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Series III: DeCoursey and Haliburton Fales Library List

Akerly, Lucy D. Address. Annual meeting of the order of Colonial Lords of Manors in America. New York, 9 Dec. 1916., 1916, inclusive

Box: 6, Folder: data_value_missing_cfc1d240e1afa7380e4482d80582d8db (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Bell, Helen G. Winning the King's Cup. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1928., 1928, inclusive

Box: 6, Folder: data_value_missing_1b64660a7cd15054c775048faabf689e (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Bair, Frederick H. , Elma A. Neal and Vernon T. Sanders. Knowing Your Language. N. p. : Macmillan Co. , 1941., 1941, inclusive

Box: 6, Folder: data_value_missing_ad69c0ebc2a6d1f5d0cd3bb18a925cdc (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Brooks, Elbridge S. A Boy of the First Empire. New York: The Century Co. , 1895., 1895, inclusive

Box: 6, Folder: data_value_missing_8c43168848cd7c2c2850cfbf5aa515f1 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Chancellor, Sir Christopher. Speech. Pilgrims Dinner in honor of Mr. Alistair Cooke. London, 23 Nov. 1964., 1964, inclusive

Box: 6, Folder: data_value_missing_5d2587163ce2f4db674895a643a7f4e2 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

A Chapter in the History of the Queen's Cup Won by the yacht "America"in 1851. New York: George F. Nesbitt & Co. , 1885., 1885, inclusive

Box: 6, Folder: data_value_missing_e1c7b292687d4842127badc4dc23ad93 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Club House of the Brook. New York: n. p. , 1927., 1927, inclusive

Box: 6, Folder: data_value_missing_4a4aade017e67228743dd51acfb2caa0 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

A Collection of Psalms and Hymns for the Christian Worship. Boston: Carter and Hendee, 1830., 1830, inclusive

Box: 6, Folder: data_value_missing_1a4689ffa0c33ec08b920a7f5d73fe0a (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

The Cruising Club of America Year Book. N. p. : Yearbook Committee, 1949., 1949, inclusive

Box: 6, Folder: data_value_missing_78ba04e4778f9d0de6e4fdee69744925 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Dicken, Charles. A Christmas Carol Boston: Alantic Monthly Press, 1920., 1920, inclusive

Box: 6, Folder: data_value_missing_3a4b4de53728d080f37f8b367f96301c (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Drury, Samuel S. Fathers and Sons. New York: Richard R. Smith, Inc. , 1930., 1930, inclusive

Box: 6, Folder: data_value_missing_e4e4696ba99756087a523371c542abbb (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Erskine, Sir David. Annals and Antiquities of Dryburgh . Kelso: Alex Leadbetter, 1836, 1836, inclusive

Box: 6, Folder: data_value_missing_e08ce617b2076b20cba053e27e632664 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Fales, De Coursey. The Fales Family of Bristol, Rhode Island. Boston: Privately printed, 1919, 1919, inclusive

Box: 6, Folder: data_value_missing_a773b6e057aed9870c19f0406131cd46 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Fales, De Coursey. The Fales Family of Bristol, Rhode Island. Boston: Privately printed, 1919, 1919, inclusive

Box: 7, Folder: data_value_missing_7fb8e22e6b5b86a2ca329cb971e2e4a3 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Fales, De Coursey. The Fales Family of Briston, Rhode Island/- extra illustrated copy. Boston: Privately printed, 1919., 1919, inclusive

Box: 7, Folder: data_value_missing_2f5fdac779d7a4bf6139a79ef5fbcfd7 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Fowler, Arture. The Ballad of Myra Gray. New York: Privately printed, 1927., 1927, inclusive

Box: 7, Folder: data_value_missing_809d9736957988dcdc17ce6055094cdb (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Freneau, Philip. Poems Vol. 2. Philadelphia: Lydia R. Bailey, 1809., 1809, inclusive

Box: 7, Folder: data_value_missing_9110cbcfc5d3fa2dd35048ac4e2b8f6f (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Goodrich, S. G. A Pictorial History of the United States. Philadelphia: E. H. Butler & Co., undated, inclusive

Box: 7, Folder: data_value_missing_7eafb241444c81cb3f6574a227d20b33 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Gordan, John D. An Anniversary Exhibition. New York: New York Public Library, 1965 1860, 1965, inclusive

Box: 7, Folder: data_value_missing_af79bf7aa5ec5bbc79c5c0ca0511ede0 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Governor William Bradford's Letter Box reprint The. . . Mayflower Descendant. 1906., 1906, inclusive

