "IX"); travel photographs: Karnak, Thebes, Cairo, Alexandria, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Bethany, Syria, Asia Minor, Greek Archipelago, Smyrna, Athens Patras, Olympia, Corfu, Miscellaneous (including Switzerland, 1901, 1905; Monte Carlo, 1900). See also album #102, 103.

Europe, February 3 to June 9th, 1913, 1913, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 11, Volume: 105 (Material Type: album)


Robinson, Pauline, compiler. Views on board ships, including the" Auguste Victoria," and views in Madeira, Spain, including La Alhambra, Granada; Algeria; the Riviera, including views of touring cars; Sicily; Italy including Rome, Florence, Venice and Lake Como; Malta; Greece; Syria, including views at train station and market; Jerusalem; Egypt; group portraits, views in gardens, at ruins and other sites, ship-board scenes.

Howitt's etchings: new edition containing 50 designs, [1812], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 11, Volume: 106 (Material Type: album)


Howitt, Samuel, 1765?-1822, etcher. Etchings of animals, including cattle, sheep, chickens, hogs, horses, dogs, lions, boars, deer.

[Album of landscapes, ships and boats], [1900], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 11, Volume: 107 (Material Type: album)


Landscapes including streets and rural roads, a small river [Bronx?] including view of African American man on horseback with other horses standing in the river and winter scenes; Grant's Tomb including night illumination; battleships, row boat and moored sailboat on the Hudson; dock scene with passenger ship; sailboat passing swiftly under full sail; porch of house with decorative woodwork; portrait of a dog.

[Album of photographs of military camps and Indian agencies in Arizona and New Mexico], [1890-1899], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 11, Volume: 108 (Material Type: album)


Ft. Bayard, N.M., San Carlos, A.T., Fort Apache, Ariz., Ft. Stanton, N.M.; woman and baby; Lt. Walton; dog sitting up "on guard" at top of stairs; Col. Bliss and officers at Ft. Bayard; group portraits (commercial photographer) of Apache, Mojave and Indians, including women, children, scouts, some in traditional costume; cactus and soapweed; general views of Ft. Apache; San Carlos Agency: general view, Saturday issue, officer's quarters, surgeon's quarters, including interior with Apache woman and child; Battalion of the 24th infantry; dead wildcat at Ft. Stanton; Col. Z.B. Bliss at the Hotel Del Coronado; group of men (Apache?) with guns including Al-che-zay.

Sesquicentennial celebration, Brown Brothers Harriman & Co., Seattle Washington - Sun Valley, Idaho, September 15-19, 1968, 1968, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 11, Volume: 109 (Material Type: album)


Published by Arendy Photos. Album covered embossed with name of Mr. And Mrs. Juan T. Trippe; color photographs; Seattle: the Space Needle, buses in front of the Olympic Hotel, tour of Boeing Aircraft plant, party in a tent, Union Pacific Railroad; views enroute from Seattle to Sun Valley including views on board train, and at stations, and views of scenery in eastern Oregon and Idaho; Sun Valley: the Opera House, group portraits, band in bandstand, dinner dance.

Chaplains and Surgeons, asst. to surgeon G. Grant, Medical director of Madison, Indiana General Hospital, 1863-1865, 1863-1865, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 11, Volume: 110 (Material Type: album)


Most signed beneath image by sitter.

[Alexander Orr autograph album], [1860-1861], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 11, Volume: 111 (Material Type: album)


Portraits, most cut into small ovals and mounted, some inscribed by the sitter, some labeled later; includes Orr family portraits, and portraits of Gov. H. Morgan, D. Murray, G. McNaughton, Mrs. Abram Pierson, Anna Johnson, Mary Seak, Anna Stevenson, A. H. Dean, Jennie McNaughton, William Poleman, Rev. D. Rodgers, Isabel Lockwood, C. Staats, Stephen Douglas, John O. Cole, Rev. Dr. Seeley, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew White, Mr. and Mrs. James Moore, W. R. Bush, Jr., Rev. Dr. Magoon, E. Waterbury, Erastus P. Rice, D.P. Austin, Alex Roberts, Christian Sheldon, McClure, Edward McC. Davis, Anna H. Miller, Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. Diamond; many of the sitters associated with Albany. See also album #287.

[Album of Theatrical portraits and tintypes], [1880-1900], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 11, Volume: 112 (Material Type: album)


Theatrical portraits, most hand-colored, including Annie Pixley, Lillian Russell, Mary Anderson, Minnie Palmer, Lottie, Rose Coughlin, Ethel Clare and children including Little Ollie; tintypes include men, women and children and group portraits. See also #16, 155.

Stamford, 1889, 1889, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 12, Volume: 113 (Material Type: album)


Cyanotypes; views in and around Stamford, Connecticut; including a mill on River Street, the Ferguson Library, Central Park, with horses, wagons and buggies, Town Hall, Stamford Savings Bank, North Atlantic Street, rural road, and wooded glade.

[Album of photograph of Fairchild Brothers and Foster, Chemists], 1902, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 12, Volume: 114 (Material Type: album)


Located at 74 Laight Street, makers of peptogenic milk powder; view of building; interiors of offices, many with taxidermied animals and birds, some with calendars dated June, 1902; executives seated at desks; laboratories; manufacturing and shipping area.

Portraits of relatives, notables and professional associates of Tom Thumb ... from the collection of his widow, the Countess Magri, undated

Offsite-Box: 12, Volume: 115 (Material Type: album)


Including World Tour, 1869-1872.

[Furniture store catalog, ca. 1860-ca. 1890], [1860-1890], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 12, Volume: 116 (Material Type: album)


Bella C. Landauer Collection; similar volume at Winterthur Museum.

Chinsana Mines, Inc. scrapbook, [1905]-1928, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 12, Volume: 117 (Material Type: album)


Prospectus for the mines located in Eastern Alaska; views of the White River, including freight boat; men and dog teams; pack horses; cabins; copper mines; various documents and letters, as well as promotional literature; clippings from William Sulzer's 1924 trip to Alaska; other clippings including a 1928 clipping from the NY Herald Tribune, showing a trip on the White River. See also Albums #96, 118, 162.

William Sulzer. Alaskan and Siberian views, 1924, 1924, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 12, Volume: 118 (Material Type: album)


Amateur and professional views, postcards, clippings, some dated earlier than 1924, but probably collected and made when Sulzer was in Alaska on a visit of the Alaska Road Commission. See also manuscript collections, album #96,117, 162.

New York photographs, [1860-1869], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 13, Volume: 119 (Material Type: album)


Stereographs halves and other views, most or all views by E. & H.T. Anthony.

[Hunting and fishing views], [1900], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 13, Volume: 120 (Material Type: album)


Platinum prints of hunting on the prairies, silver prints of Camp Vidona on the Nepigon River.

Columbian Quadricentennial Celebration, Oct. 9-15, 1892, 1892, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 13, Volume: 121 (Material Type: album)


Parade views.

[Album of photographs in Europe after World War I], [1920], 1922, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 13, Volume: 122 (Material Type: album)


Views in France, and possibly Germany after World War I: scenery, farms, destroyed buildings, military cemeteries, with both American and German graves, including Quentin Roosevelt's grave; a few images show Mt. Kemmel, a small village, and a woman "Luzanne of Cassell," all dated in 1922.

A series of views of the most remarkable localities, celebrated for picturesque beauty or historical and other associations. Exquisitely engraved by Cooke, from original drawings. [London, Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme & Brown, 1812], 1812, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 13, Volume: 123 (Material Type: album)


Cooke, George, 1781-1834. Fifth of five volumes, this one titled "Scenery of America, North and South"; Niagara, Pasaic, Montmorenci, Tequindama, Vinagre Falls, St. Lawrence, Hudson, Schuylkill Rivers; views in Quebec, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Baltimore, Havana, Rio de Janeiro, St. Sebastian, Buenos Aires; natural bridges in Virginia and Icononzo, views of Indians in Nootka Sound and South America, views of St. Thomas, Roseau on Island of Minica; mountains in Mexico and South America.

[Album of photographs of window and store displays, New York City], [1940-1959], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 13, Volume: 124 (Material Type: album)


Photographs by Worsinger Photo (or Worsinger Window Service), Nick Malan Studio and Freedman Photo of window and store displays at Oppenheim Collins, Bonwit Teller, and De Pinna; includes World War II images with the motto "Bomb Tokyo"; primarily advertising clothing, also included are advertisements for cosmetics.

Existence and Location of Copies

Digital copy is available in the Shelby White and Leon Levy Digital Library.

[Unidentified family album depicting Maine, and possibly other areas], [1915-1925], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 13, Volume: 125 (Material Type: album)


Snapshots of a shingle-style house, with Craftsman interior details and furniture, located on a rocky shoreline, probably on Cousin Island in Maine; snapshots of the occupants of the house, most shot on the porch, including women knitting, and a man with binoculars, and people with dogs, cats and horses; steamboats on the sound, people fishing; group loading wagon with hay; views after a snow, (New Hampshire) showing houses and fields covered with snow, a sleigh, a woman holding snow-shoes; baby named Lawrence at 7 months, Sept. 1925; postcard format photographs of cousins Island; photos in envelope from a Portland, Me. photo processor laid in.

[Cabinet card album of theater and publishing personalities], undated

Offsite-Box: 13, Volume: 126 (Material Type: album)


10 cabinet cards, all but 2 autographed by the sitter; sitters include: Mary Anderson, Emma Calvé, Jean de Reszke, Lillian Nordica, Emma Eames, Ada Rehan Eduouard De Reszke, Nellie Melba, Joseph Jefferson, and publisher W. H. Crane; photographs by Sarony & Falk.

[Boxed set of pictures of New York], [1930-1939], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 14, Volume: 127 (Material Type: album)


Wittemann, H.L., photographer. Includes duplicates; collotypes; aerial views of Brooklyn and Manhattan; ocean liners in NY Harbor; churches, government buildings, and the financial center in lower Manhattan; Fulton Market; Brooklyn Bridge, other East River Bridges, the Triborough Bridge; Union Square, Madison Square; Central Park; Rockefeller Center, and the city at night; hospitals, St. Patrick's, St. Bartholemew and St. John the Divine; New York Public and Morgan Libraries, the Frick, Metropolitan and American Museum of Natural History; monuments in Riverside Park; Jumel and Van Cortland Mansions; Fordham University at night; Prospect Park and Grand Army Plaza, views of downtown Brooklyn, including Court Street, Hanson Place, the Church of the Pilgrims, and Henry Ward Beecher's house; the beach and boardwalk at Coney Island.

Autographs [Horatio Seymour album], undated

Offsite-Box: 14, Volume: 128 (Material Type: album)


Autographs, most with photograph of signer, including on the first page, Horatio Seymour, Governor.

Views of Lafayette College and vicinity, [1890-1899], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 14, Volume: 129 (Material Type: album)


Cyanotypes of Lafayette College, including buildings, a Civil War monument and a football game; general views of Easton, PA.; rural views along a river, probably the Delaware.

Construction of Grand Central Station, [1903-1913], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 14, Volume: 130 (Material Type: album)


P.M. Corry's (superintendent of the construction) business card laid in; album of silver gelatin photographs of the construction of Grand Central Station is divided into several sections: Old Station building; demolition of old building; Excavation South of 50th Street; Excavation North of 50th Street; Underpinning buildings; Steel erection south of 50th Street; Steel erection north of 50th; concrete and masonry; 58th to 59th Street steel changes; Canopies; 45th Street changes; Panoramas and track layouts; maintaining traffic; New buildings: main station, post office, boiler house and loft building; Electric baggage trucks.

Photographs: Bronx photos, 1890-95, [1890-1895], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 14, Volume: 131 (Material Type: album)


143 4x3 in. albumen, gelatin silver, and cyanotypes; some are copy photographs of earlier views; homes, schools, churches; street scenes, winter scenes; ground breaking for Morris High; Eagle Hotel; construction scene on 169th Street; a trolley with a sign for gospel services; Gouverneur Morris mansion; Lorelei Fountain; junk store on Grand Concourse; farmhouses and rural roads; Bronx Park; Crotona Park; bathers at Hunts Point; views in Westchester Village, including an old court house; views in Pelham; photographer under a dark cloth; views on the Harlem River including bridges and Harlem River Drive; group of firemen and a fire engine. See also Transparency File, lantern slides.

[Album of New York city firehouses and related photographs], [1960-1969], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 14, Volume: 132 (Material Type: album)


Snapshots of New York city firehouses, primarily in Manhattan, but also including Bronx and Brooklyn; views of fire fighting in Greenwich Village, including fire fighters, trucks, etc.; Centennial celebration of New York Fire Department in 1965, including snapshots of the Al Vogt family at city hall, Commissioner Martin Scott, Comm. Thompson, a parade on Broadway including fire companies, antique fire equipment; views of fire boat laid in; transparencies laid in; fire fighting equipment in Boston and Provincetown, Massachusetts; nursing home structure after a fatal fire, Schenectady; images of fire department medals on cover.

Cincinnati, Louisville, Thebes R.R., 1906, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 14, Volume: 133 (Material Type: album)


Silver gelatin prints of snowy scenery along a river (Ohio?), including farms, the John H. Johnson home, small steamship called the Blue Wing; general views of towns.

[Buckeley Family album], [1851 and later]

Offsite-Box: 14, Volume: 134 (Material Type: album)


Album of John L. Buckeley, later owned by his brother Charles J. Buckeley; annotations listing some of the sitters as "dead" were probably made after 1876 when Charles became owner of the album; Buckeley, Nielson, Shelton, Herran, Lord, Van Rensselaer, and others; tintypes of John Buckeley with friends, including caricatures; men in army uniforms, some from Civil War, some from later; includes naval cadets, including Japanese man; Gilbert Marbury, who was involved in polar exploration in fur outfit; images of Montevideo, and an African American woman.

Richard I of the Crag, May 14, 1905, 1905 [and later]

Offsite-Box: 14, Volume: 135 (Material Type: album)


Snapshots of prize-winning bull terrier Richard I of the Crag, owned by Helen A. Ludington; newspaper articles about the Mineola and Westchester Dog Shows; proof of a business card or letterhead for J.C. & W.E. Powers using an image of the dog; tintypes and snapshots of people in cars, on the porch of a house, group portraits, including a group of nurses in a parade, laid in. See also Album #194.

[Album of West Point portraits], [1870], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 15, Volume: 136 (Material Type: album)


U.S. Grant, Sec. of War Belknap, various professors and officers of West Point; portraits by G. W. Pach. See also album #51, 137 268, 272, 273.

[Townsend Family album], [1875], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 15, Volume: 137 (Material Type: album)


Cabinet card portraits; includes portraits of Van Rensselear, Townsend, Barber, Van Vechten, Martin, Hoffman, Evans, McClennal, Lefferts, Pierson, Talcott, Mann, Randolph families, and others. See also album #51, 136, 268, 272, 273.

[Family album, cartes-de-visite and cabinet cards: Prentice family], [1861]-1871, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 15, Volume: 138 (Material Type: album)


Prentice family, Baucher, Kimball, Rev. and Mrs. Freeman, Baptist minister, Hutton, Murray, Blackwell, Gen. Alexander, and unidentified persons; also includes arm-less Civil War veteran and image of an African American inscribed: "James, the colored servant who came north with Mr. Prentice from Clinton Head." See also #20, #94.

[Cutting Family album], 1877-1932, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 15, Volume: 139 (Material Type: album)


William Bayard Cutting family, including his wife, his children Bronson, Bayard, Justine, and Oliva, including a sequence of images of Bronson showing him at various points over time, until 1932; Wilmending family members, Carola Livingston, Alice Johnson, Elizabeth Clarson Jay, Edward Kelly, A. Floyd Delafield, in 1874, and later, wearing ecclesiastical garb and playing a cello; Napoleon III, Eugene Van Renssalaer.

[Cox Family album], undated

Offsite-Box: 15, Volume: 140 (Material Type: album)


Includes cartes-de-visite, cabinet cards and stereographs (of the Cox home, Newark, 1882, and Deadwood, S.D.); Vreeland, Ogden, Pace, Cox, King, Hodges, Gilman, the Duke of Clarence, several bishops and others; Buckingham and Windsor Castles; invitation to Sons of the Revolution service, 1892, laid in. See also Albums 100, 160, 161, 162.

[Album of European etchings], [not after 1860], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 15, Volume: 141 (Material Type: album)


Etchings of European, Asian and other locations; allegorical scenes; portraits; many have been trimmed and some have mss. captions.

[Seaman family album], [1864], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 15, Volume: 142 (Material Type: album)


Cartes-de visite, and 1 cabinet card laid in; John F. Seaman family and Petrachi, Stebbins, Van Nort, Noble, Cushman, Maginn, Cornell, Miss Vaux, and a view of the Seaman house, New York City.

New York / published by A. Wittemann, souvenir books and post cards, Brooklyn, N.Y., [printed by] The Albertype Co., Brooklyn, N.Y., [1903], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 16, Volume: 143 (Material Type: album)


Statue of Liberty, Lower Manhattan including Battery, Wall Street, City Hall, Brooklyn & Williamsburg Bridges, Corlears Hook Park, Cooper Union, Flat Iron Building, Murray Hill and Belmont Hotels, Grand Central Station, Herald Square, Times Square, Fifth Avenue in the 50s; Plaza at 5th and 58th, Bethesda Terrace, Broadway and Amsterdam, Riverside Park, Library at Columbia University, carriage on Riverside drive in front of Claremont Restaurant, Luna Park, Coney Island and a view down the Chutes at Dreamland.

Main Camp, 1918, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 16, Volume: 144 (Material Type: album)


Tebb's Architectural Photo Co., publisher. Beecher Ogden, donor; views of Pelham Camp; "Main Camp" on cover; photos taken and mounted together to form panoramic views of the Naval Camp at Pelham, some of them marked "Extension Camp" in negative; barracks, other buildings including construction scenes; sailor on sentry duty, power plant, boat house with boats on dock; interior views of dispensary, mess hall, toilets, washroom.

[Album of Emily J. Gardner], 1865, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 16, Volume: 145 (Material Type: album)

San Francisco album : photographs of the most beautiful views and public buildings of San Francisco [graphic] / photographed by G. R. Fardon. -- [San Francisco] : Herre & Bauer, [1856], 1856, inclusive

Volume: 146 (Material Type: album)

Separated Materials note

The album is cataloged and stored with printed collections.

Existence and Location of Copies

Digital copy is available in the Shelby White and Leon Levy Digital Library.

[Unidentified family album donated by Sybil C. Shugg], [1870-1900] [1930], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 16, Volume: 147 (Material Type: album)


Cabinet cards and cartes-de-visite of unidentified individuals, made by New York, Staten Island and Tacoma, Wash. photographers including Belknap, Loeffler, Olmstaedt, Falk, Bogardus, Jackson, and French; also includes view of man holding up bear cub, men boxing and fencing, and a view from the late 1920s or 1930s laid in.

Monitor studio register [scrapbook], [1895]-1905, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 16, Volume: 148 (Material Type: album)


Photographer's studio register listing sitters, poses and orders, later used as a scrapbook documenting amateur photography published in the News, articles about photographic technique and social issues relating to photography; labels and directions from photographic chemicals and papers; photographs, probably in the Bronx; men in an architect's or engineer's office, including man with surveyor's transit (See Album 154 for image of same office).

[Empty carte-de-visite album], [1860-1869], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 17, Volume: 149 (Material Type: album)


Album lacking cartes-de-visite, inscribed with names beneath each opening; cover with raised boards, gold embossing. See also album #79-81,101, 154, 274.

Scraps [from the library of E. Bramhall Child], [1880-1909], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 17, Volume: 150 (Material Type: album)


Wood engravings and halftones of Missionaries, mission churches in China, views in Japan, missions in Africa, views in Alaska, missionary hospitals, a boat house on the Harlem River and one at Port Morris synagogues and churches in New York City, Y.M.C.A., including interior views of the Harlem branch, auditorium at Ocean Grove, N.J.; many of the views are from commemorative programs, or other items issued by the churches.

[Cabinet card photographs of European Aristocracy], [1870-1889], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 17, Volume: 151 (Material Type: album)


Cabinet cards of men and women in aristocratic dress, including man and women dressed in costume of medieval knight and lady, and a man, possibly a Turk, in highly decorated coat holding sword in ornate scabbard; photographs made in Paris, Italy and Austria. See also Album #52, 392.

1st. Div[ision] North Atlantic Squadron, November 1905 [and other subjects], 1905-1907, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 17, Volume: 152 (Material Type: album)


New York waterfront, including the Battery and piers on the Hudson, Riverside Park from the water; transports [?] Cedric and Baltic, the Maine, the Missouri, Alabama, Illinois and others; group photographed at Briarcliff, Sept. 1906; group in touring car; Oyster Bay, Labor Day, 1906; views of Harlem River, the Polo Grounds, Washington Bridge, and surrounding area; Arcola, including farm scenes; Livingston Field Club Soccer match; views in Washington, D.C.; view of an amusement park or fair ground; diorama of "Great Train robbery"; views looking down on a parade for Decoration Day, 1906.

[Army Air Service aerial views of New York], [1924-1940], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 17, Volume: 153 (Material Type: album)


Some views blind-stamped Air Service, U.S. Army, 14th Photographic Section; overhead and oblique aerial views of Camp Smith, Floyd Bennett Field, Mitchell Field; views from aerial surveys of New York and vicinity in 1925-1933, including biplanes over Lower Manhattan, Midtown, Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty, Army base in Brooklyn, crowds at the east plaza for the opening of the George Washington Bridge, parade at Grant's Tomb, West Point and the Hudson; lower Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and Grant's tomb illuminated at night; south coast of Long Island; Steeplechase Park and pier, Coney Island; New York World's Fair, 1939, including aerial views and interior views of the Aviation building.

[Album of amateur photographs], [1895], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 17, Volume: 154 (Material Type: album)


Cyanotypes and gelatin silver prints of a log cabin, ships, steamboats and sailboats, river scenery, chickens, man by a fence after a large snowfall, man in shop with bicycle, general view of a town, men in an architect or engineer's office; men with musical instruments on a small stage; the same in back of extension or shed; workshop with conical smokestack; laid in is a later photo on postcard paper of a couple posing with "Chicken people" (men in bird costumes) standing in the background. See also albums 79-81, 101, 148-150, 274.

Our Friends, [1870-1899], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 17, Volume: 155 (Material Type: album)

New York /published by A. Wittemann, souvenir books and post cards, Brooklyn, N.Y., [printed by] The Albertype Co., Brooklyn, N.Y., [1920-1929], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 18, Volume: 156 (Material Type: album)


71 leaves; views in New York city and vicinity, including the Hudson River, Coney Island and streets, public buildings and parks in Manhattan.

