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Series VII. Printed Material (1796-1875), 1796-1895

Scope and Contents

The series includes newspaper clippings, brochures, pamphlets, advertisements, invoices, and other printed material, organized chronologically.

Tontine Coffee House constitution, 1796, inclusive

Box: 20, Folder: 9 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

New-York Price-Current, 1803-1812, inclusive

Box: 20, Folder: 10 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

New-York City-Hall Recorder, 1817-1818, inclusive

Box: 20, Folder: 11 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Advertisements and booklets for non-Hendricks businesses, 1817-1866, inclusive

Box: 21, Folder: 1 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Daily Whig, Examiner, The Hornet, 1823-1846, inclusive

Box: 21, Folder: 2 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

"Proceedings of the General Convention of Agriculturists and Manufacturers and Others", 1827 July 30

Box: 21, Folder: 3 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Invoices for non-Hendricks businesses, 1835-1869, inclusive

Box: 21, Folder: 4 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

School geography atlas, 1838, inclusive

Box: 21, Folder: 5 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Oration by William B. Reed, Philadelphia, 1849, inclusive

Box: 21, Folder: 6 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Life insurance policy, Francis W. Gardner, 1871, inclusive

Box: 21, Folder: 7 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Brochure: "Incidents in the emigration work of the Children's Aid Society", 1875, inclusive

Box: 21, Folder: 8 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)
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