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Series III: Talks, Papers.

Scope and Contents note

Series III: Drafts, manuscripts, and notes for published papers and articles, as well as printouts for talks and speaking engagements [76 folders].

Brooks, M - Writings [unsorted]: BM notes, drafts, syllabi, photocopies., undated

Box: 31, Folder: 545 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

American Political Theatre - Talk: BM drafts., undated

Box: 31, Folder: 546 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Edwin Booth's Legacy: Issue of journal, Nineteenth Century Theatre, vol.21, no.2 (Winter 1993)., 1993

Box: 31, Folder: 547 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

B.T.I. Introduction (Botto, Louis): BM introduction to Louis Botto, 2 pages., undated

Box: 31, Folder: 548 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Burlingame Intro.: BM drafts of introduction to Lloyd Burlingame, 4 pages; invitation., undated

Box: 31, Folder: 549 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

The Busker: Photocopy of BM article; Newsletter of the Greater London Arts Association (September/October 1975)., 1975

Box: 31, Folder: 550 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

The Busker in London a Hundred Years Ago: BM draft., undated

Box: 31, Folder: 551 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

A Carnival City: Exhibition catalog, "The Country Fair Carnival: Where the Midway Meets the Grange," Chemung County Historical Society, Elmira, NY (1992)., 1992

Box: 31, Folder: 552 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Catfish Dreamin': BM draft, "Catfish Dreamin' Meets the Medicine Show and Other Traditional Dreams and Illusions.", undated

Box: 31, Folder: 553 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Celebrate Broadway Talk: Draft., undated

Box: 31, Folder: 554 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

The Circus and the New Theatre: Photocopies of BM article in Theatre Crafts (September 1972)., 1972

Box: 31, Folder: 555 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Civic Pageantry in New York City: BM paper draft., undated

Box: 31, Folder: 556 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Come on Over: BM article, "Come on Over: The rise and fall of the American amusement park," in Theatre Crafts (September 1977)., 1977

Box: 31, Folder: 557 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

A Congress of Wonders: BM article, "A Congress of Wonders: the Rise and Fall of the Dime Museum," in ESQ: A Journal of the American Renaissance (1974)., 1974

Box: 31, Folder: 558 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

David Douglass: Photocopy of BM article, "David Douglass and the Beginnings of American Theatre Architecture.", 1968

Box: 31, Folder: 559 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Owen Davis and the Shubert Brothers: BM article in the newsletter of the Shubert Archive., 1995

Box: 31, Folder: 560 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Deco Talk: BM draft of talk at the Lyceum Theatre., undated

Box: 31, Folder: 561 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Defining Popular Entertainment: Drafts of BM keynote speech for the International Symposium on Popular Entertainment, CUNY Graduate Center, 1987., 1987

Box: 31, Folder: 562 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Defining Popular Culture: BM article in Theatre History Studies volume 18 (1998)., 1998

Box: 31, Folder: 563 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Double Gothic: the Scenography of Michael Kirby, an interview by Brooks McNamara: Photocopy of article in Theatre Design and Technology (Winter 1979)., 1979

Box: 31, Folder: 564 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

The English Playhouse in eighteenth-century America: Photocopy of BM article in The Connoisseur (September 1967)., 1967

Box: 31, Folder: 565 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Environmental Theatre: BM notes, drafts, course materials., undated

Box: 31, Folder: 566 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Feasts and Processions in the Urban Environment: BM article manuscript and photocopies., undated

Box: 31, Folder: 567 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Films and Touring Films (Talk): BM talk, 3 pages., undated

Box: 31, Folder: 568 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

For Laughing Purposes Only: BM draft and photocopy of article, "For Laughing Purposes Only": The Literature of Popular Entertainment., undated

Box: 31, Folder: 569 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

"Friends of the Library" Speech: BM draft., undated

Box: 32, Folder: 570 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

"I'm Dr. Kronkhite."…: Drafts of BM talk, "I'm Dr. Kronkhite." "I'm Dubious.": The Health Professional in American Popular Comedy; poster for event (1987)., 1987

Box: 32, Folder: 571 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

The Invisible Theatre: BM drafts and photocopy of article, "The Invisible Theatre: The Folk and Festival Tradition in America.", 1978

Box: 32, Folder: 572 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Jews and the American Theatre - Talk: BM drafts., undated

Box: 32, Folder: 573 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Kirby Memorial Service - Speech: BM drafts., undated

Box: 32, Folder: 574 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Living Over the Store: BM drafts., undated

Box: 32, Folder: 575 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Forward, Carol Martin's book: BM drafts, correspondence, and photocopy., 1993, 1994

Box: 32, Folder: 576 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

David Mayer Introduction: BM draft, 2 pages., undated

Box: 32, Folder: 577 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

The Medicine Show: BM article from program book, Festival of American Folklife, Smithsonian Institution (1979)., 1979

Box: 32, Folder: 578 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

The American Medicine Show (Exhibit): Exhibition catalogue, The American Medicine Show, Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, CT, December 1983 to February 1984; January 1984 issue of the Yale Weekly Bulletin and Calendar., 1983-1984

Box: 32, Folder: 579 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

The Medicine Show Log: Photocopy of BM article, "The Medicine Show Log: Reconstructing a Traditional American Entertainment.", 1984