Summer Journeyings, 1863-1882, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 18, Volume: 157 (Material Type: album)


Title hand lettered on page with drawing of a hotel, lake, sailboat and train, with trunk and railway guide in the foreground; various travels of the Schermerhorn Family, including Vermont, Trenton Falls, Catskill Mountains, Milford, Pa., Bolton (Vt.? Mass.?), Charlestown, N.H., Stowe, Vt., Yosemite, Delhi, N.Y., Lake Luzerne, Mohonk, Sheldrake on Cayuga, Richfield, Springs, Stockbridge, Meenagha, Swampscott, Rye Beach and other locations; many images labeled, others numbered, with index on verso of title page; includes group portraits, and images of men target shooting, groups hiking and boating, and on the porches of hotels and guest houses. Includes interior views.

[Album documenting Mary Rutherford Jay's activities in France during World War I], 1918-1919, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 158 (Material Type: album)


Mary Rutherford Jay went to France as part of Comité Américaine des Régions Devastées which was sponsored by Anne Morgan. She helped establish gardens at Versailles, planted and maintained by invalid soldiers to supply fresh vegetables to American forces. Later she was Hostess for the Junior Officers' Club at the American Embarkation Center at Le Mans under the auspices of the Red Cross and sponsored by W.N. Cromwell; includes photographs of gardens at Versailles, soldiers and American women working; portraits of Miss Jay; views in Paris, and postcards from Paris and elsewhere; menu of the mess of the 103rd Field Artillery for Feb. 1, 1919, with drawing on verso of last position of the artillery, North Verdun; views of soldiers at the Junior Officer's Club, and of the interior and gardens; plans for the club; letters of support and appreciation; views of guns, and of devastated towns; calling cards, invitations, "A Yank's Prayer; views of the parade of American forces in Paris; pile of cannons statue of rooster atop it; piece of metal, a button, a metal identification plaque; schedules of staff at Junior Officers' Club; list of officers for Junior Officers' Mess, and other documents; letters from soldiers; travel documents, including passes and passport; portrait of two German shepherds with Christmas greetings; various newspapers and magazines laid in.

[Liberty Bond album], 1917-1918, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 159.1 (Material Type: album)


Views of advertising for Liberty Bonds at various locations around the city.

[Liberty Bond album], 1917-1918, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 159.2 (Material Type: album)

Scope and Contents

Views of advertising for Liberty Bonds at various locations around the city.

[Photographs of Greenwich Village and Lower Manhattan], [1900 and later]

Offsite-Box: 160.1 (Material Type: album)

[Photographs of Greenwich Village and Lower Manhattan], [1900 and later]

Offsite-Box: 160.2 (Material Type: album)


Phillip Corell, photographer. Photographs depict scenes in Lower Manhattan and Greenwich Village, including public buildings, homes, businesses, and street scenes and events such as parades; leaves are arranged by the earliest date on each leaf.

Photographs, Amherst College, 1871, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 161 (Material Type: album)


Lovell, photographer. Portraits of the faculty of Amherst College and the class of 1871.

[Sulzer family album], [1860-1890], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 162.1 (Material Type: album)


Loose prints from another album, or from mounted photos that were cut out of their mounts are boxed and accompany album 162.2, including views of William Sulzer [Jr.?] and Dorothy Gould with baby bear, views of Valdez, Diomede Islands, waterfall at Sulzer, AK, Cape Rodney, Perry Island and Unalaska, portraits of Eskimo and Indian women by F.H. Nowell, some standing with reindeer, woman suckling two children, man in kayak, woman and children, miner's cabin buried in snow, elevated Eskimo(?) graves; views not in Alaska, possibly in California of a fruit orchard, a hotel, and a large church.

[Sulzer family album], [1860-1890], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 18, Volume: 162.2 (Material Type: album)


Cabinet cards, cartes-de-visite and tintypes of family and others; includes views marked Gov. Sulzer, presumably William Sulzer, 1863-1941, as a child and a young man. See also Albums #96, 117, 118.

[Photographs by J.P. Gillespie of Sapolio signs], [1920-1929], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 18, Volume: 163.1 (Material Type: album)

[Photographs by J.P. Gillespie of Sapolio signs], [1920-1929], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 18, Volume: 163.2 (Material Type: album)

[Photographs by J.P. Gillespie of Sapolio signs], [1920-1929], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 18, Volume: 163.3 (Material Type: album)


Views of signs advertising Sapolio and other products, showing their locations on billboards and buildings, including interiors, in Los Angeles and other California locations; images of people including Chinese boy sitting in a basket and Sapolio salesman; streetscapes and automobiles, windmills and water towers; each image is captioned by the photographer, who was also sign poster, giving the advantages of the chosen location. See also related Sapolio materials in Landauer Collection.

Concrete Wall, St. George, Staten Island, 1910-1911, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 18, Volume: 164 (Material Type: album)


Chronological depiction of construction of concrete wall by the Ferro Co.

New-York Historical Society: construction of Central Park West building, and views of the 2nd Avenue building before the move, 1903-1908, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 18, Volume: 165 (Material Type: album)


Ground breaking and cornerstone laying; sequential views as the building goes up; views of the 2nd Avenue building, including exterior and interior views showing galleries, offices, library, including view showing materials in crates.

New and old New York: [album of photographs of New York used for lectures by F.B. Kelley], [1900-1920], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 18, Volume: 166 (Material Type: album)


Obituary of F. B. Kelley (1934) pasted on inside of front cover, along with note identifying the photographs as those used by Kelley for lectures; Catalogue of photographs laid in; Haight bookplate; early N.Y. in paintings and engravings; Fraunces Tavern; statues of Washington, Ericsson, Lafayette; Trinity Church and churchyard; street architecture details such as an old pump, mill stones used as paving, mile stones, etc.; government buildings, taverns; Brooklyn and Williamsburg Bridges, including a construction view; harbor views; fire houses; old houses; the tombs; demolition of reservoir; Astor place, Cooper Square; cemeteries; block houses; N-YHS building, 2nd Ave.; memorials and plaques; historic trees; Castle Clinton.

West Point Class of 1861, 1861, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 18, Volume: 167 (Material Type: album)


Portraits of cadets and teachers.

[Albums of photographs of fire-fighting Vol. 1], 1911-1912, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 19, Volume: 168.1 (Material Type: album)


Horse-drawn fire-engines racing to fires, including engines 74, 56, Engine 76 at a fire; views of fire-fighters on the scene, including: Manhattan Soap Co. fire, W. 36th Street, April 10, 1911; a lumber yard and laundry, 52nd street near 10th Ave., June 17, 1911; Equitable Building fire scene, showing it becoming increasingly covered in ice, and firemen and officials also ice-coated; Tenement fire on W. 47th, January 13, 1912; some reproduced in Smyth Fire albums.

[Albums of photographs of fire-fighting Vol. 2], 1911-1912, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 19, Volume: 168.2 (Material Type: album)


Unidentified warehouse fire scene, with Engine Co. 8; Chrystie Street, Feb. 12, 1912, depicting ice-coated tenements, and Dep. Chief Langford; men of Engine 13; firemen taking hoses up the stairs and into a brownstone style house; 56 Vesey Street fire, Feb. 13, 1912; Engine 74, Truck 25 Battalion Chief Grey in a carriage; Truck 16 on W. 24th Street, Oct. 19, 1912; Truck 58 taking up their hoses; fire scene, 383 Amsterdam Ave., Lieut. Murphy and Short.

Photographs [Snapshots of unidentified family and friends, and western views], [1899], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 19, Volume: 169 (Material Type: album)


Views on a small farm, probably used as a vacation home, including women on a horse, in a wheelbarrow, relaxing on the porch, swimming, groups working and posing with farm tools, women wearing sunbonnets, children, women playing tennis, and a drawing of the farm house showing its cupola and garrets by F[rank] Pember; western views including rock formations [Garden of the Gods?], people on horse back including Indians, soldiers and sailors marching.

Photographic Album: Members of Assembly of the State of New York, for 1881., 1881, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 19, Volume: 170 (Material Type: album)

[Album of cartes de visites of Civil War generals and admirals], undated

Offsite-Box: 19, Volume: 171 (Material Type: album)

Album of photographs of the School of Mines, Columbia University, 1878, 1878, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 20, Volume: 172 (Material Type: album)


Shows professors and students at the school, each identified; photographers include Alman & Co. and Rockwood; includes three Japanese students.

New York / published by A. Wittemann, souvenir books and post cards, Brooklyn, N.Y., [printed by] The Albertype Co., Brooklyn, N.Y., [1930-1939], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 20, Volume: 173.1 (Material Type: album)

New York / published by A. Wittemann, souvenir books and post cards, Brooklyn, N.Y., [printed by] The Albertype Co., Brooklyn, N.Y., [1930-1939], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 20, Volume: 173.2 (Material Type: album)


Various paging showing New York city scenes including lower Manhattan, parks, streets, statues, rivers, hotels, Easter Sunday on Fifth Avenue, public buildings including the New York Public Library, City Hall, Grand Central Station.

[Greenwich Village street scenes], [1950-1959], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 20, Volume: 174 (Material Type: album)


Greenwich Village: store fronts, restaurants, coffee houses, lunch counters, specialty shops, pawn shops and shop signs, groceries, a cat asleep among plumbing (?) supplies, stoops and doorways, signs.

Catskill Water System / Commissioner Charles N. Chadwick, 1910-1919, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 21, Volume: 175.1 (Material Type: album)


Ca. 100 photos of Catskill Water System including views of the Hudson River, portraits of officials, reservoirs, tunnels under construction, and restoration of reservoir sites; includes African American workers.

Catskill Water System / Commissioner Charles N. Chadwick, 1910-1919, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 21, Volume: 175.2 (Material Type: album)


Site of Ashokan reservoir before construction; dams under construction, Esopus Creek, Camp City, including homes, school, hospital, other camps; Hudson River, drilling rigs, roads.

[Album of photographs of Morristown, N.J.], [1900-1929], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 46, Volume: 176 (Material Type: album)


Civic and historic buildings, parks, monuments, homes and businesses, Theodore Roosevelt at a whistle-stop in Morristown; a flood; various portraits laid in; also includes clippings; most views from the 1920s, many taken for A.H. Pierson by Charles Curtis, with earlier and possibly later views interspersed in the album.

[Ferryboat album Vol. 1], [1860-1949], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 177.1 (Material Type: album)

[Ferryboat album Vol. 2], [1860-1949], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 177.2 (Material Type: album)


Green, Norvin H., compiler. Embossed on cover: "U.S. Army Air Forces, Aerial Photographic Section." Primarily views of New York harbor ferries: including original photographs, including a stereograph, copy photographs from various New York institutions, including New York Public Library, the Museum of the City of New York, Mariners' Museum and other institutions, clippings from 19th and 20th century publications showing ferries, ferry accidents, a Civil War scene showing troops landing from steamboats, schedules, an invitation to ride "The Narrows" on its innaugural voyage in 1946, ferry passes for various companies, interiors and engines, ferry terminals, including lower Manhattan, Brooklyn and Astoria, copies of prints and paintings, copies of currency with a ferry pictured on it, views of New York Harbor, and Manhattan streets.

[Ferryboat album Vol. 3], [1860-1949]

Offsite-Box: 177.3 (Material Type: album)

House of Irving McHesson, 234 E. 68th St., New York, [1960-1979], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 21, Volume: 178 (Material Type: album)


Color photographs of interior of McHesson home, documenting furniture and portraits, some of which were given to the "Historical Museum"; letter enclosed with the album describes the views, and gives genealogical information about the sitters in the portraits.

The Marine Museum of the City of New York, [1940-1949], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 21, Volume: 179 (Material Type: album)


Interior views of the museum showing figureheads, ships' models, copies of painting and prints, a barometer, silver punch bowl, galleries and a docent giving a talk to a group of young men.

[Album of photographs of trip in Europe], [1910], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 22, Volume: 180 (Material Type: album)


Views in Europe: women playing shuffleboard on deck and other ship-board views; gardens, buildings, homes; people in small early automobile; [Lake Como?]; local residents, woman and boy with baskets on their backs; soldier; a gardener; sheep; villas; views in Italy including Venice and Rome; street scenes including local people; horse omnibus outside Hotel Londres; white-washed coastal town built on steep slopes.

[Brooks family album], 1893-1904, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 22, Volume: 181 (Material Type: album)


Title based on images of the people aboard the Lasca, a yacht which was owned by J.E. Brooks in 1893 when the photos were made; other subjects include groups in St. Agathe, Canada, views aboard the cruiser "Olympia"; a large house in White Plains; group outfitted for ride in touring car; other views in Canada, including street scenes, a waterfall (Montmorency?), views at the Montreal Hunt Club, and West Hatley; on board the Lasca at Bar Harbor, 1904; street scene in Rockport, Mass.; beach scenes.

[Album of portraits, most from Pennsylvania], [1870-1909], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 22, Volume: 182 (Material Type: album)


Cabinet cards, cartes-de-visite and tintypes; men, women and children, including man in Masonic regalia, group portraits and child with Easter basket and stuffed bunny; copy of pictorial Lord's Prayer.

[Albums depicting harbor defenses Vol. 1] / E.V.W. Keen, Naval Net Depot, New York, Feb. 10, 1942, 1941, Oct.-1942, Jan.

Offsite-Box: 22, Volume: 183.1 (Material Type: album)


Anti-Motor boat boom, 3-B, fixed obstructions, October 2, 1941 to November 14, 1941 and --at the entrance to New York Harbor, November 22, 1941 to January 3, 1942: process of rigging and laying fixed obstructions (baulks).

2 vols. each with two parts

[Albums depicting harbor defenses Vol. 2] / E.V.W. Keen, Naval Net Depot, New York, Feb. 10, 1942, 1942, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 22, Volume: 183.2 (Material Type: album)


Anti-Submarine net of 4-foot mesh at the entrance to New York Harbor, started January 10, 1942; construction and laying of net.

2 vols. each with two parts

Photographs 122 St., College Point, 1940, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 23, Volume: 184 (Material Type: album)


Map showing 122nd Street in College Point with annotations showing where photographs were made. Photographs are mounted on pages that are accordion-hinged so that they can be opened to one long view; views of homes, the business district, including a movie theater, automobiles, advertisements.

Photographs, William St. Subway : B.W. Greenlaw, 1915-1917, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 23, Volume: 185 (Material Type: album)


Spero, Charles, photographer. Album documenting the construction of the William Street Subway in lower Manhattan, by Smith, Hauser and MacIsaac, Inc. contractors, 1915-1917; views in the tunnels showing men at work drilling piles, etc.; buildings in the area, including no. 122, oldest standing bldg. on William Street, Pine, Pearl Sts. and Hanover Sq.; man welding; contractor's truck; overhead gas bypass pipe; wooden water main and valve removed during the construction; views depicting the underpinning work done on the building along the route; cross section drawing of the tunnel; concrete mixer; Fulton, Wall and William, showing network of pipes below the street.

West Indies, 1912, 1912, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 23, Volume: 186 (Material Type: album)


Postcard of the "Victoria Luise" of the Hambug-Amerika line and other ships and locations; photographs by Albert Eugene Gallatin of Cuba, including the Maine, Morro Castle and child in Mardi Gras costume in Havana; scenery in Puerto Rico, including touring car on dirt road, building and homes; Jamaica: scenery, including car, seashore and small thatched house; Panama: postcards of the canal, photos of locks; Venezuela: views in Caracas including soldier, women on street, George Washington statue, man on burro; Trinidad: La Brea asphalt lake, black boy with monkey and parrot, police, "coolies" from India; Barbados: black market women in Bridgetown, and street scenes; Martinique: small boats in the harbor of Fort de France, statue of Josephine, street in St. Pierre; St. Thomas: harbor, children, general view; photograph by Wm. Nielson of other people on the cruise, including women dancing on deck of boat, group on horseback; photos by Miss Madelin Knowlton of groups visiting sugar mill, markets, three girls looking out window, residents of Trinidad, Barbados; 8x10 of woman in a garden laid in.

New York Division, Mexican Border Service, 1916, 1916, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 23, Volume: 187 (Material Type: album)


Album documenting New York Division on the border during the punitive expedition against Pancho Villa, including the 1st New York Cavalry and its captain, William J. Donovan (later General); army unit in [New Mexico? Texas?] soldiers in cars, trucks, in front of tents, soldiers drilling, cavalry parades; barracks, cook shacks, tents, interior view of office; officers with pelican; houses and buildings in surrounding area; a river; horsedrawn ambulances; includes one portrait that is probably of Gen. John J. Pershing.

[Keteltas family album], [1860-1879], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 23, Volume: 188 (Material Type: album)


Cartes-de-visite of Keteltas, Hunt, Moulton, Renard, Dion, Withers, Stuyvesant, Belmont, Johnson, Hoffman, Tighe, Gentil, Leary, Wright, Fitzgerald, Kingsland, Rathbone, Crosby, Harris, Hutton, and other families, and a group portrait of soldiers, and a tintype of a group out of doors.

Hommage a la mission citoyens Americains qui ont visite la France du 3 au 10 Mai 1918 / Section Photographique de l'Armie Francaise., 1918, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 24, Volume: 189.1 (Material Type: album)


Group portraits of French and American dignitaries; views of groups visiting Versailles, Reims, Verdun and other battlefields, and group wearing gas masks, and visiting air fields with airplanes arrayed in formation; people pictured include Joffre, Niox, Ambassador Sharp of the U.S., Loucher and Payeur, Gen. Hirschauer; soldiers on horseback passing through village at the front.

Hommage a la mission citoyens Americains qui ont visite la France du 3 au 10 Mai 1918 / Section Photographique de l'Armie Francaise., 1918, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 24, Volume: 189.2 (Material Type: album)


Les Americains en France, including soldiers relaxing in camp, drilling with weapons, American aviators with planes; French tanks and artillery; Verdun, general views and ruins; Reims: ruins, including the cathedral; destruction in Nancy; views of munitions factories in France.

[Warner Family album], [1870-1889], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 24, Volume: 190 (Material Type: album)


Cartes-de-visite and cabinet card portraits of Warner, Herrick, Howland, Whittemore, Humbert, Opdyke, Lee, Taylor, Wallis, and other families. See also Album #191.

[Herrick Family album], [1870-1889], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 24, Volume: 191 (Material Type: album)


Cartes-de-visite and cabinet card portraits of Herrick and Howard families, and unidentified persons. See also #190.

Photographs of Men, [1869-1870], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 25, Volume: 192 (Material Type: album)


Portraits of governor, lt. governor and others, possibly other politicians.

Portraits of relatives, notables and professional associates of Tom Thumb ... from the collection of his widow, the Countess Magri, [1890-1899], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 25, Volume: 193 (Material Type: album)

Our Home [Ludington Home], 1911, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 25, Volume: 194 (Material Type: album)


Album created by Mrs. Benjamin Ludington for her daughter Helen Ludington Powers; portraits of Mr. and Mrs. Ludington; interior views of the home at 44 69th Street East showing woodwork, ornate furnishings and knick-knacks and art work, as well as more informal rooms including bed and dressing room, library and informal sitting room; man in office; portrait of the family. See also Album #135.

[Album of views collected and arranged by Albert T. Weston], [1900-1920], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 25, Volume: 195 (Material Type: album)


" Views of New York City, 1648 to 1848 and 1911---1912": small early lithographs, probably from Valentine's manual, or similar publication, showing historic buildings and sites; "Brooklyn Houses of Colonial Days"; same places in photographic postcards; views in Hawaii in September, 1920, by Weston (who was an U.S. Navy surgeon), including palm trees, Diamond Head, beaches, gardens, government buildings, hotels, homes, hula dancers and musicians; "H.R.H. on his visit to Honolulu, Official and Unofficial, other views of H.R.H. in other lands"; "Mount Rainier, including a view of Narada Falls by Prof. J.B. Flett, December 8th, 1920; postcards of Florida, including St. Augustine, Daytona, Orlando and other locations; postcards of California, Quebec and Paris.

[Photographs: the William Nicholls Family], [1940-1959], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 26, Volume: 196 (Material Type: album)


Snapshots and photographic greeting cards showing the Nicholls Family and friends and relatives; includes children with pets, and toys, playing the piano and at the beach.

Leonard F. Beckwith [Album of Consolidated Telegraph and Electrical Subway Company construction photographs], [1889], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 26, Volume: 197 (Material Type: album)


Beckwith was an engineer with Consolidated Telegraph and Electrical Subway Construction; each photographs captioned in letterpress on the mount; Pach Bros. photographs; construction photos depicting the placement underground of telegraph and electrical lines, with surroundings sometimes visible, including views on 6th Avenue, Madison Avenue; Broadway; Greene Street; 14th Street; 53rd Street; includes workers.

Album of photographs of Madison Square Gardens (McKim, Mead & White) before and during demolition, [1925], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 46, Volume: 198 (Material Type: album)


Primarily views of the second Madison Square Garden which was designed by McKim Mead and White showing interiors, including performance area set up for a circus, with a swimming pool; men boxing in MacLevy Gym; looking down at a stage; the box office area, stairways; exterior views: the roof garden during the demolition of the structure; views from Madison Square Park; advertisements for Ringling Bros. Circus and MacLevy's gym; views showing the tower, including the archer sculpture and including the surrounding area; building decked out in bunting; arcade walkway out front; also includes copies of earlier photographs, including copies of the Central Railroad freight station, later the first Madison Square garden, and including view of building as Barnum's Hippodrome; includes views by Brown Bros. and Wurts Brothers.

[Cabinet card album of prominent New Yorkers], [1870-1889], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 26, Volume: 199 (Material Type: album)


Photographs and prints depicting Thurlow Weed, Thomas Armitage, Andrew Mills, Horace F. Clark, Geo. T. Trinble, John A. Kennedy, Chester Car[?], David Babcock, Queen Victoria (not in album); Com. Vanderbilt 2d, Nathaniel Haywood, Em. L. Ehlers, Capt. Frederick Wagner, Gov. Morgan, Geo. H. Andrews, Chas. Folger, Howard Crosby, Edw. Haight, Leonard Hazeltine, Webster Wagner (poem dedicated to him laid in), David Banks, Aras G. Williams, Chauncey M. Depew, Tom C. Acton, Horace H. Day, William H. Vanderbilt, Joel Ehrlach, Smith Ely, Thos. Boese.

