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Series XV. Audiovisual Materials, 1958-2008 and undated

Scope and Content

The series consists of 12 boxes containing videotapes in various formats, DVDs, and 16mm film. Materials are arranged by format.

The VHS tapes are arranged first, and are organized numerically using numbers originally assigned by Richard Reilly at the Foundling. Reilly further created a detailed guide to the content of each VHS cassette, which is available at the Manuscript Department of the New-York Historical Society. The VHS tapes most often contain segments of television news and talk shows. There are also some "home" videos of Foundling events and some promotional videos.

Other formats were not catalogued by Reilly, or viewed by any archivist, and are described in this finding aid according to their labels.

VHS tapes numbered 1-15 (missing 7,9), 1992-1997, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 65 (Material Type: Moving Images)

VHS tapes numbered 16-28 (missing 25, 26; including 24A), 1958-2005, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 66 (Material Type: Moving Images)

VHS tapes numbered 29-45 (missing 33, 42, 43), 1986-1998 and undated

Offsite-Box: 67 (Material Type: Moving Images)

VHS tapes numbered 47-68 (missing 50, 55, 57-59, 61-63, 66), undated (pre-1958) - 2003

Offsite-Box: 68 (Material Type: Moving Images)

VHS tapes numbered 69-88 (missing 70, 71, 74, 77, 85), 1989-2000 and undated

Offsite-Box: 69 (Material Type: Moving Images)

VHS tapes numbered 89-105 (missing 96, 100-102), circa 1983-2004

Offsite-Box: 70 (Material Type: Moving Images)

Box of VHS and Beta: 1 VHS tape (transfer of 1950 Loretta Young promotional film); 11 Betacam SP tapes numbered 1-11 and labeled "NY Foundling Hospital Raw Footage"; 1 Sony Beta BCT-20K tape (numbered 1 of 11) dated 1987 April 27, 1987 and undated

Offsite-Box: 71 (Material Type: Moving Images)

Box of Beta and DVD: 10 Sony Beta BCT-20K videotapes (numbered 2-11; 1 in Box 71); 1 Fuji Betacam SP tape labeled "Sister Marilda Joseph" (1995) in a box labeled "Loretta Young Film"; 1 Sony Beta BCT-20K tape labeled "Eddie Albert Foundling Hospital, Roll #1, Master, 7 Aug. 1987", 4 DVDs: Promo Film 11/07; the Pajama Program 01/03/08; Orphan Train (undated); Loretta Young (undated transfer of 1950 promo film?); and "Abandon No One" (undated circa 2008), 1987, 1995, 2007, 2008 and undated

Offsite-Box: 72 (Material Type: Moving Images)

Box of 3/4" U-matic Video (twelve 4.75"x7.25" cassettes): 9 Sony KCS-20K tapes numbered 1-3 and 6-11, all labeled "Time Code Dub", dated 1987 May 26 and undated; 3 Sony KCS-20XBR tapes numbered 1-3 all labeled "Window Dub" and number 1 also labeled "St. Agatha's: Disabled Children and Bus Transportation" all undated, 1987 May 26 and undated

Offsite-Box: 73 (Material Type: Moving Images)

Box of 3/4" video (nine 5.5"x8.5" cassettes): 2 tapes labeled "CAS/Interpublic NY Foundling 'Short Version' 32:00 5/3/88"; 2 tapes labeled "CAS Interpublic NY Foundling 3/4 " Dub" - "Part I Approx 60 min. 9/25/92" and "Promotion Tape 20:40 11/11/92"; 1 undated tape labeled "Reaching Out: Child Care Programs of the Foundling Length 57:55; 2 undated tapes labeled "NY Foundling Window Dub" - 1 also labeled "CAS 462, 4-5" and 1 labeled "CAS 463, Roll 6"; 1 undated tape labeled "PB video project 3 teens/teenage girls by Abbie Fink"; 1 ABC video labeled "Program: People-Places-Things, Episode Title LC-13930, Super Family" dated 12/18/75, 1975-1992 and undated

Offsite-Box: 74 (Material Type: Moving Images)

Box of Betacam SP and 1" Video: 3 Sony Betacam SP tapes labeled Interpublic/CAS NYFH Video Project reels 1-5" dated 3/13/89; 1 Betacam SP tape labeled "Paramount Pictures and MTV Films the Fighting Temptations Electronic Press Kit" dated 9/4/03; 1 reel of 1" video labeled CAS/Interpublic NY Foundling "Crisis Nursery/Reaching Out" dated 5/3/88; 1 reel of 1" video labeled CAS/Interpublic Project Basement Hourglass" dated 4/11/89; 1 reel of 1" video labeled "CAS/Interpublic NY Foundling Promotion Tape" dated 11/11/92; 1 reel of 1" video labeled "CAS/Interpublic NY Foundling Home Part 2" dated 9/23/92, 1988-2003, inclusive

Offsite-Box: 75 (Material Type: Moving Images)

Box of three 16 mm films: "But What of the Child" English Version and Spanish version; and "WNBC TV Positively Black: New York Foundling (Foster Mothers)", undated

Offsite-Box: 76 (Material Type: Moving Images)
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