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Series III: Correspondence

Scope and Content

This series is comprised of over 150 letters (virtually all autograph), from minor writers, journalists, celebrities of the day, politicians, editors etc. Letters are addressed predominantly to Neiman as a secretary of the Pleiades Club, and sometimes to other Club officials (John Ryan, Edward Foley). Among the more famous names are Louis Rhead (3 letters), Secretary of State John Hay, Arthur Guiterman, Dan Beard, Otis Skinner. Several letters and postcards concerning Neiman do not relate to the Pleiades Club.

Incoming Letters (1903-1918), arranged alphabetically by correspondent (A-K).

Charles A. Adams,
Birdsill Andrews,
A. Antone and R. Rimon,
Paulette Antoine,
George Arliss,
John Aushire,
A. Bainbridge,
M. J. Baxter,
Dan Beard,
George Beban,
Alan Bell,
Helen Berensford,
K. Blienniz,
Gertrude Boor-Stearne,
A. Brisbane,
Alanson T. Briggs,
Edmund Breese,
Richard Carter,
J. B. Coghlan,
Homer Davenport,
D. Delchanty,
Mennes Graham Destamps,
Thomas Darlington,
Edith Dethson,
Minnie Dupree,
Paul Dufault,
Alec deEbray,
Lee Fairchild,
Thomas Fogart
Evelyn Dutton Fogg,
Ardeen Foster,
Spencer Frisk,
Paolo S. Galazzi,
Ch. Gilibert,
Jeanne Gomelli,
Frederick Grant,
Ms. Greenleaf,
Arthur Guiterman,
Archie Gunn,
James Clarence Harvey,
John Hay,
Hartford S. Hadley,
Job E Hedges,
S. F. Hershil,
Shafter Howard,
Franz Kaltenborn,
M. Ketten,
Helen Koelling,
Koike,, 1903-1918

Box: 2, Folder: 17 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Incoming Letters (1903-1918), arranged alphabetically by correspondent (L-Z).
Harry Leighton,
Sheldon Lewis,
Frank Lincoln,
de Lipman,
Charles Battell Loomis,
Wright Lorrimer,
R. B. Mantell,
F. C. Mathenson,
Edyth Totten McGrath,
Roy L. McCardell,
Burn McIntosh,
Nelson Miles,
J. W. Miller
James Grant Milson,
Esther Wall Mumford,
Jan Munkacsy,
E. Nagasaki,
M. Nagasi,
Marci Narelle,
Mesrop Newton,
Zoe Anderson Norris,
[...] O'Carrole,
R. F. Outeault,
Francesca di Maria Palmer,
F. Joubert Pienaar,
J. C. Platt,
Channing Pollock,
F. K. Pulsifer,
Louis Rhead,
Charles. H. Roe,
Caro Roma,
Charles Rotland,
Mrs McGarick-Russell,
Charles Sarka,
Theodocia Sarrisen,
Maurice Samuels
Julius L. Schendel,
Percy Sanderson,
James N Sing,
Otis Skinner,
Edith Sothern,
N[...] Taliofarro,
C. Bryson Taylor,
David Warfield,
Clifford Walker,
Percy Winter,
Bartow S. Weeks,
Ethel Jackson Zimmerman.
, 1903-1918

Box: 2, Folder: 18 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)
Fales Library and Special Collections
Elmer Holmes Bobst Library
70 Washington Square South
2nd Floor
New York, NY 10012