The Lake Champlain Tercentenary Celebration, July Fourth to Ninth, Nineteen Hundred and Nine, 1909, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 26, Volume: 200 (Material Type: album)


Invitation, guest cards, transportation tickets for Champlain celebration and Hudson Fulton Celebration pasted inside front cover; views of the lake, copies of engravings of Champlain, his battle with the Iroquois and Benedict Arnold's ship the Royal Savage, Thomas MacDonough, Ethan Allen, ruins of Fort Ticonderoga, and the restoration of the fort; copy of painting of battle of Cumberland Bay; replica of Champlain's caravel, recovery of the hull of Arnold's schooner, ruins of Ft. Ticonderoga, Mrs. H.P. Pell, at whose direction old Fort Ticonderoga is being restored; montage of portraits of Lake Champlain Tercentenary commissions of New York and Vermont; Gov. Hughes and commission members at Plattsburgh; the Pavilion, or old Pell Homestead, during restoration; commission members by automobile; courthouse and other views at Plattsburgh, including parades; the yacht Valcour; Gov. and Mrs. Hughes arriving; residence of Hon. Walter C. Witherbee, Port Henry; the torpedo boat Manly; ruins of Ft. Amherst; throng leaving the steamer at Crown Point Forts; sketch of the floating island used for the presentation of the Indian pageants, and photos of the pageant; Hugh's delivering address at Crown Point Forts; Seth Low, President Taft, his daughter Helen, Col. Robert M. Thompson, Elihu Root, other speakers; Gov. Hughes and Admiral Uriu of Japan; Taft and family aboard houseboat Sliouan; group portraits on the steps of the Pell Homestead; Hotel Champlain (with article about fire there); Religious exercises at Isle Le Motte, Vt.; Soldiers and Sailors Monument on Crab Island; drawing of Champlain Monument, and article regarding it; some photographs and articles laid in; some photographs by Beals, L.E. Shattuck, George T. Woodward, Trumbull.

[Album of photographs of Boston and vicinity], 1857-1890, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 27, Volume: 201 (Material Type: album)


Views of the Back Bay at different times; street views; State houses; hotels; homes; churches. See album #202.

[Album of photographs of New York City, 1870-1890], [1870-1899], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 47, Volume: 202 (Material Type: album)


American Studio photographs of streets in New York including Broadway between Bowling Green and 42nd street, Wall Street, Park Row, Fifth Avenue; New York Harbor, ships under sail and at dock; men on tower of Brooklyn Bridge; some views are copies from earlier works by Anthony and others, including one labeled as from a daguerreotype from 1853. See also album #201.

Mobilization and review, Atlantic Fleet, Oct. 25th -Nov. 2nd, 1911, 1911, inclusive

Volume: 203 (Material Type: album)


Views of ships in New York Harbor, and New York waterfront; rowboats and launches tending the ships, views on board, showing artillery, ships moored to one another. See also album #204.


Album is unaccounted for as of March 2023.

Hudson-Fulton Celebration, Autumn, 1909, 1909, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 27, Volume: 204 (Material Type: album)


Postage stamp on inside of front cover commemorates event; views of ships, New York Harbor, the Statue of Liberty, ferries and steamboats, submarines, battleships and other navy vessels, the S.S. Robert Fulton, the S.S. Lusitania at the Cunard dock, tall ships and naval vessels from other countries, replica of the Half Moon, parade views. See also album #203.

Hudson Fulton Celebration, September 25th - Oct. 9, 1909, 1909, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 72, Volume: 205 (Material Type: album)


Spooner and Wells, Inc., photographers. Crowds on the hillside in Riverside Park near Grant's Tomb, including police; woman who has fainted or fallen; ships on the river, including the replica of the Halfmoon, rowboats, warships; dock and reviewing stand; police on horseback; officers and officials on the reviewing stand, parade route, police restraining crowd, units in the parade including men dressed as Indians accompanying a float (I. Order of Red-Men), men in sashes, part of Swedish Hundred Men; float representing various upstate counties, float with men in revolutionary era dress, floats: the trial of John Peter Zenger, a small steamboat, early settlers and Indians, explorers in an icy sea, a Revolutionary War camp, History of New York, Dutch settlers, St. Nicholas, a coach and four, eagle with e. Pluribus Unum banner, Indians, women in classical garb, Broadway line [sleigh], the Half Moon soldiers and a fort, firemen and equipment, Colonial Era 1664-1783, George Washington's Inauguration, Jan Smeede's sailing ship, birch bark canoe and Indians, Propery Wagon, men pulling down the statue of George IV, the Clermont, the Stamp Act, a windmill, the Statue of Liberty, Indians at a royal court.

[Album of images of ships], [1960-1969], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 27, Volume: 206 (Material Type: album)


Photographs, postcards, exhibition notice, invitation, Christmas cards, and other materials depicting contemporary and historic ships, including snapshots on the deck and bridge of the Britannic of Liverpool; article about Modigliani and ballet laid in; children's drawings laid in.

Presented to Hon. Randolph Guggenheimer, president of the Council of the City of New York by the National Sculpture Society in recognition of his co-operation in the erection of the triumphal arch and colonnade to the glory of our Navy and in honor of Admiral Dewey, September 30, 1899, 1899, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 47, Volume: 207 (Material Type: album)


Second page lists contributing member of the National Sculpture society, beginning with J.Q.A. Ward. Views depicting the construction of the Dewey Arch from a wax model, the site on Madison Square, men working in modeling studio, scaffolding, carriages and trolleys on the street; various views of completed arch, including one with photographer standing at base, and views of the grandstand and crowds.

Central Bridge over the Harlem River, New York City, and approaches thereto, [1895], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 27, Volume: 208 (Material Type: album)


George P. Hall and Sons, photographers. "Central Bridge and 155th Street Viaduct, New York City," with "Alfred P. Boller, Engineer" embossed in gold; title page has particulars of construction, including contractors, costs and city departments responsible; map of bridge and approaches; views of the completed bridge and approaches, interior view showing turning mechanism, turntable under construction, and other construction scenes, detailed views of gate or toll houses, railing, and stairways, views of the bridge from below.

Photographic record of Work Projects Administration for the City of New York: Education and Recreation district Office Work Project Activities, 1938, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 209 (Material Type: album)


Various programs with children and adults: children at Child Nutrition Program; craftwork for pre-school children, shuffleboard at day camp; women learning pattern cutting in Homemaking division of Adult Education Program; Window dressing class; foreign-born students learning English; people preparing materials for publication in office of New Reading materials Program; children at museums, including the Science Museum, the grounds of the World's Fair, and the zoo; tutor helping sick student at home; bedmaking as taught at the Household Training Unit; Cosmetic Chemistry students preparing Cold Cream; students in the remedial reading program; immigrants in elementary education program in the Adult Education Program, working toward citizenship; woman learning infant care; children, including African American girl, presenting puppet show; children in school garden; woman doing metalcraft; women learning typing; woman dressing dolls in ethnic costumes, including African American woman; examples from Objective Teaching Materials Project; men making figurines for the program; African American woman teaching children drawing in Bronx Park; school custodian explaining workings of boiler to students; six girls doing Dutch folk dance; boys carving "totem" poles at Recreation Truant Program; children doing other crafts in the Elementary Activities Program, and in the Adjustment Program for Problem Cases; learning mike technique for radio broadcast; children doing various sports in the Street and Play Center Program; children dressed as various vegetables for a "Baby Parade" in Harlem; story hour for preschool children; boys in boxing bout; children trimming an outdoor Christmas tree.

Existence and Location of Copies

Digital copy is available in the Shelby White and Leon Levy Digital Library.

[Cabinet card album of unidentified family], [1880-1899], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 28, Volume: 210 (Material Type: album)


Cabinet cards of unidentified family, and one memorial card of Henry Ward Beecher; most photographs made by Brooklyn photographers Gardner & Co., others by Mrs. E.G. Lacey of Morristown, and others by Philadelphia photographers.

Photographs [Album of portraits, horseshoe motif on cover from the estate of Ina Love Thursby], [1890 and later]

Offsite-Box: 28, Volume: 211 (Material Type: album)


Portraits of men and women, made by Brooklyn and New York photographers including Pearsall, Bogardus, Kurtz, Meuer and others; primarily cabinet cards, and a few cartes-de-visite. See also album #18, 19.

[Lawrie Family album], [1880-1899], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 28, Volume: 212 (Material Type: album)


Cabinet card photographs of Lawrie, Clark, Meyer, Carpenter, Reynolds and Hurley families, including men, women and children, woman with a dog.

Carte-de-visite and cabinet card album of unidentified persons and European locations, undated

Offsite-Box: 29, Volume: 213 (Material Type: album)


Includes tintypes; includes actors and other celebrities; views depicting various ethnic or national costume; two examples of spirit photographs; views of Switzerland, Germany and possibly other locations.

[Album views in New York City], [1930-1939], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 48, Volume: 214 (Material Type: album)


Views in Central Park, including winter views with snow, the reservoir, and surrounding buildings; Hampshire House on Central Park South; buildings on Fifth Avenue; Park Avenue, including aerial views, postcard of apartment courtyard, group of women in court of 277 Park Ave., truck in the shape of a roll of Lifesavers, other buildings along Park Ave.; buildings around Gramercy Park; 301 East 21st; 10 East 39th St.; photographers include Stadler, Underwood and Underwood.

Portraits of relatives, notables and professional associates of Tom Thumb ... from the collection of his widow, the Countess Magri, undated

Offsite-Box: 29, Volume: 215 (Material Type: album)

[Photographs of the American West], [1900], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 29, Volume: 216 (Material Type: album)


Views of men hunting and fishing in the west, including a clergyman; showing off trophies in front of tents; wagons, and men on horseback; military encampment; soldiers including an African American and Indians; family in front of a cabin; mine buildings; interior view with woman and soldiers; group with tennis rackets; group portraits of women and soldiers on steps of a building; excursion into a canyon.

Collection of Historical paintings of the Revolutionary War by John Ward Dunsmore in the gallery of the Sons of the Revolution, Fraunces Tavern, [1920 and later], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 29, Volume: 217.1 (Material Type: album)

Collection of Historical paintings of the Revolutionary War by John Ward Dunsmore in the gallery of the Sons of the Revolution, Fraunces Tavern, [1920 and later], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 27, Volume: 217.2 (Material Type: album)


Dunsmore, John Ward, 1856-1945; self-portrait; Dunsmore in his studio, with painting, and props; copies of his paintings depicting scenes from the Revolutionary War, some of which were reproduced in the Pageant of America.

[Newspaper cuttings collected by Kate Olcott], [1894], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 27, Volume: 219 (Material Type: album)


Primarily portraits of contemporary and historic persons, most annotated with life dates, and with index by name in the front.

A cup of friendship just for you for Florrie and Marjorie, [1948], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 27, Volume: 220 (Material Type: album)


"Photographs by Voorhees -- Inc. Portraits of distinction" on inside from cover; snapshots by Frank[?] or Mabel[?] Vorhees of friends including the Jim Blauvelts, "Countess Voorhensky," Dr. Neida Ogden, the Martines and others at Nyack, and in New York at dinner at Dora's and at the "Russian Party."

[Photographs and postcards of the U.S., including New York, New Jersey, and other locations], [1910-1930], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 30, Volume: 221.1 (Material Type: album)


Mounted in used logs books with heading "Physician's Daily Report" visible on many of the pages; bulk of photographs are from the 1920s, with some earlier and later; has postcard of the totem pole in Pioneer Square, Seattle, on the cover.

[Photographs and postcards of the U.S., including New York, New Jersey, and other locations], [1910-1930], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 30, Volume: 221.2 (Material Type: album)


Bulk of photographs are from the 1920s, with some earlier and later; has an image labeled Manhasset, Long Island on the cover; images not in any particular order, with rural images on the same page as images of the Plaza Hotel.

[Whitehouse family albums Vol. 1], [1872-1889], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 30, Volume: 222.1 (Material Type: album)


Cabinet card photographs; the Whitehouse family, including Harry R. Whitehouse with climbing gear, and J. Norman Whitehouse with tennis racket; various barons and marquis's, and others.

[Whitehouse family albums Vol. 2], [1872-1889], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 30, Volume: 222.2 (Material Type: album)


Whitehouse, and Serrell families and others, including British and European royalty and other celebrities; cartes-de-visite.

[Album of photographs of Cuba], [1899], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 48, Volume: 223 (Material Type: album)


Photographs (some by LaMarque) before and after the Spanish American War, including Gen. Leonard Wood at his desk and with other officers, views of Morro Castle; soldiers with artillery; batteries, forts, blockhouses, barracks, stables, commissary, etc.; streets and scenery in and around Santiago; Manzanillo; Guantanamo; Daiquiri, including beach and cottages. See also Album #224

Views of the province of Santiago de Cuba / Captain James G. Harbord, 11th U.S.Cavalry, [1899]-1901, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 49, Volume: 224 (Material Type: album)


Views in Cuba, including the transport Wright at dock, government wharf, ice plant, Nautical club, ladies bath, steam launch "Santiago", Yellow fever hospital, Orphelin's' Asylum, Hospital Civil, old Spanish Tower, Plaza de Dolores, stone cutting engine, Cathedral, waterworks, exhibit of photographs labeled "Buffalo Exhibit," probably the Pan American Exposition at Buffalo, harbor and other piers, railroad station, jail, including man whitewashing columns, officers' hospital, interior view of courtroom, group of men on patio, Afro-Cubans with cart, "a typical cabin," a church, Arsenal, San Carlos Club including interior, offices, dos Bocas, train in the countryside, Cayo Toro, Spanish fort, tents to the right, Santa Ursula battery, Sta. Ines Fort, Cay Ratones; photographs by L. LaMarque. See also album #223.

[Album of engravings of 19th century and earlier personalities], [1860], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 31, Volume: 225 (Material Type: album)


Portrait engravings, primarily by John Sartain, many for the Eclectic Magazine; includes portraits of European monarchs and aristrocrats, including both contemporary and historic figures; British and American authors including Shakespeare and his contemporaries, Walter Scott and his literary friends, the Brownings, American legal and political figures, Louis Agassiz and other scientists and educators, a self-portrait of Sartain, and an engraving of the donor after a daguerreotype by Root; A Midsummer's Night Dream, after Landseer, and historic scenes, such as the Death of General Wofle at Quebec, 1759.

[New York City scrapbooks], undated

Offsite-Box: 31, Volume: 226.1 (Material Type: album)

[New York City scrapbooks], undated

Offsite-Box: 31, Volume: 226.2 (Material Type: album)

[New York City scrapbooks], undated

Offsite-Box: 31, Volume: 226.3 (Material Type: album)


Eames, Wilberforce 1855-1937, compiler. Views of New York city homes, business, churches, etc., most lithographs made for Valentine's Manual; maps, some from Valentines; text from various sources.

Atlas of plates, illustrating the geology of the state of Maine, accompanying the first report on the geology of that state, by Charles T. Jackson, M.D. state geologist. : Published by order of the legislature of Maine. -- [Boston :Thomas], [1837], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 31, Volume: 227 (Material Type: album)


Lithographs of scenery and geologic formations in Maine; fossil shells; stone strata, waterfalls of the River St. John, Mt. Katahdin from W. Butterfields, view down St. Croix River, Pulpit Rock, view from Eastport, West Quoddy-Head, Buck's Harbour, Mt. Desert, Cape Rosier, Camden and Kennebec Bay, Migonticook Mountains; Francis Graeter, del., Thomas Moore, Lith.; most plates hand-colored.

[Webb Family carte-de-visite album], [1860-1879], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 31, Volume: 228 (Material Type: album)


Album of mostly cartes-de-visite with some cabinet cards, including one of a cat; most are unidentified, except a few of Francis Egerton Webb; includes many photographs of children, and one of a dog; includes European photographers.

[Webb Family album], [1860-1889], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 32, Volume: 229 (Material Type: album)


Cartes-de-visite, cabinet cards and tintypes, mostly unidentified except for James Watson Webb, 1802-1884, G. Creighton Webb, F. Egerton Webb, and Mrs. James Webb; included European photographers; soldiers, women in costumes and ball dress, views of European scenes.

Faculty and students, Packard's Business College, 1874, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 33, Volume: 230.1 (Material Type: album)


Portraits and group portraits of faculty and students, some identified; Julius Brill, photographer.

Faculty and students, Packard's Business College, 1875, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 33, Volume: 230.2 (Material Type: album)


Portraits and group portraits of faculty and students, some identified.

Faculty and students, Packard's Business College, 1876, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 33, Volume: 230.3 (Material Type: album)


Portraits and group portraits of faculty and students, some identified; P.C. Duchochois, photographer.

Faculty and students, Packard's Business College, 1879, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 33, Volume: 230.4 (Material Type: album)


Portraits and group portraits of faculty and students, some identified.

Faculty and students, Packard's Business College, 1880, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 33, Volume: 230.5 (Material Type: album)


Portraits and group portraits of faculty and students, some identified.

[Album of commercial photographs of Europe, Canada and the United States], [1880-1889], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 32, Volume: 231 (Material Type: album)


Photographs, probably collected during travels, including views by George Washington Wilson, and William Notman; views of England, including interiors of palaces and churches and a parade; Brussels; Anvers; copy of a paintings; the Hague; Amsterdam; young men with hunting dogs; Drummond Castle and Gardens; views along the Canadian Railroad by Notman, including views in Montreal, and in the Rockies; Niagara Falls; Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn Bridge and the Bowery in New York City.

Construction of the Broadway and 7th Ave. cable line, 1891, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 32, Volume: 232 (Material Type: album)


Views of the construction, including workers and track on Broadway, mazes of pipes underground, stacks of cobblestones, posters advertising Bill Nye's "The Cad' at the Union Square Theatre, men in bowlers, including J.D. Crimmin; details of equipment; views around Union Square and Bowling Green.

[Scrapbooks of views of New York city and state], [1910-1939], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 34, Volume: 233.1 (Material Type: album)

[Scrapbooks of views of New York city and state], [1910-1939], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 34, Volume: 233.2 (Material Type: album)

[Scrapbooks of views of New York city and state], [1910-1939], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 34, Volume: 233.3 (Material Type: album)


Wallin, Mathilda K., M.D. Scrapbooks of scenes in New York city, and on the Hudson, most are halftone reproductions of earlier works including engravings, etc.: streets, parades, houses, churches, farms, harbor scenes; many of the views are from about 1910-1920s, with later clippings, including color items.

Photographs of Residence, No. 2 West 52nd Street, 1898; home of Mr. & Mrs. Elliot F. Shepard, 1898, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 72, Volume: 234 (Material Type: album)


Exterior and interior views including view of Mrs. Elliott F. Shepard sitting at desk.

[Album of photographs of Cuba made or collected by Col. Oswald Ernest while Inspector General of Cuba, 1899], [1899], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 73, Volume: 235 (Material Type: album)

Card album [of wood engravings from English magazines], [1880-1889], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 33, Volume: 236 (Material Type: album)


Social life and customs in England, including dining, dancing, shopping, playing tennis, rowing, and courtship.

Pamphlets and booklets from the New York Worlds Fair of 1939-1940 / Donald Dietz, 1940, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 34, Volume: 237.1 (Material Type: album)


Includes recipe booklets, commercial advertising; snapshots; and booklets from various countries; pins and other souvenirs.

4 vols. In 2; volumes were photocopied, and items removed and rehoused.

Pamphlets and booklets from the New York Worlds Fair of 1939-1940 / Donald Dietz, 1940, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 34, Volume: 237.2 (Material Type: album)


Railroads, Consolidated Edison, a map of the fair and the area, snapshots, postcards, booklets from various state buildings.

Pamphlets and booklets from the New York Worlds Fair of 1939-1940 / Donald Dietz, 1940, inclusive

Volume: 237.3 (Material Type: album)


Railroad and other transportation booklets, snapshots, product exhibit booklets, postcards.


Album is unaccounted for as of March 2023.

Pamphlets and booklets from the New York Worlds Fair of 1939-1940 / Donald Dietz, 1940, inclusive

Volume: 237.4 (Material Type: album)


Paraphernalia such as match books, postcards snapshots and newspaper articles.


Album is unaccounted for as of March 2023.

[Engravings, proof book of Lacewood Sanford], [1830-1839], inclusive

Volume: 238 (Material Type: album)


Lacewood Sanford, 1817-1890, active 1830s- ?

Separated Materials note

Album removed and added to PR 247

Presented by John B McDonald to James Bradley as a remembrance of the part taken by him in the construction of the Rapid Transit Railroad in the City of New York, October 25, 1904, [1904], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 73, Volume: 239 (Material Type: album)


Views of construction, etc. and men associated with building the subway.

Residence of Nicholas Fish, Tuxedo Park, NY, 1899, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 35, Volume: 240 (Material Type: album)


Exterior view with man and buggy; interior views of parlors, office, dining room, bedrooms.

Kodaks, Vol. 1, April 29-September 5 , 1891, California, Washington, British Columbia, 1891, Apr. 29 - 1891, Sep. 5

Offsite-Box: 74, Volume: 241 (Material Type: album)


Travel views made with early Kodak camera in California, Washington, British Columbia.

Kodaks, Vol. 2, September 13, 1891-December 26, 1891, British Columbia, Idaho, Utah, California, Mexico, 1891, Sep. 13 - 1891, Dec. 26

Offsite-Box: 74, Volume: 242 (Material Type: album)


Travel views made with early Kodak camera in British Columbia, Idaho, Utah, California, Mexico.

[Album 1-1A of photographs depicting the construction of Fort Tryon Park by Olmstead Bros., landscape architects, and Edward J. Carrillo, chief engineer], 1930-1934, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 243.1-2 (Material Type: album)


Titled variously Claremont Park, and Fort Tryon Park. General views of the construction of Claremont Park, between Riverside Church and the International House, with Grants Tomb to the west, details of stairways, retaining walls, water pipes and drains; postcards and photographs of various locations in Europe which served as sources.

6 vols. each album labeled with Project title, Olmstead Bros., name of engineer, Edward J. Carrillo, and John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Photographers include E.S. Keogh, Irving Underhill, A.H.H., F.F.B., J.B.M., D.M. Jones, L. Funk, J.C.T., E.S.K., J.H.K., Russell & Co., G.R. Fist.

Corbin Place Bridge, and Main Underpass Bridge: excavation of approaches, construction of bridges, excavation of underpass, construction of bridge, including setting stones in place, and images with Jack Carrillo identified, other images laid in, including view with George Washington Bridge, looking north to the Palisades, Broadway and Dyckman, Broadway and Thayer, children in wading pool.

Existence and Location of Copies

Digital copy is available in the Shelby White and Leon Levy Digital Library.

[Album 2-3 of photographs depicting the construction of Fort Tryon Park by Olmstead Bros., landscape architects, and Edward J. Carrillo, chief engineer], 1930-1934, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 243.3-4 (Material Type: album)


Main Terrace, North Terrace, Bridge Connecting Terraces, Playground, Construction, Broadway Wall, Riverside Drive Wall, General views, Fieldhouse: paths, bridges, terraces, views from gardens, panorama of east slope from vicinity of Fort George, planting dogwoods on shelf, steam shovel moving rocks, cement mixer delivering cement used in wading pool, subway entrance and police booth.

Main Walk #1 to Walk #25, inclusive, Concession Bldg., Overlook Shelter, Walk 16, East Slope Comfort Station; stone laying, seat construction, planting elms, model of concession building, details of viaducts, including railings, and lighting.

