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Series IV: Printed Material

Language of Materials


Scope and Contents

Series IV contains seven folders of printed matter, many of which are brief articles cut from a variety of books and periodicals. Most concern Barnard's life and projects, or merely mention him, while others are simply advertisements, such as catalogs of Barnard's publications and advertisements for the American Journal of Education. Present as well are a few printed greeted cards and invitations to ceremonies and professional gatherings. Some of the items are annotated but only a few substantially. A small number of documents in this series may have been part of the correspondence file at one time for they bear index numbers.

Clippings, Pamphlets, and Announcements, 1850-1881, (Bulk: 1850-1869)

Box: 9, Folder: 1 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

General note

Includes "An Inaugural Address Delivered in the Senate Chamber of the Capitol before the Board of Regents of the [Wisconsin] State University" by E.S. Carr, 1856, January 16; "Barnard's Educational Labors," unknown author/source [1858]; "Circular" advertising Barnard's American Journal of Education by Thomas W. Bicknell, 1881; Photocopied newspaper article "Professor Henry Barnard," from The Daily Crescent, New Orleans, 1851, June 10, (index number 2-2787); Photocopy of newspaper article "Honorable Henry Barnard" by Lydia H. Sigourney, 1854, September (index number 2-3574); 3 "Notices" regarding special meetings of the Board of Trustees at Watkinson Library, 1863; 2 copies of an announcement for the Annual Meeting of the National Teacher's Association by W.E. Sheldon, 1863, June 20, with handwritten notes on the reverse of both; 2 further "Notices" from the Watkinson Library, also 1863; Printed message from John Eaton, Jr., 1868, Sept. 16; Incomplete "Report of Committee on Education and Labor to the House of Representatives," by S.F. Cary, 1869, February 16.

Clippings and Advertisements, 1870-1879, inclusive

Box: 9, Folder: 2 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

General note

Includes: "Education in District of Columbia: Letter of Commissioner of Education," by Henry Barnard, 1870, January 19; Title pages and table of contents from the American Journal of Education, vol. 9 of the National Series (vol. 24 of the entire series), 1874-5; "Centenniel Growth in Nationality, Industries, and Education," unknown author, 1876, July 4; "Retrospect and Prospect-1878," extracts from letters exchanged by R.H. Quick and Henry Barnard printed in the American Journal of Education, 1878; "Paris Exposition, 1878, Award of Gold and Silver Medals," unknown author/ source; 2 advertisements for "Barnard's American Journal of Education," unknown authors, 1878; "Program of Exercises for the Meeting of the National Educational Association to be Held at Philadelphia, July 29, 30, and 31, 1879," unknown author.

Clippings and Advertisements, 1880-1889, inclusive

Box: 9, Folder: 3 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

General note

Includes multiple copies of "Circular" advertising the American Journal of Education, by Thomas Bicknell, 1881; "Henry Barnard in Connecticut" by Thomas Bicknell, 1881, with "Henry Barnard- The American Educator" by John D. Philbrick, from the Massachusetts Teacher, 1858, appended; "Connecticut Schools and Education," by John W. Stedman, 1881; "Barnard's Encyclopedia of Education, Appeal by Miss Peabody," by Elizabeth P. Peabody, [1881]; "From the Record of the Class of 1830," [W.R. Cone], [1885]; "Connecticut Schools and Educators, Letter from Henry Barnard" by Henry Barnard, 1886; "Folk Lore Publication Society," by William Wells Newell, 1887; "American Library of Education and Schools," by Henry Barnard, 1887; Portion of a publication sent to Henry Barnard by R. H. Quick, 1889; "Rev. A.D. Mayo's Ministry of Education in the South", with testimonials from John Eaton, N.H.R. Dawson, J.L.M. Curry, William T. Harris, Atticus G. Haywood, 1889.

Clippings, 1890-1987, inclusive

Box: 9, Folder: 4 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

General note

Includes "Henry Barnard: the Nestor of American Education" by James L. Hughes (index number: 11421); "Table of Contents" from Pestalozzi and Swiss Pedagogy by Henry Barnard;Circuit Rider of the American Schools: Albert Edward Winship by George P. Winship; Printed card (index number 11729); An advertisement for the Lyceum Theatre's production of "Nathan Hale" ca. 1899 (index number: 11719); Advertisement for [D]evil's Island ca. 1899 (index number: 11720); printed page, origin unknown, describing two recognitions of Barnard in education literature of 1890 (index number 11716); and subscription offer for a "A Weekly Library for 5 Cents a Week" (index number: 11732).

Clippings, 1899, Undated

Box: 9, Folder: 5 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

General note

Includes "Instruction by Correspondence," by E.F. Ware, undated; "Index" from Reminiscences by John Hooker, 1899; Photocopy of printed version of a letter to Henry Barnard from Earl Barnes; "University of Cambridge," unknown author, undated; "The Co-Operation of Parents Solicited by the Teacher of Their Children," from Educational Tracts No. 9, unknown author, undated; "Whittier and the New England Review," by S.T.P., undated; "Essentials," by W.W. Stetson, undated; "Circular of the Board of Normal School Regents of the State of Wisconsin," unknown author, undated; "To the Teachers and Controllers of Public Schools," by Grigg, Elliot, and Co., undated; "Prospectus of the National Society of Literature and Science," Unknown author, undated; Extract from "A Brief History of the Rhode Island Institute of Instruction, from 1844 to 1874," by Edwin M. Stone, undated; Typescript summary of a survey published in "Revue de l'Instruction Publique" by Alphonse LeRoy, unknown author, undated; Photocopies of newspaper articles regarding Henry Barnard; "The Practical Spelling Book," by T.H. Gallaudet and Horace Hooker, undated; "Dr. Henry Barnard's Standard Educational Publications," unknown author, undated; "Table of Contents" for Christianity in Education, Edited by Henry Barnard (index number: 1077); "Sur le Sentiment de l'honnete dans les Enfants" by Luigi Anfosso, undated; "Abstract of a Paper on the Psychic Unit," by William S. Wadsworth, undated; "Influence de l'age des Parents sur les Caracteres Psycho-Physiques des Enfants," by Antoine Marro, undated; "Die Sprache des Kindes und der Naturvolker," by H. Gutzmann, undated; "Mr. Tefft's Remarks," undated (index number: 11740); "The Quarterly Register of Current History," by The Evening News Association, undated (index number: 11741).

Certificates for Gifts, 1853, 1863, [1897]

Box: 9, Folder: 6 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

General note

From Brown University Library, 1853 (Index number: 3344); The Public Library of the City of Boston, 1863; and an official Birthday Greeting from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, from C.K. Adams, [1897].

Clippings, [1888], 1896, 1897, 1899, Undated

Box: 9, Folder: 7 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

General note

Includes photocopy of "Henry Barnard," by Albert E. Winship, from Christian Register, 1896; photocopy of "The Barnard Celebration," by Will S. Monroe, undated; Photocopy of "In Dr. Barnard's Honor," unknown author, from the Yale Alumni Weekly, 1897; Photocopy of newspaper article "Henry Barnard," unknown author, 1896; Photocopy of newspaper article "The Founder of Schools," unknown author, 1899; Photocopy of newspaper article "Barnard, Henry," unknown author, 1888.

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