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Anderson, Robert. Tea and Sympathy, 1956, inclusive

Box: 1, Folder: 1 (Material Type: Books)

Atkinson, Hugh. The Games, 1968, inclusive

Box: 1, Folder: 2 (Material Type: Books)

Burgess, Preston. Confessions of a Married Man, 1966, inclusive

Box: 1, Folder: 3 (Material Type: Books)

Chorier, Nicolas. The Dialogues of Luisa Sigea, 1966, inclusive

Box: 1, Folder: 4 (Material Type: Books)

Cione, Jack. What do you say to a naked waiter?, 1974, inclusive

Box: 1, Folder: 5 (Material Type: Books)

Cleland, John. Memoirs of a Coxcomb, 1963, inclusive

Box: 1, Folder: 6 (Material Type: Books)

Cray, Ed. The Fifteen Plagues of Maidenhead and Other Forbidden Verse, 1966, inclusive

Box: 1, Folder: 7 (Material Type: Books)

Davidson, Chris. A Different Drum, 1967, inclusive

Box: 1, Folder: 8 (Material Type: Books)

Davidson, Chris. Go Down, Aaron, 1967, inclusive

Box: 1, Folder: 9 (Material Type: Books)

Douglas, Dean. Man Divided, 1954, inclusive

Box: 1, Folder: 10 (Material Type: Books)

Dowd, Harrison. The Night Air, 1950, inclusive

Box: 1, Folder: 11 (Material Type: Books)

Forberg, Friedrich-Karl. The Manual of Exotic Sexualia, 1965, inclusive

Box: 1, Folder: 12 (Material Type: Books)

Harmon, Jackson. Perverted Psychologist, 1968, inclusive

Box: 1, Folder: 13 (Material Type: Books)

Hirschman, Jack. Teleny, or the Reverse of the Medal, 1967, inclusive

Box: 1, Folder: 14 (Material Type: Books)

Hunter, John Francis. The Gay Insider, 1971, inclusive

Box: 1, Folder: 15 (Material Type: Books)

Jackson, Charles. The Fall of Valor, 1955, inclusive

Box: 1, Folder: 16 (Material Type: Books)

Jadaway, J. J. 7 Erotic Minutes, 1971, inclusive

Box: 1, Folder: 17 (Material Type: Books)

Jourdan, Eric. Two, 1963, inclusive

Box: 1, Folder: 18 (Material Type: Books)

Kent, Nial. The Divided Path, 1951, inclusive

Box: 1, Folder: 19 (Material Type: Books)

Knight, John. The Story of my Psychoanalysis, 1953, inclusive

Box: 1, Folder: 20 (Material Type: Books)

Kovar, Dallas. One to Share…, 1968, inclusive

Box: 1, Folder: 21 (Material Type: Books)

Lindop, Audrey Erskine. The Tormented, 1956, inclusive

Box: 2, Folder: 1 (Material Type: Books)

Little, Jay. Maybe—Tomorrow, 1965, inclusive

Box: 2, Folder: 2 (Material Type: Books)

Martin, Cort. Bolt: Six-Guns and Silk, 1986, inclusive

Box: 2, Folder: 3 (Material Type: Books)

Niles, Blair. Strange Brother, 1952, inclusive

Box: 2, Folder: 4 (Material Type: Books)

The Pearl: A Journal of Voluptuous Reading, 1968, inclusive

Box: 2, Folder: 5 (Material Type: Books)

Purdy, James. Eustace Chisholm and the Works, 1968, inclusive

Box: 2, Folder: 6 (Material Type: Books)

Rogers, Rosemary. The Insiders, 1979, inclusive

Box: 2, Folder: 7 (Material Type: Books)

Rose, Dustin. Fiery Fists, 1977, inclusive

Box: 2, Folder: 8 (Material Type: Books)

Sanderson, Douglas. Dark Passions Subdue, 1952, inclusive

Box: 2, Folder: 9 (Material Type: Books)

Shrader, Bert. Gay Tutor, 1968, inclusive

Box: 2, Folder: 10 (Material Type: Books)

Taylor, Dyson. Bitter Love, 1957, inclusive

Box: 2, Folder: 11 (Material Type: Books)

Tellier, Andre. Twilight Men, 1950, inclusive

Box: 2, Folder: 12 (Material Type: Books)