Existence and Location of Copies

Digital copy is available in the Shelby White and Leon Levy Digital Library.

[Album 4-5 of photographs depicting the construction of Fort Tryon Park by Olmstead Bros., landscape architects, and Edward J. Carrillo, chief engineer], 1930-1934, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 243.5-6 (Material Type: album)


Walk 28 to Walk 60, inclusive, Bennett Ave. Addition, North and East Slope Panoramas, fan chamber, Alpine garden including the grotto, North Slope Comfort station, Museum approach walls, image with Jack Carrillo's dog in it, views that include the Sobol Bros. Gas station.

Tree moving, Samples, Belgian block, street lamps, sign posts, seats, Bridges and details in Central Park, rock filled slopes, stone walls and other architectural details for reference (not in Fort Tryon--some in Maryland, California, Massachusetts, Washington D.C., on Rockefeller's estate in Pocantico Hills, and other locations). flagpole model, tractor at work.

Existence and Location of Copies

Digital copy is available in the Shelby White and Leon Levy Digital Library.

[Photographs by Victor Dahle], [1950-1959], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 35, Volume: 244.1 (Material Type: album)

[Photographs by Victor Dahle], [1950-1959], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 35, Volume: 244.2 (Material Type: album)


Scenes in Manhattan and Brooklyn, a ship in NY harbor, scenes in an Orthodox church, parades, fire scenes, portraits of a baby, portraits of women, including cheesecake shots.

[Album of photographs of military personnel, and scenes during the Spanish American War], 1898, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 50, Volume: 245 (Material Type: album)


Views including camp scenes, drills, going on leave, "matching" on payday; officer on pillared porch; views on the Battery, Charleston, S.C.; on board transport going to Puerto Rico; landing at Ponce harbor, July 28; scenes in camp beyond Ponce and other camps; scenes around Puerto Rico, including people, towns, war destruction; reconnoitering on horseback, artillery shelling blockhouse; reporter from Pittsburgh in camp; waterfalls and other scenery, African American man, "Jake"; Puerto Rican employed in camp, and their children; clothes being issued; Puerto Ricans getting licenses to "sell within our lines"; pack trains, and wagon parks; interpreter; on deck of the Minnewaska, bound for New York; other units pictured including 16th Pennsylvania Cavalry, 3rd Artillery, and 3rd Wisconsin. See also album #235.

[Album of color snapshots of Operation Sail, July 4, 1976], 1976, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 35, Volume: 246 (Material Type: album)


Images made when Eleanor Katz was the guest of Irving Strauss when he was invited to view Operation Sail from the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Forrestal; the invitation and the U.S.S. Forrestal; views of the tall ships on the East River and ships and the Statue of Liberty on July 3; 59th Street pier in Brooklyn and views enroute to the Forrestal; fireboat spraying fountains of water; tall ships and small craft in New York Harbor; views on deck of the Forrestal, including the arrival of President Ford by helicopter, officers and guests, sailor hotdog vendors; Pres. and Mrs. Ford, and Mittendorf; group portraits of Katz and Strauss and others; sunset views of the harbor.

[Album of portraits of European and American celebrities], [1890-1899], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 35, Volume: 247 (Material Type: album)


Clippings from popular press and other sources of contemporary and historic persons, including Czar Nicholas, Abraham Lincoln and others.

California Scenery / published by Taber, Photographer. San Francisco, Cal., [1880-1889], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 35, Volume: 248 (Material Type: album)


5X8 in. views of San Francisco: general views of the town, Golden Gate, hotels, ferry building, Woodward's Gardens, mansions, cable cars, Observatory in Golden Gate Park, Cliff House, Seal rocks, Chinese Josh House, interior of Chinese restaurant, alley in Chinatown; street view in Oakland; Monterey: general view, Hotel del Monte, including club house and garden, beach, bath house, Cypress Point, adobe buildings at Fremont's fort; Carmel Mission; Yosemite views including mountains, lakes and waterfalls; redwood trees.

[Album of views of Hawaii and other locations], [1880-1889], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 36, Volume: 249 (Material Type: album)


Views in Bermuda, including Hamilton Hotel, Paget, scenery near Governor's, harbor scenes and churches, parks, homes, blacks in donkey carts; Hawaii: portrait, possibly of Liliuokalani; bridges, grass house, Queen's Hospital, Royal Palace, large mansions, general views, streets in Honolulu, waterfront, women in hula costume holding guitars and ukeleles, leper settlement, hula dances out of doors, cane plantation, government House, the prison, field of Easter lilies; view of church and large house on separate mount laid in (accession date from this photo), signed on verso C.A. Beekman and dated 1890; two copies of sentimental pictures: a girl in mantilla and holding a fan and a soldier and a woman embracing; 3 views, possibly from Africa, men with spears, group smoking from hookah, group near tents.

State Officers and members of the legislature, State of New York, 1868, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 36, Volume: 250 (Material Type: album)

Photographs of the Members of the Assembly of the State of New York, 1880, published by McDonnald & Sterry, 520 Broadway, Albany, N.Y., 1880, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 36, Volume: 251 (Material Type: album)

Legislature, 1866; New York State, 1866, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 37, Volume: 252 (Material Type: album)

New York State Assembly, 1867, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 37, Volume: 253 (Material Type: album)

Assembly photographs, 1861 [New York State], 1861, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 37, Volume: 254 (Material Type: album)

Photographic Senatorial Album of the State of New York, 1878-79, published by R. E. Churchill, Photographers, Albany, N.Y., 1878-1879, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 37, Volume: 255 (Material Type: album)

Photographic album of the Constitutional Convention of the State of New York. 1867. Published by Churchill & Denison, photographers, Albany, N.Y., 1867, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 37, Volume: 256 (Material Type: album)

Very old New York, [1918], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 37, Volume: 257 (Material Type: album)


Views of New York published in newspapers and as postcards between about 1910 and 1918; includes index arranged alphabetically by subject.

New York City, parks, 1879-1910, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 38, Volume: 258 (Material Type: album)


Compiled by Henry E. Rile; clippings of images depicting New York city parks, including Central Park, Riverside Park, the Speedway at the Jumel Mansion, Bronx Park, Van Cortland Park, Washington Square, Madison Square, Mount Morris Park, Morningside Park, Seward Park, Prospect Park, City Hall Park, Lion park, Pelham Bay Park, the Columbia Yacht Club House; includes winter scenes, including sledding and curling, a coaching parade, also a few trees and scenes not in parks, but showing natural surroundings, including gardens on the Astor Estate, and view on snowy Fifth Avenue.

New York churches, [not after 1907], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 38, Volume: 259 (Material Type: album)


Compiled by Henry E. Rile; many of the illustrations are clippings from sources earlier and later, 1850s through 1912; index of churches by denomination; includes notes on status of buildings at various times, such as "Spires down, 1895," or "Now a Methodist Church, 1908"; includes interior views.

Pictures of New York, [1906]-1916, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 38, Volume: 260 (Material Type: album)


Compiled by Henry E. Rile; note on inside of notebook reads "1906, commenced the collection"; includes index to images; clippings of houses, public buildings, churches, theaters, historic sites, and events such as the explosion and fire of 1845; notes give date of image, often when structure was built and when it was torn down, altered or destroyed.

Sites and scenes, Washington Heights vicinity / collected by Reginold Pelham Bolton, [1910-1930], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 38, Volume: 261 (Material Type: album)


Spine title: Washington Heights, New York City; views in Inwood, Fort Tryon, Fort Washington, Washington Heights, Kingsbridge; Laurel Hill, Fort Clinton and Fort George; "Indian cave" in Inwood Hill Park; view of men working excavating Revolutionary War sites; Dyckman valley; Inwood Valley from Fort George; historic homes and sites including Jumel Mansion, Ambrose Kingsley Home (one view with cow grazing on lawn), "Melbourne," Haven estate, J.J. Audubon home, Billings residence, a castellated home that was in Villas on the Hudson (1860), Nagel homestead, including view of house after a fire, E.A. Poe cottage, Shepard Karpp House in the snow; remains of batteries; views along Broadway including intersection with St. Nicholas, American Geographical Society, American Indian Museum, apartments, Church of the Intercession; Bolton garden at 158th, including views of fences and pergola; Holyrood church at 181st; Seaman Ave., Indian village site; excavating Indian ceremonial site; "Indian caretaker and her grandchildren, Inwood Hill park"; Negro burying ground and Indian dog pits, and a view of human remain in the burying ground, 212th St. and 10th Ave.; snowy lane at 187th and Broadway; Polo Grounds; views from the water tower; small wood-frame homes on Croton St.; views along Spuyten Duyvil, and the Hudson, including views of Riverside Drive including construction, and streets from 135th to 162nd; Harlem River from 201st.; tugs "removing" Broadway swing bridge to 207th Street; Spuyten Duyvil, showing Marble Hill and the Johnson foundry; Marble Hill and U.S. ship canal; New York Central Railroad station and railroad cut; children in yard between Seaman & Prescott (Payson) Ave., a military camp site; reconstructed military hut, Dyckman House Park dedication of playground at Colonial Park, Bussing farm; photographs of drawings and prints of early homes; trees, including tulip trees, historic trees; view of springs; photographers include Gottscho, Geo. Dodd, Chas. Boyer, W. L. Calver, Geo. C. Wheeler, E. Wenzel.

Pictures of Old New York, [1895], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 39, Volume: 262 (Material Type: album)


Prints, clippings from magazines and other publications, and stationery with view letterhead, including engravings, lithographs, halftones, etching, wood engraving and drypoint, depicting historic sites in Manhattan, including farmsteads, churches, hotels, the stock exchange and other commercial buildings, the Hudson and East Rivers, Central Park, views from and in Brooklyn Heights, cultural buildings including Astor Library, the Crystal Palace, interior of 7th Regt. Armory Fulton Ferry, state prison, The Tombs including interior showing police court, charitable institutions; panorama of the city from Brooklyn; a view of Brady's Gallery of Daguerreotype; Indian village of Manhattans; riot of Astor Place, burning of City Hall; images made between ca. 1820 and ca. 1892.

[Album of photographs of New York city and vicinity], [1955]-1980, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 39, Volume: 263 (Material Type: album)


Articles regarding historic sites, exhibits of photographs, etc., laid in; harbor and waterfront views, including sunsets, ferry terminal, skyline, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island; aerial views of Manhattan; street scenes including store fronts, a bag lady asleep on a sidewalk, a man passed out on the Bowery, man selling beads on a stoop, the Village art show, San Genaro festival; buildings under construction showing contrast of 19th century buildings with International style office towers; historic buildings including Customs House and others; churches, parks; ocean liners at dock, Hudson River; night views of lights and neon signs, including Times Square and Christmas decorations; Polish parade; Penn station, including interior (1965) and construction of Madison Square Garden; Stern's department store, including woman and girl shopping; view looking north at West Point; Central Park, including skating rink, Belvedere, fountain and zoo; looking north from West Point; cats; Ebbets Field and the Polo Grounds; Fort Tryon Park; Rye Beach Amusements.

[Bradley Martin Ball], 1897, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 39, Volume: 264 (Material Type: album)


Copies of portraits of Mrs. Bradley Martin (Cornelia Sherman Martin), the hostess, and her guests at a costume ball held in 1897; some portraits with Falk credit; most guests dressed as European royalty, also includes one man dressed as a samurai or Japanese aristocrat.

Snap shots -- Book V, from Summer 1936 to [1940], 1936-1940, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 75, Volume: 265 (Material Type: album)


Snapshots of the Barber family, including views at their home on Park Avenue, in Ridgewood; family and friends at vacation house at New London, Mel knitting, family with dogs, the pier and waterfront, a water bicycle, beach views, Ethel Barber's birthday party; views in Oslo; Billie at Jones Beach; a trip to California, including views in San Francisco, fishing in San Francisco bay, Mt. Tamalpais, Los Gatos and Montezuma School; portraits of family dogs; Lal in school play; leaving on Queen Mary for England; Stranahan Estate, Westport Connecticut, including house and grounds, pool, beach, Sound, boathouse, formal garden, pond, barbecue, interior views, gardener and other household employees; greeting cards, place cards, presents for Ethel's birthday, damage after 1938 hurricane; Billie at work in her studio; get together of the Red Bag Club, 1939; sleet storm at Ridgefield; Ed and the chief of police of Havana. See also album #266-273.

Ethel Amweg Scott Barber, Book I, [1880-1939], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 76, Volume: 266 (Material Type: album)


Portraits of Blanch Ethel Amweg, who went by Ethel; includes baby and childhood pictures with her mother and siblings, and at seaside entertainments, images of her at 15 and 17, and slightly later, including her in various costumes, including men's clothing; Ethel and friend dressed for masquerade; Ethel in what is probably her debutante dress, and possibly in her wedding dress to Walter Scott; views of the house decorated for her wedding, and her wedding presents; portraits of Ethel with her daughter Willette (Billie); portraits from travels, including Man Ray portraits; oter photographers include Underwood and Underwood, Kaiden and others; portrait of Ethel in her wedding dress for her wedding to Edward Barber; portraits made in Boston, San Francisco, Paris, Holywood, Florida, New York; views of her apartment on Park Ave., see also Album #190; includes early color photographs; portraits of Ethel, Billie and Mel outdoors at home. See also album #265, 267-273

Willette-Ann Scott Barber, Book I, 1911-1937, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 76, Volume: 267 (Material Type: album)


Portraits of Willette Ann Scott Barber, "Billie" born September 12, 1911. Views of her nursery; snapshots and portraits of Billie between ages 2 months and 28 years; snapshots of Billie in costume, in a school portrait, with Christmas tree, on horseback, in Monte Carlo; drawing of her by Christus Simatos; at the opera with Herman Goldman; on board ship with her dog; sketch by John Peter; proofs for John Powers and for Arthur William Brown story; at Atlantic Beach Club with James Blazely Blakley and "Mel"; snapshots at Central Park and at the Beach [Jones Beach]; sitting at desk writing; proofs of photographs by Kaiden Studios, some with Mel. See also album #265, 266, 268-273.

[Barber Family Album of Hawaii], 1898, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 39, Volume: 268 (Material Type: album)


Commercially produced photographs by Davey Photo. Co., one hand-colored, depicting buildings and scenery on Hawaii, including public ceremony with reviewing stand decorated with American, British and other flags; streets and buildings in Honolulu; Iolani Palace; Dr. Murray's Residence; Waikiki; scenery portraits of Hula dancers; man in army uniform in front of small house; small, possibly amateur photographs, including a picnic, shore and cliff views, a military camp; ships and outriggers, soldiers, including one on horseback. See also album #265-267, 269-273.

[Barber Family Album], [1860-1899], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 40, Volume: 269 (Material Type: album)


Portraits of members of the Barber, Townsend, and Morton families, and including James Fennimore Cooper and Gen. Winfield Scott Hancock, officers in front of a tent, the West Point Class of 1867, two views of an exhibition showing cannons and flags; series of group portraits where the women and men are dressed in the costume of various nationalities including Chinese, Scottish, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, French, Bedouin, and Native Americans and women dressed in costumes representing soldiers, maids, and a patriotic tableau. See also album #265-268, 270-273.

Photographs of Mr. & Mrs. Edw. J. Barber's apartments, 1120 Park Ave., New York, after 1925, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 40, Volume: 270 (Material Type: album)


Interior views of the apartment showing foyer, living room, dining room (with murals showing Italian scenes), library, game room, and the bedrooms of Billie (Willette A. Scott), Ethel and Edward, with Ethel seated at her desk in one view; accompanying copies of articles describing the marriage of Ethel Scott and Edward Barber in 1925; Art Deco design on blue cover. See also album #265-269, 271-273.

[Townsend and Barber family album], [1866-1889], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 40, Volume: 271 (Material Type: album)


Cartes-de-visite, cabinet cards and tintypes of the Barber, Townsend, Tremain, Berry, Thayer, Johnson, Van Rensselaer, Crosby, Martin, Pierson, Black, Johnson, Wilder, Van Vechten families, and others including James Fennimore Cooper and his sister as children. See also album #265-270, 272, 273.

West Point, Book of the class of 1867, 1867, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 40, Volume: 272 (Material Type: album)


Faculty and cadets at West Point, 1867, each identified, and including group portraits of the class, and views of West Point scenery.

[Thayer family album], [1880-1889], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 41, Volume: 273 (Material Type: album)


Cabinet card photographs of the Thayer, Townsend, Rensselaer, Ewing, Andrew, Morton, and Church families, and others; album bound in purple velvet. See also album #51, 136, 137, 265-272.

[E.B. Child album], [1890-1909], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 41, Volume: 274 (Material Type: album)


Includes images printed in both gelatin silver and cyanotype, and includes early Kodak views; farm views including winter scenes, men digging a trench, corn field, boy and goat, man with apples, fields, man in false beard with wheelbarrow; street views include a parade, homes, including backyard scenes, man with ponies, carriages; beach scenes and Clason Point Baths, gospel streetcar, and tent meeting, churches; interior views including a Christmas tree; portraits include women with tennis rackes, man with cat, men and women in graduation costume, men in costume or false beards, etc. emoting for the camera; many of the photographs are faded; small. See also album #79-81,101, 149, 154.

[Schieffelin family and friends, Bar Harbor, Me., and Scarborough N.Y.], 1896, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 41, Volume: 275 (Material Type: album)


Photographs by Jay Schieffelin; cyanotypes and gelatin silver prints; children with ponies and tricycle; Miss McLane's class of children; group portrait of the Committee for "In the Hollow of his Hand" Mission; Lea McI. Luguer and Anne Low Pierrepont posing together on their engagement; Willie and Margaret Schieffelin with mother and sister Mary in baby carriage and other portraits; Moncure Robinson; woman with terrier; Schieffelin family at Woodlea in Scarborough, including woman on bicycle and children with goat cart; Edith and Ernesto on their engagement; Woodlea decorated for Edith's wedding; views of Beechwood, home of H. Walter Webb, Scarborough.

[Newtown High School] Mandel Bros. Contracting Corporation, 1956, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 41, Volume: 276.1 (Material Type: album)


Photographs by Mal Gurian Associates, photographers, of the progress of the construction of Newtown High School in 1956.

[Newtown High School] Mandel Bros. Contracting Corporation, 1956, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 41, Volume: 276.2 (Material Type: album)


Documentation of subcontractor submissions for approval, drawings submissions, etc. for Newtown High School construction.

The University Club Souvenir, 1904, 1904, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 42, Volume: 277 (Material Type: album)


Twelve photographs depicting the University Club, including one exterior view showing carriages in front, and 11 interior views showing various richly appointed rooms, including a pool, billiard room, library, dining room, meeting and sitting rooms.

[Collins scrapbook of snapshots and postcards], [1906-1908], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 42, Volume: 278 (Material Type: album)


Includes snapshots on board a ship, including women visiting, men in uniform and in costume for Halloween, a polo match, men in aprons waiting on women, men on barren outdoor scene, possibly in Panama, view of the Andes, men hunting; postcards of Central and South America, Canada, the United States, and the largest group from Japan, some with messages visible; also includes two Howard Chandler Christy postcards.

Photographs [album of San Francisco views and people, Hawaiian scenes and celebrities, including royalty and Japanese envoys], 1861, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 42, Volume: 279 (Material Type: album)

Deo duce rerro comitante, Clinton S. Sears, U.S.A [West Point, Class of 1867, and 1868], 1867-1868, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 43, Volume: 280 (Material Type: album)


Photographs of faculty, students and buildings; annotations with each image giving student's commission, retirement date and rank, marriages, and death date.

Our Wedding, Karen and Bob, June 3, 1972. Isacson, Henry, photographer., 1972, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 44, Volume: 281 (Material Type: album)


Wedding album, bound in white with gold lettering on cover; color photographs approx. 7.5 x 9.5 in. or less; bride in front of mirror, with bridesmaids, a view showing bridal gown with train, bride with parents, with dog, arriving at church, marriage ceremony and communion, group portrait of wedding party, bride and groom, reception photographs, cutting the cake, dancing, etc.

[Vanderbilt costume ball], undated

Offsite-Box: 43, Volume: 282 (Material Type: album)

The streets of old New York: Twenty-four scenes and stories originally appearing in the Antiques section of the New York Sun., [1950], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 43, Volume: 283 (Material Type: album)


Issued in portfolio; title from cover; reproductions of drawings by J. Ernest Brierly of scenes, historic homes, taverns, roads, many representing the period of New Amsterdam

Album collection of photographic portraits of Trans-Atlantic Celebrities, Made in Europe during the Summer of 1869, by William J. Florence, and presented to A. Oakey Hall, Mayor of New York, by Joseph H. Tooker, 1869, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 44, Volume: 284 (Material Type: album)

Photographic Senatorial Album of the State of New York, 1872-73. Published by R. E. Churchill, photographer, Albany, N.Y., 1872-1873, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 45, Volume: 285 (Material Type: album)

Progress Photos, South Ferry, 1955-1958, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 50, Volume: 286.1 (Material Type: album)

Progress Photos, South Ferry, 1955-1958, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 50, Volume: 286.2 (Material Type: album)


Construction photographs of the South Ferry building (Contract 2881A); men from various trades at work; general views of the project; details of demolition and construction and of various rooms and areas of the buildings; 8x10 images in 3-ring binders.

Photographs, ES to Libby B. Knox [Portraits, Civil War officers], undated

Offsite-Box: 45, Volume: 287 (Material Type: album)



[Wainwright album], [1860-1879], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 45, Volume: 288 (Material Type: album)


Cartes-de-visite, mostly unidentified, including some prominent persons, including Grant and other Civil War Generals, and others; a caricature, European scenes and art, sentimental views.

Anglo-Catholic Episcopate in America, [1840-1870], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 51, Volume: 289 (Material Type: album)


Engravings and albumen prints of clergy, primarily bishops, by various engravers and photographers, including R.W. Doson, T. Gimbrede, W. Main, J.F.E. Prud'homme, J. Gurney & Son, Rockwood & Co. and others.

[Alice W. Bartlett album], [1870-1939], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 49, Volume: 290 (Material Type: album)


Photographs of Alice Bartlett and members of the Stinson, Smith and Harvey families, including wedding and graduation pictures; mostly amateur photography.

Yo-semite Valley California / by Gustavus Fagersteen, 1887, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 44, Volume: 291 (Material Type: album)


Views in Yosemite including waterfalls, rocks, mountains, people riding coach through an arch cut in a big tree; composite photograph of people in "Big Tree room, including couple playing guitar, others seated at tables or in front of fireplace, lined with views of Yosemite; issued in green portfolio.

Souvenier [sic] of 1876. Greatorex, Eliza Pratt, 1819-1897, artist., [1876], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 51, Volume: 292 (Material Type: album)


Lithographs, including cover, with various scenes from Independence Hall, Old Witch House, Salem, David Burnes house in Washington, D.C., Old Swede's Church, Philadelphia, Mount Vernon, Christ Church in Alexandria, Arlington Heights; probably issued in portfolio, now bound.