Box: 7, Folder: data_value_missing_ca36559ef18fde6a39528734c4fa17d3 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Grandet, Eugenie. Scenes de la Vie de Province. Paris: Ancienne Maison Michel Levy Freres, 1881., 1881, inclusive

Box: 7, Folder: data_value_missing_61256736980bfc22a115e917a166017b (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Green, J. R. A Short History of the English People. London: Macmillan and Co. , 1875., 1875, inclusive

Box: 7, Folder: data_value_missing_6d7826d792640397322b8d78e6368d7f (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Haliburtion, Thomas Chandler. The Clockmaker: Or, the Sayings and Doings of Samuel Slick, of Slickville. Halifax, N. S. : Joseph Howe, 1836., 1836, inclusive

Box: 7, Folder: data_value_missing_e82a607e046c0a1c71475322de8f43f7 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Hamerton, Philip Gilbert. The Life of J. M. W. Turner, R. A. . Boston: Roberts Brothers, 1879., 1879, inclusive

Box: 7, Folder: data_value_missing_069b6f0c6d19344a19d57e8f264ce9d2 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Hare, Augustus and St. Clair Baddely. Days Near Rome. London: Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co,. Ltd. , 1907., 1907, inclusive

Box: 7, Folder: data_value_missing_966b7a5a34bab9089912e1845b2ee9ff (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Hart, Joseph C. The Romance of Yachting: Voyage the First. New York: Harper & Brothers, 1848, 1848, inclusive

Box: 8, Folder: data_value_missing_f64ad7d16a058528606ecf8043473797 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Hauff, Wilhelm. The Little Glass Man and Other Stories. New York: Macmillan & Co. , 1894., 1894, inclusive

Box: 8, Folder: data_value_missing_c6366773a21ebe1b88984f0b09cdbcaa (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Hillquit, Morris. Socialism in Theory and Practice. New York: Macmillan Co. , 1912., 1912, inclusive

Box: 8, Folder: data_value_missing_6b991be68af48559b9030d6111d0e9c6 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

The Holy Bible. Oxford: Samuel Collingwood and Co. , 1833., 1833, inclusive

Box: 8, Folder: data_value_missing_b093f0d323ea33f66a010dd1f6bf8a8a (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

The Holy Bible. New York: American Bible Society, 1846., 1846, inclusive

Box: 8, Folder: data_value_missing_1b3e30791af2c7c23a94f881f2ed7a6c (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

The Holy Bible. New York: American Bible Society, 1866., 1866, inclusive

Box: 8, Folder: data_value_missing_68754fe648da1c53bf3031f60b6156a3 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Hough, George A. Disaster on Devil's Bridge. New Bedford: The Marine Historical Association, Inc. , 1963., 1963, inclusive

Box: 8, Folder: data_value_missing_4b1827561073bd1b957e6e0872669df6 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Hoyt, Deristhe L. The World's Painters and Their Pictures. Boston: Ginn & Co. , 1898., 1898, inclusive

Box: 8, Folder: data_value_missing_be96178107efe2ad3c86969d3bc5c2e4 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Lehmann, R. C. Rowing London: A. D. Innes & Co. , 1898., 1898, inclusive

Box: 9, Folder: data_value_missing_b9545f865b654fbda6ecc254ecfc37bf (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Lewis, Isaac Newton. Addresses on Sir Robert Walpole and Rev. Phillips Payson. Walpole, MA: First Historical Society of Walpole, 1905., 1905, inclusive

Box: 9, Folder: data_value_missing_5dfa9c8eadf03f0be96e517a1a1f9ee7 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Lippmann, Walter. A Preface to Politics. New York: Mitchell Kennerley, 1913., 1913, inclusive

Box: 9, Folder: data_value_missing_55cd0dcca4209ca6dc60a7fc4b443652 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

A Liturgy for the Use of the Church at King's Chapel in Boston. Boston: Christian Examiner, 1828., 1828, inclusive

Box: 9, Folder: data_value_missing_6f5ea8fb19b7f7a8d368593b27b5944e (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Maloney, Richard C. Fifty Notable Ship Portraits at Mystic Seaport. Mystic, CT: The Marine Historical Association, Inc. , 1963., 1963, inclusive

Box: 9, Folder: data_value_missing_e7e8b5d74ad69e9626286b7a1cb1811a (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Maximes du Duc de la Rochefoucauld. Paris: Librairie de Firmin, 1878., 1878, inclusive