Box: 32, Folder: 580 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Medicine Show Performance: Playbill, poster., undated

Box: 32, Folder: 581 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

The Indian Medicine Show: Photocopy of BM article., 1971

Box: 32, Folder: 582 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Lecturing to Accompany Paintings and Other Exhibits: Draft of BM talk, 3 pages., undated

Box: 32, Folder: 583 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Step Right Up (dust jacket), undated

Box: 32, Folder: 584 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Step Right Up (2nd edition advertisement), undated

Box: 32, Folder: 585 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

"Talking": BM draft, 50 pages., undated

Box: 32, Folder: 586 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Up in All the Acts and Bits: Souvenir program for The Vi-ton-ka Medicine Show, and photocopy of BM article., 1983

Box: 32, Folder: 587 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

"You Are All Dying": Issue of journal Listening: Journal of Religion and Culture (1987) with BM article, "You Are All Dying": Illness and Death in the American Medicine Show; correspondence, photocopy., 1987

Box: 32, Folder: 588 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

TDR: Memoires of the Mouthpiece: Photocopies., 1986

Box: 32, Folder: 589 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

The Pageant Era: Issue of Theatre Crafts, Bicentennial Special Issue: History on Outdoor Stages (September 1975); photocopies., 1975

Box: 32, Folder: 590 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Parody in Traditional American Entertainments: BM drafts., undated

Box: 32, Folder: 591 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

The Paterson Strike: BM article, "Paterson Strike Pageant," in TDR (Summer 1971)., 1975

Box: 32, Folder: 592 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Performance Space: the Environmental Tradition: BM article in Architectural Association Quarterly (April/June 1975)., 1975

Box: 32, Folder: 593 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Performance Studies…: BM talks and notes on the history and definition of Performance Studies., undated

Box: 32, Folder: 594 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Popular Entertainment and the Community: BM draft., undated

Box: 32, Folder: 595 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Popular Entertainment program at N.Y. State Museum, undated

Box: 32, Folder: 596 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Popular Scenography: Photocopy of BM article., 1974

Box: 32, Folder: 597 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

An Interview with Percy Press: Photocopy of BM article, "An Interview with Percy Press and A Portfolio of Buskers.", 1975

Box: 32, Folder: 598 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Public Celebrations in 19th century NY: BM draft., undated

Box: 32, Folder: 599 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Reviews, Etc.: Articles, photocopies, reviews, clippings., undated

Box: 32, Folder: 600 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Reviews of Books: Clippings, articles, drafts, correspondence., undated

Box: 32, Folder: 601 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Day of Jubilee - Reviews and Nominations, 1997

Box: 32, Folder: 602 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

St. Patrick's Day - Talk: BM draft, 19 pages., undated

Box: 32, Folder: 603 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

"Scavengers of the Amusement World": BM article, "Scavengers of the Amusement World": Popular Entertainment and the Birth of the Movies, in exhibition catalogue, American Pastimes, Brockton Art Center - Fuller Memorial, Brockton, MA, January - April 1977., 1977

Box: 32, Folder: 604 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Scene Design and Early Film: BM draft and photocopy of article., 1986

Box: 32, Folder: 605 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Shubert Archive: Clippings, articles, photocopies, newsletters; BM draft; interview with Donald Flamm., undated

Box: 32, Folder: 606 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Sam Shubert, Producer: BM draft, 16 pages., undated

Box: 32, Folder: 607 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

The Shuberts and "The Gladiola Girl": BM draft, 4 pages., undated

Box: 32, Folder: 608 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

The Shubert Brothers and the "Box-Office" Play: BM drafts, article published in Shubert Archive newsletter (1992) and LMDA Review (vol.5, no.1)., 1992

Box: 32, Folder: 609 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

The Shuberts as Theatre Builders: Draft, 15 pages., undated

Box: 32, Folder: 610 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Shubert Archive Talk; Shubert Musicals Talk: BM drafts., undated

Box: 32, Folder: 611 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

"Something Glorious": BM drafts, notes, photocopies of article, "'Something Glorious': Greenwich Village and the Theater.", 1993

Box: 32, Folder: 612 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

The Stratford Jubilee: Photocopy of BM article, "'The Stratford Jubilee': Dram to Garrick's Vanity.", 1962

Box: 32, Folder: 613 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Stuart Sherman's Third Spectacle: Draft and photocopy of BM article., 1976

Box: 32, Folder: 614 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Tales from the Salesman's Golden Age: BM article in issue of TWA Ambassador: The Trans World Magazine (October 1975)., 1975

Box: 32, Folder: 615 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Tamiment Playhouse: Draft of talk., undated

Box: 32, Folder: 616 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

"Theater" entry - Americana Annual, 1973: Clippings, photocopies, correspondence, BM notes and drafts, undated

Box: 32, Folder: 617 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Theatre, American: BM draft, 17 pages., undated

Box: 32, Folder: 618 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Vessel: The Scenography of Meredith Monk (Interview): BM article in TDR (March 1972), photocopies., 1972, 1974

Box: 32, Folder: 619 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Virtual Fantasies Forward: BM draft, 2 pages., undated

Box: 32, Folder: 620 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

What Makes Theater?: BM article in Oculus, a publication by the American Institute of Architects, New York Chapter (June 1996)., 1996

Box: 32, Folder: 621 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)
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