Engravings of the '40s, views of the British Isles, [1840-1849], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 51, Volume: 293 (Material Type: album)


Etchings and engravings of scenes in Great Britain, primarily in Scotland, including Yorkshire, Westmoreland, Curbria, Liverpool, Cambridge, London, Wales, Ireland and other locations; a menagerie, castles, abbeys, bridges, monuments, landscapes, including lochs, waterfalls, cliffs; publishers and engravers include J. Menzies, T & W. McDowall, J. Shearer, R.S. Michie, J.L. Smith, J. & F. Harwood, Rock & Co, J. Gellatty, James Mitchell and Co., W. Forrest, J. Mason, W.H. Lizars, David Nimmo, T. Stewart, J. Johnstone, A. Dole, Henry Cave, E. Finden, B. Carter, S. Rawle, W. Cooke, J. Newman, Russsell and Cowan, and others; also includes handcolored views of New Haven fishermen and other scenes.

[Album of clippings depicting ships], [1930-1939], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 51, Volume: 294 (Material Type: album)


River Steamers, including images of the Clermont, sailing ships, ocean liners, sailing and steam yachts, ferries, primarily centered in New York and the Northeast; includes earlier illustrations, as well as contemporary photographs.

Constitution. Burton, James, photographer, 1901, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 52, Volume: 295 (Material Type: album)


Views of the Yacht "Constitution" during the 1901 season, including at Newport May 30 and June 4, the Commodores, Cup July 22 at Glen Cove, Astor Cup at Newport, July 29; each image with blind stamp of the photographer James Burton; has Harold Godwin bookplate and card with flags and "Constitution" printed on it affixed to inside front cover of Album.

[Album of clippings of cartoons from the New Yorker (?)], [1930-1939], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 75, Volume: 296 (Material Type: album)


Cartoons by William Steig, Otto Soglow, Peter Arno, Gluyas Williams Abner Dean and others.

[Album of portraits of John Jay], undated

Offsite-Box: 77, Volume: 297 (Material Type: album)


Copy photographs of paintings, prints, an event handkerchief, and a bust depicting John Jay, many with sources and cropping marks, articles and letters regarding likenesses of him, a copy of No. 28, Publications of the Order of Colonial Lords of Manors in American: The Jay Family, by Laura Jay Wells, 1938, and a program from the Sesquicentennial Celebration of the Supreme Court of the United States; all housed in loose-leaf binder; laid in are a family tree of the Jay Family and "Jack's Panorama of Firth Avenue from 57th to 91st drawn in 1903" showing houses on Fifth Avenue, drawn on lined paper.

[Scrapbook of clippings and souvenirs], [1890-1911], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 77, Volume: 298 (Material Type: album)


Portraits of politicians, bureaucrats, businessmen, and baseball players; views of buildings and fences covered with posters and bills, and a building housing a bill posters' business, bill poster's advertisement, Buffalo Bill invitation, bill posters' association dinner, and other advertising related persons; views of Tarpon Springs, and Palm Springs Florida; views of Long Beach and other Long Island locales; series of portraits of little girls sitting at Smith typewriters, including ethnic stereotypes of African American and Chinese girls.

1881 Photographic annual of the state officers, Senate & Assembly of the state of New York. By the Notman Photographic Co., Albany, N.Y., 1881, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 97, Volume: 299 (Material Type: album)


Photo-montages of the Senate and Assembly of New York, with key to photographs.

Scrapbooks of clippings, lithographs and photographs of New York locations and people, [1840] and later

Offsite-Box: 300.1 (Material Type: album)

Scrapbooks of clippings, lithographs and photographs of New York locations and people, [1840] and later

Offsite-Box: 300.2 (Material Type: album)


Clippings from magazines and newspapers, including German-language press, certificates, business cards, letterhead, maps, advertisements; items depict places, including taverns, homes, theatres, markets, tenements, churches, government and commercial buildings; events such as the ship's quarantine in 1851, Purim celebration, battle between rival gangs, parades, solar eclipse, fires and other disasters; some portraits. Many maps.

Wedding Book, volume 2, 1913-1915, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 97, Volume: 301 (Material Type: album)


Scrapbook compiled by Evelyn Witherbee documenting the weddings of friends; includes invitations, thank you notes, newspaper clippings and snapshots of Gwynne-Van Schaick, Baylis-Aurebach, Lawrence-Atwell, Von Friesen-Scheitlin, Linn-Blair, Pyne-Landon, Field-Marshall, Sloane-Lee marriages.

Photographic views of Hudson Square, 1866-1867, inclusive

Volume: 302 (Material Type: album)


"Six photographic views of Hudson Square, St. John's Park, presented by the Vestry of Trinity Church July 19, 1867, in Port-folio"; Beach St. and park, west from Varick; Hudson St. and park; looking west across the center of St. John's Park; looking east from center of St. John's Park; St. John's Park, Laight St. side from Hudson; Varick Street and park from Laight St.

[Robert Ludlow Fowler family albums, 1916-1920s], 1916-1918, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 52, Volume: 303.1 (Material Type: album)


Is embossed "Photographs Vol. II," Angela as a baby, at Aratoma Farm, Katonah, views at a cottage in Summerville, S.C. plantation homes, cabins, a fort, unidentified African Americans, homes in Beaufort, S.C., snapshots at a wedding, views at Happy Valley Farm, including the gardens, family, building stone pump house, travels in Plattsburg, N.Y. and Stockbridge, Mass., Robert Fowler in uniform, R.O.T.C. training in Plattsburg, picnics and beach views, biplanes at a field in Garden City, L.I.

[Robert Ludlow Fowler family albums, 1916-1920s], 1919-1925, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 52, Volume: 303.2 (Material Type: album)


Fowler family snaphots, including children, babies, Godwin and other families; farm and garden scenes; Katonah Welcome Home parade, including World War I soldiers and nurses, floats, a band concert, May 31, 1919; views in Massachusetts including historic homes and buildings, and interiors; snow scenes; views in Connecticut and Rhode Island; horses; construction scenes; Rippowam School field day and play, 1923.

[Robert Ludlow Fowler family albums, 1916-1920s], 1921-1922, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 53, Volume: 303.3 (Material Type: album)


Fowler family snapshots, including children; trip to the Mediterranean, Spain, France, Italy, Monaco, England, including churches and cloisters, castles, chateaus, villas, cottages, gardens and street scenes; views in Rheims showing World War I destruction.

[Robert Ludlow Fowler family albums, 1916-1920s], 1925-1929, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 54, Volume: 303.4 (Material Type: album)


Hiking and hunting in Maine, blizzard of 1926 in Katonah, dogs and children, skating, sledding, etc.; other views at the Fowler home in Katonah, including tree house and bird feeder, Banksia roses, horseback riding; African American domestics Annie, Dorothy, and Ann Eliza; Waring family members and views in Charleston, and other S.C. locations; Rippowam School activities, including plays and field days; swimming, boating and beach views; Godwin family members, Godurie family members; vacation views in Florida, Massachusetts, Long Island, Rhode Island, Cuba; views of New Orleans; Whitman family members; Warren family members; gardens, including family working in garden and stacking firewood. See also album #89, 304-307.

[Robert Ludlow Fowler family albums, 1932-1936], 1932-1933, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 53, Volume: 304.1 (Material Type: album)


Snapshots of the Fowler Family, friends and relations; Rippowam School field days, St. Paul's School (Concord, N.H.) crew races; children playing, swimming, on the beach, sailing, and horseback riding; vacationing on Cape Cod, including group watching an eclipse of the sun through filters, and the sun during the eclipse; views in Katonah; horse-show at Bedford, N.Y. ; winter and spring holidays, 1933, including sledding and other snowy scenes, playing field hockey, baseball and horse riding; birthday picnics.

[Robert Ludlow Fowler family albums, 1932-1936], 1934, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 53, Volume: 304.2 (Material Type: album)


Trip to Scotland and Ireland: castles, cottages, landscapes, gardens, family members; views at a regatta, a horse show and horse "Blood stock sale"; sheep dipping, peat cutters and other country scenes; beach scenes; Katonah.

[Robert Ludlow Fowler family albums, 1932-1936], 1935-1936, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 77, Volume: 304.3 (Material Type: album)


House, gardens, picnics, crew races, snow scenes, dogs; travels.

[Robert Ludlow Fowler family albums, 1932-1936], 1935-1936, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 78, Volume: 304.4 (Material Type: album)


France, including Mont St. Michel, Spain, Oct. 21-Nov. 18 1935, views of castles, churches, interiors of the Alhambra, views of gardens, map showing route they drove, clippings from 1936 regarding Civil War, and trapped American tourists.

[Robert Ludlow Fowler family albums, 1932-1936], [1932-1936], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 86, Volume: 304.5 (Material Type: album)


Loose album pages, showing Fowler family at Katonah, and loose portraits of the family. See also album #89, 303, 305-307.

[Robert Ludlow Fowler family albums, 1936-1939], 1936, May-1937, May

Offsite-Box: 78, Volume: 305.1 (Material Type: album)


Fowler family activities including picnics, tennis, crew, field day, swimming, holidays, beach scenes, sailing, gardening, trips.

[Robert Ludlow Fowler family albums, 1936-1939], 1936-1939, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 79, Volume: 305.2 (Material Type: album)


Activities including picnics, tennis, snow scenes, dogs, stacking firewood, working on the road, repairing pool; views in Williamsburg, Va., Bermuda; Philadelphia Garden Club outing, St. Paul's School, crew races, sailing, gardens, wedding of Angela Fowler and Craig Wylie; Shirley Temple on deck of Queen of Bermuda.

[Robert Ludlow Fowler family albums, 1936-1939], 1939, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 79, Volume: 305.3 (Material Type: album)


1939 trip including Italy, Greece, Turkey, views aboard ship. See also album #89, 303, 304, 306, 307.

[Robert Ludlow Fowler family albums, 1941-1945], 1941-1942, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 80, Volume: 306.1 (Material Type: album)


Fowler family activities, Robert Fowler, III in navy uniform, views in Quebec, Maine, Rhode Island, Pam at Smith College flying field; Christmas.

[Robert Ludlow Fowler family albums, 1941-1945], 1943, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 54, Volume: 306.2 (Material Type: album)


Grandchildren, including christenings.

[Robert Ludlow Fowler family albums, 1941-1945], 1945, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 55, Volume: 306.3 (Material Type: album)


Family activities, grandchildren; all vols. include some color photos. See also album #89, 303-305, 307.

[Robert Ludlow Fowler family albums, 1946-1951], [1946], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 55, Volume: 307.1 (Material Type: album)


One album, partially filled, no date, possibly 1946, views of people in yard at Katonah.

[Robert Ludlow Fowler family albums, 1946-1951], 1946-1947, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 55, Volume: 307.2 (Material Type: album)


Children and grandchildren, skiing, yard work, swimming, fishing, a parade, beach scenes, picnics.

[Robert Ludlow Fowler family albums, 1946-1951], 1947, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 81, Volume: 307.3 (Material Type: album)


Garden club picnic with women in historic costume, construction project, digging potatoes, family activities, including sailing.

[Robert Ludlow Fowler family albums, 1946-1951], 1948, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 56, Volume: 307.4 (Material Type: album)


Pam's Wedding album, 1948: larger format professional photographs of the wedding of Pam Fowler to Robert McKim.

[Robert Ludlow Fowler family albums, 1946-1951], 1948-1949, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 56, Volume: 307.5 (Material Type: album)


Engagement parties for Pam and Harry; snapshots of Pam's wedding, including color shots; family activities, Thanksgiving, horses in Virginia, color snapshots of the gardens at Katonah.

[Robert Ludlow Fowler family albums, 1946-1951], 1947-1948, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 81, Volume: 307.6 (Material Type: album)

[Robert Ludlow Fowler family albums, 1946-1951], 1949, inclusive

Volume: 307.7 (Material Type: album)


Spring views in Katonah and elsewhere, children's homes, grandchildren, beach views.

[Robert Ludlow Fowler family albums, 1946-1951], 1950, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 56, Volume: 307.8 (Material Type: album)


Children and grandchildren, painting the chicken coop, attending a dog show, beach views, C.F. on sailboat with camera in her lap.

[Robert Ludlow Fowler family albums, 1946-1951], 1951, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 56, Volume: 307.9 (Material Type: album)


Fowler and Wylie Family at Fisher's Island, including beach scenes; McKim family with house, incluiding interior, automobile, and baby Charlotte; a wedding; men fishing, and fishing boats; includes color photographs. See also album #89, 303-306.

[Album of images of women], [1895], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 82, Volume: 308 (Material Type: album)


Has a description of "A perfect woman" pasted on inside front cover; images of women, many taken from "Sarony's Living Pictures" published by Napoleon Sarony in 1895; includes views from other sources, including reproductions of sculpture and paintings.

Photographs, 1901, 1898-1901, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 89, Volume: 309.1 (Material Type: album)

Photographs, 1902, 1898-1902, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 88, Volume: 309.2 (Material Type: album)


On the cover are earlier images. Primarily snapshots; portraits of Albert and Alma Clayburgh; Dewey Arch and Naval Parade, 1899; Central Park; house called the Crags in Harmony Park, Yonkers including interiors and porches, stables, greenhouse, gardens, dairy and chicken yard, carriages in stable, portraits of horses; Albert Clayburgh on porch at crags, and on board the yacht Coyote; snapshots of friends and family in garden, including terrier named Folly; views in Yonkers, including Getty Square, Warburton Ave., Broadway, Main Street, Van Cortland Road, churches, Manor House, the racetrack; views on the Hudson, including ferry landing at Alpine with Palisades, the old Cornwallace Headquarters, Hudson piers at Yonkers; residences and other buildings in Dobbs Ferry, Hastings, Irvington; Ardsley Gold Club; views in New Hampshire including hotels, mountains and waterfalls; views in Saratoga; ice sailing at Lakewood, N.J.; commercial photographs and snapshots of Paris, including views, from Exposition Universalle (?); Fontainbleau; Versaille; Nice, including self-portrait in convex glass; Villefrance; Monte Carlo; Mentone; Rome; Naples; snapshot of soldiers along side of road; Pompeii; goats and donkeys.

[Album of photographs of Victorian resort homes], [1890], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 81, Volume: 310 (Material Type: album)


Albumen prints of country homes, children playing, a train stations with waiting omnibuses, and a view of an African American man; views of newly built homes, one still under construction; portrait of man with cigar; two views of surf; copy of a painting of a woman; man on horseback; portrait of a girl.

[Albumen prints of Europe], [1890-1899], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 57, Volume: 311 (Material Type: album)


Views of Amsterdam, Brussels and other northern European cities.

Princeton College, Class of '73, 1873, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 83, Volume: 312 (Material Type: album)


Individual portraits of faculty and of the class of 1873; group portraits of the class, young men playing cards, a group of work men including African American, group including man in costume, gymnasts; views of the campus, including building under construction, and train crossing a small draw bridge; interior view of library; copy of a cartoon showing student life; photographs by Howell, of N.Y.

C. Davenport Clarke, Wesleyan University '78, 1878, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 57, Volume: 313 (Material Type: album)


Portraits of faculty and students of the class of 1878 of Wesleyan University, including individual and group portraits, portraits of the baseball team and the crew, views of the campus, including interiors, and views of Middletown, Conn.; Frank Forshew, of Hudson N.Y., photographer.

Sketches of Fairmount Park / by S.S., 1875, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 57, Volume: 314 (Material Type: album)


Copyright 1875 by S. Spackman; photographic copies of drawings or prints showing scenes in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia.

[Photographic copies of allegorical prints], undated

Offsite-Box: 78, Volume: 315 (Material Type: album)


Photographic copies of allegorical prints, many of women and children in domestic situations; also includes landscapes, romantic couples, animals. See also album #12, 85

[Views of New York city], [1897], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 58, Volume: 316 (Material Type: album)


Views taken from King's New York Views, 1897, copy of which is laid in album; including buildings and business, including insurance companies and others; also has images of ships laid in.

[Low Family photographs], 1889, 1899, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 58, Volume: 317 (Material Type: album)


President's carriage coming up Broadway, April 30, 1889 centennial celebration; ship under construction, buildings and homes in Brooklyn, warehouses and piers along the Brooklyn waterfront, tree lined street, two men on sailboat named Abiel Abbot Low, portrait of two men, watercolor landscapes; views from a trip west, including group on glacier at Glacier, ferry called the Oregon, logs splashing into river or pond at Castle Crag, Cal., Mt. Shasta], group portrait above rapids [Niagara]; photographs are various sizes, most mounted; included photographs by B.J. Smith of Brooklyn, A.H. Green, Castle Crag, and Moorehead. See also album #24.

[Allegorical subjects: original engravings for Godeys Lady's Book, Graham's Magazine, Peterson's Magazine and other sources], [1830-1869], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 58, Volume: 318 (Material Type: album)


Portraits, landscapes, allegorical scenes, Biblical illustration and genre scenes from various 19th century publications; most laid in album as if the owner had intended to mount them in the album.

H. B. Lawrence, Class '66, Bowdoin [College], 1866, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 59, Volume: 319 (Material Type: album)


Views of the college, professors and their homes, group portraits of class and fraternities, portraits of individual classmates, with later portraits of many of them laid in, view of Main Street, Brunswick, Me.

Caricature Aus. dem Amerikanischen Bürgerkriege, [1860-1869], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 59, Volume: 320 (Material Type: album)


Print and photo montage caricatures on cartes-de-visite.

[Murray family album, James B. Murray, 1789-1866], [1860-1879], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 61, Volume: 321 (Material Type: album)

[Album belonging to John B. Murray (1818-1889) and his wife Mrs. John B. Murray (Sara E. Crafts)], undated

Offsite-Box: 60, Volume: 322 (Material Type: album)


Cartes-de visite of celebrities, prominent people, family and friends, a group portrait of the Oneida Community.

[De Groot family album], [1870-1920], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 60, Volume: 323 (Material Type: album)


de Groot family and others, including snapshots. See also album #33.

Gramercy Park, 1831-1931, 1931, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 58, Volume: 324 (Material Type: album)


Album of items commemorating the Centenary of Gramercy Park, including clippings describing exhibit at the National Arts Club, a checklist of the exhibit, photographs documenting the exhibit, including people involved and descendants of those pictured; photographs of the park and surrounding area; parade of people in historic costume, going to the garden party May 16, 1931, some of the descendants of Alexander M. Lawrence, trustee of the Park..

White Mountain views. -- [Boston, Forbes Co., 1884] (White Mountain series.), 1884, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 62, Volume: 325 (Material Type: album)


A collection of 15 Albertype prints. Issued in portfolio; views of Crawford House, railroad in White Mountain Notch, rivers and waterfalls, Mt. Washington, a log home on the Glen Ellis River, the Wiley home.

Rangeley Lake Views. Forbes Co., [1890-1899], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 62, Volume: 326 (Material Type: album)


Gravures of Rangeley Lake and vicinity, including views of lakes, waterfalls, cottages, hotels, dams, camp, tourists with guns and fishing poles, Rangeley City, and Oquossoc Angling Assn. Building.

Union College class of 1860, 1860, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 61, Volume: 327 (Material Type: album)


74 photographs of the class and of faculty, many with signatures; program for Alumni Day, 114th Commencement, 1910 laid in.

Compliments of The Equitable Life Assurance Society of the U.S., [1903], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 82, Volume: 328 (Material Type: album)


Portraits of officers of the Equitable Life Assurance Society of the U.S., most dated 1903; one portrait of Henry B. Hyde notes that he died in 1899; others pictured include James W. Alexander, James Hazen Hyde, Gage E. Tarbell, George T. Wilson, William H. McIntyre, William Alexander, Thomas D. Jordan, Sidney D. Ripley, Bainbridge Colby, H.R. Winthrop, M. Murray, --- Van Cise, Robert De Forrest, Edward N. Lambert, M.D., Dr. Curtis, Dr. Bross, Dr. Pell, --- Jackson, --- Maine, August Belmont; photographic copy of letter from Hyde in 1859 regarding the founding of the Equitable, and offering a policy, and an advertisement listing the officers in 1899, laid in.

[Views in Great Britain], [1880-1889], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 85, Volume: 329 (Material Type: album)


Views in Scotland, some dated between 1887 and 1889, including views of Kirn, the S.S. Ivanhoe, Rothsay Castle, the Trossachs, Loch Katrine, Loch Lomond, including swans on the Loch, Invarrary Cross, sculptures of Longfellow and Sir Walter Scott, views in Stratford, including interior of house and church, Warwick Castle, Kenilworth, Manor House Hotel, boats on river or canal, Canterbury Cathedral, windows in New College Chapel, Oxford, interior of Westminster Abbey, view of St. Paul's; view of a fjord; photographs by James Valentine and George Washington Wilson.

[Clippings of articles by Marie Trommer], [1920-1959], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 86, Volume: 330 (Material Type: album)


Clippings of poems, essays, reviews and translations by, and mentions of Marie Trommer, many of them on Jewish artists and subjects, and observations of life in Brooklyn.

Photographs, 1859, C.P. Bailey [Dartmouth College Class of 1859], [1859], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 83, Volume: 331 (Material Type: album)


Most images signed on mount, many with accompanying dedication laid in.

[de Loosey and Havemeyer family album], [1860]-1916, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 84, Volume: 332 (Material Type: album)


Portraits of the de Loosey and Havemeyer families: Emilie de Loosey became Mrs. Theodore A. Havemeyer; includes copy photographs of paintings and earlier photographs, engravings, and tintypes; Charles de Loosey with Carlotta, wife of Emperor Maximillian of Mexico at Niagara Falls; portraits of Frederick C. Havemeyer, Augustus Havemeyer, John and Lily Havemeyer Mayer, Emily (Mayer) Willis in her wedding gown posed in front of wall of large leaves with her dog, E.C. Potter with his polo mallet and with family, including Emily Havemeyer Potter, Bianca Duncan and children; F.C. Havemeyer IV and friend in Japanese costume drinking tea; includes photographs by Alman, Marceau, Kamamura, Pach Bros., Reutlinger, Rilf and others.

[Album of postcards, clippings and photographs], [1907], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 84, Volume: 333 (Material Type: album)


Postcards from around the world, including the U.S., Philippines, Japan, Egypt, Ceylon, Monte Carlo; portraits of William Williams, Sam W. Hoke,; snapshots of the Hotel Bonhomie, a fishing boat; clippings about fishing, presidential candidates, bill posting, lodge officers, City Island, circus history, and obituaries of Tammany politicians and circus people; ticket for 1907 Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show.

[European celebrities, cartes-de-visite], [1850-1880], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 87, Volume: 334 (Material Type: album)


List of sitters laid in.