Box: 9, Folder: data_value_missing_ce025a438b53ad1b7ed6a5e14668e9bb (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

The. . . Mayflower Descendant. 3. 1 (1901), 1901, inclusive

Box: 9, Folder: data_value_missing_425a8cd22a390886d826c3576e81851b (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

The. . . Mayflower Descendant. 4. 1-4 (1902), 1902, inclusive

Box: 9, Folder: data_value_missing_0a1072a4ca1488f82a645af62e51fec2 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

The . . . Mayflower Descendant. 19. 4 (1917), 1917, inclusive

Box: 9, Folder: data_value_missing_815cd911a735bf163851610bef446a7f (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

The . . . Mayflower Descendant. 20. 3 (1918), 1918, inclusive

Box: 9, Folder: data_value_missing_897bebb3c28fa64ac439076abdbfb229 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Memoirs of William R. Fales, the Portsmouth Cripple. Philadelphia: Lindsay & Blakiston, 1851., 1851, inclusive

Box: 9, Folder: data_value_missing_42043e9474ee7459ef092ebb0604e3db (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Meredith, George. The Egoist. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1914., 1914, inclusive

Box: 9, Folder: data_value_missing_12870fbb4429f02d317d614c02e76a27 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Meredith, George. The Ordeal of Richard Feverel. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1911., 1911, inclusive

Box: 9, Folder: data_value_missing_443c7f3b7d39e64d75b2ffefe7eb1691 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Messervy, George P. The Quick-Step of an Emperor: Maximilian of Mexico. London: Grant Richards Ltd. , 1921., 1921, inclusive

Box: 9, Folder: data_value_missing_0324fbb4826fc223de1e400ef04f5741 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Modern British Authors. New York: Greenberg, 1930., 1930, inclusive

Box: 9, Folder: data_value_missing_7abe269c67a14cb642d2cbd33e23c22b (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Moss, George H. Nauvoo to the Hook. Locust, N. J. : Jervey Close Press, 1964., 1964, inclusive

Box: 9, Folder: data_value_missing_41d370dd8856701256e369e55152f72e (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Murray, Spencer. Cruising the Sea of Cortez. Palm Desert, CA. : Desert-Southwest, Inc. 1963, 1963, inclusive

Box: 9, Folder: data_value_missing_3c4926c598ee9869c371f47ef1477c18 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

The Mythology of Greece and Rome. New York: American Book Company, n. d., undated, inclusive

Box: 10, Folder: data_value_missing_9e9a1c24caaac9bed5444b50a39e642c (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

The New England Historical and Genealogical Register. 2. 3 (1848), 1848, inclusive

Box: 10, Folder: data_value_missing_777a60d4fae8fb94f04b4add326af209 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

The New England Historical and Genealogical Register. 71. 281 (1917), 1917, inclusive

Box: 10, Folder: data_value_missing_75f88255742b91139f0786acd18434c6 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

The New England Historical and Genealogical Register. 73. 289 (1919), 1919, inclusive

Box: 10, Folder: data_value_missing_0ae453431804a56ab9f636ae171667f5 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record. 1. 1 (1919), 1919, inclusive

Box: 10, Folder: data_value_missing_7a62d0f05349b31e87ee4aadc0c6a546 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

New York Yacht Club Yearbook. New York: n. p. , 1940., 1940, inclusive

Box: 10, Folder: data_value_missing_19a99d86c4b1dd73fad0c599e2a7b949 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Nichols, Major George Ward. The Story of the Great March New York: Harper & Brothers, 1865., 1865, inclusive

Box: 10, Folder: data_value_missing_3a50d63111e625de934b5fa1be340c81 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Ogilvy, C. Stanley. Successful Yacht Racing. New York: W. W. Norton & Co. , 1951., 1951, inclusive

Box: 10, Folder: data_value_missing_3f355aa727e58be0fca6dc252558b2c7 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Parkinson, John Jr. Nowhere is Too Far New York: The Cruising Club of America, Inc. , 1960, 1960, inclusive

Box: 10, Folder: data_value_missing_b1a1ebb85cf33396663b43fb915509f1 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Racing at Sea Princeton: D. Van Nostrand Company, Inc. , 1959., 1959, inclusive

Box: 10, Folder: data_value_missing_5f5e1633477cad1f3500ebc9b015894a (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Reid, Capt. Mayne. The Castaways: A Story of Adventure in the Wilds of Borneo. London: T. Nelson and Sons, 1870., 1870, inclusive