Tesch, Gerald. Never the Same Again, 1966, inclusive

Box: 2, Folder: 13 (Material Type: Books)

Therese, Marie. I'm for Hire: The Memoirs of a Prostitute, 1966, inclusive

Box: 2, Folder: 14 (Material Type: Books)

Wagman, Paul. Hollywood Homo, 1963, inclusive

Box: 2, Folder: 15 (Material Type: Books)

Watson, J. The Sexual Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, 1971, inclusive

Box: 2, Folder: 16 (Material Type: Books)

Wilhelm, Gale. We Too Are Drifting, 1935, inclusive

Box: 2, Folder: 17 (Material Type: Books)

Wylie, Philip. The Disappearance, 1952, inclusive

Box: 2, Folder: 18 (Material Type: Books)

Brecher, Edward and Ruth. An Analysis of Human Sexual Response, 1956, inclusive

Box: 3, Folder: 1 (Material Type: Books)

Caprio, Frank S. Female Homosexuality: A Modern Study of Lesbianism, 1962, inclusive

Box: 3, Folder: 2 (Material Type: Books)

Cory, Donald Webster and John P. LeRoy. The Homosexual and his society: A view from within, 1963, inclusive

Box: 3, Folder: 3 (Material Type: Books)

d'Arcangelo, Angelo. The Homosexual Handbook, 1969, inclusive

Box: 3, Folder: 4 (Material Type: Books)

Edwardes, Allen and R.E.L. Masters. The Cradle of Erotica, 1963, inclusive

Box: 3, Folder: 5 (Material Type: Books)

Geddes, Donald Porter and Enid Curie. About the Kinsey Report, 1948, inclusive

Box: 3, Folder: 6 (Material Type: Books)

Geddes, Donald Porter. An Analysis of the Kinsey Reports on Sexual Behavior in the Human Male and Female, 1954, inclusive

Box: 3, Folder: 7 (Material Type: Books)

Gordon, David Cole. Self-love, 1972, inclusive

Box: 3, Folder: 8 (Material Type: Books)

Greenblat, Bernard R. A Doctor's Marital Guide for Patients, 1959, inclusive

Box: 3, Folder: 9 (Material Type: Books)

Hegeler, Inge and Sten. An Adult View of Love and Sex, 1963, inclusive

Box: 3, Folder: 10 (Material Type: Books)

Jorgensen, Christine. Christine Jorgensen: A Personal Autobiography, 1967, inclusive

Box: 3, Folder: 11 (Material Type: Books)

Kronhausen, Eberhard and Phyllis. Sex Histories of American College Men, 1960, inclusive

Box: 3, Folder: 12 (Material Type: Books)

Lindsey, Hal. The Late Great Planet Earth, 1973, inclusive

Box: 3, Folder: 13 (Material Type: Books)

Mansfield, Jayne and Mickey Hargitay. Jayne Mansfield's Wild, Wild World, 1963, inclusive

Box: 3, Folder: 14 (Material Type: Books)

Marlowe, Kenneth. Mr. Madam: Confessions of a Male Madam, 1965, inclusive

Box: 3, Folder: 15 (Material Type: Books)

Masters, R.E.L. The Homosexual Revolution, 1962, inclusive

Box: 3, Folder: 16 (Material Type: Books)

Patai, Raphael. Sex and Family in the Bible, 1959, inclusive

Box: 4, Folder: 1 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Rogers, James C. Sex Outcast, 1966, inclusive

Box: 4, Folder: 2 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Ruitenbeek, Hendrik M. The Problem of Homosexuality in Modern Society, 1963, inclusive

Box: 4, Folder: 3 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Schultz-Larsen, J. The Morphology of the Human Sperm: Electron Microscopic Investigations of the Ultrastructure, 1958, inclusive

Box: 4, Folder: 4 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Shepard, Martin. Ecstasy: The Moneysworth Marriage Manual, 1977, inclusive

Box: 4, Folder: 5 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Stearn, Jess. The Grape Vine: A Report on the Secret World of the Lesbian, 1964, inclusive

Box: 4, Folder: 6 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Tobin, Kay and Randy Wicker. The Gay Crusaders, 1972, inclusive

Box: 4, Folder: 7 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Photographs, undated, inclusive

Box: 4, Folder: 8 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)
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