Harvard, 1858, [1858], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 90, Volume: 335 (Material Type: album)


Views of the campus, faculty, including Louis Agassiz, Asa Gray, Oliver Wendell Holmes, James Russell Lowell, Henry W. Longfellow and others, and members of the class of 1858; letter from Geo. C. Burgess, member of the class to H. W. Bryant, bookseller, laid in.

Smaller World War etchings, 1920 / Bernhardt Wall, 1920, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 62, Volume: 336 (Material Type: album)


Signed and numbered on title page; plates mounted on inside of covers; also includes a color sketch of a soldier.

Grand Winter Cruise of S.S. La Touraine to the Mediterranean, the Orient and the Holy Land, [1895], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 62, Volume: 337 (Material Type: album)


Issued in portfolio with title page; Compagnie Générale Transatlantique, French Line, publisher; 102 leaves; views of the ship, crew on deck, passengers on deck; views in New York, Spain, France, Italy, Malta, Greece, Alexandria, Cairo, the Pyramids, Constantinople, Jaffa, Jerusalem, in the Suez Canal, Tunis and Algiers.

Scrapbook, "Natalie Lorillard Bailey, Started September 1st 1907", [1890]-1929, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 85, Volume: 338 (Material Type: album)


Mrs. Lewis Gouverneur Morris; includes views from the 1890s-1929, family and friends, and including costume balls and plays.

Centennial Year, 1959-1960, Cooper Union, 1959-1960, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 86, Volume: 339 (Material Type: album)


Photographs, programs, photostats of articles and other materials documenting the Centennial of Cooper Union. Issued in slip case.

[Photographs of Equitable Bldg.], undated

Offsite-Box: 101, Volume: 340 (Material Type: album)


Views of building, George B. Post, architect; exterior view, ornate entrance hall, with murals and stained glass vaulted ceiling, board room, executive offices, including man in office, stairway and column-line hallway, stained glass, office with high tables for clerks, cashiers'' office, "Negro elevator starter (very tall)" showing African American man in hallway, office with stuffed owl on top of safe, Law Library, "Primitive Pent House on the roof," luncheon room for Board of directors (after meeting), men seated at tables in entry hall.

Immediate Source of Acquisition

Gift of James Hazen Hyde, 1946.

Reise-Erinnerungen, 1885-86, 1888, 1885-1886, 1888, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 90, Volume: 341 (Material Type: album)


Nord-Amerika und Canada, 1885-1886; Spanien, 1888; Commercial photographs and published views in North American and Spain, including views of yachts, probably at Newport, hotels, homes, tourists at Niagara Falls, views at Savannah, group with horses and dogs for a hunt, views in Jacksonville, snowy views and ice palaces (St. Paul?), huge stacks of lumber by river, government buildings; Montreal; views in Spain, including Bilbao, Toledo, Seville, the Alhambra, Cartagena.

[George Cotton's Theater Scrapbook], [1924-1966], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 87, Volume: 342 (Material Type: album)


Playbills, reviews and other articles, telegrams, snapshots and theater stills documenting the career of George Cotton, many of the earlier items showing set designs by Norman Bel Geddes.

[Portrait album], [1870-1899], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 98, Volume: 343 (Material Type: album)


Portraits of mostly unidentified persons, including many of young children and women; one portrait of woman with seven St. Bernard puppies; mostly studio, some outdoor views; includes some identified as with the name Lewis.

[Photographs of the New York city water system], [1900]-1908, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 62, Volume: 344 (Material Type: album)


Views in Lower Manhattan of laying new water mains, and firemen testing the pressure at the Gansevoort pumping station; loose photographs of the New York waters system, including Croton Reservoir.

Old New York, undated

Offsite-Box: 345 (Material Type: album)


Photographs by H.H. Tiemann Co., Peyser & Patzig, and unidentified photographer(s) depicting New York scenes, including Delmonico's Hotel (1885), Madison Avenue, north from 41st (1884), Fifth Avenue north from 18th, with Chickering Hall (1879); Fifth Avenue South from 34th St. (1899); Fifth Avenue south from 35th Street (1876, 1898); Dr. Sarsaparilla Townsend House, 34th and 5th, site of Stewart Mansion (1880); A.T. Stewards House (March 17, 1894); Astor House, (1893, 1894); Fifth north from 34th (1899); 37th and Fifth Ave. (1908); Lord & Taylor, 38th and Fifth (1907); Old Reservoir (1899); Rutgers Female college from 41st (1885); Fifth Ave. and 42nd Street (after 1911); Fifth Ave. State (1899); Fifth Avenue North from 42nd Street (1899); Jewish Synagogue, Fifth Ave. and 44th; N.E. corner Fifth Ave. and 45th showing John N. Golding's office (1907); Windsor Hotel, Fifth Ave. and 46th (1894; Fifth Avenue North from 48th (1899); Buckingham Hotel, Fifth Avenue & 50th Street (1878); North side West 48th , (1922, later Rockefeller Center); Democratic Club, Buckingham Hotel and Belgravia, Fifth and 49th St. (1907, later Saks); North east corner Fifth Ave. and 51st, Union Club (1938); Twin Vanderbilt Houses, Fifth and 52nd, and looking south on Fifth from 52nd (1925); Madison Ave. looking Northwest from 55th (with much open land in foreground); West side of Fifth Ave. 53rd to 55th Street (1890); Fifth Ave. north from 53rd (1898); St. Thomas Church, Fifth Ave. and 54th St. (1876); St. Luke's Hospital, Main entrance, Fifth Avenue and 54th; St. Luke's looking east toward Fifth Ave. (1894); Mrs. Alice G. Vanderbilts, 57th to 58th, and Fifth Avenue; Plaza Hotel, Fifth Ave. and 59th (1894); Fifth Ave. & 61st Street, Hotel Pierre (1930); Temple Beth El, Fifth Ave. and 76th (1892); N.E. corner, Fifth Ave. and 82nd, showing empty lot, shack and women (1898); Fifth Ave. and 101st-102nd St., (1894) showing shacks; S.E.. corner, Madison Ave. and 28th (1911); Park Avenue Hotel (1875); Fourth Ave. and 42nd St. showing destroyed building (1896); Park Avenue North from 60th St.; Madison 49-50, Columbia College; N.E. corner 49th and Madison, Hamilton Hall; Gerry House and Metropolitan Club, 60th and 61st S. (1930); Park Ave. North from 66th St.; Hunter College, Park Ave. 68th - 69th, with piles of stone lining street; looking west from park Ave. and 93rd (1872); Sutton Place 56th Street looking N.E. (1910); Shot tower, Sutton Place, 53-54 St. (1874); New York Athletic club; York Avenue East side looking south, 63rd-62nd (1948); Racquet and Tennis Club, 25 West 43rd. St.; Central Park Garden, 6th Ave. and 59th (1883); Rossmore Hotel, 42nd and Broadway (1882); Broadway n. from 42nd (1901); On the Boulevard (Broadway) (1898); Hon. D. F. Tiemann's house, Broadway and 98th (1898); 80-81st St. and West End Ave. (1894); Broadway west from 123rd (1903); New York Central Yards looking north (1904); N.Y. Central Yard looking s. west from about 47th (1898); Park Avenue S. from 50th Street (1903); e. sided Park Ave., 50-51st looking south to site of Waldorf & Park Lane (1921); New York Central Train Yard, Park Ave. s., (1898); Fifth Ave., 10th and 11th (190s); copy of painting showing Beekman Cove on East River.

Photographs of New York streets and buildings, 1911-1913, 1911-1913, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 103, Volume: 346 (Material Type: album)


391 official photographs of street scenes in New York City. The object of these official photographs was presumably to indicate encroachments of the sidewalk space by entrance railings, advertising signs and merchandise. Images are paired in before and after shots. Streets pictured include 23rd, 34th, 42nd, 59th, 125th, Ann, Broadway, Fifth Ave. Fulton St. and Park Row. Pedestrians and other individuals are clearly depicted along with signs, stoops, awnings, wrought iron railings, and facades.

New York at Gettysburg Vol. 1, undated

Offsite-Box: 63, Volume: 348.1 (Material Type: album)

New York at Gettysburg Vol. II, undated

Offsite-Box: 63, Volume: 348.2 (Material Type: album)


Monuments to New York State military units at Gettysburg battlefield.

[Album of cartes-de-visite collected and identified by Herbert Ray Clarke], [1856-1870], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 64, Volume: 349 (Material Type: album)


Cartes-de-visite of Civil War officers; A. Lincoln, including with his son; members of Lincoln's cabinet; Confederate officials and officers; politicians, writers, clergy, actors and actresses, including Tom Thumb, singers and ballet dancers; Queen Victoria and other royalty, a cricket team, a member of the Japanese Embassy; a hotel in Trenton Falls; includes copies of portrait engravings, and of sentimental prints and paintings; copies of ethnic stereotype caricatures; copy photograph by Rice of a Brady image of Lincoln laid in.

Tonisgah, 1914-[1949], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 64, Volume: 350 (Material Type: album)


Primarily views of his home in the Catskills near Phoenicia and its visitors, with inscriptions from his friends and visitors; cartoons, clippings, a feather, etc., laid in. See also album #351.

[Joseph Keppler Family Album], [1870-1909], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 64, Volume: 351 (Material Type: album)


Views of Joseph Keppler as a child and young man, and parents and grandparents on both sides of his family, including the Keppler, Pfau, Schuman, and Urban families, man in theatrical roles, Keppler's wife and children, Harriet Maxwell Converse, poet and author, with Nishanyanent or C. Abram a sachem. See also album #350.

[United States Navy Ships], [1900-1919], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 65, Volume: 352 (Material Type: album)


Some views by N.L. Stebbins, Boston and Muller, Brooklyn; battleships, destroyers, submarines and other warships, support ships including tenders and hospital ships, and views of tall ships including the Servern with men visible in the rigging, the frigate Constitution, and the Santee (probably copy print from earlier photo), and the Constitution at dock in the Boston Navy Yard, the St. Marys, and others; most views that are dated are from between 1900 and 1909; also includes view of Japanese ships, June, 1907.

[Lake Torpedo Boat Co. yards, Bridgeport, Connecticut and submarine construction and launching], 1915-1917, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 65, Volume: 353 (Material Type: album)


Most views stamped in negative with Lake Torpedo Boat Co. logo; views in the L.B.T. Co. Yards, Bridgeport, Connecticut, including general views of the yard from the water, views of fill, and the yard under construction, bending blocks and furnaces, the yard under snow, interior view of the machine, and other shops, the power house, fitting our basin; views of launchings, including sponsors, the ship sliding into the water, model of the U.S.S. L-5; Miss Dorothy Elliott, sponsor of U.S.S. N-4; Mrs. George E. Bevans, sponsor of the N-5; Mrs. J.A. Kissick, sponsor of the N-6; the U.S.S.. L-5 at official trials.

R.C. Sage [Harper family album], undated

Offsite-Box: 66, Volume: 354 (Material Type: album)


Cartes-de-visite of Harper (James Harper, founder of Harper Bros., publishing and mayor of New York), Perego, Colgate, Ranney Roome, Dimmock, Andrews, Sackett, Snyder, Bradstreet families and others; includes men, women and children. See also album #54, 355.

[Harper family cabinet card album], [1890-1899], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 66, Volume: 355 (Material Type: album)


James Harper Family, and members of the Perego, Ranney, Budd, Dimock, Fleet, Colgate, and Blacksham families. See also album #54, 354; related to Harper Family Mss. Collection.

The photographs of Abraham Lincoln / By Frederick Hill Meserve. -- New York : Privately printed, 1911., 1911, inclusive

Volume: 356 (Material Type: album)


110 p. : ill., mounted photographs, portraits, facsim; 29 cm. "This edition consists of one hundred and two numbered ... No. 24. Accompanied by Supplement No. 1-4."

Separated Materials note

Album cataloged and stored with printed collections

Views of New York, undated

Offsite-Box: 66, Volume: 358.1 (Material Type: album)

Views of New York, undated

Offsite-Box: 66, Volume: 358.2 (Material Type: album)


Clippings and photographs depicting New York scenes, including landscapes, churches, buildings, events, maps, portraits and reproductions of early proclamations and other documents; views were made primarily between the 1850s and 1890s.

Halloween party, 1956, given by Mr. Alan Lloyd Wolfe, 1956, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 67, Volume: 359.1 (Material Type: album)

Halloween party, 1956, given by Mr. Alan Lloyd Wolfe, 1956, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 67, Volume: 359.2 (Material Type: album)


Cocktails in tent on Tudor City dead end street, Greyhound buses driven to Staten Island Ferry, with musicians on board (Printceton Glee Club, etc.) drive to restaurant, dinner dancing, Glee Club entertaining country hay ride on the Island. Back to N.Y. and on to St. George Hotel, Brooklyn's famous swimming pool. Last stop, Grand Central Station Oyster Bar where party broke up. Includes images of people in costume, people dancing, Glee Club Swimming in St. George Pool, bus drivers at a table at St. George Hotel, banners welcoming group to Staten Island by Staten Island Chamber of Commerce, Clove Lake Stables wagons and horses; some people in costume, primarily cowboy or western costumes, also Princeton Tiger; Roban Creative Photography, Robert G. Robertson, stamp on inside of front cover.

Palazio Floriana Luciana, Mrs. Bixlers Home, 1909, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 65, Volume: 360 (Material Type: album)


Interior views by N.L. Coe and Son, photographers of the home of Mrs. Bixler; title page with inscription: "Palazio Floriana Luciana,"; ornately furnished entry hall, foyer with portraits, piano and bookcases, drawing room with polar bear and tiger skin rugs, large paintings, dining room showing table set and china cabinet and side board, and detail showing table with table setting; and view of room with table dressed for the day with tulips from their garden, library, bedroom, "Our souvenir room": loaded with dolls, baskets pottery, sea stars and shells hanging from a net, photographs mounted on screen; views of the kitchen.

Trouville Trip, July 12, 1892, 140 miles in 10h 40m / photographed by Ch. Hiekel, 1892, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 92, Volume: 361 (Material Type: album)


Views of a record-setting coach trip: men on coach, view of a market with river beyond, coach in front of the New York Herald office in [Paris], teams of horses being changed and stops at various locations, in front of hotels and other businesses.

Pictures taken, Prospect Pk., N.Y., 1903, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 67, Volume: 362 (Material Type: album)


Views in a snowy Prospect Park, including Grand Army Plaza with arch and entrance to park, people in sleighs and skating; bridges, structures; Also includes photograph of the Hall of Fame in the Bronx, and views in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, including dry dock and ships.

[Photographs in New York and New Jersey], 1902-1903, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 93, Volume: 363 (Material Type: album)


Group portrait of men and St. Bernard dog in Central Park; group portrait of family and dog on roof; views in Prospect Park, including children, statues, the Squirrel House; water tower on Eastern Parkway, the lily pond, bridges, sleighing party, Mr. Clark with children, summer houses, waterfall; Grand Army plaza, with arch; Governors Island; Police Parade; Passaic Falls, and rapids, Patterson, N.J.; Glen Onko Falls; Obelisk and Bethesda Fountain, Central Park; sculptures of Henry Ward Beecher and George Washington; beech at Rockaway, July 4, 1903; Fort Green Park; Grant's Tomb; Williams Bridge and Speedway; Snuff Mill, waterfalls and Art Museum in Bronx Park (N.Y. Botanical Gardens); New York and Brooklyn city Halls decorated with bunting, May 1903; ducks and cattle on Staten Island; Luna Park at night, July 1903 water ride at Coney Island; beach at Coney Island; ship on the East River.

[Scrapbook of genre prints, portraits, certificates and letters dating from 1790s-1880s], [1890-1899], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 68, Volume: 364 (Material Type: album)


Includes material relating to the Reverend S.R. Ely, Mary Ely, and William Sprague Ely; includes prints showing sentimental scenes, institutions and schools, landscapes, Oriental scenes, and portraits, including portraits of historic figures and religious persons; a drawing of the old Mill at East Hampton, and one of a house with couple and buggy in front; certificates for the American Tract Society and for various missionary organizations, and for the American Seaman's Friend Society; letter from L.H. Sigourney with memorial verse in honor of the Reverend Gilbert Livingston Smith; prints by Beauvarlet, Durand and others.

Album of views of the West / views taken by Clarence Copeland, 1902-1903, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 68, Volume: 365 (Material Type: album)


Views around Mt. Shasta, including general views, the train station, geyser, rivers, inclined railroad; views in Salt Lake City, including general view, Latter Day Saints College, Temple, homes, Salt Palace, Salt Aire Pavilion; Colorado Springs and Pike's Peak including Cog railroad; Manitou Springs, Garden of the Gods, gold mines; Denver: general view, the capital; views on the Denver, and Rio Grande Railroad, including Royal Gorge; California: parks in Los Angeles and Riverside, orange groves, beach scenes, rocky shoreline, redwood tree; Monterey, including 7 Mile Drive and a bullfight; Catalina Island, and excursion boats, San Francisco, including Cliff House and beach, and the Navy Yard; Arizona: Bright Angel, Grand Canyon, including vertical panoramas, Canyon Diablo; trains and scenery along the Atchison Topeka and Sante Fe railroad; views in Sante Fe, Pueblo Indian village, hotel in Las Vegas, N.M.; views in the Siskiyous; Seattle: Labor Day parade, waterfront, ships, Navy dry-dock in [Bellingham]; park and government building in Victoria, B.C; cadets marching at West Point; women visiting Plymouth Rock, other historic sites in Massachusetts; administration building at the St. Louis World's Fair; beach views in Atlantic City and Coney Island; ships at New York and Lake Erie; elk, polar bear, and buffalo in zoos; Niagara Falls; Mt. Vernon; lily pond and other sights at Shaw's Garden, St. Louis; sailboats, various locations; capital buildings in Albany, Hartford and Washington, D.C.; includes small panoramic views.

[Album souvenirs and snapshots of the Gould Family in Europe], 1928, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 68, Volume: 366 (Material Type: album)


Postcards, guidebooks, snapshots, prints, hotel and other receipts, theatre program from a trip though Europe in Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, England including lakes, people swimming, mountains, trains, ice caves, sleds, historic buildings and homes, reproductions of paintings, street scenes, windmills, canals, a flea market, cemeteries, World War I bunker and destruction, views in Stratford upon Avon.

[Album depicting the subway or water system construction in New York City and other subjects], [1900], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 69, Volume: 367 (Material Type: album)


Album consists primarily of construction scenes, though it is not really clear what is under construction; streets with excavations, large pipes, special bridges and structures to shore-up the elevated railroads, and to support the streetcar lines, men and boys with draft horses, including one horse with a foal, men [engineers] in a small office, and standing by excavations, large pipes before placement, railways and piers, probably on the Hudson, crane operated by the Rapid Transit Construction Co., and tunnel or station; men with steam equipment, men lined up outside the office of Wm. Bradley, contractor, dog outside of a door, a series of cyanotypes showing plantings along upper Broadway from 61st to 72nd Sts., a parade, with bands, and military units.

John Wanamaker Great Neck, 1951, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 91, Volume: 368 (Material Type: album)


Views and detail of construction from preparation of site to opening of the John Wanamaker Store in Great Neck; aerial view at time of opening; front of store, ribbon cutting ceremony including Mrs. George Kent, granddaughter of the founder, Mrs. Donald S. Leas, Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Kellogg, John E. Raasch, Mr. and Mrs. John R. Wanamaker, and views of dignitaries in the store; floral tributes, customers coming into newly opened store; the central staircase; views in various departments including cosmetics and jewelry, shoes, men's clothing, sportswear and dresses, furniture, dishes, carpets, linens, textiles, toys, lingerie; view of the store at night; photographic copies of newspaper, trade journal and magazine publicity; colors used in ribbon opening ceremony, corsages and store décor (samples of ribbon); sample of metal woven fabric designed by Mr. Joseph B. Platt for stairway panel motif; publicity for Grand Rapids store fixture Company which cites Gottsho-Schleisner as photographer.

Photographs of riot scenes in front of the Union Club, Fifth Avenue, and in front of Saint Patrick's Cathedral, when the MacSwiney mourners came out of Saint Patrick's and tore down the British flag from the Union Club, November 26, 1920, 1926, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 69, Volume: 369 (Material Type: album)


Each photograph labeled "Copyright the Daily News. New York's Picture Newspaper, 1920"; crowds coming out of St. Patrick's, police with the crowd, some with night sticks raised, women being arrested, views of the University Club, including flags, and broken window.

[Album of cabinet cards of firemen], [1892], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 92, Volume: 370 (Material Type: album)


Most of the firemen are identified; firemen are in uniform, and numbered caps show that they come from a variety of companies including 16, 17, 18,22, 31, etc.; photographers include John Wood, J.K. Cole, Hersey, Dana, Prof. Ehrlich, O'Neil, De Young, H.N. Vaupel, Schwentner, Spamer and Spier, Falk, Fredricks, Tanquerey, Wilkie, Sarony, Naegeli, Schaidner, Frank of New York, U.S. Portrait Co. of Brooklyn, and Weyrich & Maurer of Hillsboro, Ohio.

The Republican Club of the City of New York, 1888, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 69, Volume: 371 (Material Type: album)


Views of the Republican Club building at No. 450 Fifth Avenue, with interiors, including entry hall, parlors, dining room, library, saloon, card room, billiard room, and montage of portraits of six men, presumably officers.

[Album of photographs of paintings in Grand Union Hotel Collection], [1890-1899], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 69, Volume: 372 (Material Type: album)


Photographs of paintings, including nudes, genre scenes, actresses, couples; landscape photograph laid in.

Douglas L. Elliman & Co., Apartment Houses, [1940-1949], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 93, Volume: 373 (Material Type: album)


Fifth Avenue, Park Avenue and other locations; list of buildings laid in; each identified on page.

One East Seventy First Street, 1893-1913, residence of Mrs. Edmund Lincoln Baylies, 1893-1913, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 94, Volume: 374 (Material Type: album)


Exterior and interior views of house. See also album #376.

Norway, Sweden, Oberammergau, Switzerland, the West, [1882], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 94, Volume: 375 (Material Type: album)


Views of the West are from 1882, including views by Jackson, Wheeler, Fiske and Taber.

E.L.B; Home of Edmund Lincoln Baylies at 369 W. 28th Street (n.e. corner of 10th Avenue), undated

Offsite-Box: 403, Volume: 376 (Material Type: album)


Exterior and interior views by Rockwood, also interior view of the Church of the Holy Apostles. See also album #374.

Honorable Seth Low, presented at the close of his term of Office as Mayor of the City of New York, January 1, 1902-January 1, 1904 by those whom he has associated with himself in the direction of city affairs, 1904, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 96, Volume: 377 (Material Type: album)


Illuminated title page, 21 platinum prints, most signed by sitter.