Box: 10, Folder: data_value_missing_84b6baeb611a663c9a29a50d36be17a2 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Robertson, R. B. Of Whales and Men New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1954., 1954, inclusive

Box: 10, Folder: data_value_missing_f2bca1455134d4b0cb9b9fafc1f8c694 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Rogers, Rev. Charles. Genealogical Memoirs of the Family of Sir Walter Scott, Bart of Abbotsford. Edinburgh: William Paterson, 1877., 1877, inclusive

Box: 10, Folder: data_value_missing_485aa0fc373f8e46bb25948adc497f5f (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

The Saint Paul's School Record. Concord, NH: Ira C. Evans Co. , 1907., 1907, inclusive

Box: 10, Folder: data_value_missing_ce29d6222511cf71736f1e8d3b82d5a0 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Sawtell, Clement Cleveland. The Ship Ann Alexander of New Bedford 1805-1851. Mystic,CT: The Marine Historical Association, Inc. , 1962., 1962, inclusive

Box: 10, Folder: data_value_missing_7fd9d0a1908cbab96b5fc397b3d40c3e (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Seignobos, Charles. A Political History of Europe . Trans. S. M. MacVane. New York: Henry Holt and Co. , 1907., 1907, inclusive

Box: 11, Folder: data_value_missing_9493b446607ee151ec70335194637b6c (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Snyder, William and Irving O. Palmer. One Thousand Problems in Physics. Boston: Gin & Co. , 1900., 1900, inclusive

Box: 11, Folder: data_value_missing_09aec69d6116bea2159151c8808cba26 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Some Historical Notes on the Early Days of the Bank for Savings in the City of New York. New York: n. p. , 1944., 1944, inclusive

Box: 11, Folder: data_value_missing_af20062c0bfacee3d84ee2620c3c0b12 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Southerland, B. D. L. The Arithmetical Table Book. New York: Daniel Slote & Co. , 1873., 1873, inclusive

Box: 11, Folder: data_value_missing_a64eb6e0752ca37c61ea2d5ceeeb24d3 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Stackpole, Edouard A. Figureheads & Ship Carvings at Mystic Seaport. Mystic, CT: The Marine Association, Inc. , 1964., 1964, inclusive

Box: 11, Folder: data_value_missing_0cc4285303a2f979975ae0176af434a3 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Taft, Henry W. Kindred Arts. New York: The Macmillan Company, 1929., 1929, inclusive

Box: 11, Folder: data_value_missing_84b92e2866cd0f7b6fa0f5d54cfd2274 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Those in Peril on the Sea. New York: The Dial Press, 1962., 1962, inclusive

Box: 11, Folder: data_value_missing_f98e02c37703537a20cea69af8a38705 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Thurber, Frederick. The Memoirs of an Ancient Mariner. Providence, RI: n. p, 1965., 1965, inclusive

Box: 11, Folder: data_value_missing_a6712c06d5b8b31bb4558364ff4de65b (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Turgenev, Ivan. Rudin. Trans. Constance Garnett. New York: Macmillan & Co. , 1894., 1894, inclusive

Box: 11, Folder: data_value_missing_175b9b5f8b1950edb598d3760b4e143f (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Turgenev, Ivan. Virgin Soil. Trans. T. S. Perry. New York: Henry Holt and Company, 1877., 1877, inclusive

Box: 11, Folder: data_value_missing_f8183b25f65635e688f5317109c664f1 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

United States Naval Institute Proceedings. 87. 7 (1961), 1961, inclusive

Box: 11, Folder: data_value_missing_a05a3232867cfb2e55061499c03ab9fb (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

U. S. S. Seattle, During the War. Brooklyn: n. p. , 1919., 1919, inclusive

Box: 11, Folder: data_value_missing_13b5c6c42f4a47ed68aeabb7975f36c7 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Willis, N. Parker. Trenton Falls. New York: George P. Putnam, 1851., 1851, inclusive

Box: 11, Folder: data_value_missing_1f7a8543e673eb566459916994b8f16e (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Wilson, James Grant. The Life and Letters of Fitz-Greene Halleck. New York: D. Appleton and Company, 1869., 1869, inclusive

Box: 11, Folder: data_value_missing_96d109ba7684feef7e5f58a7b07fecb9 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)

Yachting in North America. New York: D. Van Nostrand Company, Inc. , 1948., 1948, inclusive

Box: 11, Folder: data_value_missing_cf891a6521b98a370dad8fa4944df3c3 (Material Type: Mixed Materials)
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