Richard C. Patterson, Jr., (1886-1966), [1870-1969], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 95, Volume: 378 (Material Type: album)


Family views, official duties, and later publicity shots; one of 7 vols., others not boxed. See also Album #396. See also Richard C. Patterson, Jr. scrapbooks (MS 3184), which were cataloged separately.

[T.F. De Voe's Scrapbook of N.Y.C. Views ]. De Voe, Thomas Farrington, 1811-1892, [1800-1900], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 100, Volume: 379.1 (Material Type: album)

[T.F. De Voe's Scrapbook of N.Y.C. Views ]. De Voe, Thomas Farrington, 1811-1892, [1800-1900], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 100, Volume: 379.2 (Material Type: album)

[T.F. De Voe's Scrapbook of N.Y.C. Views ]. De Voe, Thomas Farrington, 1811-1892, [1800-1900], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 100, Volume: 379.3 (Material Type: album)


Clippings, drawings, silhouette cut at American Institute Exhibit, maps, lithographs, and advertisements depicting places, people and events in New York; mounted on ledger pages numbered 1-403; includes early photographs of Greenwich Village (beginning p. 89).

(1 volume in 3)

Paul Trebilcock, A.N.A., portraits : reproductions of several recent portraits by the painter with critical estimates of his work from The New York Times and the Boston Globe, 1932, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 99, Volume: 380 (Material Type: album)


Issued in portfolio; title page, honors and awards, and list of portraits in letterpress; mounted reprints of artist's biography from various sources, a review of one-man show; 60 reproductions of paintings by Trebilcock, including portraits of Henry Alexander, Mrs. George Bartol, III, Dr. George C. Bennett, Albert Morris Bagley, Mr. and Mrs. Lucius Boomer, Mrs. Ernest Byfield, Mrs. Mary Ellet Cabell, Dr. and Mrs. Oliver C. Carmichael, "Chiarina" (the artist's wife), Mrs. Gordon Ferguson, Mrs. Frederic Church and Lisa, "Old London coachman," Frank E. Compton, Charles Proctor Cooper, Dr. Irving S. Cutter, William Dever, Rt. Rev. Horace W. B. Donegan, Mrs. Irving Florsheim, George Eastman, Mrs. Benjamin F. Failess, John B. Ford, Thelma, Viscountess Furness and Mrs. Reginald Vanderbilt, Dr. Edgar Goodspeed, George I. Haight, Charles Hayden, Dean Thomas F. Holgate, Dr. C.N. Johnson, Harrison Jones, John Kerbs, Mrs. Peter C. Lutkin, Dr. W. G. MacCallum, Mrs. John A. MacMillan, "Marian," Governor Albert C. Ritchie, George O. May, Horace Oakley, "Portrait of a painter," Speaker Henry T. Rainey, Rush Rhees, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Walter Dill Scott, Col. Robert L. Scott, Jr., Mrs. Grant Simmons, Jr., May Galloway Snowden, "Mia Sposa," Col. T.A. Siqueland, Bishop George Craig Stewart, Edwin S.S. Sunderland, Wilfred Sykes, Mr. Paul Trebilcock, Pamela, daughter of Francis Henry Taylor, Stephen F. Voorhees, Mrs. Isabella Robinson Warner, "Young women," Dean Charles H. Warren.

[J. H.] Beal's photographic view of New York from the Brooklyn Bridge tower, 1877, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 97, Volume: 381 (Material Type: album)


Six images join together to make a panorama of lower Manhattan, showing the bridge's half-finished western tower, piers and businesses along the East River, ships, the Post Office, City Hall and other buildings; captioned along the lower edge.

Some ships of the American wooden Navy painted by W.A.K. Martin, 1907-1912, inclusive

Volume: 382 (Material Type: album)


9 prints after drawings by W.A.K. Martin, published by Henry A. Martin, Ambler, Pa.; No. 122 of 150 proofs, copies printed in facsimile of the original; includes images of the Constitution, Jamestown, Despatch, St. Louis, Beagles, Perry, John Adams, Thracian, Lawrence, Congress, New Ironsides, St. Marys, Franklin, Levant, Cyane, Grampus, Hornet; some prints include images of more than one ship.

Life studies of the Great Army / by Edwin Forbes ; a historical work of art in copper-plate etching, containing forty plates, illustrating the life of the Union Armies during the years 1862- '3- '4- '5., 1876, inclusive

Volume: 383 (Material Type: album)


40 leaves of plates; camp scenes, soldiers on the march, pickets, African Americans, battle scenes.

854 Fifth Avenue, [1930-1939], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 384 (Material Type: album)


Interiors of 854 Fifth Avenue, designed by Warren and Wetmore, 1905; probably date from the 1930s when Mrs. Henry White (nee Vanderbilt) leased or bought the house after her 54th Street and Fifth Avenue Vanderbilt twin house was sold to be demolished; includes portrait of a man sitting at desk writing; façade of home; entry and stair hall, dining room, sitting room, library, portrait of woman (Mrs. Henry White?), bedroom.

[Park/Trappan Family album], 1892-1896, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 417, Volume: 385 (Material Type: album)


Members of the Park and Trappan families, house in Brooklyn, views in lower Manhattan and the New York harbor, group (with horses) in Morris Cove, Connecticut, travels, including Niagara Falls, Lake Shore train at Ligonier, Indiana, World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago, 1893, an interior view of the Library of Congress, Aurora, Illinois, Bennett Family in Kalamazoo, Watson House in Crooked Lake, Grimmel Family in Cleveland, ferry on the Connecticut River, Mr. Alford's in Bernardston, Moody cottage (Massachusetts?), tents and campers, views in and around Cambridge and Boston including Hawthorne, Emerson and Alcott Houses, buildings decorated with bunting for McKinley, 1896, interior of Dr. Treadwell's office, sailboats, snowy scene in Prospect Park, group portraits.

U.S. Navy sailing ships, 1797-1820, [1900-1950], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 96, Volume: 386 (Material Type: album)


Title does not accurately reflex contents; gelatin silver prints of tall ships including U.S.S. Monongahela, U.S.S. Essex, U.S.S. Constitution, U.S.S. Hartford; photographic reproductions of paintings including one of the Constitution, a series of painting of the Constitution in battle with the Guerierre, painting of the Bombardment of Tripoli, Dutch ships in the month of the Scheldt (A. Stork, 1869), Constitution vs. Cyane and Levant, Captain Stewart; photograph made in 1888of four old sailors, each identified with name and position on ship (name of which is only partially legible), paintings of twentieth century sea actions.

Airplane views of the Bronx taken for the Bronx Home News. Fairchild Aerial Photography Co., photographer, 1921, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 387 (Material Type: album)


Includes map of the Bronx mounted on linen; includes views of Bedford Park, Lower Bronx, Westchester; the Hub (149th and Third Avenue); Central Bronx; Fordham; Van Nest; Webb Academy and Devoe Park; Montefiore Home; Mount Hope; Highbridge; New York University; Riverdale; the Longwood Section.

Harvard University; twelve etchings. Raskin, Joseph, etcher., 1930, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 102, Volume: 388 (Material Type: album)


Etchings of Memorial Hall, Harvard Hall, the Harry Elkins Widener Library; Sever Hall; Appleton Chapel; The School of Business Administration; Massachusetts Hall; Hemenway Gymnasium; Thomas Dudley Gate; The Law School; Soldier's Field; John Harvard.

[Album of clippings from the New York Herald's "New York's changing scene" feature], 1958-1966, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 102, Volume: 389 (Material Type: album)


Before and after scenes in Manhattan, many of the "before" shots made from around the turn of the century to the 1920s, and the "after" scenes taken contemporaneously with publication.

Army memories, 1887, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 102, Volume: 390 (Material Type: album)


Published by Koch, sons and Company; Edition Deluxe No. 10; chromolithographs of scenes from the Civil War after watercolors by Louis K. Harlow; printed on heavy paper, with overmats that have additional scenes; includes images of Sheridan and Sherman, battle and camp scenes, a home coming scene; plates are numbered I-XII; Plate I lacking.

Views of ancient monument in Central America, Chiapas and Yucatan. Catherwood, Frederick, 1844, inclusive

Volume: 392 (Material Type: album)


Lithographic plates depicting buildings, ornate carvings, and sculpture, plants and animals, with human figures for scale at Copan, Palenque, Uxmal, Kabah, Labnah, Bolonchen, Chichen-Itza, and Izamal; includes a map documenting the Yucatan peninsula and showing the locations of the sites. See also album #52, 151.

Gillray, [1779-1805], inclusive

Volume: 393 (Material Type: album)


Gillray, James, 1757-1815, artist. Probably reprints of original plates, with one exception two caricatures on each leaf, all uncolored; typed title list, with British Museum numbers affixed to front flyleaf; includes satires on the Scots, British politics, Foreign affairs, and English society.

Panoramic views of Rio Janeiro and its surrounding scenery / Lithographed by James Dickson from paintings by the late Le Capelain. The original sketches by Edwd. Nicolle, Junr. Esqre., [1848], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 98, Volume: 394 (Material Type: album)

Photographic views of Sherman's Campaign, embracing scenes of the occupation of Nashville, the great battles around Chattanooga and Lookout Mountain, the Campaign of Atlanta, March to the Sea, and the Great Raid through the Carolinas / From negatives taken in the field, by Geo. N. Barnard, Official Photographer of the Military Div. Of the Miss., 1866, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 395 (Material Type: album)


Includes accompanying pamphlet with descriptions of the images; Sherman and his generals; the "Capitol," Nashville, Tenn.; Nashville from the Capitol; Trestle bridge at Whiteside; Pass in the Raccoon Range, No. 1; Pass in the Raccoon Range, No. 2; Chattanooga, from the North; Mission ridge, from Orchard Knob; Orchard Knob, from Mission Ridge; The crest of Mission Ridge; Mission Ridge, scene of Sherman's attack; Chattanooga Valley, from Lookout Mountain (2 views); LuLa Lake, Lookout Mountain; The John Ross House; Ringold, Ga.; Buzzards' Roost; the Battle Ground of Resaca, No. 1; No. 2; No. 3; Resaca, from the rebel works; Defenses of the Etawah Bridge; Allatoona Pass, from the Etawah; Battlefield of New Hope church, Ga., No. 1; No. 2; the "Hell Hole," Battlefield of New Hope church; The Allatoona Pass; the Allatoona Pass, looking North; Pine Mountain; Our Line in front of Kenesaw Mountain; View from Kenesaw Mountain; South Bank of the Chattahoochie; The battlefield of Peach Tree Creek; Scenes of Gen. McPherson's Death; Battlefield of Atlanta, 22d July, 1864, No. 1; No.2; the Potter House, Atlanta; Rebel Works in front of Atlanta, No.3; No. 4; Destruction of Hood's ordnance train; view of Atlanta, Ga., No. 1; No. 2; Savannah River, near the city; Buen Ventura, Savannah; Savannah, looking up the river; Savannah, looking down the river; Fountain, and park, Savannah; The New Capitol, Columbia, S.C.; Ruins in Columbia, S.C. (2 views); Fort Sumter; Interior view of Fort Sumter; Exterior view of Fort Sumter; ruins of the Pinckney Mansion, Charleston; Ruins in Charleston, S.C.; Ruins of the R.R. Depot, Charleston.

[Richard C. Patterson, Jr., (1886-1966) albums], 1947-1949, inclusive

Volume: 396.1 (Material Type: album)


Small brown album: including views of formal dinners and luncheons, Regional Industrial Conference; guests at a New Year's dinner; giving a speech; members of the "Pelican' club, 1948 at Bohemian Grove, Calif.; pictured with Thomas J. Watson; views in Guatemala, including Patterson presenting his credentials, views of the embassy, on official visits, meeting with Emergency Flood Committee, with family, at a conference of American Ambassadors from the Caribbean area in Cuba. See also Richard C. Patterson, Jr. scrapbooks (MS 3184), which were cataloged separately.

[Richard C. Patterson, Jr., (1886-1966) albums], [1890]-1945, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 396.2 (Material Type: album)


Large brown album: early photographs of Patterson with family, and as a child; views in Italy with Clare Booth Luce, 1945; in China, 1921, showing gardens, visiting a dye plant; at luncheon, in Rickshaw; at a mine; as Prison Commissioner, with Prison band and WOR radio microphone, outside Jefferson Market Prison, with Mayor Walker, Armistice Day ceremonies; Mary Pickford addressing inmates at the Workhouse; as executive vice-president of N.B.C., with Mayor LaGuardia and others at N.B.C. studios; at opening of Radio City; at dinners and luncheons; as Assistant Secretary of Commerce; at Monopoly Committee meeting; with Eleanor Roosevelt; with Ginger Rogers; at premiere of Citizen Kane; with Gloria Swanson at luncheon for Cecil B. de Mille; at fingerprinting of RKO employees; as ambassador to Yugoslavia, being briefed on activities on the Italian front; at Vatican after meeting with Pope Pius; with Marshall Tito; with wedding party in tradition costume; on a hunting trip. See also Richard C. Patterson, Jr. scrapbooks (MS 3184), which were cataloged separately.

[Richard C. Patterson, Jr., (1886-1966) albums], 1949-1954, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 104, Volume: 396.3 (Material Type: album)


"Photos No. 4": views in Guatemala; at various luncheons and dinners, in Calif., N.C.; as Ambassador to Switzerland, 1951, views of the ambassadors residence, including interiors; golfing in Cran; William Tell Memorial; at Inauguration of Mayor Robert Wagner; as part of the Mayor's Reception Committee; with Sir Edmund Hillary; at board of director's meetings, and charity functions; with Pres. Truman at dinner in honor of his 70th birthday; with Haille Selassie. See also Richard C. Patterson, Jr. scrapbooks (MS 3184), which were cataloged separately.

[Richard C. Patterson, Jr., (1886-1966) albums], 1954-1958, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 103, Volume: 396.4 (Material Type: album)


"Photos #5": at luncheons and other official events; with Prmie ministers, ambassadors, Kings, and with the Queen Mother atop the Empire State building, the Shah of Iran and Queen Soraya, with Eleanor Roosevelt on Human Rights Day; visiting Rome; visiting uranium mine in Colorado; at receptions at the Metropolitan, and at the U.N.; on the Aerotrain at Penn Station; greeting dignitaries at the Heliport; rededication of City Hall; Patterson donkeys; Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip at Stapleton, Staten Island, 1957. See also Richard C. Patterson, Jr. scrapbooks (MS 3184), which were cataloged separately.

[Richard C. Patterson, Jr., (1886-1966) albums], 1919-1964, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 104, Volume: 396.5 (Material Type: album)


"Photos #7": as part of the American Peace Comm., 1919; in China, 1920s; some photos repeating events shown in earlier albums; efforts to sell War Bonds; then album picks up from where "Photos #5" left off; opera performance at Bohemia Grove, Calif.; S.S. Nautilus Parade, 1958; Fidel Casto receiving replica of Empire State Bldg., 1959; Hudson River celebration, Rockefeller, Nixon, et al., Consular Corps Jones Beach parties; visiting Japan, visiting Iran; with Bob Hope at March of Dimes dinner; ticker tape parade for John Glenn; City Hall Ceremony honoring the NY Mets, 1962, welcoming team to city; Pres. John Kennedy to officiate at groundstone laying ceremony for U.S. Pavilion at World's Fair; with Vice Pres. Johnson at funeral of Pope John, 1963. See also Richard C. Patterson, Jr. scrapbooks (MS 3184), which were cataloged separately.

[Richard C. Patterson, Jr., (1886-1966) albums], 1964-1965, inclusive

Volume: 396.6 (Material Type: album)


"R.C.P., Jr., Photos": as chief of protocol, with dignitaries at World's Fair, including King Hussein; receiving awards; at reception for Martin Luther King, Jr. at ceremonies at Gracie Mansion, at Explorers Club dinner in honor of Lowell Thomas. Folder of extra prints supplementing those in the albums. See also Album #62. See also Richard C. Patterson, Jr. scrapbooks (MS 3184), which were cataloged separately.

Removed. Now in PR 169.

Volume: 397 (Material Type: album)

Separated Materials note

Mr. Vanderbilt's house and collections / described by Edward Strahan [pseud.], has been removed from the Album Collection and cataloged individually, now PR-169.

Old Times in the Bronx; A collection of photographs 1883-1904, with a guide by Howard Masten Canoune. New York : 1926., 1883-1904, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 105, Volume: 398 (Material Type: album)


Old Tremont, 1883-1903; Old Mount Hope, 1884-1904; Echo Park and Burnside Avenue, 1891-1899; Claremont Park and Mount Eden, 1892-1904; Brown's Woods, 1890; Washington Bridge and High Bridge, 1890-1891; New York University and the Hall of Fame, 1893; Madison Avenue and Forty First Street, Bethesda Fountain and the Ramble in Central Park, 1891; Crotona Park and the Indian Lake, 1891; The Bronx River from West Farms to Lorillard's, 1891-1893; views along the Bronx River are an area now in the New York Botanical Garden.

Canoune Family Yesteryears, AD 1892-1904, 1892-1904, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 106, Volume: 399 (Material Type: album)


Views in Mt. Hope, N.Y., of the children of Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo G. Cannon, their pets, and others; at Avon and Allaire, N.J.; Canoune family members, Howard Masten Canoune's diplomas and passport; views at Macon Street, Brooklyn; family cats Dewey and Malta; snow storm, Jan. 1904; views in Orange County.

Canoune Family Yesteryears, AD 1905-1916, 1905-1916, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 107, Volume: 400 (Material Type: album)


Views in Avon and Plainfield N.J. of family, including Mrs. H. M. Canoune and children; views from trips to California, Italy.

Canoune Family Yesteryears, Vol. V - 1921-1929, 1921-1929, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 401 (Material Type: album)


Family photographs at Plainfield, Princeton, N.J. and Long Island, N.Y., including sailing and beach views; the family dogs including views at a dog show; a trip to Washington, D.C. and Arlington, Va.

Canoune Family Yesteryears, Vol. VI - 1926, European Tour, 1926, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 404, Volume: 402 (Material Type: album)


France and England, including snapshots, postcards and souvenirs.

Canoune Family Yesteryears, AD 1917-1920, 1917-1920, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 405, Volume: 403 (Material Type: album)


Views of the family at home, and on outings to the Catskills and Long Island, including beach scenes.

Metropolitan Hospital, Department of Hospitals, City of New York. On Welfare Island (Old Blackwell's Island) in East River (1894-1937). Wards Island (1875-1894) was its predecessor. / Arranged in this album, August 1937. Property of Frederick M. Dearborn, 1875-1937, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 407, Volume: 404 (Material Type: album)


228 illustrations covering period from October 1875 to February 1937; views of hospitals, including interiors and staff.

Ex Libris Bessie White [Album of photographs of a ball, possibly held by Mr. & Mrs. Charles Tracy Barney], undated

Offsite-Box: 406, Volume: 405 (Material Type: album)


Bessie White bookplate; Including photographs of Helen and Katherine Barney, Mr. And Mrs. Stanford White, and others, all in Elizabethan costume. Two group portraits showing guests seated at long tables in a room with large ornate mantle, exposed and painted beams, and hung with tapestries.

[Album of photographs made during the expedition of the American Asiatic fleet into Korea, May and June, 1871], 1871, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 407, Volume: 406 (Material Type: album)


Views of Korean officials, officers aboard various vessels, marines at battlefields, Korean casualties, views of the Salee River and the American ships; lacquer cover.

Beekman House, 35 East 38th Street, New York, 1910, 1910, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 406, Volume: 407 (Material Type: album)


Interior views; platinum prints.

New York City, North River from the Jersey City side, [1880], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 107, Volume: 408 (Material Type: album)


Panoramic view of the piers along the North (Hudson) River, and the New York skyline beyond, with the spires of churches rising above other buildings; Brooklyn Bridge under construction; Brooklyn waterfront; images mounted on board with letterpress captions identifying landmarks.

New York City, North River from the Jersey City side, [1880], inclusive

Offsite-Box: 402, Volume: 409 (Material Type: album)


Panoramic view of the piers along the North (Hudson) River, and the New York skyline beyond, with the spires of churches rising above other buildings; Brooklyn Bridge under construction; Brooklyn waterfront.

Grand Central Terminal Improvement, 1910, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 402, Volume: 410 (Material Type: album)


Copies of renderings showing the new Grand Central station, including the 42nd and 45th Street elevations, the Post Office at Lexington Ave. and 43rd Street; Substation No. 1 of the New York Central and Hudson River Railroad Co., at 50th Street Between Lexington and Park; railyard designs, including suburban level, dated 1905; the express level; street level showing layout of streets above tracks; plan labeled "Office" showing the next level up; Longitudinal section on Park Ave., 42nd Street elevation, showing layout of tunnels, Section through Concourse, Section through Train Room; Section through 46th Street looking north, section south of 52nd Street looking north, section through 55th Street looking north, Section through 57th Street; section on cross section of 44th Street, looking north; longitudinal sections on Park Avenue.

Douglas L. Elliman & Co.: New York Central Transformation, 1906-1930, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 402, Volume: 411 (Material Type: album)


Photographs and drawings depicting the area north of Grand Central Station, including the yards all above ground, and their gradual lowering to below grade; includes views of Park Avenue when first completed and general views of the area showing construction and transformation of the neighborhood.

[Hummer album], [1870-1900], inclusive

Volume: 412 (Material Type: album)


Cartes-de-visite, cabinet cards and tintypes of unidentified men, women and children by photographers from New York, New Jersey and Stroudsburg, PA, including a view of two men outside a shop with a sign reading J. Hummer Boot and Shoe Maker.


Album unaccounted for as of March 2023.

[Schermerhorn clippings album], undated

Volume: 413 (Material Type: album)


Clippings of reproductions depicting historic sites, clippings showing buildings, churches, etc. in Manhattan; family photographs laid in, including home at 66 W. 37th and 74 W. 68th; interior views including family seated at table with servant standing by; boy on donkey; churches.


Album is unaccounted for as of March 2023.

[Albums of photographs in New York and vicinity], 1902-[1910], inclusive

Volume: 414 (Material Type: album)


Amateur photographs; Luna Park at night, and other Coney Island views, including the beach; views in Central Park, Bronx Park and Prospect Park, including bridges, snow scenes and skating, the entrance at Grand Army plaza, including the arch, summer houses, waterfalls, "Mr. Clark" and a boy and a girl; sleighing party in Prospect Park, 1902; Grant's tomb; City Hall and Brooklyn borough hall decorated in bunting, May 1903; cattle and ducks in pasture, Staten Island; ship on the East River; William's Bridge and speedway; Bronx park, including river and mill, Art Museum; rivers at Patterson, N.J., and Glen Falls; water tower in Prospect Park, Cleopatra's Needle; sculpture: Washington at the Customs House, Beecher in Brooklyn; Fort Greene Park; Police parade; Fort William, Governor's Island; "Carrie at House, 1903" and Allie in Prospect Park (in sailor suit); group of men with St. Bernard in Central Park; family group on roof; warships at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.


Album is unaccounted for as of March 2023.

The House of Bishops of the Protestant Episcopal Church of the United States/photographed from life during the triennial convention by J. Gurney & son, 1862, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 70, Volume: 415 (Material Type: album)


Published by T. Porter Shaw, New York. 24 leaves of plates. Album contains portraits of Episcopal Bishops, with names and biographies on facing pages. Bishops shown are: Thomas Church Brownell, John Henry Hopkins, Benjamin Bosworth Smith, Charles Pettit McIlvaine, Jackson Kemper, Samuel Allen McCoskry, William Heathcote de Lancey, Alfred Lee, Manton Eastburn, Carlton Chase, Cicero Stephens Hawks, Alonzo Potter, George Burgess, George Upfold (portrait missing), John Williams, Henry John Whitehouse (portrait missing), Henry Washington Lee, Horatio Potter, Thomas March Clark, William Henry Odenheimer, Greg. Thurston Bedell (portrait missing), Henry Benjamin Whipple, Joseph Cruickshank Talbot, William Bacon Stevens.

[Snapshots of the 1939 World's Fair], 1939 July, inclusive

Volume: 416 (Material Type: album)


Photographs by William Huf. 14 3.5 x 5" photos of the 1939 World's Fair in New York show the Trylon and Perisphere from many angles; a children's parade with a band and elephants; the Communications Building and the AT & T Building.


Album is unaccounted for as of March 2023.

[Snapshots of the 1939 World's Fair], 1939 July, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 70, Volume: 417 (Material Type: album)


Photographs by William Huf. 12 3.5 x 5" photos of the 1939 World's Fair in New York show the country pavilions. Japan, U.S.S.R., Italy, France, the United States, and Britain's buildings are shown, as well as the Court of Peace and its fountain.

[Camp Easton for Boys, Sharon, Conn.], 1952-1956, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 70, Volume: 418 (Material Type: album)


Unbound album with black pages, black and white photos (some 8x10, some smaller) pasted in. Some captions in white. Group photographs of campers and counselors, action shots of male campers playing sports, eating, painting, swimming, and hiking.

[Scenes of England], ca. 1871, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 105, Volume: 419 (Material Type: album)


Unbound album with 78 black and white albumen photographs (most 4x5 inches, some smaller) pasted on cardboard pages. Most pages have more than one photo, some are captioned. Tourist scenes such as Stratford-on-Avon are interspersed with landscape views.

[Butcher Shops], ca. 1910-1919, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 420 (Material Type: album)


Album of 42 silver gelatin photographs depicting the interiors of butcher shops and groceries in Brooklyn and Queens. Compiled by butcher block maker W. V. Staub.

[World War I Victory Parade], ca. 1918-1919, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 70, Volume: 421 (Material Type: album)


Nurses and soldiers in homecoming victory parade down 5th Avenue, 1918 or 1919.

[Charlotte Winifred McKim], 1952-ca. 1955, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 99, Volume: 422 (Material Type: album)


Family photograph album focusing on the first few years of Charlotte Winifred McKim's life, featuring family activities in Florida and New York, especially beach outings.

[New York photo album], ca. 1906-1908, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 106, Volume: 423 (Material Type: album)


Album with approximately 35 pages of black and white photographs of Central Park, Fort Washington Park, Upper Manhattan, a gypsy camp in the Bronx, and the Lower Hudson Valley.

[Packer Collegiate Institute Portrait Album], ca. 1889, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 415, Volume: 424 (Material Type: album)


Cabinet card album with a green velvet cover, about half the portraits are of young women from the Packer Collegiate Institute class of 1889. Other images include formal portraits of women in hats, children, and a few men.

[Empty Cabinet Card album]

Offsite-Box: 425 (Material Type: album)


Empty cabinet card album, with red printed velvet cover, and color scene of a mill on the front.

Hotel Normandie

Offsite-Box: 85, Volume: 426 (Material Type: album)


Album of six albumen interior and exterior photographs of the Hotel Normandie, New York City, Ferdinand P. Earle, proprietor.

[Houses designed by William Edgar Moran], ca. 1901-1904, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 427 (Material Type: album)


Disbound album of gelatin silver photographs of three New York City houses, all designed by architect William Edgar Moran, of McKim, Mead & White architectural firm. The houses belonged to Thomas B. Clarke (22 East 35th Street), Payne Whitney (972 Fifth Avenue), and J.C. Lyons (973 Fifth Avenue). A few clippings and some correspondence is also included.

[Family Cabinet Card Album], ca. 1880-1910, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 413, Volume: 428 (Material Type: album)


Cabinet card album, with red velvet exterior and bone trim, holding late 19th and early 20th century cabinet cards, unidentified ancestors of Estelle Savage.

[Theater Scrapbook, focusing on personalities], ca. 1890-1920, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 414, Volume: 429 (Material Type: album)


Scrapbook filled with clippings and portraits of New York theater personalities. Inscribed "My stage crushes and favorites late '90s & early "1900s." - W.P.W." Performers include Julia Marlowe, Sarah Bernhardt, Edna May, Harry Davenport, Annie Russell, and Viola Allen.

[Theater Scrapbook, focusing on playbills], 1911-1927, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 414, Volume: 430 (Material Type: album)


Scrapbook filled with playbills from New York theater productions (mostly clipped from periodicals or newspapers), and related clippings and portraits of performers, or scenes from the productions. Compiled by the same person as #429.

[Wales photo album], ca. 1890-1920, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 70, Volume: 431 (Material Type: album)


Small photo album with stamp on inside cover from "J.E. Arnett, Bookseller, Tenby" [Wales]. Photos of castle ruins, coastal scenes with rock outcroppings and local town scenes.

[New York City photo album], ca. 1901-1902, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 70, Volume: 432 (Material Type: album)


Photograph album containing family snapshots, including views of New York City places and scenes. The family kept chickens and lived in a clapboard house with a porch. Possible in upper Manhattan, as other photographs show Grant's Tomb, the Soldier's and Sailor's Monument, and the beginning of construction on the cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine. Other photos show Central Park (including the zoo), the Williamsburg Bridge under construction, and boats on the Hudson River.

[Trench and Marine Pump Co. album], ca. 1900-1940, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 70, Volume: 433 (Material Type: album)


Album of mainly copy photography, all images show equipment manufactured by Trench and Marine Pump Co. Electric, gasoline and hand pumps are shown. Some photographs are annotated with information about how to use the pumps.

[Upstate New York photos], 1903 June, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 70, Volume: 434 (Material Type: album)


Unbound album with silver gelatin photographs from a trip to upstate New York. The Au Salle River, Lake Placid, Mirror Lake, Elizabethtown, and Lake George are shown.

[New York City Landmarks Vol. 1] photographed by James J. Durna, 1976-1981, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 408, Volume: 435 (Material Type: album)


Snapshot album with images of buildings in Manhattan and Governor's Island that had been designated landmarks by the New York City Landmarks Commission. Photographs are square Kodak color prints, the date of developing is stamped on verso. Identification of each image is written on pen on the photo's border, or else on a piece of paper included in the photo sleeve; some of these also include the dates of construction or other information about the structures. Images are arranged geographically, beginning at Governor's Island and lower Manhattan, and continuing up to Washington Heights and Inwood (at end of album.)

[New York City Landmarks Vol. 2] photographed by James J. Durna, ca. 1975-1980, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 408, Volume: 436 (Material Type: album)


Snapshot album with images of buildings in Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island that had been designated landmarks by the New York City Landmarks Commission. Photographs are square Kodak color prints. Identification of each image is written on pen on the photo's border, or else on a piece of paper included in the photo sleeve; some of these also include the dates of construction or other information about the structures. Images are arranged by borough; some Staten Island images are loose.

[Borden scrapbook], circa 1870s, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 71, Volume: 437 (Material Type: album)

[Borden scrapbook], circa 1870s

Offsite-Box: 405, Volume: 437.2 (Material Type: album)

Souvenir Views of the commencement of excavation of the new church site for the West-Park Presbyterian Church, 174th-175th Sts. & Wadsworth Avenue, N.Y. City, 1912, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 70, Volume: 438 (Material Type: album)

Gertrude Beach Scrapbook, 1917-1943, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 71, Volume: 439 (Material Type: album)

The Franklin Savings Bank, 1931-1947, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 416, Volume: 440 (Material Type: album)

Smith's Old New York, 1908, 1908-1920, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 416, Volume: 441 (Material Type: album)

[Mead's Mountain House, Woodstock, New York], circa 1929

Offsite-Box: 405, Volume: 442 (Material Type: album)

Power Plants, Electrical Equipment and Machinery for Operating New York State, circa 1915

Offsite-Box: 71, Volume: 443 (Material Type: album)

Manus, Helaine, Photographer [Quaker Hill, New York], circa 1940

Offsite-Box: 405, Volume: 444 (Material Type: album)

[Album containing tintypes and cates-de-visites], circa 1860s-1880s

Offsite-Box: 71, Volume: 445 (Material Type: album)

[Album of New York City postcards], circa 1930-1947

Offsite-Box: 71, Volume: 446 (Material Type: album)

[Photograph album of Peter Marie, his family, and his residence at 48 West 19th Street]

Offsite-Box: 71, Volume: 447 (Material Type: album)

[Photograph album of Calvin C. Chaffee], circa 1860s

Offsite-Box: 410, Volume: 448 (Material Type: album)

[Photographs of 259 Tenth Avenue, architect: Cass Gilbert], 2010

Offsite-Box: 409, Volume: 449 (Material Type: album)

Souvenir of Southold, 1902 September

Offsite-Box: 409, Volume: 450 (Material Type: album)

[Tattoo sketch book], undated

Offsite-Box: 409, Volume: 451 (Material Type: album)

[album of lithographs of historic buildings and sites in New York City (most produced for Valentine's manual); includes Volume 8, Number 15 of "The Mentor," Literary Landmarks of New York], circa 1854-1866

Offsite-Box: 409, Volume: 452 (Material Type: album)

Official Portratis of our Presidents [photogravures], 1912

Offsite-Box: 403, Volume: 453 (Material Type: album)

[West Point album], 1866

Offsite-Box: 91, Volume: 454 (Material Type: album)

Photographs Union College, Schenectady NY, Class of 1866, 1866

Offsite-Box: 91, Volume: 455 (Material Type: album)

[Album of photographs showing construction of Rockefeller Center], 1930-1947, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 415, Volume: 456 (Material Type: album)

[Photos and ephemera from 1939-1940 World's Fair], 1939-1940

Offsite-Box: 409, Volume: 457 (Material Type: album)

Theodore D. Judah scrapbook of early California lithographs (mainly Britton and Rey), 1852-1858

Offsite-Box: 411, Volume: 458 (Material Type: album)

[Tourist photos of New York City], 1958 August

Offsite-Box: 411, Volume: 459 (Material Type: album)

Scope and Contents

Snapshots of Magnolia, Ohio resident Wayne Joseph's trip to New York City. Includes landmarks, billboards, Jack Dempsey's Broadway Bar, Hudson River Day Line Tour, and interior and exterior shots of the Manhattan Hotel.

Church of the Heavenly Rest, 90th Street and 5th Avenue, 1929

Offsite-Box: 411, Volume: 460 (Material Type: album)

[Scrapbook of Ladson Butler], circa 1900

Offsite-Box: 411, Volume: 461 (Material Type: album)


Scrapbook of chromolithographs; includes Christmas and New Year's cards and images of Santa Claus, Civil War generals, royalty, children, cats, dogs and flowers.

[Photo albums; includes vacations at Mohonk Lake, picnics, croquet, and an engagement party. Also photos of WWI soldiers], 1910-1921, undated

Offsite-Box: 411, Volume: 462.1-462.3 (Material Type: album)

Ricordo del Campo Santo Di Genova [album of cabinet cards of Genoa sculpture]

Offsite-Box: 411, Offsite-Box: 463 (Material Type: album)

[Album of postcards from Florida and elsewhere; includes African-American and Native American images]

Offsite-Box: 411, Volume: 464 (Material Type: album)

[Album of post-9/11 photographs of New York], 2001 September 12-13

Offsite-Box: 411, Volume: 465 (Material Type: album)

Scope and Contents

This is an album of snapshots taken by New York City resident Eleanor Surkis one or two days after 9/11, depicting businesses and homes adorned with patriotic displays.

Immediate Source of Acquisition

Gift of Eleanor Surkis, 2008

[Album of architectural drawings by John Trumbull], circa 1790's

Offsite-Box: 466 (Material Type: album)

Scope and Contents

Volume of architectural drawings by painter John Trumbull, which he presented to celebrated architect Alexander Jackson Davis, who studied with Trumbull. The album contains sketches made in London, Paris, Washington, New York, and New Haven. Among the buildings depicted are the "Old Almshouse" and Custom House in New York, the state capital of Indiana, and the U.S. Capital in Washington, D.C.

[Example of 18th century binding]

Offsite-Box: 412, Volume: 467 (Material Type: album)

[Family Photograph Album that belonged to Edith Haeselbarth Carrillo], ca. 1860-1900

Offsite-Box: 412, Volume: 468 (Material Type: album)

Scope and Contents

Album of mostly unidentified family photographs including carte de visites, cabinet cards, and tintypes. Album once belonged to Edith Haeselbart Carrillo, a WWI ambulance driver and wife of actor Leo Carrillo. She was born in Nyack, NY in 1885, and died in Los Angeles CA on July 24, 1953.

[Webb/Vanderbilt and Elder/Havemeyer family album], ca. 1860-1890

Offsite-Box: 409, Volume: 469.1-2 (Material Type: album)

Scope and Contents

Album of carte de visites, cabinet cards, and prints of the families of William Seward Webb and Lila Osgood Vanderbilt, and Louisine W. Elder and Henry Osbourne Havemeyer. The photographs, along with some biographical information about some of the family members, were placed in a binder by the donor. An empty carte de visite album dated 1861 was included in the donation.

Immediate Source of Acquisition

Donated April 15, 2015 by Ursula M. Kammer-Fox

N-O-N-S-E-N-S-E [WWI Scrapbook], 1918

Offsite-Box: 412, Volume: 470 (Material Type: album)

Scope and Contents

A Few Poems And Other Things Put Together In Spare Moments While Serving With The A.E.F. In France By Arthur Ritter. Scrapbook includes type-written poems, pass for leave in Paris, WWI graphics, photographs, and other ephemera.

Immediate Source of Acquisition

Gift of Valerie Paley, 2015.

Related Materials

Arthur Ritter is included in a group photograph of the Third Battalion 34th Engineers at Camp Dix, New Jersey, also donated by Valerie Paley. The photograph is held in the Portrait File, PR 52.

[Album of cabinet cards and carte de visites], ca. 1860-1870

Offsite-Box: 412, Volume: 471 (Material Type: album)

Immediate Source of Acquisition

Unsolicited donation, Camden NJ Public Library 2015

The Pepsi-Cola Spectacular, circa 1955

Offsite-Box: 404, Volume: 472 (Material Type: album)

Scope and Contents

Album documenting the creation and installation of the Pepsi Cola "spectacular" electric sign in Times Square, featuring a 120 foot waterfall that pumped 50,000 gallons of water a minute. The sign was designed by Doug Leigh and constructed by Artkraft Strauss Sign Corp.

[Album of photographs documenting a family's trip to Europe in 1912, sailing on the S.S. George Washington], 1912

Offsite-Box: 412, Volume: 473 (Material Type: album)

[Scrapbook about The Gramercy Apartment House at 34 Gramercy Park East]

Offsite-Box: 474 (Material Type: album)

General Note

The 2 scrapbooks have been disbound and rehoused.

Immediate Source of Acquisition

Gift of Dr. Mico Nelson, 2015

[Partial scrapbook of Mrs. Roberta Carr], 1940s-1950s

Offsite-Box: 475 (Material Type: album)

Scope and Contents Note

This scrapbook contains items relating to the Spence School for Girls (pamphlets, commencement announcements, invitations, etc.) as well as playbills, ticket stubs, a Coney Island puzzle and a pamphlet titled "The Art of Middle Aisling for the Bridegroom."

[Album of William and Florence Schuette]

Offsite-Box: 476 (Material Type: album)

Scope and Contents Note

Family album of William and Florence Schuette. William Schuette (died 1923) owned a lumber company and the family resided at 375 Park Avenue. Includes travel photos, portraits of family and friends, photos of dogs, clippings, etc.

[Photo album of Mrs. James J. Walker on trip to Hamburg, Germany], 1920's

Offsite-Box: 403, Volume: 477 (Material Type: album)

General Note

Wife of Mayor James J. Walker; includes photos of her exercising in ship gymnasium.

Sarony Photographic Art Album for Steamship Idlewild, 1870s

Offsite-Box: 478 (Material Type: album)

Scope and Contents Note

This album contains photographic portraits and reproductions of advertisements for various businesses. It was created by Sarony Studio, founded by the lithographer Napoleon Sarony (1821-1896), continued by his son Otto Sarony (1859-1903). Sarony Studio dominated the theatrical portraiture market during the latter half of the 19th century.

Acquisition Note

Gift of James Olinkiewicz, 2016

[Partial album of Edna Rhoode Munger], ca. 1930s-1940s

Offsite-Box: 405, Volume: 479 (Material Type: album)

Scope and Contents Note

2 pages from an album, containing vacation photographs from Niagara Falls; Erie, PA; Lake Cuba, NY; and Madison, CT.

[Brooklyn Edison Club scrapbook], ca. 1920s

Offsite-Box: 417, Volume: 480 (Material Type: album)

Scope and Contents Note

This scrapbook contains photographs of and clippings about athletes and athletic events connected with the Brooklyn Edison Club. Individuals featured include fencer Agnes Conlon, and swimmer Walter Ribiero. The album also includes two photos of the Brooklyn Edison baseball team.

Immediate Source of Acquisition Note

Gift of Michael Moran, 2015

[Partial album of John V. Van Siclen], ca. 1900

Offsite-Box: 405, Volume: 481 (Material Type: album)

Scope and Contents Note

Four photographs of old buildings in Brooklyn and Queens, with captions. Includes images of Alley Store in Alley Park, Queens; the Ammerman house on Avenue M and Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn (2 copies); and Hendrick Lott house on Jamaica Avenue, Queens.

Immediate Source of Acquisition Note

Gift of the Holland Society of New York, 2017

[McGarty family scrapbook], ca. 1800s-1900s

Offsite-Box: 482 (Material Type: album)

Scope and Contents Note

26 folders of photographs (most identified), genealogical documents, and ephemera from the McGarty, Norris, Jorgensen, Marshall, Gerolstein, and Concannon families of Brooklyn and elsewhere. Includes an autograph album with entries dated 1904, and some explanatory information supplied by the donor.

Immediate Source of Acquisition Note

Gift of Patricia McGarty Laidlaw, September 2017 (PPAC.2017.65).

[Photo album of New York Harbor and Europe after World War I], ca. 1918-1921

Offsite-Box: 483 (Material Type: album)

Scope and Contents Note

Includes post-World War I snapshots of New York Harbor and vicinity, and landmarks in European cities such as Paris, Rheims, Versailles, Brussels, and Wiesbaden.

Immediate Source of Acquisition Note

Gift of Nancy Slicker, October 2017 (PPAC.2017.71).

[World War II scrapbook of Harold Alden Dike], 1942-1945, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 485 (Material Type: album)

Scope and Contents

Scrapbook apparently compiled by the mother of U.S. Army PFC Harold Alden Dike (1919–2011), of Clarkstown, Rockland County, New York. Dike was inducted into the service in 1942 (see the Selective Service letter tipped in near the start of the volume). The scrapbook bears a pre-printed title—"PHOTOGRAPHS"—and is labeled (in ink) "Vol. I," but aside from 19 photographs (possibly sent home from training camp), the scrapbook consists largely of ephemera and newspaper clippings related to World War II. [Dike was later founding master of the Windy Hollow Hunt, a traditional fox hunt held in the Hudson River Valley.]

Immediate Source of Acquisition

Gift of Susan McInerey, May 2018 (PPAC.2018.025).

Credit line: "Susan and Kathleen McInerney."

[New York City photographs], circa 1920s, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 405, Volume: 486 (Material Type: album)

Scope and Contents

Seven small photographs collected by the donor's father, some labeled: Flatiron Building viewed from inside Madison Square; downtown street view; South Ferry & Central Park horse car; view of The Tribune and other buildings from top of the "World"; Washington's tomb; Staten Island ferry and skyline behind; Statue of Liberty with four airplanes in formation flying above. (Loose, in an envelope)

Immediate Source of Acquisition

Gift of Carol Byron, 2018.

[Walter Propper photographs], circa 1938-1961, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 487 (Material Type: album)

Scope and Contents

Fourteen loose photograph album leaves holding 100 gelatin silver prints (mostly black-and-white) and 2 newspaper clippings. According to the donor, the photographs were taken by her husband's grandfather, Walter Propper (1893–1970), a New York City native and president of Propper Roofing Company, which explains the number of shots of rooftops and repair work. Among the views are some of named family members and coworkers. Locations include Connecticut, Long Island, and Manhattan, as well as several Bronx sites: Cardinal Hayes High School (650 Grand Concourse); Fire Engine Company 46 (451-453 East 176th Street); St. Barnabas Hospital; Cross Bronx Expressway during construction; 940 Grand Concourse; Park Avenue looking north from 176th Street; 626 Prospect Avenue; 643 Prospect Avenue; 178th Street and Ryer Avenue; 317 East 178th Street (looking north from the roof of); and the Cross Bronx Expressway during construction. Also present is a color snapshot of "Olaf the Walrus," a resident of the New York Aquarium, with his accompanying obituary from the New York Times of December 15, 1966: "Olaf, the Walrus, Is Dead at 10; Long a Favorite at Aquarium."

Immediate Source of Acquisition

Gift of Marcy Propper, March 2018 (accession no. PPAC-2018-013).

Removed. Now in PR 428.

Volume: 488 (Material Type: album)

Harwich, Massachusetts, circa 1900?, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 412, Volume: 489 (Material Type: album)

Scope and Contents

10 captioned photographs, including "Main Street, looking toward Brook's Park," "Brooks Seminary, now high school," "Brook's Park, entrance," views of and from the "campus," "Exchange Theater," and Congregational church and chapel. (Item found on shelves and added to the collection in April 2022; source not known.)

Old Fans from Mr. R. Walker's Cabinet, 1882, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 410, Volume: 490 (Material Type: album)

Scope and Contents

This album appears to be associated with the auction of the fan collection of Robert Walker of Uffington, England, at Sotheby's in June 1882. The album includes 52 black and white photographs of fold-out fans. (Item found on shelves and added to the collection in April 2022; source not known.)

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